Today I Give Up Trying 969-970

 Chapter 969

We, the people, pay our respects to the Lin Zuo!


      After hearing this earth-shattering shout, everyone within the entire airport hall felt their blood boiling.


      Lin Zuo!


      This name, as if it contained a magical power, made everyone's body tremble involuntarily.


      This is not all.


      At this moment, Bai Yi and others, seeing that dense bowing a crowd of bigwigs, but also feel a burst of numbness in the scalp.


      Two great gods!


      The first, the richest, the eight plutocrats and other forces!


      Almost every one of them is taken out, are stamping a foot, the whole Jiangnan tremble three figures, and now, together bowing to a person, devout worship, this scene, too shocking.


      This is not all.


      After all the worship.


      The crowd saw that the Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal standing at the front of the crowd, the two giants' eyes, a trace of wetness emerged.


      They stared straight at this wind-clad Lin Zuo, as if they had seen their own relatives.




      The two great gods, in unison, knelt down on one knee and covered their hearts with their hands:.


      "Blood Dragon, pay respects to my king!!!"


      "Blood Tiger, worship my king!!!"




      After the two loud hissing roars resounded, everyone in the hall even just felt their scalp trembling.


      My king?


      Gosh, if this man in black trench coat, just the Lin Zuo of Huaxia, was bowed and saluted by the crowd, the crowd could still accept it.


      And now, the two terrifying gods of war in China, but to him on one knee, with a hand over the heart, honored as the king!


      This kind of shock is too strong.


      "Blood ...... blood dragon! Blood Dragon! They are the word blood out, [smoke and red dust novel] could it be that all of them are from that mysterious and terrifying blood prison?"


      Chang Yuan in the middle of the crowd, after seeing this scene, the whole person was completely stunned.


      The word blood came out of the head.


      Among the forces he knows, the most famous is naturally the Blood Prison.


      -->> And if Marshal Dragon and Marshal Tiger came from the Blood Prison, then they called Lin Zuo the king, wouldn't that mean that Lin Zuo's true identity was ...... the king of the Blood Prison!




      Thinking of this word, Chang Yuan's entire body was almost scared to the ground.


      "Good ...... scary! So that's how it is!"


      "Just two members among the Blood Prison are the two great gods of China! Then the King of the Blood Prison, how terrifying, and the other members of the Blood Prison, how strong will they be!"


      At this moment, Chang Yuan's face looked like he had seen a ghost, and he almost didn't dare to continue to think about it.


      And on the side!


      Bai Yi's family of three, full of doubts, looked at Chang Yuan and asked.


      "Senior, are you all right?"


      Bai Yi and the others couldn't believe how could they have scared Chang Yuan like this.


      And hearing these words.


      Only then did Chang Yuan took a deep breath and smiled awkwardly at Bai Yi and said.


      "I ...... I'm fine! I just saw that this Lin seat and your husband Lin Fan is too similar, that's why I lost my temper so much!"


      Lin Fan?


      Hearing Chang Yuan mention Lin Fan, Bai Yi's face could not help but slightly darken.




      His own husband and this Lin Zhaoge, so similar.


      But yet the clouds are different.


      The other person, Lin Zhaoge, was respectfully called the king by the two great gods!


      And what about Lin Fan?


      Thinking of this, Bai Yi could not help but shake his head bitterly, and did not say anything more.


      And seeing Bai Yi's expression, Chang Yuan naturally understood her thoughts, and hurriedly continued to pour oil on the fire like saying.


      "Bai Yi, you don't need to be angry at Lin Fan either! Fear of death is a human instinct, although Lin Fan is a bit more lame, not much ability, but at least good for you!"


      A coward?


      With each sentence, Chang Yuan was almost involuntarily labeling Lin Fan.


      However, to their embarrassment, both Bai Yi, or Bai Shan couple after hearing these words, only slightly odd face, but did not answer.


      Lin Fan wimp?


      It's a joke!


      That guy is violent, beyond your imagination.

Chapter 970



      And at that moment.


      The crowd once again saw that Lin Zuo, who was at the front of the crowd, had already helped the two marshals, Dragon and Tiger, up, and then the three of them, fiercely came to a bear hug.


      "Little dragon! Little tiger! It's been a long time!"


      Lin Fan, who had his back to the crowd, was now looking at the two pagoda-like men in front of him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, gentle to the extreme.


      Commander Dragon, Blood Dragon!


      Tiger Marshal, Blood Tiger!


      These two people, are his brothers in the Blood Prison, but also a handful of his most powerful men cultivated.


      Back then, before Lin Fan left the Blood Prison, he arranged for the two of them, to join the Chinese military, and eventually became the two great gods of China by virtue of their unparalleled merits time and again.


      Looking at Lin Fan.


      Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger seemed to have returned to the Blood Prison back then.


      They followed the king, reigning over the world, and sweeping across the world.


      Their lives, they were saved by Lin Fan!


      Their strength, too, was given by Lin Fan!


      In the hearts of the two, Lin Fan was their kin, the kin they were willing to fight for even if their lives were lost.




      Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger looked at Lin Fan, and a hot, hot tear dripped down from their eyes.


      For countless nights, they had wanted to return to the Caribbean, to this man's side.


      And now!


      They finally saw each other again!


      "Let's go!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly and instantly pulled the two marshals, Dragon and Tiger, towards the outside of the airport hall.


      In the blink of an eye, a line of people, one after another, got into a Rolls-Royce.


      Until the dense Rolls-Royce and military vehicles, disappeared in front of the crowd, Bai Yi and others in the airport hall, could not come back to their senses for a long time.


      And the car!


      When Lin Fan and Dragon and Tiger two marshals, just get into the car.


      -->> Blood Dragon then said straight away.


      "King! This time the incident, has been investigated clearly! The people who injured Old Master Shen were two brothers from the Yang family!"


      "The elder Yang Ming Yu, the second Yang Ming Peng! The main messenger is the eldest Yang Mingyu!"


      Speaking of this!


      In the eyes of the Blood Dragon, a stern look burst through.


      "According to the investigation, the boss Yang Mingyu on a chance to see the video interview with President Bai Yi, it has been nostalgic, and even repeatedly and the people around you about, to think of ways to get President Bai Yi!


      "After that, Yang Ming Yu investigation, and their group cooperation Shen family, is Bai Yi's maternal grandfather's family, which let Shen Tai Gong to come to Jiangnan to talk about the name of cooperation, he will be injured, but also put out a bold statement, must be Bai Yi President personally with 10 million, come to ransom!"




      Drunken man's intention is not wine!


      In Bai Yi!


      After hearing these words.


      The blood tiger next to him, with a fierce aura straight up.


      "King! In addition to that, we have also investigated that this Yang Mingyu has long been fully prepared! Even if President Bai Yi handed over 10 million ransom, he would not release him at all!"


      "His ultimate goal is to keep President Bai Yi and become his woman!"


      "He's looking for death at ......!"




      The words were morose and incomparable.


      The body of the two marshals, Dragon and Tiger, was permeated with a dense killing intent.


      And when Lin Fan heard this, his eyes were slightly narrowed.


      "What is the Yang family's status in Jiangnan?"


      "King, the Yang family in Jiangnan City, belong to the first-class power! Not much different from the Tian family and other clans! This is the reason for their arrogance and dominance!" Blood Dragon hurriedly returned.




      Hearing these words, Lin Fan smiled.


      Only this smile, that cold and gloomy:.


      "Not bad! A small first-class family in Jiangnan Province, to dare to hit my wife's idea, really good!"


      After saying that!


      Lin Fan looked straight out the window, his voice was cold and heartless: "Go!


      "Go! Go to the Yang family and take the head!"