Today I Give Up Trying 997-998

 Chapter 997

Bai Yi pretty face, flooded with a strong gratitude.


      And to hear this word!


      Chang Yuan immediately heart blossom, can get his goddess's gratitude, his heart is simply happy:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, you are too polite, you are my goddess, doing something for you, naturally deserved!"




      Chang Yuan also could not help but glance at Lin Fan, sneered and said.


      "Only, you'd better discipline Lin Fan in the future! This time, if it wasn't for that prince, he would have been killed by the Yang family!"


      Despise and disdain!


      Mocking and taunting!


      Looking at Chang Yuan's villainous appearance, not only did Lin Fan's heart not get angry, but the playful smile at the corner of his mouth grew thicker and thicker.


      Before, when Bai Yi suspected that it was his own doing, Lin Fan clearly saw the panic and fear on Bai Yi's face.


      He was also worried about how to get rid of Bai Yi's suspicion of himself.


      And now!


      Although Chang Yuan's words were just the right thing to help him out.


      "However, later on, after this fellow knows my true identity, I wonder if he can still be this arrogant?"


      Lin Fan looked at Chang Yuan, his smile becoming more and more sneering and playful.


      It was as if a giant dragon, admiring the ugly performance of an ant, nothing more.




      At the same time!


      Inside the parking lot of Jiangnan City First People's Hospital.


      Yang family members, one by one, got into their luxury cars.


      And when Yang Tianhao, with the second youngest Yang Mingpeng, after getting into the car.


      Yang Mingpeng completely exploded.


      "Dad! Can you tell me now, for what? You're all crazy, kowtowing to that Bai Yi, disgracing our Yang family! Giving away the Star River Mansion to our Yang Family, causing us to lose a lot of money!"


      "How can you all be so confused!"


      The second youngest Yang Mingpeng could never have dreamed that his old dad, who had always been extremely smart, would do something stupid that would make a mockery of himself today.


      This was simply unbelievable.


      Only his words had just come out!


      "Shut up!"


      An angry roar sounded out from Yang Tianhao's mouth, which immediately took the second youngest youngster, Yang Mingpeng, by surprise.


      Only at this moment did he realize that his old man's face, had risen red as if it was like a pig's liver.


      Especially the eyes that looked at himself, fierce and fierce, through the killing machine.


      Yang Mingpeng was completely dumbfounded.


      This look told him that his own old man really hated to kill himself.


      "Dad ...... you! Don't you look at me like that, I ...... I'm scared!" Yang Mingpeng was timid and cowardly, and did not even have the courage to look at his own old man.




      Hearing these words, Yang Tianhao was completely exasperated by this idiot:.


      "How the hell do you know how to be afraid? Do you know that if I hadn't hit you in the ward just now, if I hadn't kneeled down, if I hadn't offered the Star River Mansion, then you would have followed in your brother's footsteps and would have died completely! Our Yang family will also be like your brother, the whole clan will be wiped out!"




      Hearing Yang Tianhao's words, Yang Mingpeng could hardly believe his ears.


      What does ...... mean?


      What do you mean?


      His brother Yang Mingyu is not well?


      This, what happened.


      A trace of cold chill, sweeping Yang Mingpeng's whole body, he trembled looking at his father, asked incredulously.


      "Dad! Do you ...... you know what you are talking about?"


      "What happened to my brother? He, he is not fine?"




      Yang Tianhao face became more and more hideous, almost from his throat, hissed out.


      "He ...... is dead!"

Chapter 998



      A word that caused Yang Mingpeng's face to change dramatically.




      This was impossible, just a short time ago, his brother had given him the order, it was only a short time ago, how could his own elder brother, the youngest master of the Yang family, die.


      "Dad, what happened? How did my brother die? Who killed him?" Yang Mingpeng looked at his father with a face full of panic.




      In his mind, the same phrase of Lin Fan's echoed.


      "Your brother? He's dead!"




      Thinking about this, Yang Mingpeng only felt his body tremble.




      That fellow, Lin Fan, said that his brother was dead, and his brother actually died.


      He said his old man would slap himself, and he really did!


      There were also the Yang family members kowtowing to make amends and sending big gifts.


      This guy actually said all of them!


      How is this ...... possible!


      "Lin Fan!" Yang Mingpeng's eyes, staring deadly at his own father, his eyes contained endless trepidation and disbelief:.


      "Dad! Is my brother's death related to Lin Fan?"


      "You guys kowtowed to make amends and sent up to the Star River, is it also related to this guy?"






      As Yang Mingpeng said these words, the sweat on his forehead, as if a faucet had been turned on, was dense and dripping down.


      A hint of fear of Lin Fan began to fill his heart.


      Especially after he saw that his old man nodded his head.




      Yang Mingpeng's eyes went black and he almost fainted from fear.


      "How could this happen! That Lin Fan, isn't he a little door-to-door son-in-law of the Bai family of Jiang City? How could he get my brother killed and set our Yang family back! This, how is it possible!"


      Yang Mingpeng's body was almost drenched in cold sweat.


      The disbelief in his expression was so thick that it was extreme.


      And seeing this scene.


      Yang Tianhao, who was on the side, lowered his head and said in horror.


      "Just an hour ago, Lin Fan made a trip to our Yang family!"


      "Do you know, the people who followed him, who are they?"




      Yang Mingpeng was stunned, he didn't expect that Lin Fan would have people he knew in Jiangnan City.


      Especially, someone who could make his own father fear to such an extent, this was even more incredible.


      "Dad! The person Lin Fan brought with him, who is he?"


      Yang Mingpeng looked at his father and only felt his heart, poof, poof, beating wildly, almost to his throat.


      "The people he brought with him are the richest man, Ma Yong, and the masterminds of the eight major zaibatsu!"




      Yang Tianhao's words made Yang Mingpeng froze.


      The richest man, Ma Yong, and the masterminds of the eight major plutocrats, each of them was a big brother existence not weaker than his own father.


      Only, just like that, how could they shock and convince their own Yang family and kill their own brother.


      This is not all.


      Yang Tianhao continued word by word, word by word, saying.


      "In addition to that, there is the number one ...... Liu Zhen!"




      Hearing Liu Zhen's name, Yang Mingpeng stirred a cold shiver.


      This is the number one, Jiangnan really only hand to cover the sky figure.


      Yang Mingpeng's heart, beating faster and faster, the shock in the eyes, more and more dense.


      However, to his horror, his own father still did not finish, continued to say.


      "And ...... Dragon and Tiger two great gods!"




      After hearing the name of the Dragon and Tiger War God, Yang Mingpeng could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, he only felt his scalp almost explode.


      Dragon and Tiger War God!


      The two terrifying existences among the Eight Great War Gods of China.


      These two, not to mention in Jiangnan, even in China, were top figures, how could they follow Lin Fan, the son-in-law, to his Yang family?


      This completely overturned Yang Mingpeng's perception.