Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 24-26

 Chapter 24

The next morning, after breakfast, Bai Yi dragged Lin Fan out of the house.

        The strange thing was that this time, Bai didn't let Lin Fan drive his car, but rode an electric bicycle instead.

        The cool breeze was blowing on Bai Yi's hair.

        This was her first time riding an electric bicycle.

        In particular, a burst of male scent from Lin Fan's body made her pretty face flush and her arms, which were holding Lin Fan, tightened.

        "Lin Fan, let's go to the Bai Shi Mall first!"

        Hearing this, Lin Fan was slightly stunned.

        "Aren't we going to the office? Today is your first day as president."


        It was a position that Bai used to dream of, but could never have imagined that it would be her husband who had earned it.

        "It's my first day as president, but it's also your first day as chief technical advisor!"

        Bai's smile grows brighter and brighter, with a hint of sweetness in the midst of its beauty.

        "So, I'm going to go buy you a suit, and I can't let you wear this old suit anymore!"

        This sentence made Lin Fan's heart warm.


        Old clothes?

        Lin Fan looked at the casual clothes he was wearing, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but slightly pull out, it was a hundred million dollars worth of Catherine's custom-made clothes, something that many giants around the world dreamed of.

        Shaking his head, Lin Fan didn't refuse, but rode his electric bicycle and headed towards the Best Western Mall.

        Hundred World Mall!

        One of the most famous upscale shopping malls in Jiang City, with hundreds of international brands.

        The owner of Hundred Worlds Mall, named Wu Guangrong, is also a well-known big shot in Jiang City.

        Only, when Lin Fan rode his electric bicycle, he just arrived in front of the mall!


        A screeching sound of brakes resounded, but it was a BMW X5 that had come to a violent stop.

        The BMW door opened and a man and a woman stepped out of the car.

        The man was a young man with a slick face and a handsome appearance.

        The woman, in a white dress with heavy makeup on her face, was holding a new LV bag and looked graceful and beautiful.

        They had just gotten off the bus and saw Lin Fan and Bai Yi at once.

        After all.

        After all, Bai Yi's beautiful appearance was incompatible with the dilapidated electric car and was extremely eye-catching.

        "Whew! Isn't this our school, the first flower of the year, Bai Yi?" After seeing Bai Yi, the beautiful woman was stunned, and then a sneer appeared on her face.

        "What? Is the general manager of the Bai Group so downbeat that he's riding a motorcycle around the mall?"

        "Tsk, tsk ...... really the wheel of feng shui, the more you mix but the more miserable you are!"

        The beautiful woman's words were unusually harsh to the ear.

        Upon seeing this person, Bai Yi's pretty face instantly darkened.

        "Xu Yanhong, the more you live, the more acerbic you become!"

        The woman in front of me graduated from the same university as her.

        When she was in college, Bai Yi was known as the school's number one flower, while Xu Yanhong came in second.

        This was due to her personality.

        At that time, the young talents who pursued Bai Yi were like crucian carp, while Xu Yanhong was sarcastic and had very few suitors.

        This also made Xu Yanhong extremely jealous and resentful of Bai Yi.

        Later, she graduated!

        With her excellent business skills, Bai Yi successfully joined the Bai Group and became the general manager of Bai's clothing company.

        On the other hand, Xu Yanhong married a wealthy young man, and with the young man's support, she became the general manager of a clothing company.

        From then on, Xu Yanhong continued to compete with Bai Yi for the title of the most beautiful CEO in Jiang City!

        But she was still defeated.

        This also made Xu Yanhong hate Bai Yi to the bone.

        I just never thought that I would meet her here.

        "Tsk tsk ...... Bai Yi, I heard that you found a useless superfluous son-in-law! This must be the one, right?" At this moment, Xu Yanhong's heart was extremely happy.

        It was a rare opportunity to strike Bai Yi, so she would not miss it.

        Her eyes looked Lin Fan up and down, especially after seeing Lin Fan dressed in a tattered old casual suit, the contempt and ridicule on his face grew stronger and stronger.

        "Baiy, I have to say, you've got a terrible eye! Are you married to a beggar?"

Chapter 25

"Gosh, I'm afraid your husband has been wearing that dress for years!"

        "Tsk, look at the wrinkles on this dress, and the fabric, it must be a street vendor! How poor is your husband when he's wearing a piece of streetwear for so long?"

        She said, "Xu Yanhong opened her expensive LV bag and took out a hundred yuan.

        Xu Yanhong opened her expensive LV bag and took out a hundred yuan, then threw it at Lin Fan's feet and said with a sarcastic face.

        "Here! Beggar, here's a hundred dollars for you! Take this money and go to the roadside and buy a stall to save your wife Baek from embarrassment! Hahaha ......"

        Xu Yanhong's smile trembled.

        Humiliating Lin Fan made her feel more enjoyable than directly humiliating Bai Yi.

        It wasn't just her!

        The young man next to him swept a glance at Bai Yi with a fiery gaze, then smiled slightly, also took out a hundred dollars and threw it at Lin Fan's feet.

        "If my wife has rewarded you, I will naturally reward you too!"

        "Two hundred dollars is enough for your superfluous son-in-law to buy a new suit of clothes!"


        The red two hundred dollars on the ground seemed to trample the dignity of Bai Yi and Lin Fan underfoot.

        It made Bai Yi's body tremble with anger, and her face was gloomy.

        Just as Bai Yi, who was about to come out in anger, Lin Fan patted her on the shoulder, and then smilingly embraced her, before saying.

        "Sorry! We as a couple do not accept donations from rotten or sexually impotent people!"

        A rotten friend!

        Sexual impotence!

        Lin Fan's words caused the smiles on Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao's faces to stagnate slightly.

        It was as if the two of them had been stepped on and their hair completely exploded.

        "You bastard, who are you calling a rotten communicator?" Xu Yanhong's face was filled with anger, and her look was filled with rage and frustration.

        As for the young man Huang Tao, it was as if he had been slapped in the face, and was filled with shame and anger.

        "You're the one who's fucking impotent! Your whole family is sexually impotent!"

        The two reacted with extraordinary excitement.

        Just hear that!

        But Lin Fan's smile became more and more playful as he looked deeply at Xu Yanhong, and then said playfully.

        "You're wearing Estee Lauder perfume, but you still can't cover up the alcohol and body odor! You should have had a hangover last night, and in your body odor, there are three different male perfumes! So, you should have gone to the duck store. Gee, order three ducks at once, you're a slut!"


        Lin Fan's words were like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, making Xu Yanhong's entire body confused.

        It was as if she had seen a ghost and looked at Lin Fan.

        No ...... Impossible!

        She had a shower, she was wearing a lot of perfume?

        How could this guy smell it?

        How the hell is this possible.

        At this moment, Xu Yanhong's head was completely down, and she didn't even have time to retort or react.

        However, that wasn't all.

        Lin Fan's gaze turned and looked straight at young Huang Tao with a creepy smile.

        "Your acupuncture points are black, your face is yellow, and your eyes are empty and dull, a sign of extreme weakness! If the body is weak and the kidneys fail, the kidneys are impotent! Gee, looks like you'll never enjoy being a man for the rest of your life!"


        This sentence, again like a thunderbolt, made young Huang Tao's body tremble, almost unable to believe his own ears.

        Body weakness and kidney failure!

        Kidney failure is sexual impotence!

        Lin Fan's words, surprisingly, were the same as those of the old TCM doctor whom he had spent a lot of money to see.

        This made Huang Tao completely confused.

Chapter 26


        How on earth did this guy figure it out?

        Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao were poked with their deepest secrets, and they were so completely dumb on the spot that they didn't even notice Lin Fan and Bai Yi leaving.

        On the way to the mall.

        Bai Yi's pretty face was still filled with dismay.

        She had never thought that Lin Fan would give Xu Yanhong and his wife a violent beating with just a few words, especially looking at their dumbfounded looks, they were obviously pierced with a secret in their hearts.

        "Lin Fan, are all those things you said true?"

        "And how can you tell?"

        Bai Yi's pair of beautiful eyes stared straight at Lin Fan with an endless curiosity in their eyes.


        She now realized that her husband really was a monster, as if he knew everything and could do anything!

        Looking at the curious Bai, Lin Fan smiled slightly.

        "I made that up! Who knew those two were so easy to fool!"


        The corner of Bai Yi's mouth was drawn, not full of black lines.

        In her heart, but also quietly relieved, she was really afraid that her husband had become so terrifying, like a god, unpredictable.

        When she thought of this, Bai Yi now took Lin Fan by the hand and walked quickly toward the mall.

        "Well, you're not going to talk nonsense anymore!"

        Although Bai Yi was confused, she still chose to believe that Lin Fan had made it up.

        After all, she couldn't believe that a person's nose was so good that it could easily distinguish so many smells, and it was even harder to believe that a person's eyes were so hard that they could see through a person's heart.

        Only Bai Yi didn't know!

        Right now, outside the mall, because of Lin Fan's two words, there is a war going on!


        A loud slap resounded, and Xu Yanhong was slapped, staggering backwards a few steps and almost falling to the ground.

        On the other side, the young man Huang Tao stared at Xu Yanhong with a fierce look in his eyes and cursed angrily.

        "No wonder you're such a stinky cousin, you only came back in the wee hours of last night! I really thought you were socializing, but I didn't think you were fucking around!!!!"

        Huang Tao just felt like a big green hat on top of his head.

        And what was even more unbearable for him!

        Lin Fan, that loser, saw his cuckold, and it made him feel deeply humiliated.

        "You hit me?"

        Xu Yanhong covered her cheeks, full of dismay and incredulity, then reacted as if she had gone mad, and went up to tear her husband Huang Tao.

        "Surname Huang! I'm going to fight you! Why am I fooling around, if you're not a loser!"

        "You're fucking impotent. If you can't satisfy me, I'll find someone else to satisfy you."

        They fought with each other.

        After several minutes of fighting, the two men were completely tired, and only then did they stop.

        "All right! We'll talk about this later, so hurry up and sort out your clothes, the old designer Yang will be here soon." Xu Yanhong said to Huang Tao as she arranged her clothes and flipped her makeup.

        In fact, she was fooling around outside, her own husband has always turned a blind eye.

        It was only today that Huang Tao was annoyed by Lin Fan's words.

        When she thought of this, Xu Yanhong hated Lin Fan and Bai Yi even more.

        On the other hand, Huang Tao was also like a frosty eggplant, and started to tidy up his clothes.

        Even though he knew all along that he was wearing a cuckold, he didn't want a divorce!

        After all!

        Now his company is in the hands of Xu Yanhong, and without her, he will lose a lot of money.

        Especially this time.

        Their company, however, spent an astronomical price to invite Mr. Yang, one of the four top fashion designers in China, to come.

        There was absolutely no room for error, or else all the money spent would be lost.

        Now, the two of them waited quietly with great understanding.

        Just, at this moment!

        Xu Yanhong was shocked to discover that a black car was coming from the road in front of her.

        The cars were parked on both sides of the road, and then one after another black-clothed men came down and started to clear the scene.