Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 37-38

 Chapter 37


        As soon as Yang Lao's words came out, Bai Yi's head went down.

        Who is Yang Lao!

        This is one of the four top fashion designers in China, and any piece of work can lead the trend of the moment.

        And now, Yang Lao has even volunteered to help his company design clothes, and he doesn't even get a cent!

        This ...... is a pie in the sky!

        Bai Yi only felt what was happening in front of her as if she were dreaming, and for a moment, she forgot to reply.

        "Yes!" Lin Fan faintly nodded his head and looked at Yang Lao with a gaze filled with deep meaning, then he turned to Bai Yi and said.

        "Honey, let's go!"

        After saying that, he pulled a confused Bai Yi straight towards the door of the store.


        When this scene fell on Xu Yanhong and her husband, it made them look as if they had been struck by five thunderbolts and their faces were ashes.

        How could this be!

        Yang Lao is obviously hired by his own husband and wife, and spent a sky-high price, how now for nothing cheap Bai Yi's company, and even the other side has not spent a penny.

        "No! Mr. Yang, you were hired by our company at an astronomical price! You can't do that! If you leave, our company will be finished!"

        "Old Yang, please stay! Uncle Wu, it's Huang Tao. Are you crazy? Hurry up and tell them to stop, stop fighting!"

        "Yang Lao, you can't leave! No. ......"

        The two were shocked and angry, howling miserably.

        However, both Yang Lao and Wu Guangrong turned a deaf ear to them as if they were followers, silently following behind Lin Fan and Bai Yi and leaving the store!


        Just out of the store, Baii couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

        Until this moment!

        She still seems to be dreaming.

        The clothes on her own husband's body were billion-dollar emperor's clothes!

        Millions of dollars worth of Armani fashion without spending a cent!

        A top fashion designer like Yang joined the company without a penny to spare!

        This one thing, as much as it made her incredulous, she had to believe it.

        "Is it all because of him?"

        Bai Yi is not stupid.

        Her eyes, involuntarily looking at Lin Fan beside her, the look on her pretty face, became more and more complicated.

        She felt more and more that her husband was a mystery!

        The more exposure he had, the more mysterious he became.

        And right now!

        Just as Bai walked out of the store, Bai was dazed!

        A respectful voice, from both sides, rang out.

        "Farewell Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!"


        This unified shout suddenly startled Bai Yi.

        She quickly turned her head to look to the sides, and was shocked to find that the entire mall had been emptied of customers.

        One by one, the mall's top executives, elites, managers, shoppers, and security guards were standing on both sides of the road, brushing against each other.

        The densely packed staff separated a road.

        As she and Lin Fan walked by!

        These members of the Hundred Worlds, bowed and bowed!

        All at once!

        "Farewell Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!"

        "Farewell Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!"


        In the voice, there was a deep respect and humility.

        The scene was so spectacular that it seemed like a dream to Bai Yi.

        What's going on here ......!

        Is the Hundred World Mall being cleared because of himself and Lin Fan, and all the staff, all of whom are seeing off the two of them?

        This is incredible.

Chapter 38


        Liyuan Mansion.

        Shen Yumei was sitting at her neighbor's aunt Zhang's house, unsettled, her face filled with embarrassment and helplessness.

        "His Aunt Shen, do you think I look good in this?" Auntie Zhang changed into a brightly colored dress, turned around in front of Shen Yumei, and said with a smug expression on her face.

        "Alas! My son-in-law is so filial! This outfit is worth thousands of dollars!"

        "Gee, that's expensive!"

        Although Aunt Zhang said expensive with her mouth, the smile on her face was so sprightly.

        On the side!

        Aunt Zhang's daughter and son-in-law, also dressed brightly.

        Daughter Xiao Cui quickly said.

        "Mom! Look at you, and you still feel bad about the money! Our Kong Peng is now the manager of the warehouse at Best Western! It's tens of thousands of dollars a month!"

        "Don't care about this little money!"

        When Xiao Cui said this, she wrapped her arm around the arm of the young man next to her, her face filled with happiness and sweetness.

        The young man, Kong Peng, also said with a proud face.

        "Xiao Cui is right! Mom, my management thinks very highly of me, and I'm going to double my salary and buy you a new dress every month! It's just a few thousand dollars, right?"

        Son-in-law Kong Peng's face was full of earthly air, as if he didn't take the few thousand yuan seriously at all.

        This scene made Shen Yumei's heart filled with mixed emotions.

        The same son-in-law, why are other people's sons-in-law so filial and so capable.

        While her own son-in-law ......

        "Alas ......"

        Thinking of Lin Fan, Shen Yumei's heart was only thick with bitterness and reluctance.

        "He, Aunt Shen, is not me saying you, that son-in-law of your family, quickly leave!" Aunt Zhang, who was now wearing a beautiful new dress, sat next to Shen Yumei and said earnestly.

        "Look at him, what's in store for him! Doing laundry and cooking every day and not earning a penny! Where are such useless people nowadays who have to rely on their wives to support them?"

        Say it!

        Aunt Zhang pointed to her son-in-law, Kong Peng.

        "Someday, I'll ask Kong Peng to introduce the single colleagues around him to Bai Yi! Pick any one, it's better than that loser!"

        Aunt Zhang despised Lin Fan from the bottom of her heart.

        And hearing this!

        In Shen Yumei's heart, it was even more unpleasant.

        Thinking of Lin Fan's diligence and the fact that he helped himself out last time and even saved their entire family with a paper prescription, Shen Yumei couldn't help but say.

        "Lin Fan is not bad now! He has become White's chief technical advisor!"

        Chief Technical Advisor?

        Hearing this, Aunt Zhang grimaced and asked with a scowl on her face.

        "So tell me, how much does he, the chief consultant, make a month?"

        This sentence completely made Shen Yumei mute.

        She only knew that although Lin Fan had become the chief technical advisor of the Bai Group, he had never mentioned his salary.

        It was basically equivalent to no salary and no reward.

        To put it bluntly, it was just being a hard laborer for nothing!

        "Look! I told you, that kid is no good!" Aunt Zhang seized on this weakness and began to make up a list of things that Lin Fan was not.

        "Look at our Kong Peng, although it sounds like he's just a manager, he actually earns tens of thousands of dollars a month, and he works at a Hundred World Mall! The largest mall in our city! Just a little bit of random fishing and tens of thousands of dollars!"

        "Your Baiy is only tens of thousands of dollars a month!"


        Aunt Zhang could not help but look at Kong Peng and say.

        "Kong Peng, some day you should help Aunt Shen's daughter find an excellent one!"

        "All right! Mom!"

        Kong Peng, full of pride and self-satisfaction, said to Shen Yumei.

        "Aunt Shen, my mom is right! Nowadays, men should earn money to support their families, but if they can't, what's the difference between them and losers!"

        "Look at my mom, all branded! One day I'll help you find a good son-in-law, and I'll make sure you wear a brand name every day."

        "How like Lin Fan, poor and innocent, like a beggar! This kind of person, I'm afraid, will never be able to afford a brand-name dress in his life!"

        Kong Peng was foaming at the mouth, as if he was standing on the highest ground, despising and spitting at Lin Fan.

        It was as if he was standing on the highest ground, despising and spitting on Lin Fan.

        His words made Shen Yumei's heart even more bitter, and her disappointment in Lin Fan grew stronger.

        Just at this moment, a sound of footsteps came from outside.

        "Excuse me, is Mrs. Shen here?"