Today I Give Up Trying 974-976

 Chapter 974

Numerous Yang family members were completely exhilarated at this moment.


      It was as if they already saw that their family had climbed up to the Lin seat, and Yang Mingyu had gained Bai Yi's background.


      The Yang family was soaring to the sky!


      Looking at the many Yang family members, they had an exuberant look on their faces.


      The senior named Yang Hua, however, still felt his heart, apprehensive and uneasy.




      The more excited the Yang family people were, the more he had a creepy feeling, as if there was some big disaster that was about to hit him.




      At this moment, Yang Mingyu no longer looked at Yang Hua more than once, he turned his head to the housekeeper Zhang Lao and said.


      "Elder Zhang, Bai Yi must be going to the hospital to visit that old man! You inform the Second Young Master who is in the hospital, tell him to force the Shen family and Bai Yi, and make sure to bring that Bai Yi back to me!"


      Second Young Master!


      Yang Mingpeng!


      Now he was waiting in the hospital, just waiting for Bai Yi's appearance.


      Hearing this, the butler Zhang Lao hurriedly nodded his head and answered, and then left to go call the second young master Yang Mingpeng.


      Until this moment.


      The smile on Eldest Young Master Yang Mingyu's face only grew thicker and thicker.


      It was as if he had already seen the scene where the delicate Bai Yi was brought in front of him, waiting to be conquered by himself.




      Just when his smile was at its thickest.




      Yang Mingyu suddenly heard, a machine's humming sound, unexpectedly from outside the Yang family courtyard, suddenly came.


      This movement, extremely strong, as if there is some kind of terrifying creature, approaching their Yang family, and even make the floor in the Yang family courtyard, are constantly trembling.




      This scene, not only Yang Mingyu, even the family head Yang Tianhao, as well as all the surrounding senior, also all found something wrong.


      "Go out and take a look, what's going on?" Yang Tianhao's heart slightly trembled, involuntarily surfaced a sense of foreboding.


      -->> And hearing this, there were several bodyguards at once, fast steps towards the outside of the courtyard, ready to find out what is going on.




      A short minute or less.


      The Yang family immediately saw that the several bodyguards ran in one by one with white faces.


      Each one's face was filled with fear and panic, as if they had seen a ghost.


      "Family head, it's not good, there are more than a dozen Rolls Royces, as well as countless military vehicles and soldiers, coming towards our Yang family!"




      When these words came out, not only was the family head Yang Tianhao confused, but even everyone around him, including Yang Mingyu, were all startled.


      Rolls Royce!


      This is also an extremely rare luxury car in the entire Jiangnan City, almost all in the hands of the major plutocrats.


      And a dozen Rolls-Royce at once, this is definitely the top big brother of Jiangnan City travel.


      And that's not all!


      Military cars and sergeants?


      After hearing these two words, almost everyone's heart, as much as possible, jumped hard.


      Although they are plutocrats, but they are just businessmen, that's all.


      When they heard the sergeant, how could they not be afraid?


      "Our Yang family didn't have any dealings with any big shots! Guess it should be passing by!" Yang Tianhao was constantly comforting himself at this moment.


      And hearing these words.


      The many Yang family executives next to him were also nodding their heads continuously.


      That's right!


      Their Yang family, although their family is big, but they don't know any really big people.


      And now, a dozen Rolls Royces, countless military vehicles and sergeants, this is obviously some big shot traveling and passing by the entrance of their own Yang family, that's all.


      And yet!


      Just when the many Yang family members were comforting themselves.




      The butler, Zhang Lao, ran in with a pale face and pissed himself.


      "Family head, it's not good! Those Rolls Royces and military vehicles are all parked in front of our Yang family!"

Chapter 975



      When they heard this sentence from the butler Zhang Lao, all the Yang family members in the hall, all their bodies trembled.


      The Rolls-Royce and military vehicles were parked in front of the Yang family?


      This means that the big man with these soldiers is coming straight to his Yang family?




      Thinking of this.


      The family head, Yang Tianhao, only felt his hands and feet, were trembling, and his voice was shivering as he asked.


      "Elder Zhang, did you see clearly, what are some of the people sitting in that car?"


      At this moment, in the hearts of Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family members, what they were most curious about was whether the visitors were friends or enemies!


      If it was a friend or an acquaintance!


      If it was a friend or an acquaintance, it would mean that their Yang family's opportunity had come.


      But if it's an enemy, this kind of battle, then their Yang family is afraid of a big disaster.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      At this moment, a gaze, all focused on the body of steward Zhang Lao, all the Yang family people only felt their hearts thumping wildly, nervous to the extreme.


      Feeling the gaze of the crowd, the housekeeper Zhang Lao could only say with a stiff upper lip.


      "Family head, I vaguely saw, those Rolls Royce inside, sitting seems to be the richest Ma Yong, the eight major wealthy those people!"




      The richest man, Ma Yong!


      Eight major plutocrats?


      Hearing this, the family head Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family senior, all long breath of relief.


      Although Ma Yong and others, in Jiangnan City is also considered a bully figure.


      But their Yang family, also not the slightest fear.




      When the Yang family's mentality, just relaxed, but the butler is continued hesitantly said: -->> "In addition to the other.


      -->> "In addition, I noticed that in the second Rolls-Royce, sitting people, it seems to be the number one Liu Zhen, as well as the province's several giants!"




      Butler this sentence, let Yang Tianhao and other people relaxed mind, suddenly tightened up.


      No. 1 Liu Zhen!


      The giants of the province!


      Hearing these figures, Yang Tianhao and all the others, only felt their hearts, once again accelerated beating, making them all have cold sweat on their hands.


      However, this still did not stop.


      That butler frowned tightly, seems to be thinking back to the first Rolls Royce inside the characters.


      Until he seemed to have thought of something.


      The whole person's body, surprisingly vicious tremble, a pair of eyes, suddenly glared round, as if thought of something incredible:.


      "Right ...... right! I remembered!"


      "Master, that first Rolls Royce, a total of three people sitting! Two of them were strong men in military uniforms, and I know who they are!"


      "I've seen them in the middle of a military news, they are the two great gods of the Second Dragon and Tiger Division - Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal!!!"




      Butler Zhang Lao's words caused everyone, including Yang Tianhao, to shiver in fear.


      Dragon Marshal!


      Tiger Marshal!


      These two names were simply like five thunderstorms, causing all the Yang family members to be dumbfounded.


      "How ...... how is it possible, what are the two great gods doing here in our Yang family? Since when did we cross paths with them?" Yang Tianhao's eyes widened.


      He only felt his calves, all trembling, and dense cold sweat, clattering down from his forehead.


      It wasn't just him!


      Next to the many Yang family senior, also only feel their hearts, almost to the throat.


      And among all the people.


      The eldest youngster, Yang Mingyu, was the most calm.


      He stared deadly at the butler, Elder Zhang, and asked in a grave manner.


      "Elder Zhang, didn't you say that there were three people in the first car? Apart from Marshal Dragon and Marshal Tiger, who was the other person?"

Chapter 976



      These words of Yang Mingyu instantly lifted the spirits of the crowd.


      That's right.


      Qualified to sit with the two Great Gods, in the same car, the identity of this third person was obviously also extraordinary.


      "That person? It seems to be a youth, wearing a trench coat, looks like he has clear eyebrows!"


      "But ......"


      Butler Zhang Lao recalled the scene he just saw, and then seemed to think of something incredible, his voice trembled and said.


      "However, I faintly see, both the Dragon Marshal, or Tiger Marshal, seems to that trench coat youth, extremely ...... respectful!"




      Housekeeper Zhang Lao's sentence, so that all the Yang family, almost can not believe their ears.




      Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal, extremely respectful to a young man?


      Is this ...... not a fucking joke?


      In the land of China, which young man is qualified to make the two great gods of dragon and tiger, respectful treatment?


      This is absolutely impossible.


      "Zhang Lao, are you sure you are not old and dizzy? Or, are you hallucinating?" Yang Tianhao stared at the butler Zhang Lao with a deadly glare, as if he was looking at an idiot.


      The rest of the Yang family, too, looked at Elder Zhang as if they were looking at a madman.




      Just when the butler Zhang Lao wanted to explain.


      Next to him, the eldest young man, Yang Mingyu, screamed out as if he had seen a ghost.


      "I ...... I know who that person is?"




      Hearing these words, both Yang Tianhao and the surrounding crowd all froze.


      All of them looked at the eldest youngster Yang Mingyu curiously.


      Until this moment.


      Only then did they notice that Yang Mingyu's face, not knowing whether it was excited or apprehensive, was completely miserable white.


      His body, trembling, his voice almost completely lost: "In Jiangnan City, there is only one person who can make the two great gods of dragon and tiger treat each other with respect!"


      "That is, the one we want to climb up to ...... Lin Zuo!"


      Jing ......


      When Yang Mingyu made this statement.


      The entire Yang family hall fell into a dead silence.


      The Lin seat?


      That top of the Chinese military department of the mad dragon.


      The mysterious and unpredictable Lin Zuo, who made their Yang family want to throw away all their money and be willing to become a dog under him?


      How could that big shot come to the Yang family?


      Wasn't this a fucking dream?


      At this moment!


      After hearing Yang Mingyu's words, both the family head Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family's top brass around them felt as if they were dreaming, and they could hardly believe the facts in front of them.


      But just when the atmosphere in the hall was silent and depressing to the extreme.


      Outside the door, a voice as loud as a bell suddenly came.


      "China, Seat Lin has arrived!!!"




      Five simple words, but for the entire Yang family, it was like a heavenly god descending into the world.


      All the Yang family members, their bodies trembled, as if they were receiving the gods, one by one, they ran out of the hall, rolling and crawling.






      Yang Tianhao led the way, bringing Yang Mingyu and all the senior members of the Yang family, as if they were all limp-wristed, crackling and snapping, kneeling down in the courtyard.


      One by one, their heads hung low, as if they were waiting for the gods to come.


      And right in the middle of their tense and dazed emotions.


      Hula, hula!


      A dense sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the courtyard.




      At this moment, just under the tense emotions of all the Yang family members, a sound of footsteps, suddenly came in from outside the door.


      And then, all the Yang family people's eyes saw, a real gun soldier, rushed in with great force.