Today I Give Up Trying 961-963

 Chapter 961

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Chapter 962



      Hearing this, Bai Yi faintly froze, she turned her head to look, and immediately saw, in that first class seat, sitting on a handsome face, a young man in a suit.


      "You ...... you are Chang Yuan senior?"


      Bai Yi faintly froze, and then asked in surprise.


      "Hahaha ...... really didn't expect that after so many years of graduation, Goddess Bai Yi would still remember me as a senior!" The young man named Chang Yuan smiled brightly and appeared extremely happy.


      And Bai Yi was also exceptionally happy, and immediately said to Lin Fan and Bai Shan couple.


      "Lin Fan, Mom and Dad, this is the president of my student council during my college days, Senior Chang Yuan!"


      "Back then, he was a popular figure in our school, and before he graduated, he created the Chang Group by himself! Last year, Chang Yuan senior was named one of the top ten young entrepreneurs in Jiangnan!"


      Bai Yi said this, the tone of voice is full of envy.


      And after listening.


      Chang Yuan's heart was even more happy to the extreme, he did not expect that Bai Yi, the school girl back then, was still paying attention to his news, and even knew that he was named as one of the top ten young entrepreneurs last year.


      At that moment, Chang Yuan hurriedly stood up and shook hands with Bai Shan Shen Yumei:.


      "Uncle and aunt, how are you! You guys just call me Xiao Chang!"




      Chang Yuan can not help but full of love glanced at Bai Yi, continued to say.


      "When I was in school, I was Bai Yi's faithful suitor, chased her for two years, but she refused! Otherwise, we are now a family! Hahaha ......"


      Chang Yuan's words, with a half-joking nature.


      But anyone, can hear the pleasing and adoration for Bai Yi in his words.




      -->>Hearing this, both Bai Yi, and Bai Shan couple, their faces faintly stiffened.


      Obviously, they did not expect that this Chang Yuan would be so direct, even the pursuit of Bai Yi back then, all directly said.


      At that moment!


      The three members of Bai Yi's family could not help but secretly glance at Lin Fan.


      After discovering that Lin Fan's face, always with a smile if any, did not look the least bit angry, the three members of the family then breathed a long sigh of relief.


      The family was relieved.


      The reaction of Bai Yi's family also fell in the eyes of Chang Yuan.


      His gaze, involuntarily glancing at Lin Fan, frowned and asked.


      "I wonder if this is?"


      "This is my husband, Lin Fan!" Bai Yi smiled faintly and instantly stepped forward and wrapped an arm around Lin Fan.


      This intimate action, however, caused Chang Yuan's face to change slightly, and in his eyes, a strong look of jealousy flashed across his eyes:.


      "Oh? Lin Fan, right? I've heard of your name, you're extremely famous in Jiang City!"




      There was a faint sneer in Chang Yuan's smile.


      The fame he was talking about was naturally the fame of Lin Fan's wasteful superfluous son-in-law.


      Not only that!


      Before waiting for Lin Fan to reply, Chang Yuan directly ignored him and asked Bai Yi's family of three.


      "Bai Yi, is your family going to Jiangnan City on some kind of errand?"


      Chang Yuan appeared extremely enthusiastic.


      It was just that in his eyes, Lin Fan was just a stranger who didn't even have the qualifications to say a word to him.

Chapter 963

Hearing this.


      Next to Shen Yumei, did not hide, sighed and said.


      "We went to visit Bai Yi's grandfather! His old man went to Jiangnan City to talk about cooperation, but did not expect that he was poisoned by a rich young man and was almost killed!"




      This sentence made Chang Yuan's eyes suddenly brighten up, and he patted his chest and said excitedly.


      "Uncle and aunt! Don't worry, I'll take care of this matter, Jiangnan City is my territory, which young man dares not to give me face!"


      "When the time comes, I'll have that kid come and kowtow to the old lady to make amends!"




      Chang Yuan's words completely bluffed Bai Yi's family, they didn't expect that this Chang Yuan had such a great ability.


      "Senior Chang Yuan, I heard that that broad young man's family is very powerful, do you really have a way to make him bow down?" Bai Yi was looking at Chang Yuan with a face full of expectation at this moment.


      In her impression.


      Among the group of students in their university, it was this senior Chang Yuan who was the most prosperous.


      Not only Bai Yi.


      Next to Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, is also full of expectation: the three feel the look of anticipation.


      Sensing the expectant eyes of the three, the smile on Chang Yuan's face, grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, you are too underestimate senior me! I tell you, in Jiangnan City, almost all of the magnates, and I more or less, have some relationship!"


      "As for those rich youngsters, there is no one I am not familiar with! Don't worry, when we get to Jiangnan City, I'll go to the hospital with you, and I'll make that young man pay the price!"


      Chang Yuan was full of confidence.


      And hearing his words, Bai Yi family is overjoyed, and chatting with Chang Yuan more and more enthusiastic.


      Just they did not notice.


      -->> Next to Lin Fan, a 'drop' message alert sound came.


      When Lin Fan opened the devil machine to take a look, immediately you can see above, with a text message.


      ''Lin seat, Jiangnan city airport has been blocked completed, the dragon marshal, tiger marshal two great gods, led by the dragon and tiger two division legions assembled!


      ''Jiangnan No. 1 Liu Zhen, Jiangnan's richest Ma Yong, Shengshi, Lanshan, Tian's and other eight major plutocrats, awaiting the arrival of the Lin seat!


      This text message seemed extremely unusual.


      But the meaning within it, if seen by someone, will definitely explode a ground of eyeballs.




      There are four great military seats!


      Eight great war gods!


      And the Dragon Marshal and Tiger Marshal are the two terrifying Gods of War who guard the eastern part of China.


      Who could have imagined that these two great gods of war would all come, leading the most elite two divisions of the Dragon and Tiger, blocking the entire Jiangnan Airport, waiting quietly.


      Not to mention, there is also No. 1 Liu Zhen, the richest man, Ma Yong, and the eight major plutocrats waiting in respect.


      If this spreads out, it will surely shake the whole Jiangnan inevitably.


      And now!


      Lin Fan just faintly swept a glance at this text message, and then straight away put the phone away.




      When several people were all seated, the plane soon took off.


      Only, Chang Yuan's attention, all the time, was on Bai Yi's body, climbing on Bai Yi constantly.


      Until he found that Bai Yi seemed a little impatient after.


      Chang Yuan's gaze turned, and only then did he lock on Lin Fan's body:.


      "Brother Lin, I heard that you offended the Jiangnan Bai family some time ago?"