Today I Give Up Trying 994-996

 Chapter 994



      It was taken in!


      After hearing these words, Yang Tianhao, as well as all the Yang family members, not only did not have the slightest bit of reluctance or loss on their faces, but instead, it was as if they were saved, and they were all ecstatic to the extreme.


      "Thank you, Miss Bai Yi! You are really the reincarnation of Bodhisattva!"


      "Miss Bai Yi, we, the Yang family, are extremely grateful to you!"




      Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family's top brass, one by one at this moment, kept rushing towards Bai Yi.


      And see this scene!


      Shen Jian, Shen Taigong and others: "......"


      Chang Yuan, Yang Ming Peng: "......"


      Everyone was dumbfounded.


      It was simply an eye opener.


      They saw for the first time, the most valuable thing of their own family, begging and giving it away, and after the other party agreed, they had to thank each other a thousand times for the scene.


      This is the first time in the history of the world, if the word gets out, not to mention Jiangnan, even the whole of China, will definitely be a great sensation.


      At that moment!


      After Yang Tianhao and the others thanked Bai Yi, a lawyer of the Yang family immediately came up with a copy of the contract.


      "Miss Bai Yi, please sign on this, the rest of the transfer procedure, our Yang family will be completely responsible!"


      "It is guaranteed that within a week, you will become the new owner of Star River Mansion!"




      Seeing this scene!


      Every person's gaze towards Bai Yi was filled with a strong sense of complexity and incredulity.


      From the time Bai Yi set foot in Jiangnan City until now, it was only a little over an hour.


      But in this one hour, she had earned ten billion dollars and a building for nothing!


      This simply fell through everyone's eyeballs.


      Until all things were finished.


      Only then did Yang Mingpeng, who had been in shock, completely reacted.


      As if he had lost his soul, his face was full of dullness and astonishment, and his mouth kept muttering.


      "Crazy! My father is crazy, my uncles are crazy, all of the Yang family, all of them are crazy!"


      Yang Mingpeng only felt his outlook on life, all completely shattered.


      And hearing his mutterings.


      Yang Tianhao's heart suddenly burned with anger, grabbed Yang Mingpeng's collar, and shouted angrily.


      "You idiot thing, come with me!"


      After saying that!


      Yang Tianhao once again turned around and looked at Bai Yi, as if he had changed his face, a thick ingratiating smile surfaced:.


      "President Bai Yi, then ...... we'll leave first!"


      "You take care! If in the future there is a use of our Yang family places, whether it is a knife mountain fire sea, we Yang family people will certainly be at all times!"


      Curry favor!




      Yang Tianhao's attitude towards Bai Yi was simply like a pug that was currying favor with its master, which stunned people to the extreme.


      Until all the Yang family members, after they all left.


      Within the ward, still depressed dead silence.


      Bai Shan couple, more until then, only slightly reacted, they looked at their daughter in shock, unbelievably said.


      "Bai ...... Bai Yi, Yang Tianhao really gave you the Star River Mansion?"


      "Bai Yi, we are not dreaming, right? This ...... good thing of pie falling from the sky, how is it possible!"


      It was not only the couple.


      The most complicated ones were Tai Gong Shen and Shen Jian and others.


      The Shen family had been fighting and accumulating for decades, but they only had more than one billion assets.


      But now!


      Bai Yi had earned a building in less than an hour, which was like a nightmare from heaven.


      Looking at the crowd's odd expressions.


      The corners of Bai Yi's mouth, can not help but appear thick bitter smile: "Mom and Dad!


      "Mom and Dad! I ...... I don't know what's going on either!"


      "However, it seems that this time it was said by Lin Fan again!"




      Lin Fan was right?


      Hearing this sentence from Bai Yi, the crowd was slightly stunned, and only then did they think back.

Chapter 995

Previously, Lin Fan did say that the Yang family would come to kowtow and make amends, and even send a big gift for Bai Yi.


      And now!


      Surprisingly, ...... all of them hit!




      Thinking about this, everyone in the ward, all of them had a creepy feeling, a gaze, in unison, looked at Lin Fan, the eyes of all of them were filled with shock, doubt and scrutiny.


      As if, they want to see through Lin Fan, see through this guy is a godly man, or the devil.


      "Little ...... Little Fan, how did you know that?" Bai Shan looked at his son-in-law with a frightened expression.


      He felt that this son-in-law of his was simply like a prophet.


      Every time you think he is talking crazy, but his words, all hit.


      Every time you think he is talking nonsense, but in the blink of an eye, it will come true.


      This guy, simply mysteriously terrifying.


      "Little Fan, this all can't be related to you, right? I remember, but you said before that you went to take care of Grandpa's matter, could it be that the reason those Yang family members came and even gave such a big gift is all related to you?"


      Shen Yumei similarly stared at Lin Fan with a face full of scrutiny.


      And this sentence of hers, for all of them, was even more like a thunderbolt, making them all confused.


      No...... right!


      Bai Yi, Bai Shan father and daughter thought as much as they could.


      At the airport, when Lin Fan left alone, he had said to take care of Grandpa's matter.


      At that time, they all thought that Lin Fan was afraid of death, in order to avoid the Jiangnan Bai family, this is why he acted alone.


      And now it seems!


      It all seems to be not so simple.


      Lin Fan, what exactly did he do, how could he make the Yang clan, a first-class wealthy family, panic to such an extent.


      Even going so far as to give the family's most valuable assets, begging to give them to Bai Yi to make amends.


      This, was too frightening.


      Every one of them, looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a devil.


      Just, after feeling the scrutiny of the crowd.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but smile faintly and said indifferently.


      "Mom, Dad, wife, don't look at me with such eyes! I actually, really didn't do anything!"




      He really didn't do anything, he just went to the Yang family, that's all.


      "It's really not because of you?" Bai Yi didn't believe it.


      She stared at Lin Fan's expression with a deadly gaze, as if she wanted to see some clues from Lin Fan's face.




      Not yet waiting for Lin Fan to reply.


      On the side, Chang Yuan, on the other hand, burst out laughing and said.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, you don't need to doubt, this matter, definitely has nothing to do with Lin Fan!"




      Hearing these words, the crowd's eyes turned, could not help but look at Chang Yuan, one was full of doubts.


      "Senior, how do you know that?" Bai Yi asked curiously.


      And hearing this!


      Chang Yuan couldn't help but glare at Lin Fan with a face full of contempt, before he proudly and smugly said.


      "Naturally, I know! Because all of this, I did!"




      This sentence caused Bai Yi as well as everyone else to freeze.


      Chang Yuan did it?


      This, how was this possible.


      Before, wasn't he still blaming Lin Fan for beating up Yang Mingpeng? At one point, he was even scared by Yang Mingpeng to the point where his body was shaking.


      How could he have done it.


      Every one of them looked at Chang Yuan's gaze, all filled with doubt.


      And Chang Yuan seems to be able to guess what people are thinking, he smiled more and more smugly up: "You do not need to doubt, this matter, the body of Yang Mingpeng trembled.


      "You do not need to doubt, this matter is indeed, I did it!"


      "Because I am looking for the most powerful prince in Jiangnan Province!"

Chapter 996

The prince!


      Hearing this sentence, the crowd suddenly remembered, before Chang Yuan went out to make a phone call, came back indeed excited to say that found a prince.


      And now ......


      "Senior, that prince master you found, is it really that powerful? Can make the whole Yang family subservient?" Bai Yi still had some doubts in her heart.


      Not just her!


      The rest of the crowd also looked at Chang Yuan, their expressions filled with a hint of doubt.


      And hearing this!


      Chang Yuan, on the other hand, laughed and said with a face full of admiration.


      "Bai Yi, you are not from Jiangnan City, you simply do not know the terrifying of that prince [Pen Interest Pavilion]! Among the first-class plutocrats in Jiangnan City, their family, ranked first!"


      "In addition, although the Yang family is also a first-rate, but has fallen into decline! And I recently heard that the Yang family has been requesting cooperation with that prince!"


      "In addition to that! Among the young generation in Jiangnan City, apart from the two hidden giants, that prince is definitely number one! Countless youngsters are at his disposal!"




      Listening to what Chang Yuan said, Shen Jian and the others next to him, had been completely convinced.


      After all!


      The crown prince of the number one ranked zaibatsu, plus the number one of the young generation, the means can be imagined.


      Even if they really make the Yang family soft, it is not impossible.


      And what made Shen Jian and others, even more shocking was that Chang Yuan's face, was so big.


      That crown prince, actually for his one phone call, did not hesitate to suppress the Yang family, let the Yang family even take out ten billion Star River building, as compensation.


      The depth of friendship between this crown prince and Chang Yuan was unimaginable.


      Think about it!


      Shen Jian and Shen Jie father and son, immediately full of pleasing face blowing up at Chang Yuan:.


      "Mr. Chang, I really didn't expect that your friendship with that crown prince would be so deep! In the future, our Shen family will need more care from you!"


      "Yes, Mr. Chang! You are simply too powerful, that prince has been so kind for you! In the future, Mr. Chang, you will definitely soar to great heights!"


      The father and son duo were ingratiating themselves to the extreme at this moment.


      After they said these words of mine.


      Seeing that Bai Yi still seemed to be questioning Chang Yuan, Shen Jian father and son continued to say to Bai Yi.


      "Bai Yi, you do not think nonsense, this matter can not be related to Lin Fan! He's been in Jiangcheng for three years, when has he ever come to Jiangnan, and he doesn't know a single person! How could he possibly suppress the Yang family!"


      "Yes, cousin, who among us doesn't know that Lin Fan has multiple points of competence! If we say that the Yang family came to make amends because of him, I definitely don't believe it even if it kills me!"


      The father and son looked at Lin Fan with a look of contempt.


      It was as if they were looking at a clown.


      "He, at best, is just a crow's mouth! This time, he's talking nonsense, but he's just right!"


      Is it really nonsense?


      Bai Yi's expression was slightly hesitant.


      She was suspicious that this matter was related to Lin Fan, but in her heart she was vaguely incredulous.


      After all, she had lived with Lin Fan for three years and had never once seen him come to Jiangnan, let alone heard that he knew anyone in Jiangnan City.


      A stranger with no connections and no resources, suppressing a first-class plutocrat?


      This is indeed a nightmare from heaven.


      Thinking about it.


      Bai Yi shook his head and completely shook the thought of Lin Fan suppressing the Yang family out of his mind, and immediately said to Chang Yuan.


      "Senior, it seems that this time it really is the credit of that prince you invited! Thank you very much!"