Today I Give Up Trying 947-948

 Chapter 947

"White ...... white three!!!"


      "No, it can't be ......"


      After White Dust recognized one of the heads, which actually belonged to White Group 3 leader Bai Shan, he only felt that his body's strength was completely drained out of him.


      With a poof, he fell to the ground.


      His crotch, a trace of liquid, wet through the pants, flowing out, but was raw scared piss.


      Not only him!


      Next to Bai Wen and Bai Wu, although they are quasi-Zong Shi powerhouse, but at this moment, looking at the twelve Zong Shi heads, also scared out of their wits.


      The two bodies were shaking and almost fainted from the fright.


      "Dead? All dead, how is this possible!"


      "Who did this? Who on earth is it that dared to kill our White Angels of the White Family and exterminate a small team! Who on earth is this?"






      At this moment, the faces of the three people all had a look of having seen a ghost.


      Yet that was not all.




      Just as they were about to die of fright, the door of the Bai family compound was finally pushed open.


      And then, four figures, slowly stepped in.


      Upon seeing these four people.




      Another burst of hair and bone chills spread throughout the entire body of the three white dust.


      Their eyes, one by one, glared round, looking at the four figures that came in, as if they had seen a devil.


      "Blood ...... Blood Faust!"


      "Blood Wolf!"


      "Leng Ao Tian!"


      "He Lanshan!"


      Grand Patriarch!


      Surprisingly, it was a full four Grand Patriarchs?


      This, simply made the three white dust people fall out of their eyes.


      They could never have dreamed that the twelve members of their own White Three Group's Patriarchs were brutally killed by four Grand Patriarchs and cut off their heads.


      "How could it be you guys? Why did you guys do this? Do you want to make enemies with our White Family and go to war with the White Angels?"


      White Dust shouted in horror at this moment at the four Blood Floaters.


      His voice contained boundless fear and panic.


      Only, what made him incredulous was.


      It was as if the Blood Faust four did not hear his words at all.




      They walked towards Lin Fan in unison until the four Grand Masters, walked up to Lin Fan's body, and then bowed in unison.


      "Blood Faust, pay respects to the king!"


      "Blood Wolf, pay respects to the king!"


      "Leng Ao Tian, pay respects to Mr. Lin!"




      Four voices rang out within the courtyard.


      However, they were like four explosive thunderstorms, causing the three Bai Chen to be completely stunned.




      Their gazes, while staring at Blood Faust and Blood Wolf with dead eyes, turned their eyes to the slim Lin Fan, but they only felt their worldviews explode.


      "How could Lin Fan be the king of Blood Faust and Blood Wolf? This is impossible, how the hell is this possible!"


      Bai Chen muttered under his breath, as if he had seen the most incredible thing in this world.


      Only, when he thought about it, after Old Master Bai's words earlier, his cold sweat, as if he had turned on the faucet, flowed down with a clatter.


      ''The king of the Blood Floating Tu, that is, Grand Master Lin, may be the ...... King of the Blood Prison!''




      After these words from Old Master Bai, resounded in Bai Chen's mind, once again.


      He was completely dumbfounded.

Chapter 948

"You ...... you are Grand Master Lin?"


      "Also known as the King of Blood Hell!!!"




      After hearing this terrified voice of Bai Chen, Bai Wen and Bai Wu, who were next to him, could no longer contain the fear in their hearts.


      The two brothers only felt their legs go weak, and poof, poof, they both fell to the ground.


      Grand Patriarch Lin?


      King of Blood Hell!


      These two titles were like heavenly thunder rolling around, causing them to completely doubt their lives.


      "No! Impossible!!!"


      As if he had gone crazy, Bai Wen shouted at the four Blood Faustians, shouting


      "You're mistaken, you must be mistaken! This little bastard, he's just a Grand Master! He's not a Grand Master at all!"


      "You guys must have been tricked by him!"


      When Bai Wu next to him reacted, his body likewise trembled, and a shiny glint of light stormed out from his eyes:.


      "My brother is right! Blood Fudo, don't fall for this little beast's trick! We have fought with him, and he is only a little bit stronger than a quasi-dominion like us brothers, you must not be fooled by this little beast, he is not the King of Blood Prison at all!"


      The two brothers had red eyes, always having trouble accepting this fact.




      After their words were spoken.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      A seeping luster burst out from the eyes of Blood Fudo, Blood Wolf Master and Disciple.


      Little bastard?


      Little beast?


      "How dare you two insult my king, you are simply looking for death!"


      The morbid voice fell.


      Like ghosts, the duo of Blood Fudo and Blood Wolf suddenly flashed in front of Bai Wen and Bai Wu, and two hand swords were waved out.




      Scarlet blood, instant splash, sprayed next to the white dust a face.


      That warmth, that fishy sweetness, let the white dust the whole person completely dumbfounded.


      Especially, in his horrified sight.


      Above the necks of Bai Wen and Bai Wu, a line of blood emerged, and then two wide-eyed heads slowly rolled down from their necks.




      Falling to the ground, leaving the heads above the ground, two more.


      "Dead ...... dead?"


      Seeing his own bodyguards, as if they were ants, were crushed to death in front of his eyes, the whole of White Dust was almost scared to faint.




      At this moment, he once again looked at Lin Fan with an increasingly frightened and desperate gaze:.


      "You ...... are really the King of Blood Hell?"


      The voice trembled with disbelief!


      "Surprised? Surprised or not?"


      Lin Fan smirked as he looked at White Dust, as if he was looking at a scared mole reptile: "Unfortunately, you know too much.


      "Unfortunately, you know too late!"


      With a single sentence, it made Bai Dan's face, instantly as white as paper.




      And with this same!


      In the backyard of the Bai family, there was a cacophony of noise.


      They had no idea that everything was happening within the front courtyard, and at the moment the guests were gathering in groups, constantly talking about it.


      "What do you guys think, Young Master Bai Chen will deal with Lin Fan like this? I always feel that Lin Fan is afraid that he will be planted this time!"


      "That's for sure! Young Master White Dust is a member of the Jiangnan White Clan, that clan that controls the White Angels! Even if he's against the odds, Lin Fan will only die!"


      "Ugh! Speaking of which, that Lin Fan isn't simple, after all, he can make Divine Doctor Zhang's master and disciple so respectful, he obviously has some tricks up his sleeve! It's a pity that he met the people of the Jiangnan Bai family!"