Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 31-33

 Chapter 31

He also wouldn't believe it.

        Thinking of this, Huang Tao threw all the doubts out of his mind, and then said to the old man beside him.

        "Old designer Yang, this time, if you design fashion for our company, I'm sure it will be a hit!"

        "Yes! Yang's piece from a few years ago, "The Hundred Birds and Phoenix," shined throughout Milan Fashion Week! Xu Yanhong on the side was also full of flattery.

        Just hear this!

        The old man, on the other hand, waved his hand repeatedly and said.

        "Shame! I'm old and out of touch!"

        At this point, a touch of nostalgia appeared on Yang's face.

        "However, when it comes to Milan Fashion Week, the most classic piece of fashion, in my opinion, is the emperor's dress by Pelle Catherine!"

        Pelle Catherine!

        This is one of the most famous and beautiful fashion designers in Italy and the world.

        Every one of her works is a classic in the fashion industry.

        It's just that the emperor's outfit, Xu Yanhong and her husband have never heard of it.

        "Oh ...... you haven't heard of it, it's no surprise! It took Pelle Catherine three years to customize the emperor's outfit for a mysterious guest!"

        Three years!

        Hearing these words, Xu Yanhong and her husband were deeply shocked.

        For a person like Pelle Catherine, time is money, life, everything.

        Even in classic fashion, she has one year to design it!

        And three years?

        Xu Yanhong and her husband couldn't even imagine what kind of person could make a fashion superstar like Catherine take so long to tailor her clothes.

        "Yang Lao! Who is that mystery guest? How could Catherine be willing to spend such a large amount of money?" Xu Yanhong could not help but ask curiously.

        Just hearing that!

        Even Yang, who was enthralled, shook his head.

        "I don't know! However, when the news of that emperor's suit spread, there were many international kingpins who threatened Catherine and tried to steal it!"

        "But that mysterious guest, by some unknown means, made those international barons who wanted to rob it, disappear overnight! Since then, no one has ever known the whereabouts of the emperor's suit!"


        As soon as this was said, Xu Yanhong and her husband were even more shaken.

        Whoever robs, vaporizes!

        The terror of the mystery guest was unimaginable, especially when it was a group of international barons.

        At this moment, the three of them said, while walking past the entrance of Armani's store.

        It was just at this moment.

        Xu Yanhong saw Bai Yi inside the store at a glance, and was startled, and then a thick sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

        "Whew! What a coincidence that we've met again!"

        "It's just, how do people on electric bikes come to shop Armani? I don't know, can you afford it?"

        Say it!

        Xu Yanhong, three of them walked into the store.

        Huang Tao, on the other hand, immediately saw Lin Fan picking out clothes there, and on his face, a strong resentment appeared.

        "Hmph! Lin Fan, you're a beggar, and you're acting like a big-tailed wolf, choosing clothes at Armani! Aren't you afraid of getting the clothes in people's stores dirty?"

        "And what the hell do you think you're wearing? A raggedy, floor-length product from a few years ago, and you have the nerve to walk into an Armani store!"

        Huang Tao's words were acerbic to the extreme.

        Only, when Yang Lao's eyes fell on Lin Fan's clothes!

        His entire body, trembling with disbelief.

        "This is the ...... emperor suit!"

Chapter 32

Emperor's suit!

        When Yang Lao saw Lin Fan's old casual clothes, his eyes almost fell out of his head.


        He even doubted that he was blinded at this moment.

        Yang Lao's trembling sound was so slight that Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao didn't hear it at all, their attention was all on Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        "Bai Yi, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Yang Lao, one of the four major fashion designers of Huaxia! This time, our company has invited Yang Lao to personally preside over the design, I think your Bai Group's fashion business, is going to be finished! Haha ......"

        Xu Yanhong's eyes, looking at Bai Yi, were filled with ridicule and playfulness.

        Bai's group is a comprehensive group.

        Among them, there is a clothing company.

        The former Bai Yi used to be the main person in charge of the clothing business.

        In Xu Yanhong's opinion, with Yang Lao as the top designer, Bai Yi's clothing business would be beaten by her own company.

        Yang Lao!

        Bai Yi's face changed slightly when she heard this, especially when she recognized that the old man was indeed one of the four top designers of Huaxia, and her pretty face instantly turned ugly.

        She had never thought that Xu Yanhong's company would spend such a huge amount of money to hire such a big person.

        Finished ......

        Bai Yi's heart is bitter, although she is now the president, not in charge of the clothing section, but if the clothing business is suppressed, she, as president, will have to bear a lot of responsibility.

        When the time comes, it's very likely that the board of directors will ask for a reprimand.

        In particular, she knew that the most powerful tool of Yang Lao was that he would lead a trend in the clothing he designed.

        At that time, Xu Yanhong's company would be able to sweep away the Jiang City and the entire clothing market in Jiangnan.

        The Bai Group's clothing business would suffer an unimaginable blow.

        Think of this!

        Bai Yi's face, instantly paled a little.

        "Huh? Scared, right?" The pleasure on Xu Yanhong's face grew stronger as she looked at Bai Yi's look.

        "Haha ...... Baiy, do you know fear now? Late! Let me tell you, this time we are working with Yang Lao, not only to sweep the Jiang City clothing market, but also to drive you Bai Clan out of the clothing industry completely."

        "You, the general manager of the apparel business, are totally screwed! Haha ......"

        She loved to see Bai Yi's panic-stricken face, and it made her happy as hell.

        On the other hand!

        Huang Tao, on the other hand, said with a sarcastic face.

        "Yanhong, you think too highly of them! Did you see what her husband was wearing? A complete beggar's outfit, they, ah, are not qualified to be our opponents!"

        "Hahaha ...... That's right! Bai, you are at least the general manager of a clothing company, and your husband is dressed like a beggar, don't you feel ashamed? If I had a husband like that, I'd divorce in a heartbeat! Worthless trash wearer!"

        At this moment, Xu Yanhong sang along with Huang Tao, belittling Lin Fan's clothing to the extreme.

        And when she heard these mocking words, Bai Yi was equally sullen.

        She had already advised Lin Fan that this dress was several years old and simply couldn't be worn any longer!

        How's that?

        Now she's being laughed at, causing her as much shame as she is.

        "Lin Fan, quickly take off this shirt! It's embarrassing!" Bai Yi stared at Lin Fan with dissatisfaction, and then said in exasperation.

        Hearing this, Lin Fan was speechless.

        Just as he nodded his head and was about to take off his casual clothes.

        A trembling voice, sounded.

        "This ...... gentleman, may I see your clothes?"

Chapter 33


        This sentence was so abrupt that everyone was slightly stunned.

        In particular, when everyone realized that it was the silent old Mr. Yang, Xu Yanhong and his wife had a heart attack, and asked in confusion.

        "Mr. Yang, you ......"

        "Shut up!!!"

        At this moment, Yang hated the couple, Yanhong and Xu!

        In particular, the two of them compared Lin Fan's clothes to a beggar's outfit, which made his lungs explode with anger.

        This tyrannical sentence made Xu Yanhong and his wife confused.

        They didn't even know where they had offended this Yang Lao, who had just been amiable, and how he had turned his back on them in the blink of an eye.

        "Little Sir! This dress of yours, I think I've seen it somewhere else, can you show it to me?" Yang ignored them and looked at Lin Fan with nervous and expectant faces.

        At this moment, Bai Yi was also confused. She looked at the old clothes on her husband's body, and couldn't think of anything that was worthy of Yang Lao, a fashion designer, looking forward to.

        "No problem!" Lin Fan's mouth curled up, naturally knowing that the old man had seen the origin of the casual clothes.

        At that moment, he took off his shirt and handed it over.


        When he saw Lin Fan throwing his clothes to him as if he were throwing a piece of junk, Yang Lao was shocked and quickly raised his hands high to catch it gently.

        That kind of attitude, as if he was not receiving a piece of clothing, but a treasure.

        This action made Bai Yi, Xu Yanhong and others beside him, their eyes were about to drop down.

        However, it didn't stop there.

        "Oh my God, the fabric of this dress is really deep sea silk worth a million dollars a meter! And the workmanship, it's definitely the product of the first Italian fashion design house!"

        Old Yang's hands gently stroked his clothes, and his cloudy old eyes burst with a fervent and unimaginable radiance.

        His words, in particular, made the surrounding Bai Yi and others, numb.

        The material, a million dollars a meter of deep sea silk?

        Workmanship, from the first Italian fashion design house!

        This ...... how the hell is this possible!

        However, that's not all!

        "And there are eighteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight patterns on this garment, and in each of them, there is a hidden embroidery of the word king!"

        "Exactly! This is the work of Miss Pelle Catherine!"

        "A real billion dollar emperor's suit!"


        Yang's words were like a thunderclap on a calm lake, leaving everyone confused.

        Pelle Catherine's masterpiece?

        Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of emperor's clothing!


        Whether it was Bai Yi or Xu Yanhong, they all knew the eyesight of Yang Lao, and naturally they would not lie.

        That would mean that Lin Fan's dress is really from the world's top fashion designer, just like what Yang said, and it's a super expensive fashion item!


        At this moment, Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao's breathing became ragged, and their eyes were filled with shock and greed.

        Hundreds of millions of dollars!

        In particular, Pelle Catherine's masterpiece that took three years to complete is far beyond the scope of money.

        If she were to own this dress, it would be a hit in the fashion world, not to mention the small city of Jiangxi.

        At that moment, Xu Yanhong and her husband looked at each other, and the greed and heat in their eyes were hard to conceal.

        It wasn't just them!

        Next to her, Bai Yi, with her jade hand covering her small mouth, her beautiful eyes flickered with astonishment and disbelief.

        How is this possible!

        How could it be that her husband's clothes were designed by the famous Catherine, especially when they cost hundreds of millions of dollars?

        The price of the dress is more than 100 million dollars, which is like a fantasy for Bai.

        Just when Bai Yi was about to ask, a scream rang out.

        A scream, resounded.

        "You bastard, you stole our company's clothes! Take it off, take it off for us!"