Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 39-40

 Chapter 39


        Hearing this, the people in the room were stunned, and then they all stood up and walked towards the door.

        When they reached the door, they saw that a luxury car had stopped outside the courtyard.

        One by one, the men in suits stood in a row, brushing together.

        Each one of them was carrying a wide variety of things in their hands.

        There were clothes, shoes, bird's nest wormwood, sea cucumbers and abalone, as well as antique calligraphy and paintings ......


        When Kong Peng saw the middle-aged man at the head of the group, he was startled.

        "Wu ...... Boss Wu!"


        Kong Peng is completely confused, because the middle-aged man standing in front of him is his big boss, the owner of Hundred World Mall - Wu Guangrong!

        Not only that!

        Behind Wu Guangrong, followers of the mall general manager, deputy general manager, and a large number of group executives.

        "Ah Kong Peng, do you know him?" Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui are now looking at Kong Peng with glowing eyes.

        After all, Wu Guangrong and the others, all dressed in suits, looked like they were of extraordinary status.

        And every one of them had a gift in their hands.

        Did they come to visit Kong Peng?

        At this point, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui's hearts floated with a strong sense of ecstasy, and they looked even more proud and extraordinary.

        Hearing this, Kong Peng instantly thought that Wu Guangrong and the others must have come.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services.

        After all, he was one of the best elites of the Hundred World Mall.

        "Mom! Xiao Cui! The head of the group is our boss Wu from Best Western Mall, followed by our General Manager and Vice General Manager!"

        Kong Peng's heart was excited to the extreme.

        He didn't expect that his performance had attracted Wu Guangrong's attention, and even the other party's personal visit, which was simply a great honor.


        When they heard that the middle-aged man who headed the group was the owner of Hundred Days Mall, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui were shocked.

        "Oh my God! Honey, you're so good now! I can't believe that Boss Wu came to visit us in person!"

        "Yes, Pang! You are awesome!"

        Aunt Zhang was also full of excitement and turned to Shen Yumei and said.

        "Did you see him, Aunt Shen? My son-in-law is so powerful that the boss himself came to the door!"

        "So ah, you quickly get Bai Yi to divorce that loser Lin Fan! Find a son-in-law who is as good as my Xiaopeng!"

        Aunt Zhang couldn't close her mouth with laughter.

        Her words, on the other hand, made Shen Yumei's heart become more and more bitter.

        Even she, too, had to admit that Kong Peng, a manager, had the stamina to make the boss personally visit her door, but this was too good!

        "Mr. Wu, what are you doing here? Quick! Please sit inside!"

        At this moment, Kong Peng hurriedly walked forward and respectfully said to Wu Guangrong.

        Just hear this!

        Wu Guangrong was slightly stunned and asked in confusion.

        "Who are you?"


        This sentence made Kong Peng, Auntie Zhang, Xiao Cui, and the others, all confused.

        Didn't Boss Wu come to visit Kong Peng?

        How come you don't even know Kong Peng himself?

        Kong Peng's face, slightly stiffened, and then slightly embarrassed, said.

        "Boss Wu, I'm the new manager in charge of the warehouse, Kong Peng! Didn't you come to see me?"

        Hearing these words, Wu Guangrong suddenly understood.

        Looking for you?

        What a fucking joke!

        Just a small manager, who is qualified to know him Wu Guangrong.

        "Hmph! Who are you to deserve a visit from me, Wu Guangrong?"

        Wu Guangrong's words didn't leave the slightest trace of mercy.

        It instantly made the faces of Kong Peng and Aunt Zhang freeze completely.

        However, that's not all!

        Wu Guangrong continued.

        "Are we looking for Mr. Lin's mother-in-law, Ms. Shen Yumei? Excuse me, which one is Ms. Shen?"


        As soon as the words came out, not only were Kong Peng and the others stunned, but Shen Yumei herself was also dumbfounded.

        How could she have never thought that such a group of big people would come looking for her?

        Did Lin Fan stir up trouble again?

        Thinking of this, Shen Yumei's heart went cold and said with trepidation.

        "My ...... last name is Shen! Is the Mr. Lin you are talking about my son-in-law Lin Fan?"

        Hear this!

        Wu Guangrong's eyes brightened, and then brought his general manager, vice president and a group of other group executives, hailed, came to Shen Yumei's body.

        And then, they all bowed!

        "Hello, Ms. Shen! I am Wu Guangrong, just call me Xiao Wu."

        "Mr. Lin is a super VIP of our Best Western Mall! This time, we brought thirty-two pieces of Armani men's clothing, twelve pieces of Armani women's clothing, and some gifts especially to visit your old man!"

Chapter 40

Just call me Wu!

        When he heard Wu Guangrong's words, Kong Peng was completely confused, almost unable to believe his own ears.

        He knew that Wu Guangrong was extremely arrogant and above-average, even if he was a big brother of the same level in Jiangcheng, he would not give a damn.

        But now, he was so respectful in front of Shen Yumei, which was simply unbelievable.

        That's not all!

        "Are all these ...... expensive things for Aunt Shen?"

        Kong Peng looked at the gifts of clothes, shoes, jewelry, paintings, and sea cucumber and wormwood in Wu Guangrong's hands, and he was completely dumbfounded.

        All of these gifts added up to a value of ten million, right?

        Ten million gifts!

        For Kong Peng, this was unthinkable.

        "Old ...... boss, you're not making a mistake! Aunt Shen's son-in-law, Lin Fan, is nothing but an idle trash! I live off my wife every day, waiting to die! Who are you to come visit!"

        Kong Peng was afraid that Wu Guangrong had been trapped and quickly and anxiously reminded.

        "And the gift you brought is too expensive! It's worth tens of millions of dollars, and that Lin Fan isn't even qualified!"


        When they heard Kong Peng's words, Auntie Zhang and Xiao Cui, who were behind him, were also completely stunned.

        Ten ...... million gifts?

        They had never seen so much money in their lives, let alone such an expensive gift in value!

        At once, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui also hurriedly said.

        "Boss Wu, you'd better be clear about something! That Lin Fan is indeed a worthless piece of trash! Don't let him fool you!"

        "Yes! How can he be a super VIP at Best Western if he can't give out a dime? Boss Wu, you must be mistaken!"

        At this moment, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui found it hard to accept.

        After all, just a few moments ago, they had degraded Lin Fan to nothing!

        And now, how can they accept the huge difference of having the owner and the top management of Hundred World Mall personally visit their home with a heavy gift?

        It's not just Aunt Zhang's family!

        At this moment, even Shen Yumei was incredulous.

        She was even equally suspicious that her son-in-law was cheating.

        Otherwise, how could Lin Fan have such great ability to get a person like Wu Guangrong to visit his home!



        A loud slap, instantly resounded.

        The crowd was shocked to see Wu Guangrong slap Kong Peng to the ground, his face dark and almost dripping with water, and his aura of authority and fury.

        "Who the hell are you to call Mr. Lin a piece of trash!"


        Hearing Wu Guangrong's words, one of the group's top executives, quickly stepped forward.

        "As of today, this person is removed from his position as manager in the mall! Never hired!"


        When Wu Guangrong's words fell, Kong Peng and Auntie Zhang were ashen.

        How could this happen?

        Just because he said that Lin Fan was 'trash', Wu Guangrong was in such a thunderous rage, which ...... is unbelievable.

        "No! Boss Wu, I was wrong about ......! Please don't fire me. I can't lose my job." Kong Peng's entire body was scared to death.

        Kneeling on the ground, like a dog, he kept begging for mercy to Wu Guangrong.

        All of his glory, all of it was given to him by Hundred World Mall.

        And if he lost this job, he would never be able to turn over a new leaf.

        Not only him!

        Auntie Zhang and Xiao Cui, who were in the back, were also scared to death and kept begging.

        But Wu Guangrong didn't even look at these three, he respectfully said to Shen Yumei.

        "Ms. Shen, please accept these gifts quickly! Otherwise, we can't afford it if Mr. Lin blames us."

        Wu Guangrong looked at Shen Yumei's eyes, even with a hint of pleading.