Today I Give Up Trying 971-973

 Chapter 971

Yang family!


      In Jiangnan City, almost no one knows, no one does not know!


      This family, back in the real estate start, ten years ago, even once had the name of Yang half city, its company built the community and property, countless.


      And with the recent years, the real estate market recession, the Yang family began to transform, involved in entertainment, catering and more than ten industries.


      This also makes the Yang Group, has been ranked as one of the first-class plutocrats in Jiangnan.


      And today!


      The Yang family's top management, almost gathered together, feverishly held a council.


      The person presiding over the meeting was Yang Tianhao, the head of the Yang family!


      "Everyone, let's all say what we think!"


      "This time, Lin and the two marshals descended on Jiangnan, our Yang family is already one step behind the other eight major wealthy families, unable to get in touch with Lin and other big shots! So what are we going to do next?"


      Family head Yang Tianhao's eyes swept over all the senior members present at this moment and asked in a deep voice.


      That's right!


      The Yang family was a first-class plutocrat.


      But just from the network, it was too weak compared to other plutocrats.


      Especially this time!


      Lin Zuo and Dragon and Tiger two marshals, descending to Jiangnan, more Jiangnan flourishing.


      But their Yang family, not even the qualification to meet the Lin seat, which has to make the Yang family people worried.


      At this moment!


      After Yang Tianhao's words fell.


      The crowd below, then all of them opened their mouths and said.


      "Family head, that Lin Zuo is one of the four military giants of China, it's too difficult for us to get on board with him!"


      "Yes, Master! How can he look at our little Yang family?"


      "Alas ...... I don't know what means those people from the Tian and Qiu clans used to hook up with Block Lin, it's unbelievable!"




      At this moment, the crowd, talking, but none of them are desperate to get on board with the Lin seat.


      -->> And hearing the words of many senior people.


      Family head Yang Tianhao's face, more and more gloomy, more and more ugly.


      He turned his gaze and could not help but look at his eldest son, Yang Mingyu.


      "Mingyu, you as the heir of our Yang family, you say what you think!"




      Hearing these words, the murmurs of all the Yang family members around them instantly came to an abrupt halt, and an expectant gaze, one after another, looked towards Yang Mingyu.


      In the eyes of many Yang family members, Yang Mingyu was definitely a generation of young handsome people.


      The eyesight is poisonous!


      Long-term insight!


      Yang Mingyu's figure was slender, his face was slightly pale, but he gave off a feminine aura.


      He swept a glance at the crowd present and said straightforwardly.


      "Lin Zuo, a dragon and a phoenix among men!"


      "He is the fourth military seat in China, but according to the rumors above, he is also the one that the Chinese military values the most! Unlimited potential! There are even people who say that behind the Lin seat is a super power so terrifying that it is unimaginable, as a backing!"


      "I think that our Yang family must, at all costs, have a good relationship with this Lord Seat Lin!"




      Yang Mingyu's gaze, could not help but sweep over everyone present, his gaze burning:.


      "In order to befriend Seat Lin, even if we have to sacrifice our Yang family's industry and our Yang family members become one of his dogs, it will be enough!"




      Yang Mingyu's words were bold to the extreme.


      Even if we become a dog of Lin Zhaoge, it would be enough!


      Such words immediately caused many Yang clansmen, to fall into contemplation.


      And after a short moment.


      At once a Yang family senior, stood up.


      "I support the eldest young master, to become a dog of Lin Zuo, to sacrifice all the industries, I think ...... is worth it!"




      As the first one stood up, one after another Yang family members, kept coming forward.

Chapter 972

"I also agree, Lin seat is too terrifying, this kind of person in the dragon and phoenix, I am afraid that only once in a lifetime to climb!"


      "That's right! I also support it, I am willing to offer up my name industry just to get a chance to become a dog of the Lin seat!"




      One after another figure, stood up.


      Almost instantly!


      The vote to sacrifice all the industries to wrestle for the chance to become the Dog of the Lin Seat was unanimous.


      When the head of the family, Yang Tianhao, saw all the top brass, after they all supported Yang Mingyu's statement.


      Yang Tianhao's face, could not help but emerge with a thick smile of relief:.


      "Good! Since everyone agrees, then next, our Yang clan will use all methods to climb up to the Lin seat, at all costs!"




      As Yang Tianhao's final decision was settled.


      Everyone in the entire Yang Clan took a long breath, and a smile gradually emerged on each of their faces.


      "Hahahaha ...... is really great! I'm especially looking forward to it now, being able to meet the Lin seat!"


      "Me too! This kind of big shot, our Yang family will definitely soar to the sky as long as we climb on!"


      "The most promising and mysterious Lin Zuo! It's like our idol!"




      The Yang family's top brass were talking, and almost all of them were imagining the glorious appearance of the Yang family becoming the dog of Lin Zuo and soaring to the sky.


      Not just the crowd!


      The most excited one was Yang Mingyu.


      When the name of Lin Zuo was first spread, he had been listening to all the news of this Lin Zuo.


      And according to his investigation.


      The reputation of Lin Zuo is far from being as simple as it appears.


      Even among the Chinese military department, Lin Zhaoge was definitely the leader of the general existence, whether it was the other three great military seats, or the eight great war gods, almost all of them praised this Lin Zhaoge.


      There are even rumors.


      The Lin seat is the master of a mysterious international power, a word, not to mention China, even if any of the global forces, simply can not match.


      It is also this investigation after investigation, so that Yang Mingyu long ago to climb the Lin seat, become the only goal of his life.




      He could give up everything, even the Yang family, as long as he could get on board with that Lin seat.




      -->>And just at that moment!


      A sharp footstep sound came from outside the door at once.


      But it was the Yang family's butler, Zhang Lao.


      "Eldest Young Master, news has come from the airport!" Zhang Lao had just entered the hall when he said to Yang Mingyu with an excited face.


      "Our people, at the airport, found President Bai Yi's figure!"




      Once these words came out, the feverish chatter in the hall was slightly quiet.


      And then, many Yang family executives, have looked towards Yang Mingyu, opening their mouths with laughter:.


      "Hahahaha ...... the President Bai Yi, who makes our Young Master Yang dream, is finally here!"


      "Young master, congratulations! This time it seems that you are going to hold the beauty again!"


      "Hahaha! That's the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, the young master is so lucky!"




      Many Yang family executives, the sound of ingratiation continued.


      And hearing these words.


      Yang Mingyu has long been excited full of red face, a trace of smile and expectation, gradually in his face, emerged: "Great!


      "Great! My goddess Bai Yi, finally came? Hahahaha ......"








      A hint of unspeakably complex look surfaced in Yang Mingyu's eyes.


      Ever since he saw the image of Bai Yi on an interview video, his whole person was completely trapped.


      In his eyes.


      Bai Yi is definitely the most beautiful, the most temperamentally beautiful woman he has ever seen.


      It is also because of this.


      He secretly swore that he would do whatever it takes to make this first beautiful president of Jiang City, his own woman.


      Just at this moment!


      Just when Yang Mingyu and the others, were excited and inexplicable.


      A senior officer, on the other hand, hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth to say.


      "Young master, as far as I know, that Bai Yi has already married, and his husband's name is Lin Fan! Is also a ruthless character! Even this person, offended the white dust of the Jiangnan White Family! The white three groups were wiped out!"


      "Are you sure you want to make an enemy of this Lin Fan?"

Chapter 973

Are you sure that you want to make an enemy of Lin Fan?


      When this senior's words fell, within the entire Yang family hall, there was a slight silence.


      Every single Yang family member turned their heads to look at this high ranking official with a face full of dismay.


      When they reacted.




      There was an instant outcry.


      "Hahahaha ...... Yang Hua, are you out of your mind? Our young master is an enemy of that bullshit Lin Fan? Is he worthy?"


      "To be an enemy of Lin Fan? That guy is just a loser son-in-law, what is he?"


      "Hahahaha ...... Yang Hua, are you scared out of your wits by that guy? That guy is simply a waste, not worth mentioning!"




      Many of the Yang family's senior members burst into laughter.


      The way they looked at this senior called 'Yang Hua' was as if they were looking at a fool.


      It wasn't just them!


      Even Yang Mingyu, a cold smile of disdain emerged from the corner of his mouth as he said to Yang Hua.


      "Uncle Yang Hua, you must have been tricked by that brat!"


      "Lin Fan? This person I've had someone investigate! That's right, in Jiang City, White Dust suffered a big loss, and even dragged the entire White Three Group down, but you don't know, it was all just a coincidence!"






      That senior named Yang Hua, slightly stunned, obviously did not understand what the meaning.


      Seeing this scene.


      Yang Mingyu continued to explain.


      "According to my investigation, the White Three Group, on their way to Jiang City, had once clashed with the Blood Faust Master and Disciple, which ultimately led to the death of a White Angel!"


      "So, the Blood Faust master and disciple must hold a grudge, which is why they personally went to Jiang City and exterminated the remaining White Angels, by all means!"


      -->>So that's how it is!


      After listening to Yang Mingyu's explanation, the senior named Yang Hua then came to a sudden realization.


      However, immediately afterwards, his brow furrowed and he asked in confusion.


      "Young master, I always feel that there is something wrong with that Lin Fan!"


      "After all, why would the Shengshi Group support him? Our Jiangnan City's Tian family, Qiu family and other plutocrats, each of them are not weaker than us, why are they all on his side! This person, for some reason, always gives me a feeling of alarm!"


      Heart jumping?


      Hearing Yang Hua's words, the cold smile at the corner of Yang Mingyu's mouth grew thicker and thicker: "Uncle Yang Hua, you are wrong.


      "Uncle Yang Hua, you're wrong! Let me tell you, neither Sheng Shi, nor the Tian family and other forces have the slightest intercourse with Lin Fan at all!"


      "The person they really care about is Bai Yi!"


      "And I investigated clearly, the Tian, Qiu and other plutocrats, the person whose orders were given to, is Bai Yi! The new Bai was established, Shengshi President Leng Kang and others, the person who bowed and saluted, or Bai Yi!"


      Speaking of which!


      Yang Mingyu heart a hot, eyes in the lustful color, more and more intense: "So I want to make Bai Yi!


      "So, I want Bai Yi to be my woman, not only because of her beauty! It's even more because of her background!"


      "As long as I conquer her, then it means that we can establish an alliance partnership with the Shengshi Group, the Tian Clan and other plutocrats!"




      Hearing Yang Mingyu's explanation, the hearts of all the Yang family members around them shook.


      Only then did they understand why Yang Mingyu was so infatuated with Bai Yi.


      It turned out!


      He was not just obsessed with Bai Yi's beauty, but also with Bai Yi's background.


      Thinking about this.


      Many of the surrounding Yang family's top brass, have said in ecstasy.


      "Hahahaha ...... Young master is bullish, really far-sighted!"


      "That's right! If the Eldest Young Master can really turn Bai Yi, into one of his own, then our Yang family, will have the same background of the Shengshi Group and the eight major zaibatsu!"


      "Yes, if we climb up to the Lin seat then, our Yang family's future will be bright!"