Today I Give Up Trying 957-958

 Chapter 957

At this moment, Lin Fan's family became almost a treasure in everyone's eyes.


      The densely packed celebrities of Jiangcheng City, as if the stars were holding the moon, embraced Lin Fan's family as they left the Bai family compound.


      And at this moment!


      In the entire courtyard, only those disoriented and completely depressed Bai family members were left behind.


      "How could this happen! Is this the end of my Bai family?"


      "No! My money, my shares! Obviously our Bai Group can soar to great heights, how could it be for nothing to the new Bai!"


      "Damn it! It's all your fault, if at first, you didn't dare to go Lin Fan and Bai Yi, our Bai family would have risen against the sky, how could we have fallen to this situation!"




      At this moment, the sounds of bickering, wailing, and fighting resounded continuously within the Bai family compound.


      One by one, the senior members of the Bai Family were completely mad.


      They were venting their discontent and regretting their blindness.


      The White Family courtyard became like a vegetable market, a chaotic mess.


      And see this scene!


      Old Master Bai in an instant, as if he had aged more than ten years, his figure, all began to stoop, the whole person exuded an aura of decay.


      "Is the old man really wrong? If my white family is still Bai Yi sitting in town, if my white family, did not target Lin Fan ...... too many ifs ifs ......"


      Old Master Bai said, only to feel a surge of remorse come to his heart.


      It instantly made his throat sweet.




      A mouthful of blood, spurted out wildly, and the whole person completely fainted.




      The next day!


      A news, let the whole Jiang City, completely shaken up.


      The curtain fell on the Bai family, and the new Bai family became king!




      Once this news came out, almost everyone in the entire city of Jiang fell out of their eyes.


      The White Group, the old power, in the middle of this year, with an incredible speed, soaring rise, especially after they obtained the support of the Jiangnan Bai, but also became the new generation of dominant power in the eyes of everyone.


      And on the contrary.


      Although the new Bai's support, but everyone knows that they have offended the hidden giants, has been in a stormy time, at any time will be overturned.


      But never imagined that the old Bai's, which everyone was optimistic about, was completely finished.


      The new White's, as if an ancient giant Kun, annexed the White's Group, a piece of super fat, making itself the most fearsome plutocratic power in Jiangcheng.


      Plus, the new White's behind the Shengshi Group, Lanshan Group, Tian's Group and other Jiangnan plutocrats.


      It can be said that the new White's hegemony, has become the nail in the coffin.


      That's not all!


      What makes people's jaws drop even more is.


      The destruction of the white three groups, as if a mysterious mystery, almost in the heart of every Jiangcheng people.


      The White Three!


      Twelve clan master powerhouses.


      In just one or two hours, the entire army was wiped out, no one alive, and even the white dust, the youngest, was scared to urinate, which even more subverted everyone's three views.




      All the people of Jiangcheng noticed a detail.


      All of this seems to be related to the most famous son-in-law of the Bai family, Lin Fan.

Chapter 958

There was even an explosion of those present.


      Divine Doctor Zhang Tianyi, master and disciple, treated Lin Fan with respect.


      The eldest young man, White Dust, within half an hour, feared Lin Fan like a devil.




      Once this news came out.


      The name Lin Fan was even a sensation throughout Jiangcheng, and the mysterious aura on him caused everyone to speculate.


      Some people speculated that he had a great relationship with the four great masters, and this time invited the great masters to relieve himself.


      Others discussed that Lin Fan was the disciple of the four great masters, based on the fact that Lin Fan's force value, too, was extremely strong!


      No one knew exactly what had happened.




      Lin Fan's name, however, was like a shining comet, rising in Jiang City, attracting the attention of everyone.


      Only, the people of Jiang City did not know.


      On the next day at noon.


      The eldest young man, Bai Chen, had already left the Bai family and returned safely to Jiangnan City under the escort of Bai Yan, Bai Yifan, and the eldest man, Bai Hai, etc.!


      In the southern suburbs of Jiangnan City, there was a huge Su-style garden.


      Here, was the Bai Mansion, one of the four hidden gentry!


      Since entering the door.


      Bai Chen did not say a word.


      He was silent to the point of silence in the face of accusations, reprimands, and anger from his fellow clansmen.


      In particular, there was only one sentence.


      "I want to see the master mother!"


      The Lord Mother!


      The controller of the behemoth that was the White Family.


      In ordinary times, not to mention Bai Chen, an ordinary direct descendant, even the closest descendant, it is rare to see her.


      Just today.


      After hearing that the white three groups, the entire army was wiped out, white dust failed, returned in a mess.


      The White Family matriarch, however, summoned the White Dust.


      Inside a clean living room in the backyard.


      White Dust knelt on the floor of the living room, the whole person prostrated on the ground, as if a child who had done something wrong, his body still couldn't help but tremble until now.




      A slight sound of footsteps came from within a room in the living room, and what came out was a beautiful young woman in her forties, with her charm still intact.


      She, was the main mother of the Jiangnan Bai family - Zheng Honglian.


      A strange woman!


      According to the rumors!


      When she joined the Bai family, the Jiangnan Bai family has begun to go downhill, even by Ye, Huangfu, Sima three clans, far behind, and even once about to be removed from the four hidden gentry.


      And after Zheng Honglian came to power, is single-handedly established the White Angel, solidified the foundation of the White family.


      After that, in business, bold and reforming.


      Born to create a business kingdom belonging to the White Clan.


      With the support of force and money.


      The status of the White Group, is also booming, and even at one time, has the qualification to compete for the first hidden gentry.


      Only in recent years.


      Because of Zheng Honglian's health, has been bad, which makes the terrifying development of the White Group, once again appeared stagnant.


      And this time, originally Zheng Honglian thought, as long as the annexation of the new Bai, perhaps can give the Bai family again inject a strong heart, let the Bai family recovery.


      However, she could never have dreamed that she would lose her wife and lose her army!


      "Cough cough ......"


      Just after sitting down, the main mother, Zheng Honglian, had another violent coughing fit.


      A hint of sickly redness surfaced on her charming pretty face, and with a pair of danfeng eyes, she couldn't help but sweep a glance at Bai Chen on the ground and said in a cold voice.


      "Bai Chen, do you know the crime?"