Today I Give Up Trying 964-966

 Chapter 964



      A single word was uttered, instantly causing the faces of Bai Yi's family to change slightly.


      They knew that the last time Lin Fan had offended Bai Dan, word had already spread.


      It just didn't occur to them.


      Even Chang Yuan, had heard about it.


      "Senior, you're from Jiangnan City, you should be most familiar with the Jiangnan Bai Clan! Do you think that the Bai family will deal with Lin Fan?" Bai Yi's pretty face was miserably white.


      What she was most worried about was Lin Fan's safety.


      Even Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, who were next to her, also looked at Chang Yuan in unison, with the same extremely nervous expression.


      "Alas ......"


      Chang Yuan pretended to be profound and shook his head, and then looked at Lin Fan with a face full of regret, as if he was looking at a person who was about to die:.


      "Bai Yi, you are unaware of the strength of the four hidden giants! Although the White Family has begun to fall into decline, it is still not something that ordinary people can mess with!"


      "White angels, inviting them will kill them, and against them will hurt them! What's more, I heard that this time the white three groups, the whole army was destroyed, the white family will definitely plant this charge on Lin Fan!"




      Hearing Chang Yuan's words, the three members of Bai Yi's family, even more sweaty foreheads, their faces were pale.


      This was not all.


      "In addition to the White Angels, the Bai family's network of connections in the military, politics and business world is even more terrifying!"


      Chang Yuan said with a face full of gloom.


      "three-star war general white tiger, leading ten thousand soldiers, assistant East China Sea, unbeatable!"


      "Four-star big brother proudly standing in the political world, only hand to cover the sky!"


      "It can be said that Lin Fan went to Jiangnan, is simply a sheep into the tiger's mouth, as long as the White Family is targeted, then he is completely ...... finished!"


      Boom! Chang Yuan's these words out, fell in the ears of the three mouths of the Bai Yi family, like an explosive thunder boom, immediately let the family only feel a black eye, almost to be scared to faint.


      How ...... do?


      Bai Yi was full of reproach and fiercely glared at Lin Fan.


      She had not allowed Lin Fan to follow long ago, but now, this guy had to send himself to death, this is not looking for death?


      "Senior Chang Yuan, can you save my husband? He can't die, he mustn't die!"


      Bai Yi looked at Chang Yuan almost pleadingly.


      And Shen Yumei and Bai Shan at the side, likewise seemed to treat Chang Yuan, as if he was the only hope to save Lin Fan.


      "This matter, I can only do my best!"


      Chang Yuan nodded indifferently, with a profound look:.


      "But as for the outcome, that can only depend on Lin Fan's life!"




      Chang Yuan once again turned his head to look at Lin Fan, and that look was filled with pity, taunting, mockery, and contempt.


      It was as if in Chang Yuan's eyes.


      Lin Fan was like a mole that was about to die, causing his heart to be both pleased and exhilarated.


      Only he didn't notice.


      Although Lin Fan didn't say a word, his expression was extremely odd.


      The gaze he gave to Chang Yuan was even more like looking at an idiot.


      Time, amidst the worries of Bai Yi's family, passed slowly.


      When an hour later.


      The plane had begun to gradually descend and entered the area of Jiangnan City.


      Until the plane stopped at the airport tarmac.


      Only then did Lin Fan speak out and say to Bai Yi and the others.


      "Mom, Dad, wife, I'm going to help Grandpa with this first! Later, I will meet you guys at the hospital!"

Chapter 965



      Help Grandpa deal with it?


      Hearing these words, both Bai Yi and the Bai Shan couple all faintly stared.


      They didn't understand, how would Lin Fan handle Grandpa Shen's matter?


      Especially when he was now in a difficult situation to protect himself.


      This ......


      "Lin Fan, what are you going to do?" Bai Yi's heart was puzzled and she opened her mouth to ask.


      And seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but rub Bai Yi's hair, before he said tenderly.


      "Wife, that broad young man who injured Grandpa, obviously has an extraordinary family! I'm going to take care of them and have them go to the hospital to kowtow to Grandpa and ask for forgiveness!"




      Lin Fan's words not only froze Bai Yi's family, but even Chang Yuan, who was next to him, was also slightly stunned.


      When he reacted.


      "Hahahaha ......"


      Chang Yuan burst into laughter as he pointed at Lin Fan, laughing back and forth, and sneeringly said.


      "Lin Fan, I find you, this person, really interesting!"


      "You're now an enemy of the Jiangnan Bai family, your own little life, you're afraid that you won't be able to keep it, and you're still bragging about it here!"




      At the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth, the sneer grew thicker and thicker, as if he had seen through Lin Fan's mind, he laughed and said.


      "From what I can see, ah, you must be afraid that you will be discovered by the Bai family, which is why you are preparing to separate from us."


      "It just didn't occur to me that if you're afraid, you're afraid, but you're even making such a ridiculous excuse!"




      Afraid of the Bai family?


      So separate?


      -->>Hearing Chang Yuan's explanation, Bai Yi family likewise heart, nodded, obviously agreed with this kind of statement.


      After all, in their eyes.


      Lin Fan in Jiangnan City, is also unfamiliar with the place, how can he help old man Shen to solve the problem?


      This is simply an extremely ridiculous excuse.


      Thinking of this.


      In the hearts of Bai Yi's family, there was even some vague disappointment in what Lin Fan did.


      "Lin Fan, go ahead! Staying with us, you will be in danger!" Bai Yi decided that what Lin Fan was doing was to avoid the Bai family's pursuit, and said with concern at that moment.


      "Everything is most important with your safety! When the time comes, we'll wait for you at the hospital!"


      Hearing these words.


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly.


      He could naturally see the disappointment of Bai Yi's family, however, he was too lazy to explain.


      At that moment, nodding to Bai Yi, he took the lead and walked towards the location of the hatch.


      Until after Lin Fan left.


      Only then did Bai Yi, with a complicated heart, say to the Bai Shan couple.


      "Mom and Dad, let's go too!"


      After saying that!


      The three members of the family were about to head towards the hatch position.


      And see this scene.


      Next to the Chang Yuan, is aware of his opportunity to come, then full of comfort tone to Bai Yi said.


      "Bai Yi, you do not have to be too disappointed, after all, fear of death, is a common human feeling! Besides, Lin Fan, in addition to the fear of death and bragging, seems to be not bad!"


      Although Chang Yuan was comforting, but the words were filled with contempt and suppression of Lin Fan.


      The label of being afraid of death and bragging was attached to Lin Fan's body in a raw way.


      Hearing these words!


      Bai Yi instantly wanted to say something.


      However, before her words came out, she heard the flight attendants at the cabin door, gathered together, talking in a cacophony.


      "My God, we are so lucky on this flight! Now all the flights in the entire Jiangnan City, all grounded, just to welcome the Lin seat!"

Chapter 966

"Yes, I also heard that a full 10,000 soldiers, has been the airport's surroundings, all blocked, a fly fear can not fly in!"


      "That is one of the four military seats of our China Lin seat ah! I heard that even the Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal, two great gods, have led the Dragon and Tiger Division to come to wait!"


      "Alas, that kind of big shot, if I knew him, it would be worth it in my life!"




      Words after words, constantly came.


      And when these words, fell in the ears of Bai Yi and others, immediately let them each heart set off a shocking wave.


      "Lin ...... Lin Block?"


      Bai Yi's body was trembling.


      That is one of the most exalted several giants of the Chinese military department, especially this Lin seat, according to rumors of mysterious and unpredictable origins, never appeared in front of the world, which makes him add a few mysterious and legendary out of thin air.


      Not only Bai Yi.


      Next to the Chang Yuan, even more excited face full of red:.


      "Gosh, I really didn't expect that a big shot like Lin Zhaoge would come to Jiangnan!"


      "I've heard that the two War Gods, Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal, were trained by Lin Zhaoge back then! Now, these two great Gods of War have come to pay their respects, so it seems that the rumors are probably true!"




      Hearing Chang Yuan's words.


      Bai Yi's family was also startled.


      Dragon Marshal! Tiger Marshal!


      These two terrifying war gods of China were trained by the Lin Zuo?


      This ...... is simply too unbelievable, and to what extent will that Lin Zuo be terrifying is simply unimaginable.


      "Okay! After everyone gets off the plane, don't rush to leave the airport first!"


      -->> "Now the airport, has been blocked, everyone can be in the airport hall, wait patiently!"


      "As soon as the Lin seat leaves, the airport will be unblocked, and everyone can travel then!"


      At this moment, a flight attendant began to shout to the crowd.


      And hearing these words.


      The many passengers on the plane, naturally, would not have the slightest opinion, and one by one, they all walked off the plane impatiently and ran towards the front airport hall.


      They couldn't wait to see what the mysterious Lin seat looked like.


      It was not only the crowd.


      Even Bai Yi's family, as well as Chang Yuan, also followed the crowd and headed for the hall.


      As soon as they arrived at the hall, they saw that a cordon had been set up inside the hall.


      A powerful soldier with a real gun, standing straight.


      A pair of eyes swept over every inch of the surroundings.


      Seemingly, as long as there is any threat to the existence of the Lin seat, will be killed on the spot.


      And that's not all!


      The crowd saw that at this moment, at the entrance position of the hall, a Rolls Royce had been parked, as well as a green military vehicle.


      In front of these bodies.


      There stood a terrifying big man who shocked people.


      "Oh my God, that's the richest man, Majong! He's actually at the back of the crowd, this is too unbelievable!"


      "And those bigwigs, surprisingly all of them are the giants of Shengshi, Lanshan, Tian and other plutocratic powers! They are also at the back of the crowd."


      "No. 1 Liu Zhen is here too, and those behind him, all of them are our top giants in Jiangnan City!"


      "Look, the two at the front, the tough guys in military uniforms, they are the Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal? My God, it's too strong, even if they are nearly a hundred meters apart, I can feel the terrifying pressure from the two great gods!"