Today I Give Up Trying 984-986

 Chapter 984

Chang Yuan was ashamed and angry.


      Especially after feeling the gazes of the surrounding Shen family and Bai Yi and others, he felt the burning pain on his face, which grew more and more intense.




      His angry roar just came out.




      Second youngster Yang Mingpeng gave him another slap, landing hard on his face.


      "Who do I care who you are? How dare you fucking act like a pussy in front of me!"


      The second slap!


      Chang Yuan's heart, uncontrollable anger, while covering his painful cheek, while staring deadly at Yang Mingpeng, angrily shouted.


      "You still dare to hit me, I'll find someone to kill you now!"


      "You tell me, what is your name? I'm sure I'll pick your skin!"


      Chang Yuan's words were incomparably ruthless.


      And hearing these words!


      The cold smile at the corner of Yang Mingpeng's mouth grew thicker and thicker.


      He waved his palm!




      The third slap, fiercely slapped on Chang Yuan's face, instantly slapping Chang Yuan's eyes with gold stars, and the whole person fell to the ground with a poof.




      "My surname is Yang, called Yang name Peng! Kid, you are looking for someone! No matter who you are looking for today, I, Yang Mingpeng, will take it!"


      Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan with a cold smile on his face.




      After hearing the name 'Yang Mingpeng'.




      Chang Yuan's entire body trembled viciously, and he was completely confused.


      "Yang ...... Yang Mingpeng? You, you are the second young master of the first-class plutocrat Yang clan, Yang Mingpeng?"


      An instant!


      Chang Yuan's face, all brushed up, completely white.


      He had naturally heard of Yang Mingpeng's great name.


      This guy, is a bastard devil, arrogant and domineering in Jiangnan City, bullying men and women, simply no one dares to mess with.


      -->> Especially, his back, but the first-class plutocrats Yang family, which is not his a small Chang Yuan, can rival.






      Chang Yuan's face, this moment tragic white to the extreme, look to Yang Mingpeng's gaze, filled with a strong sense of panic and fear.


      Only his reaction, Yang Mingpeng as if he had expected, the corners of his mouth, floating thick disdain and blistering wind:.


      "You're right! I am the second youngest of the Yang family - Yang Mingpeng!"


      "You can find someone now! No matter who it is, I'll wait!"




      One sentence, moreover, made Chang Yuan almost piss in fear.


      Looking for someone?


      Among the connections that Chang Yuan knew, those who could suppress Yang Mingpeng, there were only a few broad youngsters such as Tian Shao and Qiu Shao.


      Just those people, may not be willing to help themselves.


      "No matter what, we still have to give it a try! After all, Bai Yi is here, I absolutely can't lose face in front of Bai Yi!"


      Chang Yuan's face was changing at this moment.


      Until finally, he gritted his teeth, and only then said to Bai Yi and Shen's family.


      "Bai Yi, you guys wait for me, I'll call someone right now to help you guys!"


      After saying that!


      Chang Yuan hastily then took out the phone and walked out of the ward.


      Just his fire and fury appearance, how to look, it is like running away in general.


      See this scene!


      Bai Yi family, as well as Shen Jian and other people's heart, all raised, they are not at all sure, Chang Yuan can find someone, to calm Yang Ming Peng.


      And at this moment!


      Yang Mingpeng as if to Chang Yuan this kind of goods, lazy more than a glance, now a pair of eyes turned, dead stare at Bai Yi, playfully said.


      "You are Bai Yi? Tsk, my big brother's vision, really good, you can afford to call the first beautiful president of Jiang City!"


      "You ...... what do you want?" Bai Yi's pretty face was miserably white.




      After feeling Yang Mingpeng's fiery gaze, Bai Yi was even more frightened as if her face was ashen.




      Yang Mingpeng smiled, smiling more and more brilliantly:.


      "Our brothers have already said that you must bring 10 million dollars and come to ransom in person!"


      "But now the money is no longer important, my big brother asked me to come and take you back!"

Chapter 985



      Bai Yi and the others all turned pale, they didn't expect that Yang Mingpeng was coming this time, but he was taking someone captive.


      Especially the person to be taken captive was Bai Yi.


      "What? Are you coming with us yourself? Or do you want us to help you kidnap?"


      Yang Mingpeng stared at Bai Yi with a playful face, as if he was looking at a lamb to be slaughtered.


      And this sentence of his made Bai Yi's delicate body, tremble viciously.


      "No! I absolutely will not go with you guys!"


      "You ...... if you guys dare to mess around, I will call the police right now!"


      Bai Yi's entire face is as pale as dirt, at this moment will swing the phone, a look at any time will call the police.


      Just hear these words!


      "Hahahaha ......"


      Yang Mingpeng, as well as the surrounding group of gangsters, all burst into laughter.


      They looked at Bai Yi and others as if they were looking at a group of country bumpkins, a group of idiots.


      "Calling the police? Haha, Bai Yi, you're too naive! This is Jiangnan, and our Yang family's connections are not something you can even imagine!"


      Yang Mingpeng said with a face full of ridicule.


      "Even if you call the police now, before the police come, we can take you away just the same!"


      After saying these words!


      As if Yang Mingpeng had completely lost his patience, he said to the surrounding gangsters.


      "Alright! Since President Bai Yi is not willing to go personally, then you guys should go up and help her!"




      The moment this statement was made.


      The many punks next to them instantly became exuberant.


      Taking away a beautiful woman is naturally their favorite thing to do, especially a stunning beauty like Bai Yi, even if they take her away and wipe a few oils on her casually, it makes them satisfied!


      "Everyone together, hahaha ......"


      With an ecstatic voice resounded.


      A full dozen punks, scrambling to be the first, then pounced towards Bai Yi, who was on the side of the bed.






      The faces of these punks, each emitting a beast-like exuberant glow.


      Especially the first few punks, they just pounced on the front, then a salty hand, then to grab towards Bai Yi's chest and buttocks.


      "Ah ......"


      Bai Yi was this scene, startled, her whole person hurriedly staggered back.


      However, this ward space is too small, she just two steps back, then has been forced to the corner of the retreat!


      It's over!


      At this moment, not only Bai Yi, but also the surrounding Bai Shan couple, as well as Shen Jian's father and son, all changed their faces.


      "Bai Yi!!!"


      They want to go forward to stop, but the number of those punks is too many, almost a slight impact, they will let them one by one in pieces, can not help Bai Yi at all.


      Can only watch, that a salty hand, towards Bai Yi fierce grasp.


      One meter!


      Half a meter!




      The distance between the gangsters and Bai Yi, getting closer and closer.


      That one salty hand, almost close to the eyes.


      This scene, let Bai Yi completely desperate.




      Her whole person almost curled into a ball, almost resigned to life when.


      Zap! Snap! Snap!


      Suddenly, a crisp sound exploded within the ward.


      And then Yang Mingpeng, Bai Shan and others were shocked to see that one by one, the gangsters who had pounced on them were hit by the huge force, but one by one, as if they were kites with broken strings, were once again slapped out of the room.






      One by one, the punks, viciously smashed against the wall and fell to the ground.


      Almost instantly, all the punks were jerked off all over the ground, densely spread across the ground, screaming in agony.


      "I ...... my face bone shattered! Ahhhhh ...... hurts!"


      "Bastard! My hand is broken, how could this happen! What just happened!"

Chapter 986

A miserable scream, in the ward rose and fell continuously.


      Only then was the crowd shocked to discover.


      These punks were not only jerked back, but even some face bones, were rawly jerked to collapse down, face bones crushed.


      Some of the salty hands, but was broken off, completely deformed.


      There are also punks, as if hit by a train to the general, the chest ribs, but completely collapsed down.


      The tragedy was unbearable.


      At this moment!


      Looking at the punks who were seriously injured on the ground, whether it was Yang Mingpeng, or Bai Yi, Shen Jian and others, all of them could not believe their eyes.


      Especially their eyes, under a turn, only then saw that a slim figure, at some point, had appeared in front of Bai Yi.


      It was none other than ...... Lin Fan!


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!"


      Bai Yi was completely frozen, how could she not have imagined that at her most critical moment, it was Lin Fan who appeared in front of her again and helped to defuse her danger.


      The thick warmth that surged through Bai Yi's heart even made her feel the urge to hug Lin Fan and cry out.


      "Wife, it's okay!"


      Lin Fan rubbed Bai Yi's head and smiled faintly.


      Until this moment.


      He turned his head, and that warm smile suddenly turned into a ferocious smirk, staring at Yang Mingpeng with a deadly stare, as if he was looking at a dead man:.


      "You, want to take my wife captive?"




      A look, a word!


      Falling in Yang Mingpeng's eyes, his body instantly shivered.


      This feeling, as if being a devil stared at the general, so that his body sweat hair, but involuntarily backwards erect.


      "Yes...... am I going to take Bai Yi captive, so what!"


      Although Yang Mingpeng's heart was weak to the core, but still hardened his head and viciously returned.


      "You are Lin Fan? Bai Yi's husband?"


      -->> "Kid, I've heard that you know some kung fu, but if you dare to spoil my big brother Yang Mingyu's business, then you will die without a burial place!"


      Yang Ming Peng words vicious to the extreme.


      Just hearing these words!


      Lin Fan laughed, with that sneer and playfulness.


      "Your big brother? He ...... is dead!"




      Once Lin Fan's words were out, not only did Yang Mingpeng freeze, but even the three members of Bai Yi's family, as well as Shen Jian's father and son, and even Tai Gong Shen on the hospital bed, couldn't believe their ears in every way.


      Yang Mingyu!


      The Yang family youngest, who is ten times more vicious and ferocious than the second youngest, Yang Mingpeng, is dead?


      What international joke.


      "Hahahaha ......"


      After Yang Mingpeng reacted, he even looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a fool, laughing back and forth, almost forcing him to turn off his breath: "Kid, you're actually...


      "Kid, you really know how to tell jokes! I'm laughing my ass off!"


      "My big brother is dead? In this Jiangnan City, who dares to kill my big brother, are you fucking dreaming?"


      "To tell you the truth, the reason why I came here is that my big brother gave me an order!"


      Yang Mingpeng's words were full of confidence and arrogance.


      And hearing his words.


      Bai Yi's family, as well as Tai Gong Shen's family, equally did not believe that Yang Mingyu was really dead.


      After all!


      People Yang Mingyu just gave the order, the second youngest Yang Mingyeng this just came.


      This is just a short time less than half an hour.


      A fierce young man, so easily dead? It is simply an international joke.




      At the time when Yang Mingpeng was smiling most brightly.




      Another slap resounded crisply in the room.


      It was Yang Mingpeng who was staggered and stumbled back by Lin Fan's slap.