Today I Give Up Trying 989-990

 Chapter 989

After he heard that Lin Fan actually said that his Yang family would come to kowtow to Bai Yi and Tai Gong Shen to make amends, and then sensed the sharp pain of the shattered facial bone on his cheek, the second youngest Yang Mingpeng instantly jumped up from the ground: "Little brute!


      "Little beast, you are simply fucking dreaming! You injured me, and even more so, you dare to humiliate our Yang family!"


      "Just wait, all of you! My Yang family and you will not stop until you die!"




      We will not rest until we die!


      After hearing these ruthless and ferocious words, both Chang Yuan and Shen Jian and the others were scared to the point that their faces were white.


      This was a top-ranking plutocrat in Jiangnan.


      If they really unleashed all their forces against them, they, the group, were afraid that it was impossible to leave Jiangnan City alive.


      Thinking of this.


      Shen Jian's heart was even more furious, and he angrily rebuked at Bai Yi, saying.


      "Bai Yi, look at this waste of a husband of yours! What else can he do besides beating people and bragging!"


      "This time, your grandfather and us, all of us have been killed by him!"


      Shen Jian's heart was simply desperate.


      Hearing these words.


      The corner of Bai Yi's mouth couldn't help but float a thick bitterness.


      She was equally hard to understand Lin Fan.


      Sometimes, this guy was mysteriously inscrutable, but sometimes his violence, his bragging, was simply beyond comprehension.


      "Lin Fan, this time you did go too far! We've all fallen to this level, can you stop talking big!"


      Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan with a look of intense disappointment in her eyes.


      She didn't dislike Lin Fan for being useless, but she especially disliked, this bragging problem of Lin Fan.


      Hearing these words.


      The corner of Lin Fan's mouth, could not help but slightly twitch, helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said.


      "Honey, what I said is true!"


      -->> "In a moment, the Yang family, not only will they kowtow to you to make amends, they will also send you a generous gift, to you!"




      Continue to blow?


      At this moment, seeing Lin Fan, not only did not stop, but continued to blow the scene.


      Next to him, Chang Yuan, even more as if he was looking at a clown, burst out laughing:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan ah Lin Fan, you are definitely the most bragging bull king that I Chang Yuan has ever seen!"


      "Now not only have you ruined our negotiations, you are also so delusional, you are not worthy to be called Bai Yi's husband at all!"


      Chang Yuan's words were filled with ridicule for Lin Fan.


      The second youngest, Yang Mingpeng, even looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man:.


      "Hey! Kid, you keep blowing! The harder you blow, the more miserable your death will be!"


      "No one has ever dared to beat me, and you are the first! Don't worry, when the time comes, I will also let you die the most miserable death!"


      Yang Mingpeng's words were ferocious to the extreme.


      Just hearing those words!


      Lin Fan's eyes narrowed slightly, and a morose arc emerged at the corner of his mouth.


      "Your mouth, it's annoying! Don't worry, you'll have to receive, in a moment, ten more slaps from your father!"


      "I said it!"




      Yang Mingpeng will receive ten more slaps from his own father?


      And you said so?


      This is fucking crazy!


      At this moment, both Shen Jian and the others, as well as Chang Yuan and the others, looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman again.


      And Yang Mingpeng, even more wildly burst out laughing, as if he had heard the world's funniest joke: "Hahaha


      "Hahahaha ...... I originally thought you were a violent maniac, but now I know that you are also delusional!"


      "Bai Yi, look at what kind of bullshit husband you found, this kind of person is a waste, he is not even a hair of my big brother Yang Mingyu, can not even compare! Hahahaha ......"

Chapter 990

Yang Mingpeng laughed back and forth, and his tone was filled with a strong sense of ridicule and taunting.


      And hear this!


      Bai Yi is even full of black lines, his face is written with helplessness.




      Just as Bai Yi was about to speak out and rebuke Lin Fan.




      The sound of dense footsteps suddenly came from outside the ward, as if there were dozens of people walking in the corridor, causing everyone in the room to faintly stare.


      The sound of these footsteps, extremely complicated, between the dense, so that everyone is a slight jump in the heart.




      "At this time, what would come to the hospital?"


      A trace of doubt surfaced on Second Young Master Yang Mingpeng's face.


      And just as his words came out.


      Hulla, hulla!


      The figures of a group of people had already appeared outside the door of the ward.


      These people, each with an extraordinary air, suits, look like all the dress of a successful person.


      After seeing them, the second youngest Yang Mingpeng was slightly dumbfounded, and then wildly happy: "Dad!


      "Dad! Why are you guys here?"




      This sentence from Yang Mingpeng startled everyone.


      The people in the room did not expect that Yang Mingpeng's father, the head of the first-class wealthy Yang family, would come in person.


      Especially Chang Yuan.


      After he saw the middle-aged man at the head, the cold sweat on his forehead flowed down with a clatter: "Yang Tianhao!


      "Yang Tianhao! It's really Yang Tianhao!"


      Chang Yuan was so scared that his face turned pale.


      He knew the status of Yang Tianhao, in the whole Jiangnan, this is definitely a first-tier big brother level, and Tian clan chief, Qiu clan chief, and Shengshi Group's president Leng Kang, completely equal to the terrifying existence.


      And now ......


      Thinking of the terrifying consequences of Yang Tianhao's personal arrival, Chang Yuan turned to Lin Fan and angrily shouted.


      "Lin Fan, look what you've done! Now you've even provoked the arrival of the Yang clan chief himself, you're finished! You've caused all of us, all of us are finished too!"




      Chang Yuan's words were like five thunderbolts for the people in the room.


      Shen Jian's father and son, Bai Shan and his wife, and even Tai Gong Shen on the hospital bed, all of them were as white as paper and sweating coldly.


      It's over!


      Lin Fan had beaten the second youngest Yang Mingpeng so miserably that it almost amounted to an unbreakable relationship with the Yang family.


      This grudge could not be resolved at all, so what awaited them would be a horrible disaster.


      A moment.


      Shen Jian and the others, one by one, looked at Lin Fan with shock and anger, the kind of eyes that could not wait to eat this troublemaker alive.


      Even Bai Yi, too, was looking at Lin Fan with a gaze full of reproach.


      "Mingpeng, what's wrong with your face?"


      Yang Tianhao saw his son with a glance, especially after seeing Yang Mingpeng's bloodied, skinned cheek, a trace of anger, flashed in his eyes.


      "Dad! It's all because of that Bai Yi's husband!"


      "He smashed my face, and he even spoke shamefully and humiliated our Yang family, saying that you and our Yang clan would come and kowtow to that old thing as well as Bai Yi to make amends!"


      The second youngest Yang Mingpeng completely found his backbone and walked up to Yang Tianhao, telling him about Lin Fan's sins.


      Especially thinking of Lin Fan's words just now, a thick sneer and contempt surfaced on Yang Mingpeng's blood-soaked face:.


      "And, Dad! This guy is delusional, he even said that you would slap me ten times, do you think he is an idiot? I'm your son, and he's a hick from Jiangcheng, and his breath is bigger than his foot!"