Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 11-13

 Chapter 11


        When two heavy kneeling sounds reached everyone's ears, the eyes of everyone around them almost fell out.


        And it was Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, two of the most vicious youngsters, kneeling in front of Lin Fan.

        This ......

        Everyone almost couldn't believe their eyes, especially Lin Guangyao.

        All the pleasure and sardonic smiles on his face stiffened up completely, and he looked incredulously at Xu Ziheng and said urgently.

        "Young Master ......, what are you doing? Why are you kneeling to this piece of trash!"

        "Get up, he crashed your car, aren't we here to waste the bastard?"

        In Lin Guangyao's voice, there was a strong sense of fear and horror.


        At this moment, his heart was filled with anxiety and trepidation, as if he had misunderstood something big.

        Lin Guangyao wasn't the only one.

        The surrounding crowd was in an uproar after seeing the two villains kneeling at Lin Fan's feet.

        Wen Qian couldn't believe what she saw.

        She hurriedly came out and said to Xu Ziheng and Xu Ziheng on the ground, "The two villains are kneeling at Lin Fan's feet.

        "What are you doing, gentlemen? This guy is just a useless son-in-law, how dare he take on your kneeling?"

        Wen Qian could not accept what was happening in front of her.

        However, the moment she spoke and tried to move forward to assist Xu Ziheng!


        A loud slap, suddenly came in the hall.

        Wen Qian staggered and almost fell to the ground.

        A bright red slap mark appeared on her face.



        Wen Qian never dreamed that Xu Ziheng would slap herself when she was so well-intentioned and well-advised.

        "Xu ...... Xu Dashao, you ......"

        Wen Qian looked at Xu Ziheng in astonishment.

        Only, the way Xu Ziheng looked at her at this moment, as if he could not wait to eat her.

        "Shit! Shut up! How can Mr. Lin's great name be sullied by trash like you!"


        Mr. Lin?

        Lin Guangyao, Bai Yi, and everyone else could not imagine that Dasho Xu was defending Lin Fan.

        However, the shock had just begun.

        After scolding Wen Qian, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, as if they were two dogs that had lost their homes, fell at Gu Fan's feet and begged bitterly.

        "Mr. Lin ......, it was I, Xu Ziheng, who was rude and rushed into you before! Please be generous and forgive me!"

        "Mr. Lin, I, Zhang Tian, know that I was wrong, please, tell my father not to kill me! I ...... don't want to die!"

        The voices of the two were filled with intense fear.

        It was as if what they were kneeling to was not a person at all, but a devil.


        When these two words resounded, the crowd in the hall was in an uproar.

        A trace of horror and disbelief surfaced on everyone's face.

        "Fat ...... what happened! Wasn't it Lin Fan who hit the cars of the two young masters? How come it's the two young masters who are now begging Lin Fan for forgiveness?"

        "Mom! What did Zhang Tian mean when he said, "Tell his father not to kill him"? Could it be that Lin Fan still knows Lord Chairman?"

        "What exactly did Lin Fan do? How can you be so afraid of the two young masters?"


        The sounds of crazy discussions resounded continuously within the hall.

        And when the sound of this discussion reached Bai Yi's ears, it suddenly made her whole body shiver with excitement, before she woke up from the scene before her.

        "I ...... I'm not dreaming?"

        Bai Yi was completely confused.

        Before, she had thought that she and Lin Fan were finished, but she could never have imagined that such an unbelievable picture would happen.

        She couldn't help but turn her head and look at Lin Fan, her ears seemingly echoing Lin Fan's words from before.

        'Don't worry, I'm here!'

        Could it be that he already knew the intention of the two young men?

        Just how exactly did he do it?


        At this moment, the discussion slowly died down, and everyone looked at Lin Fan with a look of having seen a ghost.

        "Are you guys sure you know it's wrong?" Lin Fan's eyes were filled with playfulness and coldness.

        When this gaze fell on Xu Ziheng and the others, it gave them the illusion that they were being stalked by a ferocious beast, and their scalp went numb.

        "I ...... we know it's wrong!"

        "Forgive Mr. Lin!"

        The two of them now, their heads even lowered a point, almost lying on the ground.

        Until this moment!

        Only then did Lin Fan nod his head faintly.

        "Remember, there is no next time!"

        When Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian's words fell into their ears, they were overwhelmed with joy and their hearts were completely relaxed.

        They knew that Lin Fan had forgiven them.

        They knew that Lin Fan had forgiven them, so they didn't have to be expelled from the family, and they didn't have to become outcasts.

        Now, they kowtowed as if they were garlic, and said gratefully.

        "Don't worry Mr. Lin, I, Xu Ziheng, will definitely change my mind from today. Follow Mr. Lin's lead!"

        "Mr. Lin is very generous, I, Zhang Tian, will be your little brother from now on!"

        The two young men were not stupid.

        Although they didn't know Lin Fan's real identity, they knew from their father's frightened tone that Lin Fan definitely had an unimaginable background.

        And how could such a person not cling to the thigh!

        One moment!

        The two most vicious youngsters, who made everyone in Jiang City turn pale with fear, became Lin Fan's little brother in the blink of an eye.

        This scene, absurd and bizarre!

        It made Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian and others seem like they were dreaming.


        Lin Guangyao fell on his buttocks, his face white as a sheet.

        It's over!

        He just realized that the person who was really screwed was ...... himself!

        "Lin Guangyao!"

        At this moment, Xu Ziheng stood up and respectfully stood behind Lin Fan, and then said in a cold voice.

        "I asked you to stabilize Mr. Lin before, and I immediately came to ask for forgiveness, but I didn't expect that you would be so blind as to be a bastard!"

        "As of today, you're fired! Not only Tianlong Group, you will be on the blacklist of all groups in Jiang City!"


        One sentence, like a thunderbolt, made Lin Guangyao's soul go out of his body!

        He's done.


        Lin Guangyao is simply crazy, originally he thought he would become the general manager, a nail in the coffin, but never imagined, now he even lost his job, and was blacklisted by the Jiang City Group, never to turn over a new leaf.

        His eyes were red, like a madman, and he shouted to Xu Ziheng.

        "Xu Shao, you can't do that! Do you know what this kid has done?"

        "He stole the Skeleton Emperor Card from the Imperial Guest of the Grand Club! The people of the Sheng Shi Club will soon find out, and then he will die without a burial place!"

        "You can't fire me for him!"


        Stole the Skull King card?

        Lin Guangyao's words shocked Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, who were both confused.

        They had heard about a mysterious skeleton card that had been jointly produced by the Sheng Shi Club and some other powerful enterprises, including the Heavenly Dragon Group.

        As long as you have that kind of card, you can spend whatever you want in all the stores and clubs of Sheng Shi and Tian Long, and everything is free of charge.

        Enjoy the imperial treatment!


        As far as they knew, there was only one such card in the world, and it was in the hands of an unimaginably mysterious superpower.

        And they had heard from their father about it.

        That super tycoon, with just one finger, could wipe out all the zaibatsu in Jiang City.

        And now ......

        "Mr. Lin ...... Mr. Lin, did you really steal that card?"

        Xu Ziheng swallowed a mouthful of spittle, and even his voice was trembling.

        On the other hand, Zhang Tian was so nervous that he couldn't breathe.


        Lin Fan seemed unconcerned and nodded his head indifferently.

        "That card, I have it!"


        In one sentence, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, almost peed themselves.

        It's over!

        They were sure that no matter what kind of background this Mr. Lin had, if he stole the skeleton card of the super tycoon, not only would Lin Fan be finished, but even they would be implicated.

        This ......

        For a moment, the cold sweat on the foreheads of the two villains flowed down.

        See this scene!

        Lin Guangyao felt that his chance had come, and quickly continued to encourage.

        "Xu Shao, hurry up and arrest him! Just hand it over to the Prime Club and explain why! Then we will have the gratitude of the Blooming World Club and Big Sister Blood Rose!"

        "Sacrifice a useless son-in-law and get the gratitude of the world! Definitely worth it!"

        Lin Guangyao's heart grew more and more excited as he watched the two youngsters hesitate.

        Just at this moment!


        A voice like a flood bell was heard.

        And then everyone saw, from all sides of the clubhouse, a big man in a suit, came out.

        Ten men!



        In the blink of an eye, there was an overwhelming crowd.

        One of the big men in particular was the number one warrior under the Blood Rose, the Black Tiger!

        Known as, Master Tiger!

Chapter 12

Black Tiger!

        After seeing the man in the suit at the head of the group, both Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian had a numbing sensation.

        Although they were known as the two villains, they were not uninvited.

        One of the exceptions was the Sheng Shi Club!

        The Blood Rose, the black and white, is very versatile.

        The Black Tiger, on the other hand, was a terrifying and ruthless man who dominated the Jiang City boxing world three years ago.

        It's not just them, but Xu Ziheng knows that even if his old man Xu Tianlong were here, the Black Tiger wouldn't show any mercy.


        At this moment, the black tiger, with dozens of men in suits, stepped forward.

        The unified footsteps, the vicious and fierce intent, made everyone, including Xu Ziheng, tremble with fear.

        It's over!

        Could it be that the Black Tiger has already known that Lin Fan stole the Skeleton Emperor Card and has come to arrest him?

        When I thought of this, Bai and everyone else, they all turned pale as dirt.

        "Mr. Lin, you have to go! Zhang Tian and I still have some face left, and we'll try to hold off the Black Tiger!" At this moment, Xu Ziheng's forehead was covered with sweat, urging Lin Fan on.

        Although he was afraid of the Black Tiger, he was even more afraid of his own father.

        Lin Fan, but his own father feared and respected, if he let Lin Fan have an accident, Xu Ziheng was sure that he would be flayed alive.

        "Mr. Lin, go quickly! We won't last long!" Zhang Tian likewise opened his mouth and urged.

        And seeing this!

        Bai Yi's pretty face, getting whiter and whiter, she couldn't help but turn her eyes to Lin Fan, as if seeking his opinion.


        What was unbelievable to everyone was that Lin Fan remained unmoved.

        He was still sitting quietly on the sofa, indifferently watching everything that was happening in front of him.

        It was as if all this had nothing to do with him!


        This scene made the crowd around us, in an uproar.

        Faking it?


        Wen Qian and the others looked at Lin Fan as if they were fools.

        Did he think that a ruthless person like the Black Tiger would not dare to kill him?

        In an instant, Wen Qian and all her old classmates dodged one after another, as if Lin Fan had a plague, fearing that they would be infected.

        Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, was ecstatic.

        "Master Tiger! You're just in time!"

        He quickly ran to Black Tiger and the others, then pointed at Lin Fan on the couch and said with a face full of resentment.

        "That guy, the dog has the nerve to just admit to himself that he stole the Skull Card!"

        "You must not let him go!"

        Lin Guangyao's voice is full of malice.


        At this, the black tiger's footsteps suddenly faltered, and then a playful look appeared on his face, asking curiously.

        "And what, in your opinion, will be done about it?"

        Hearing this, Lin Guangyao was delighted, and immediately thought that the black tiger was asking for his opinion, and quickly said.

        "Break this guy's legs, of course! Huh? He dared to steal the skeleton card of the Sheng Shi Club, he didn't know what he was doing! It must be punished severely as a warning to others!"

        Both legs broken!

        Lin Guangyao's words made Bai Yi and the others change color.

        They could never have imagined that their class leader would be so vicious and malicious.

        It must be known that not too long ago, it was Lin Fan's skeleton card that saved his little life, and now this person turned around and bit back, simply deranged.

        "Are you sure?" The black tiger looked at Lin Guangyao with an odd face.

        This sentence, however, made Lin Guangyao's heart burst slightly.

        Could it be?

        Break your legs, still not satisfied?

        Thinking of this, Lin Guangyao could not help but say cautiously.

        "If the tiger is not satisfied, then break this man's hands and feet? How?"


        Tough and brutal!

        Hearing this, the Black Tiger nodded his head in satisfaction.

        "Broken hands and feet, sounds good! Okay, let's do it!"

        One sentence, suddenly the entire hall was in chaos.

        Bai Yi, Xu Ziheng and the others were all as ugly as death, and looked extremely tense.

        Lin Guangyao and Wen Qian, on the other hand, were all smiles.

        It's over!

        Is this loser finally going to be punished?

        Lin Guangyao's mouth, all smiles, he pointed at Lin Fan and said with a fierce face.

        "Did you see that, little bastard? You made me lose my job and lose my footing in Jiang City! And now, you'll soon be a cripple! Hahaha ......"

        The pleasure on Lin Guangyao's face was intense to the extreme.

        Especially, with a wave of the Black Tiger's hand!

        A few men in suits stepped out.

        However, to Lin Guangyao's disbelief, these men did not move towards Lin Fan, but instead grabbed Lin Guangyao's arm and pushed him to the ground.


        When Lin Guangyao was thrown to the ground as if he were a pig dog, he was confused.

        "What are you ...... doing! Lin Fan is over there, I'm Lin Guangyao!"

        "Let go, let go! What's going on, Master Tiger?"

        Lin Guangyao was completely stunned.

        Only, no matter how hard he struggled, the palms of those men were as hard as iron pincers and didn't move a muscle!

        This ......

        "What's going on?"

        At this moment, the black tiger's eyes turned and stared at Lin Guangyao, a fierce curve appearing on his lips.

        "Isn't that what you asked for? Broken arms and legs?"


        Lin Guangyao was confused.

        Not only him, but also Wen Qian, Bai Yi, Xu Ziheng and all the others beside him, almost couldn't believe their eyes.

        That's not all!

        Immediately afterwards, everyone saw Black Tiger take a baseball bat from a strong man's hand.

        Without the slightest hesitation, it smashed down on Lin Guangyao's hands and feet!




        The sound of bones breaking, along with the screams of killing pigs, resounded in the hall.

        It was miserable and desperate.

        When the black tiger stopped, Lin Guangyao's limbs were all broken, as if he were a boiled lobster, he was bowed on the ground.

        He was bowed down on the ground like a boiled lobster, and his mouth was screaming in despair and fear.

        How could this happen?

        Lin Guangyao is incredulous, and Bai Yi and others, equally incredulous.


        The black tiger threw the baseball bat, and then led dozens of black-clothed men to walk toward Lin Fan again.

        The ferocity of that fierceness made people tremble.


        Until these people, arrived in front of Lin Fan, when Bai Yi and the others were so nervous they couldn't speak!

        All together, they all bowed!

        "We, on behalf of our big sister, thank Mr. Lin for saving our lives!!!"

        The Black Tiger's voice was loud as a flood bell!

        Throughout the hall, the reverberations continued.

        And the meaning of the words struck everyone like lightning.


        Save ...... save a life?


        In an instant, Bai Yi, Wen Qian and everyone else reacted.

        They finally knew who the 'Mr. Lin' in the box was referring to.


        It is Lin Fan who is qualified to serve the precious brew to the Blood Rose!

        It is Lin Fan who is qualified to have the Blood Rose come to make a toast!

Chapter 13

"How can he ...... be Mr. Lin?"

        "How could it be the savior of the Blood Rose?"

        At this moment, Wen Qian only felt that her worldview had been completely overturned.

        In the past, she was filled with loathing and contempt for Lin Fan.

        She even once suspected that the most lame and useless man in the world was Lin Fan.

        And now!

        The one who took out the Skeleton Emperor Card was Lin Fan!

        The one who subdued the two villains was Lin Fan!

        Now, the savior of the Blood Rose is still Lin Fan!


        Wen Qian's face was as white as paper, and her whole body seemed to have fallen to the ground as if she had lost strength.

        Her eyes looked at Lin Fan's beautiful face, but there was a sense of strangeness and mystery that she didn't recognize.

        It wasn't just Wen Qian!

        Bai Yi, at this moment, looked at a group of, in front of her, a mob of suits bowing to Lin Fan and covered her small mouth in the same shock.

        She suddenly realized!

        My own husband, it seems, is a thousand times, ten thousand times more mysterious than I ever imagined!

        "Lin Fan, how many more secrets do you really have that I don't know about!"

        The corner of Bai Yi's mouth turned from astonishment to bitterness, and the beautiful eyes that looked at Lin Fan were also filled with a touch of complexity.

        She just bitterly discovered this!

        I don't know anything about Lin Fan!

        At this moment, Lin Fan was oblivious to the horror of the crowd.

        Lin Fan was oblivious to the horror of the crowd.

        Until this moment, he slowly stood up from the sofa.

        Swish! Swish! Swish!

        The moment Lin Fan stood up, the crowd saw that the dozens of men in suits, led by Master Tiger, brushed their bodies and bowed again, getting lower and lower.



        It was as if Lin Fan was their most worshiped idol.

        But, Lin Fan didn't even look at Master Tiger and the others.

        He turned his eyes and stared straight at Wen Qian with a wry look on his lips.

        "You should be happy! If you weren't Bai Yi's best friend, then Lin Guangyao would be the end of you!"


        One sentence, let Wen Qian almost pee.

        Intense fear and panic surfaced in her heart, especially Lin Fan's gaze, Wen Qian only felt that the other party was looking at her, as if looking at a mole cricket.

        Such contempt!

        So disdainful!

        "Baiy, let's go!"

        Lin Fan now turned his head and smiled slightly at Bai Yi, while pulling a dumbfounded Bai Yi and slowly walking out of the hall.

        And behind the two of them!

        The two villains, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, followed carefully, as if they were dog legs.

        See this scene!

        Black Tiger and the others, brushing together, bowed once again to Lin Fan's back.

        "Respectfully send Mr. Lin off!!!"

        "Respectfully send Mr. Lin off!!!"


        The sound of awe resounded within the hall.

        Only when Lin Fan and the others completely disappeared at the door did Wen Qian realize that the Black Tiger crowd and all her old classmates had quietly left.

        She and Lin Guangyao were the only ones left in the hall, as if they were two lost dogs, and no one paid any attention to them.

        "Wen ...... Wen Qian, what are we going to do from now on?" Lin Guangyao was lying on the ground, as if he were a dead dog.

        On his face, he was terrified and desperate.

        What to do?

        Wen Qian's pretty face was as ugly as as ashes.

        Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that she would become a joke, while Lin Fan, a loser, became an idol.

        "What else can I do! Lin Guangyao, if you're still a man, bring down Lin Fan! Trample him underfoot!"

        "Don't you forget it! He himself admitted to stealing the Skull Emperor Card! Although Blood Rose, because of Lin Fan's saving grace, helped him cover up! But what will happen if this matter reaches the top management of Sheng Shi Group?"

        A trace of malice appeared in Wen Qian's eyes.

        But her words were like a perfect enlightenment to Lin Guangyao!

        That's right!

        The owner of that skeleton emperor card is definitely the top big shot of the Sheng Shi Group!

        In front of that kind of big brother.

        Neither the Blood Rose, nor the two villains, are worth a single mention.


        But Lin Fan personally admitted that he stole the card.

        Then once this matter was revealed, even the Blood Rose would not be able to cover it up.

        Thinking of this, and then feeling the severe pain of the broken limbs, Lin Guangyao's eyes, flickered with a beastly madness.

        "Wen Qian, you're right! Don't worry, I, Lin Guangyao, swear that I will report this matter to the highest level of the Sheng Shi Group!"

        "Lin Fan, you must die!"

        The sound of madness, resounding in the empty hall!

        It's just that the two don't know!

        Their conversation, however, fell word by word into the ears of two shadows on the third floor of the Clubhouse.

        These two shadows were the Blood Rose, who was slowly sipping wine, and the Black Tiger, who was silently guarding behind them.

        When they heard that the two of them were cursing Lin Fan, the black tiger's eyes couldn't help but burst out with a touch of killing intent.

        "Sister, do you want me to do away with these two?"

        For the Black Tiger!

        Killing Lin Guangyao and Wen Qian is as easy as stepping on two bedbugs.



        The Blood Rose shook her head with a faint shake, a playful smile on her lips.

        "Ah Hu, for such two insignificant little creepy crawlies, the BOSS won't care!"

        "And what do you think will happen when they send the BOSS to the top of the group?"


        The Black Tiger was slightly startled, and then laughed as if he understood something.

        "Sister, I get it! For such mole crickets, the higher they climb, the more desperate they will become!"

        "Because they, for one, will never know just how terrifying the BOSS really is!"

        Gryphon thinks that it sees the whole world!

        But I didn't know that it was just a scale of a dragon!

        That's it!

        The blood rose gently shook the red wine in the glass, and then drank it all.

        Her beautiful, pretty face became more and more enchanting.

        "The terror of the BOSS is unmeasured! Let them, in their despair, die slowly."



        The clubhouse door!

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, two of the most vicious young men, with a group of their henchmen and subordinates, bowed in salute to a slowly departing Mercedes Benz sedan.

        It was only when Lin Fan's Mercedes Benz gradually faded away that the two of them slowly straightened their bodies.

        "Brother Ziheng! Who is this Mr. Lin, anyway? I never imagined that not only our old son, who was terrified of him, but also the Blood Rose, would suffer his saving grace!"

        Zhang Tian's face was still filled with a deep shock.

        It was the first time he had seen that the Tiger Master would be so respectful and reverent to a person.

        Especially this person!

        It's the same notoriously useless son-in-law from before.

        Hear this!

        Xu Ziheng was also in a trance, feeling as if he were dreaming.

        "No matter what Mr. Lin's identity is, he is an existence we cannot afford to mess with!"


        Xu Ziheng turned his head, looked behind him at the many boys and men, and sternly snapped.

        "You've got to remember this for Ben! If anyone dares to mess with Mr. Lin, this young man will definitely make his life worse than death!