Today I Give Up Trying 967-968

 Chapter 967

At this moment, the crowd of spectators, the crowd of tourists, the discussion has continued, each person's face, all flooded with a strong shock and reverence.


      Dragon marshal!


      Tiger marshal!


      Two great gods.


      The crowd just look from afar, all can feel the two great gods body that inexpressible terrifying aura, as if two terrifying hell beast, stepped through the corpse mountain blood sea, walked to earth.


      No one could imagine how terrifying that Lin Zuo was to make the two Dragon and Tiger Marshals lead ten thousand Dragon and Tiger soldiers to come and greet them.


      This was simply too shocking.


      "Alas ...... really don't know, nowadays the bullish big shots, how one and two are surnamed Lin!"


      Bai Shan said with a face full of emotion at this moment.




      His words caused Bai Yi beside him to faintly stare.


      That's right!


      In the last few months, the big names surnamed Lin were simply popping up all over the place.


      The mysterious Mr. Lin who first appeared in Jiang City, made Liu Zhen and others, go forward to pay homage and grandly feast.


      And then after that!


      Lin divine doctor!


      Grand Master Lin!


      And now ...... Lin Zuo!


      The four mysterious great figures that Bai Yi knew, surprisingly, all had the surname Lin, a degree of coincidence that made her feel somewhat unbelievable.


      "Where is Lin Fan?"


      For some reason, at this moment, the figure of Lin Fan surfaced in Bai Yi's mind.


      Her husband, Lin Fan, was not a big shot, but his body always seemed to be cloaked in a veil of mystery.


      It made Bai Yi sometimes suspect that he was the real hidden BOSS!


      Otherwise, how could he create miracles over and over again.


      "Ugh ...... looks like I'm imagining things again!"


      -->> A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Bai Yi's mouth, when he shook his head, he threw this absurd thought, out of his mind.




      However, just at this moment!


      A sound of footsteps of military boots came from the entrance of the hall.


      The crowd could see that a majestic soldier, armed with a gun, rushed into the hall and formed a long wall of people.


      And the middle of the wall, is left out of a road.


      See this scene!


      All the people in the hall, all the spirits lifted: "Look!


      "Look, it must be Lin Zuo who is coming out!"




      In an instant, the entire hall was completely boiling.


      There were even excited travelers who could not help but turn red on their faces and shouted with their arms.


      "Seat Lin!!!"


      This shout seemed to ignite everyone's blood, and in an instant, the dense crowd of travelers raised their arms and shouted.




      "Lin Zuo!!!"




      The neat and unified shouts echoed endlessly within the hall, deafening.


      'Lin Zuo'!


      The simple two words were as if they had become the faith of all the travelers here, making their blood boil and making their hearts surging.




      At this moment, even Bai Yi's family, as well as Chang Yuan, were also stimulated by this cheering sound, and similarly one by one, their bodies trembled with excitement and raised their arms.




      Just when the cheering sound reached its peak.


      Another footstep sound came.


      And then the crowd saw a man in a black trench coat, surrounded by a dense crowd of soldiers, came out.

Chapter 968

Hoo ......


      In this black windbreaker man, the moment he set foot in the airport hall, almost everyone clearly sensed that the temperature in the entire hall, as if suddenly dropped several degrees, so that every person could not help but shiver.


      Gloomy cold!




      A trace of ghastly aura, pervading the hall.


      Let everyone's heart, a burst of hair.


      "Is he ...... he is the Lin seat?"


      A gaze, in unison, looked at this black trench coat man.


      Especially after they saw that where this trench coat man passed.




      After a line of majestic soldiers, all of them bowed down to him.




      Within the entire hall, the boiling sounds, grew louder and louder, and the name of Lin Zhaoge, almost shook the heavens and the earth.


      Every person, as if they saw their idols, was filled with red faces in excitement.




      Unlike the crowd next to them, after seeing the figure of Lin Zha in a black trench coat.


      Both the three members of Bai Yi's family, or Chang Yuan, all of them froze, almost suspecting that they had spent their eyes.


      "Bai ...... Bai Yi! Look at that Lin Zuo's side face and figure, does it look like it's your husband Lin Fan?"


      Chang Yuan was completely confused.


      After his first glance at Lin Zuo's figure and side face, he almost suspected that it was Lin Fan with a different outfit.


      This made him almost piss in fear.


      And on the side!


      Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei were also completely stunned.




      In their eyes, this Lin Zuo, whether it was his figure, or his side face, was simply too similar to Lin Fan, and if it wasn't for the trench coat and military boots, they even suspected that Lin Fan was Lin Zuo.


      "This Lin Fan guy, he seems to have a face clash with many big figures!"


      At the corner of Bai Yi's mouth, a bitter smile surfaced.


      In her mind, the first thing that ruled out was the idea that Lin Fan was Lin Zhaoge.


      After all!


      Although they resembled each other, the other person, Lin Zhaoge, was one of the four great military leaders of China, the highest giant figure in the military department.


      With a single order, a million lions, invincible.


      Even if it is placed in the world, it is still a big man.


      Whereas Lin Fan?


      He is just a housewife who washes clothes, buys vegetables, mops the floor and cooks every day, the two of them are simply different, how can they be one person.




      Bai Yi had also seen before, Lin Fan and the divine doctor Lin in the video, as well as the one on the Internet, the Grand Master Lin, are extremely similar.


      And that's all there is to it.


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, who were next to him, likewise shook their heads.


      If they said that Lin Fan was Lin Zuo, killing them, they would never believe it.


      And just at that moment!




      Under everyone's shocked and excited eyes, the man in the windbreaker, had already walked to the doorway.




      Almost instantly, a thick excitement surfaced on the face of the second marshal of the dragon and tiger.


      At that moment, they led No. 1 Liu Zhen, subjugated Ma Yong, and the eight great treasurers, and bowed to the ground to Lin Fan: "We, the people, bow to the ground.


      "We, the rest of us, pay our respects to Seat Lin!!!"


      "We, the rest of us, pay our respects to Seat Lin!!!"