Today I Give Up Trying 977-978

 Chapter 977

Ten people!


      Fifty people!


      One hundred people!


      In the blink of an eye, nearly a hundred heavily armed soldiers rushed into the Yang family's compound, blocking the entire compound of the Yang family.


      "Is this the Dragon Tiger soldiers?"


      Seeing the 'dragon' and 'tiger' embroidered on the collars of these soldiers, and then feeling the terrifying and fierce aura on their bodies, the faces of everyone in the Yang family turned pale.


      What has happened?


      What exactly happened?


      No one in the Yang family could understand how Lin Zuo and the two great gods, Dragon and Tiger, could suddenly visit their small Yang family.


      This is simply unbelievable.


      And just as the many Yang family executives, hesitated.




      Another dense sound of footsteps rang out.


      And then, the Yang family's afterglow was to see a black trench coat youth as the leader, leading the two great gods of dragon and tiger, followed by No. 1 Liu Zhen, the richest Ma Yong, as well as all the top brass of the eight major zaibatsu, walked in in unison.


      The moment he saw the black-clad youth.




      All the Yang family members who were kneeling on the ground, their bodies trembled in unison, and then all of them bowed to the ground: "The whole Yang family.


      "The entire Yang family, welcome Lin Za! Greeting the two great gods of Dragon and Tiger!"


      Yang Tianhao's voice. It was full of fervor and devotion.




      After these words resounded from him.




      No reply, no words!


      The black trench-coated youth, just leading the many bigwigs, came in front of the Yang family members and watched quietly as if he was looking at a group of dead people.






      -->> At this moment, Yang Tianhao as well as every Yang family members are as if they can hear their heartbeats.


      Dense cold sweat, from their foreheads, crackling, flowing down.


      At this moment, they even had a feeling of becoming death row inmates.


      As long as the Lin Zuo in front of them, with a single word, then the entire Yang family full of family, will fall to the ground with their heads.


      "Lin ...... Lin Zuo! My Yang family respects Lin Zuo, just now we were discussing how we could get on with Lin Zuo, but we didn't expect that Lin Zuo would be the first to come!"


      Yang Mingyu at this moment forced to suppress the apprehension in his heart, raised his head and said to Lin Fan.


      His face was filled with a coquettish smile.


      That feeling was like a pug dog that was pandering to its master.


      Hearing Yang Mingyu take the lead in speaking.


      The family head, Yang Tianhao, could only say with a stiff upper lip.


      "What Mingyu said is correct! Seat Lin, our Yang family is willing to go through fire and water for Seat Lin, no matter what!"


      "As long as Lin Zuo asks, then we can contribute the entire Yang family to Lin Zuo's disposal! I just hope that Lin Zu can give our Yang family a chance to be loyal!"




      Hearing these words, a playful arc emerged at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      He hadn't thought of that.


      This Yang family member, who was previously hitting on his wife's idea, was now going to offer up his entire family estate to pledge allegiance to himself.


      "The Yang family?"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      "I'm afraid I don't have that kind of fortune to enjoy your allegiance!"




      Although Lin Fan's words were as plain as water, they fell on the ears of every Yang family member as if an explosive thunder boomed, causing all of them to nearly piss in fear.


      "Seat Lin! Do you have any misunderstanding? We, the Yang family, have always regarded Lin as our idol! I just hope that Lin Zuo can give our Yang family a chance!"


      At this moment, Yang Tianhao's heart was almost about to pop out of his throat as if he was nervous to the extreme.


      Just hearing these words!


      Lin Fan's eyes narrowed slightly as he continued to say.


      "I'm not here to ask for your allegiance this time, but I have something to do!"


      "Among you, is there someone who is preparing to make a move against Bai Yi of Jiang City?"

Chapter 978



      Bai Yi!


      Hearing these words, Yang Mingyu's pupils shrank slightly.


      How could he not have thought that the name Bai Yi would even alarm the titled Lin Zong.


      "Could it be that Lin Zhaoge has met Bai Yi? Or perhaps, Lin Zhaoge likes Bai Yi?"


      "Otherwise, he couldn't have made a big fuss over an unusual woman and come to the Yang family personally?"


      Thinking of this!


      Yang Mingyu only felt his scalp tingling as he hurriedly prostrated himself on the ground and said to Lin Fan.


      "Lin ...... [Pen Interest Pavilion] Lin Block! It's the little one who has no eyes and doesn't know that Miss Bai Yi is actually the woman you have your eye on!"


      "I was wrong! I don't dare to make things difficult for Miss Bai Yi anymore, and even, I am willing to use our Yang family's estate to ask for Miss Bai Yi's forgiveness!"


      Speaking of this!


      Yang Mingyu seemed to have thought of something.


      With a twinkle in his eye, he turned to Lin Fan and said.


      "If Seat Lin really likes Miss Bai Yi, I have a way to help Seat Lin get what he wants!"


      At this moment!


      Yang Mingyu thought that Lin Zuo likewise saw Bai Yi's city-pleasing face, as well as her sensual temperament.


      At that moment, he thought that as long as he could help Lin Zuo, get what he wanted, and get Bai Yi, then his Yang family crisis could not only be lifted, but he could even rely on this opportunity to climb up to Lin Zuo's high branch.




      Hearing this sentence of Yang Mingyu.


      Lin Fan was slightly stunned, while the Dragon and Tiger War Gods and others next to him were all dumbfounded.


      How could they not have thought that this Yang Mingyu would be so daring as to even dare to find a woman for Lin Zhaoge?


      This ......


      At this moment, the faces of many bigwigs were all extremely odd.


      And Lin Fan was also almost angry by Yang Mingyu.


      -->>At that moment, he swept a glance at Yang Mingyu and said playfully.


      "You are Yang Mingyu? This time it was also you who injured Tai Gong Shen and prepared to ask Bai Yi to ransom him?"




      Yang Mingyu was startled.


      He did not expect that his cheap life would reach the ears of Lin Zuo.


      At that moment, he looked a bit agitated and said tremblingly.


      "Lin Zuo! I am Yang Mingyu, and I have always idolized you! I hope that from today onwards, I can have the honor to follow you, even if I have to carry the whip and stirrup, or knot the grass and carry the ring, I am willing to do so!"


      "Please, Lord Lin!"


      Yang Mingyu's words were pious and fervent.


      If an ordinary person heard these words, he must have thought that this person was definitely one of his most loyal fans.


      It was just that his words fell on Lin Fan's ears, causing him to look more and more playful: "Yang Mingyu, I've heard that this man is one of the most loyal fans.


      "Yang Mingyu, I heard that Bai Yi has a husband named Lin Fan!"


      "You're hitting on Bai Yi like this, even wanting to give her up to me, aren't you, afraid of Lin Fan's revenge?"


      Lin Fan?


      Hearing these two words.


      At the corner of Yang Mingyu's mouth, a hint of contempt and cold smile could not help but emerge, almost patting his chest and saying.


      "Don't worry, Lin Zuo! That Lin Fan is just a small son-in-law, although he knows some kung fu, but he is not enough to worry about!"


      "What's more, it's Lin Fan's good fortune that Lin Zuo has taken a fancy to his woman! He definitely wouldn't dare to retaliate, otherwise, I, Yang Mingyu, will definitely make him never recover!"




      Hearing this resounding voice of Yang Mingyu.


      The Dragon and Tiger War Gods at the back, as well as Liu Zhen and other bigwigs, all felt a pang of numbness in their scalps.


      They had seen people looking for death!


      But never had they seen such a death-seeking idiot like Yang Mingyu.


      "Not bad! Very good!"


      The smile on Lin Fan's face at this moment grew thicker and thicker as he applauded and said.


      "Yang Mingyu, you are indeed very bold and courageous!"