Today I Give Up Trying 991-993

 Chapter 991



      Ten slaps!


      After hearing these words from Yang Mingpeng, Yang Tianhao and the others, only then did their gazes look towards the corner of the ward.


      After seeing Lin Fan's smirking look.




      All of Yang Tianhao and the others' bodies trembled, and one by one, they were almost paralyzed with fear.


      "Name ...... name peng! You're calling someone a country bumpkin?"


      "You're calling people idiots?"


      Yang Tianhao turned his head to look at his son, the words almost from his teeth, one word popped out.


      It carried a morose meaning.




      Second youngster Yang Mingpeng vaguely felt his father's tone, something was wrong, but did not think much about it, but nodded his head and said.


      "That's right! Dad, this guy is a violent maniac plus a psychopath!"


      "You're just in time, give me to clean him up! I want to smash his face and take away his woman to give to big brother!"


      Yang Mingpeng's words were filled with a strong sense of pleasure.




      He had just spoken these words.




      A loud slap, then fiercely slapped on his face, immediately jerked his whole person a staggering, almost fell to the ground.


      Jing ......


      At this moment, within the entire ward, dead silence.


      Whether it is Yang Mingpeng, or Bai Yi and everyone else, one by one, they could not believe their eyes.


      Yang Mingpeng was ...... beaten?


      Especially by his father, this ...... how is possible.


      "Dad! You ...... are crazy, what are you hitting me for? The person you should hit is that brute Lin Fan! He ......" After the second youngster Yang Mingpeng reacted from his shock, he covered his cheeks and his rounded eyes were filled with a strong sense of disbelief.


      However, he hadn't finished these words yet.




      Yang Tianhao slapped his face again, fiercely.


      "Your mouth is not clean!"




      "You bully men and women, arrogant and domineering!"






      At this moment, right in the middle of everyone's incredulous eyes, Yang Tianhao, as if he had gone crazy, actually grabbed Yang Mingpeng's collar and swatted down one after another, wildly.


      Crackling and snapping!


      It was like raindrops of slaps, all falling on Yang Mingpeng's cheeks.


      At once, Yang Mingpeng's already blood-soaked face was even more scarlet and miserable.


      Almost completely beaten into a pig's head.


      Seeing this scene!


      Everyone was dumbfounded.


      The words of Lin Fan involuntarily surfaced in every person's mind.


      "Your father will slap you ten times, I said!"


      At that time, after hearing those words, almost everyone thought that Lin Fan was simply an idiot, a madman.


      But that crazy remark turned out to be a prophecy, which was unbelievable.




      After the crowd saw that the whole ten slaps were finished, Yang Tianhao only then stopped.


      Swish swish swish!


      Bai Yi, Shen Jian, as well as Chang Yuan and the others, looked at Lin Fan in unison, each with a look of shock and dismay.


      "How could this happen! This ...... guy really said it?"


      Chang Yuan's head was buzzing.


      He only felt that his brain was completely inadequate.


      It was not only him!


      Bai Yi even covered her small mouth in shock as she looked at Lin Fan as if she was looking at a devil.




      The thing that shocked the crowd was just the beginning.


      After beating Yang Mingpeng, Yang Tianhao threw this second son of his, as if he was throwing garbage, on the ground.


      Then, he straightened his clothes.


      Bringing all the Yang family executives, whooping and hollering, he walked to Bai Yi's front.


      And after that!








      Yang Mingpeng led this core of dozens of Yang family members, kneeling in front of Bai Yi in unison, shouting loudly.

Chapter 992

"Yang Tianhao leads all Yang family members to make amends to Miss Bai Yi ......!!!"


      Make amends to Miss Bai Yi ......!


      After hearing this sentence, and then looking at the dozens of Yang family senior executives who were densely packed in front of them, from within the ward, kneeling all the way to the corridor above.


      Everyone only felt as if they were dreaming.


      Simply can not believe the facts in front of them.




      Yang Tianhao, a first-tier big brother, actually kowtowed to make amends, this is simply too unbelievable.


      Only, this was not all.


      Yang Tianhao continued with a face full of shame.


      "I, Yang Tianhao, have no proper discipline, my dog son has committed many evils, we can only give Miss Bai Yi, kowtow three times to make amends!"


      Finished saying!




      With Yang Tianhao as the leader, leading dozens of Yang family senior members, one by one to the ground, kowtowing more than once.


      Knock knock ......


      The sound of dense heads knocking on the ground resounded in and out of the ward.


      It was like an explosive thunderstorm, blasting above the hearts of Bai Yi and all the others, causing the shock and astonishment on their faces to grow thicker and thicker.




      Another one!


      Sufficient all Yang family members, after kowtowing three more heads, only then the kneeling posture turned, facing the sickbed above the Duke Shen, continued to say.


      "I, Yang Tianhao, am incompetent, causing my dog's son to be arrogant and domineering, causing the old man to be injured!"


      "We, the Yang family, kowtow three times to your old man to make amends!"




      Hearing these words, Tai Gong Shen, who was on top of the hospital bed, his body shivered violently.


      Kowtowing again?


      Not only Tai Gong Shen, everyone clearly saw that Yang Tian Hao and the others kowtowed to Bai Yi to make amends and had already knocked their foreheads red.


      And now ......


      Knock knock knock!


      Another full dozens of people, to Shen Tai Gong, once again kowtowed up.


      A full three, when they all finished kowtowing to make amends, the crowd found that Yang Tianhao, as well as one of the Yang family's top brass, had already knocked blood stains on their foreheads.


      The appearance was wretched and miserable.


      Dumbfounded ......


      At this moment, Chang Yuan was as if he had seen a ghost, he kept rubbing his eyes, after making sure that the person in front of him was really Yang Tianhao, and the one kowtowing was really Yang Tianhao.


      His heart, simply set off a terrifying wave.


      "Oh my God, Yang Tianhao kowtowing to make amends, this is definitely a big news that can be sensationalized in Jiangnan!"


      "Unbelievable! It's simply too unbelievable, what is it that makes a big man like Yang Tianhao, personally come and kowtow to apologize for his sins?"


      Chang Yuan's heart was horrified, but his brain was constantly spinning.


      And when he thought of, that promised himself the prince of the Tian family, his eyes suddenly lit up.


      "Could it be that ...... that prince has stepped in! It even scared the Yang clan and had to come and plead guilty?"


      "It must be so! Otherwise, Yang Tianhao and the others, there is no reason to kowtow and make amends!"


      After Chang Yuan's heart was convinced of this.


      Instantly, he was wildly happy to the extreme.


      He did not expect that the prince was so giving, for his own sake, he really forced the Yang family into this, his own face, simply ...... too big.


      Just at this moment!


      The crowd simply do not know Chang Yuan's thoughts, Bai Yi and everyone else, completely dumbfounded by this shocking scene.




      In Yang Tianhao and others, after bowing to make amends, they surprisingly did not get up at all, but instead said to Bai Yi.


      "President Bai Yi, the fright and distress caused to you this time, our Yang family can't atone for a hundred deaths!"


      "Therefore, we are ready to transfer one of the Yang family's most famous landmark buildings, the Star River Mansion, to you without compensation as an atonement!"

Chapter 993



      Yang Tianhao's words were as if a stone had been thrown into the surface of the lake.


      Everyone was horrified.


      The Yang family started with real estate, and their proudest deed was the creation of the Star River Mansion.


      It was not only a landmark building in Jiangnan City, even in the entire Jiangnan Province, are famous.


      It was even rumored at the beginning!


      The valuation of the Star River Building had reached ten billion dollars.


      And now!


      Everyone simply can not believe that, in order to make amends, Yang Tianhao actually Yang family most before the Star River Building, free of charge transfer, which ...... this is simply fucking crazy.


      Even Chang Yuan, was also dumbfounded by Yang Tianhao's largesse.


      How could he have imagined that the Yang family to make amends, offering tens of billions!


      This is simply too trenchant!


      "Yang ...... Yang family master, is there any misunderstanding in this! Although I was a little shocked, but it's nothing at all!"


      "This atonement of yours, I really can't afford it!"


      Bai Yi was so frightened that her face was pale, all panicked, and hurriedly excused herself by saying.


      "This matter, we each take a step back from each other, let's just forget it! Your Star River Mansion, I will not accept, nor dare to accept!"




      Hearing Bai Yi actually refused.


      Yang Tianhao and the others were slightly stunned, and then they seemed to think of something, and one by one, they were scared to death and hurriedly continued once again, saying.


      "Miss Bai Yi, you must accept it! We are sincere and want to use the Star River Mansion, to make amends!"


      "Please Miss Bai Yi must accept it, if you accept the Star River Mansion, you will be forgiving our Yang family, and saving our Yang family!"




      Hearing this sentence from Yang Tianhao, all the people suspected that they were hallucinating.


      Taking this ten billion dollar Star River Mansion is saving the Yang family?


      What the hell is the reasoning of this .......


      It's not just the people who don't understand.


      And at this moment, that Yang Mingpeng, who was dumbfounded, after coming to his senses, hearing his father's words, and then looking at his father and others, kneeling on the ground, bitterly begging Bai Yi to take the Star River Mansion.


      His whole person seemed to be struck by lightning as if.


      "Dad! You ...... are you crazy?"


      "How dare you kneel down for Bai Yi, you are the patriarch of our Yang family, how can you do such a thing!"


      "Also, the Star River Mansion is the most valuable asset of our Yang family, how can you give it away like this, you're crazy! All of you are crazy!"


      The second youngest young man, Yang Mingpeng, at this moment, simply turned his three views upside down.


      He couldn't believe it, nor could he believe it.


      It was fine that his own father had beaten himself, it was just some flesh and blood pain.


      But now!


      As the patriarch of the Yang clan, he knelt down to a woman to make amends, and even begged the other party to accept his family's most valuable assets, what is this if not madness!




      Yang Tianhao acted as if he hadn't heard his son's accusations at all.


      His face was full of panic, and with a snotty nose and a tear, he cried out to Bai Yi.


      "Miss Bai Yi, I'm begging you, okay? Please accept the Star River Mansion, our Yang family doesn't want to exterminate our clan!"




      The more Yang Tianhao said, the more outrageous he became.


      The crowd is full of confusion, simply can not understand, whether Bai Yi take the Star River Mansion, and whether their Yang family was exterminated, this ...... and what has the relationship!


      "Yang group leader, you get up, you do not do this ah!"


      Bai Yi was at her wits' end, she completely lost her composure.


      Especially, after seeing Yang Tianhao's miserable appearance of crying in pain, as if the Yang family would really be exterminated if she didn't accept the Star River Mansion, she could only grit her teeth and said with a stiff upper lip.


      "Good! Yang group leader, I ...... I accept it is! You hurry up and get up!"