Today I Give Up Trying CH 29-30

 Chapter 29

"Kid, get away from me! Don't you see? The leaders are here! Quick!"

        In Wu Guangrong's voice, there was anxiety.

        If this kid is in the way, annoying many of the leaders, then he really can't afford to take the blame.

        Hear this!

        Lin Fan tapped his fingers on his leg, a slight pause, then turned his head and stared at Wu Guangrong with a smirk.

        "Are you sure you want me to leave?"


        Wu Guangrong was confused.

        He didn't expect that this obtrusive guy in front of him would be so calm, especially the meaning of his words, as if he was teasing himself.

        Suddenly, it made Wu Guangrong's heart furious.

        "What nonsense! Get out of here!"

        "Security! Come and get rid of this kid! Hurry!"

        With that, Wu Guangrong commanded the surrounding security guards to expel Lin Fan.

        Only, just as the many security guards were about to scramble away.


        A loud voice, suddenly exploded.

        And then hullo!

        A group of middle-aged men in suits ran over quickly.

        It was Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen and others.

        "Dear leaders, you ......" Wu Guangrong's head was a bit confused.

        However, immediately afterwards, he was startled to see.

        Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen, Military District Major General Dong Jun, and Jiangnan's richest man, Ma Yong, brushed together and brought a group of people to Lin Fan's face.

        And then, they all bowed.

        "Mr. Lin!!!"


        At this moment, Wu Guangrong only felt that the whole world was quiet, and even thought he was hearing voices.

        Mr. Lin ...... Lin?

        He opened his eyes wide and looked at the youth in front of him with an incredulous face.

        So young, so shabby!

        Is he the Mr. Lin from ...... that No. 1 and others came all the way from the provincial capital just to see?

        This, how is this possible!


        In an instant, the sweat on Wu Guangrong's head flowed down in a clamor.

        Especially when I thought that I had just yelled at this 'Mr. Lin' to get lost, and even tried to get the security guards to expel him, Wu Guangrong felt his legs go weak and almost fell on his buttocks.

        But it was as if Lin Fan didn't care about him, as if he didn't care about his little mole. He leaned on the seat quietly, and then looked at the three bowing men, Liu Zhen, his eyes penetrating with a strong authority.

        "Did you bring everything?"

        Hearing this, Liu Zhen three people breathed a sigh of relief, slowly straightened their bodies, and respectfully said.

        Only then did Liu Zhen three people breathed a sigh of relief, slowly straightened their bodies, and respectfully said.


        Afterwards, No. 1 Liu Zhen stepped forward and handed over a pile of documents.

        "This is a Chinese appointment document, and after Mr. Lin signs it, he can mobilize all major government departments in Jiangnan!"


        This sentence, let Wu Guangrong even more shocked.

        A piece of paper, mobilizing Jiangnan.

        This made Wu Guangrong almost couldn't believe his own ears.

        However, that was not all!

        Dong Jun, a Major General in the military region, also stepped forward, slowly opened a box and a document, and handed it to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, this is the Legion of Merit! After your signature, you will be the fourth military throne of our China!"


        These words made Wu Guangrong almost wet himself.

        Military Seat?

        Warsaw had a total of three major war gods, and the fourth was ......

        Wouldn't it be the mysterious Lin Zhai who has recently exploded in China!

        Wu Guangrong looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous face, never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would see the legendary Lin Zhai with his own eyes, especially when the other party was so young, it simply overturned his worldview.

        This still hasn't stopped!

        Ma Yong, the richest man in Jiangnan, likewise took out a document, which he respectfully handed over.

        "Mr. Lin, this is the share change document from Global Group Headquarters!"

        "After you sign, you will be called the new owner of Universal!"


        This sentence, even more like a thunderstorm, made Wu Guangrong completely paralyzed on the handing.

        He finally understood!

        Some time ago, the new owner of the Global Group changed, the mysterious Linzhai, who was born in Warsaw, was even a person.

        This ...... is simply too shocking.

Chapter 30


        New Global Master!

        The impact of these two news to Wu Guangrong was like a horrifying wave that made him fall to the ground, tremble and almost pee.

        Giant Dragon!

        He realized that the young man in front of him, who was not freshly dressed, was one of the world's leading super brothers.

        At that moment, his gaze towards Lin Fan was simply like that of a monster, filled with awe.


        Lin Fan nodded his head, signed and pushed the medal to Major General Dong Jun.

        "You'll keep this medal for me!"

        He now lives in the White House, but having this medal by his side would draw a lot of questions from Bai and others.

        "Yes! Military Seat!" The attitude of Young General Dong Jun became more and more respectful.

        Seeing this scene, Lin Fan stood up from his seat.

        Only then did a touch of hesitation appear on the face of the richest man in Jiangnan, Ma Yong, who was next to him, asked apprehensively.

        "Mr. Lin, the three of us have booked a private room at Caesars for the evening, can we treat you to a meal!"

        After Ma Yong said this, his look was filled with tension.

        Although, he was the richest man in Jiangnan, only he knew in his heart that he was just a small local steward of the Global Group.

        If it were ordinary!

        He wasn't even qualified to see Lin Fan.

        It wasn't just him!

        After all, to have dinner with the new global master, Huaxia Lin Zhai, is enough for them to boast for the rest of their lives!

        Lin Fan nodded his head and did not reject the good intentions of the crowd.

        "See you tonight!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan walked towards the Armani store.

        Liu Zhen and the others, who were in ecstasy, quickly bowed to Lin Fan's back one by one.


        It was only then that Wu Guangrong was relieved.

        He had dodged a bullet.

        Fortunately, Mr. Lin didn't bother with himself, otherwise, even if he were ten thousand Wu Guangrong, he would have been twisted to death.

        "No! Such a big Buddha, living in seclusion in a small city like Jiang! This is a chance for me, Wu Guangrong, and I must grasp it!"

        Wu Guangrong's eyes burned into the doorway of the Armani store, and his mind made a decision that could affect his life!

        For everything that happens here!

        The shoppers outside the mall didn't really see too clearly.

        They had been driven far away by Wu Guangrong, and only faintly saw that many big shots seemed to be surrounding a young man, saying something.


        When they saw Liu Zhen and the others bowing to the young figures entering the store, the hearts of all the customers were overwhelmed with horror.

        "Oh my God! So these big shots are looking for that young man! Who is he really? How the First and others treated him with such respect!"

        "Unfortunately, we were too far away to see that person's face, otherwise it would have definitely been big news that shook Jiang City, and even Jiangnan Province!"


        The surrounding customers, one by one, were talking about it.

        And right now!

        At the entrance of the mall, three figures walked in, just in time to see Liu Zhen and the others bowing and leaving.

        "Huh? I think I just saw Liu Zhen and the three big brothers bowing to a man? Am I seeing things wrong?" A touch of consternation appeared on Xu Yanhong's pretty face.

        It wasn't just her!

        Huang Tao, who was next to him, also had a frown on his face, and a look of intense suspicion appeared.

        "I think I saw that the back of the man who bore the bow of the three big men looked a bit like Bai's husband?"


        Xu Yanhong was slightly dumbfounded, and then burst out laughing.

        "Haha ...... Huang Tao, are you an idiot? Bai's husband, who is famous for being a loser in Jiang City! This kind of person is not worthy to give shoes to the three big brothers of Liu Zhen, and you say that the three big brothers bow to him?"

        "Are you going to laugh at me?"

        Xu Yanhong's laughter trembled as if she had heard the funniest joke.

        And Huang Tao also shook his head.

        "I guess I was wrong about that! Definitely not that loser!"