Today I Give Up Trying 941-943

 Chapter 941



      With a single word, Bai San almost fell to the ground in fear.


      King of Blood Hell!


      This was a name he had just heard yesterday, but he remembered it clearly, last night Elder Bai had said that Grand Patriarch Lin of Jiang City was most likely the King of Blood Hell!

    And now ......


      "No ...... not right!"


      Bai San suddenly thought of something, and then incredulously shouted to Blood Fudo.


      "Blood Fudo, there must be a misunderstanding, we didn't provoke the King of Blood Hell, nor did we provoke Grand Master Lin, why would he want to deal with us, why would he want to deal with the Bai family? This ...... this can't be!"


      Bai San thought through his head, but he simply could not figure this out.


      Ever since they knew that the suspected King of Blood Hell had appeared in Jiang City, they had repeatedly planned to keep a low profile, just for fear of provoking that one terrifying dragon.


      And now ......


      "Hehehe ......"


      Blood Faust laughed.


      He looked at Bai San and the others as if he was looking at a group of idiots:.


      "Didn't provoke my king?"


      "You obviously wanted to take away my king's New White Clan, you obviously wanted to kill my king's men, and now you're telling me that you didn't mess with my king?"


      Sh...... what!


      Hearing these words, Bai San's entire person seemed to be struck by lightning.


      In his mind, a name instantly surfaced!


      That was - Lin Fan!


      "Are you saying that Lin Fan is the King of Blood Prison?"


      Bai San's voice was trembling, but he knew that Lin Fan was only a brat in his early twenties, so how could he be the King of the Blood Prison if he was so young?


      This was simply too unbelievable.


      Looking at Bai San and the others' terrified expressions.


      The smile on the corner of Blood Fudo's mouth grew thicker and thicker:.


      "In addition, let me tell you one more piece of news!"


      "My king is not only the king of the Blood Prison, he is also the new master of the Huaxia Forest Seat, Universal!"


      Nest ...... nest grass!


      Hearing these words, Bai San and others only feel that their three views are going to be broken.


      King of Blood Prison!


      Universal master!


      Huaxia Linzuo!


      This trio of terrifying to the extreme identity, but the same person, especially unbelievable is that this person has been hiding in a small third-tier city, as a door-to-door son-in-law.


      "I ...... my white family is finished!!!"


      Bai San's face, a thick despair emerged.


      Especially at this moment!




      The palm of Blood Faust's hand waved viciously at the three people.


      Scarlet blood instantly spurted out from the top of Bai San's three necks, and then three hideous heads with thick despair and fear slowly slid down from their necks and crashed to the ground.


      One second, killed!




      At the same time!


      Tianlong Group.


      At night, Tianlong Group was dark, and most of the office lights had already been extinguished.


      Only one office on the top floor was brightly lit.


      This was Xu Tianlong's office.


      At this moment, Xu Tianlong was lying on his desk, burying his head in a contract, but at this moment.




      The lights in the office flickered slightly, and then the door was kicked open from the outside!




      Wooden debris crumbled a piece.


      But for all this, Xu Tianlong as if no surprise, as if he did not hear, still full of head to deal with his contract.


      "Xu Tianlong!!!"


      Three members of the White Angels, rushed in in unison.


      They looked at Xu Tianlong who had his head buried in processing the contract, and a thick disdain and coldness surfaced at the corners of their mouths.


      "Alright! You don't have to pretend anymore, come with us!"

Chapter 942



      When Xu Tianlong heard this, he still didn't look up, he signed his name on the contract with a swish while saying without raising his head.


      "I haven't finished my work yet! I'm not leaving!"




      Hearing this, the three white angels faintly froze, they did not expect that this guy was such a workaholic.


      At the end of his life, he was still thinking about work?


      "Xu Tianlong, you don't have to pretend, do you know who we are? Do you know what we do?"


      The three white angels, looking at Xu Tianlong as if they were looking at a dead person, oozed eeriness and coldness.


      Only what made them even more astonished was this.


      Xu Tianlong, however, nodded seriously.


      "I know, you guys are under the Jiangnan White Family - the White Angels!"


      "You are the ones who kill people!"




      The three White Angels faintly froze, but they did not expect that Xu Tianlong had actually revealed the identity of the three of them in one word.


      What surprised them even more was that this guy could still be so calm after revealing his identity, which was simply a bit unbelievable.


      "Humph! Idiot, since you know that we are killers, then why don't you follow us obediently!"


      "Could it be, do you want to die?"


      Clang clang clang!


      With these words, the three white angels, in unison, drew out the long swords at their waists.


      The cold aura flashed, and the killing machine overflowed.




      Xu Tianlong, who had his head buried in the signature, did not care about their killing machines at all, instead, his finger pointed to a corner of the office and said indifferently.


      "You guys can kill me if you want, ask him first!"




      The three white angels faintly froze, at that moment they hurriedly looked in the direction of Xu Tianlong's finger.


      Only then were they shocked to find that there was a sofa placed at the corner of that wall.


      And a slim figure, had been sitting quietly on the sofa.


      No sound!


      As if a ghost.




      This scene made the three white angels' scalps tingle.


      There was another person in the room, and they didn't even notice it, which was an extremely incredible thing.


      Only, what was even more incredible was that after the three saw the face of that one figure.


      They were completely dumbfounded.


      Because that person, the three could not forget even if they were turned into dust.


      He was the Blood Wolf!


      The terrifying ...... Blood Wolf who killed one of his companions and scared his entire white trio into a desperate flee!


      "How ...... how could it be you?"


      The three white angels flushed a cold shiver, only to feel themselves into the fall into the ice cellar, let them panic, let them panic.


      And after hearing these words.


      Only then did the blood wolf turn his head and look at them, and a playful, morose smile emerged on that clear little face.


      "Naturally, it's me, I'm here, waiting for ...... to take your heads!"


      The words fell!




      Blood Wolf's entire person suddenly flashed, as if a phantom, appeared in front of the three white angels.


      A wave of hand knife!


      Poof poof poof!


      Three heads, with thick shock and disbelief, fell down from the necks!




      Rolled down to the ground.


      This scene happened so fast that the three white angels didn't even have a chance to make a move before their heads fell to the ground.


      Smelling the blood in the air, Xu Tianlong could not help but shake his head and smiled faintly.


      "Pathetic white family, pathetic angels!"


      After saying that!


      He even to the three heads, did not even look at more than a glance, continue to deal with their own work.

Chapter 943

The night of the White House, the early lights, the entire courtyard, a bright light.


      But at this moment, the banquet atmosphere is still in an extremely awkward.


      One by one, the dishes had been brought to the table.


      But the celebrities at each table did not know how to eat.


      Their eyes could not help but look at the most corner position.




      Lin Fan's family of four was cheerfully eating a dish, while the Divine Doctor Zhang, who was next to him, was constantly toasting the family.


      Even, Ye Tian, the senior disciple, was then pouring wine to the crowd constantly, as if he was a waiter.


      It seems!


      In the eyes of Divine Doctor Zhang's master and disciple, their most important task was to entertain Lin Fan's family in general.


      This scene made the rest of the Jiang City celebrities in the courtyard both jealous and envious.


      After all!


      Almost all of them were not even qualified to talk to Divine Doctor Zhang, and this Divine Doctor, who was so high in their eyes, was so low in front of Lin Fan's family, so how could this not make their hearts complicated.


      Even Bai Dan and the others on the main seat, they all looked ugly to the extreme.


      "Young Master Bai Dust, is there any news from there?" Old Master Bai couldn't help but ask at this moment.


      Right now, the Bai family was only thinking that the White Angel would be able to win.


      Only then could they reverse the whole situation, completely suppress Lin Fan's arrogance, and force this bastard to obey.


      Just hearing these words.


      Bai Chen glanced at the blackened phone and shook his head with an ugly expression.


      "Not yet!"


      Although saying this, but for some reason, white dust's heart, unexpectedly faintly emerged a bad feeling of foreboding.


      As if ...... something had happened!


      "No! Absolutely no way something happened! Bai San and others, but one of the most elite forces of our White Family!"


      "And with twelve patriarchal figures striking, as long as they don't offend that Grand Master Lin, it's impossible for anyone in Jiang City to be a match for them!"


      Bai Chen shook his head, shaking the hint of ominous feeling in his mind, completely shaking it out of his mind.


      And just at that moment!




      A cell phone alert sounded, which immediately made Bai Chen and Old Master Bai and the others, their spirits lifted.


      At that moment, Bai Chen hurriedly opened his phone, but it was a text message.


      The message came from Bai San!


      A few simple words: mission successful, five minutes to!




      After seeing this message, Bai Chen's heart was wildly happy to the extreme, and he excitedly said to Old Master Bai and the others.


      "Old Master, it was successful, Bai San and the others have completely subdued the four Xu Tianlong, they will arrive in five minutes!"


      These words made Old Master Bai and the others, instantly ecstatic.


      "Great! After capturing Xu Tianlong and the others, I'll see how that Lin Fan will still be arrogant!"


      "Humph! This time not only will we make him spit out the new Bai Group, but we'll also make him invite Divine Doctor Zhang and Divine Doctor Lin, all of whom helped the Jiangnan Bai Clan, together!"


      "That's right! Hey, hey, as long as we take away the New Bai's and invite the two divine doctors, then it doesn't matter whether Lin Fan is dead or alive!"




      At this moment, the surrounding First Master Bai Hai, Second Master Bai Chuan, and the others, each of them only felt like every cell in their body was cheering and jumping for joy.


      After all, they had been hit in the face by Lin Fan time and time again, and now, it was the best opportunity for them to take revenge.