Today I Give Up Trying 939-940

 Chapter 939

Hearing these words!


      Only then did Bai San feel slightly relieved.


      At that moment, he waved his hand.


      "Go! Third floor!"


      After saying that!


      The three of them flashed their bodies, as if they were three streaks of lightning, and suddenly darted towards the upper floors.


      In a matter of moments.


      The three of them had already arrived at the door of an office on the third floor.


      The corridor was also empty, with no figures appearing.


      But from inside the office, there was a bright, faint light that reflected out, and along with the light, there was also a melodious music.




      Bai San kicked out and fiercely threw the door of the office.


      Instantly, the door burst open as if it was made of paper mache.


      The scene inside the office was revealed in front of the crowd.


      This office was extremely elegantly decorated.


      The lights were dim!


      A record player was placed in the corner, and the melodious sound of music was wafting from the record player.


      Besides that!


      Bai San and the others could see at a glance that in front of the floating window, there was a rocking chair, and a silhouette wearing a fiery red dress was sitting on top of the rocking chair, swaying leisurely and sipping wine.


      "You're here?"


      Blood Rose did not turn around at all, instead she lightly sipped a mouthful of red wine and said indifferently.




      Hearing those words.


      Bai San's eyelids jumped slightly as he asked curiously.


      "You knew we would come?"


      "That's natural!"


      Blood Rose spoke softly while her red high heels, tapped the ground.


      The entire rocking chair, spun violently.


      Her sultry and pretty face, as well as her flirtatious and enchanting figure, was revealed to Bai San and the others:


      "White Angel, Group 3 Bai San!"


      "From the moment you set foot on the land of Jiang City, everything about you is under the control of my king!"


      The corners of Blood Rose's mouth curled slightly, that smile, beautiful and mysterious.




      My King?


      Hearing these two words, Bai San's brow, instantly, furrowed.


      He simply did not know, who was the 'my king' that Blood Rose was referring to?


      "Then what?"


      Bai San stared at Blood Rose with a deadly stare, the ferocity and ruthlessness in his eyes, unable to hide at all: "Even if you have mastered us, you can't hide it.


      "Even if you have got hold of our whereabouts, so what! Do you think that with the strength of you River City crickets, you can stop our three Patriarchs?"


      After saying these words!


      Bai San's three figures shook, and instantly, a terrifying aura, from their bodies, filled the air.


      It spread across the sky and swept through the entire office room.






      With three Patriarchs, joining forces, this kind of aura would be enough to scare the piss out of people.


      However, Blood Rose only shook her head indifferently.


      "You are wrong!"


      "I just want to tell you that anyone who is targeted by my king will only ...... die!"


      Said the man!


      The corner of Blood Rose's mouth quirked.


      "Besides, I am no match for you!"


      "Because your opponent, is someone else!"




      With a single word, Bai San and the others' faces changed slightly, yet before they could ask, the three of them instantly heard a gentle footstep, which unexpectedly came slowly from the darkness at the end of the corridor.

Chapter 940







      The sound, as if they were walking idly, but when it fell on the ears of Bai San and the others, it made each of their faces change greatly.




      After they heard the sound of these footsteps, the three of them only felt that their sweat hairs stood up in their bodies.


      And that was not all.


      Although the sound of those footsteps was gentle, each step that fell was like stepping on the hearts of the three, causing their hearts to thump wildly, causing their blood pressure to begin to spike extremely fast.


      This is ...... a sign of danger!


      "Everyone be careful, the person coming is an expert!"


      Bai San's face, completely changed.


      In his eyes, there was a faint flush of disbelief, he simply couldn't understand how a small place like Jiang City could still hide the existence of an expert that made him, a top-level sect master, feel dangerous?


      This was unbelievable.




      Under the nervous gaze of the three, the figure at the end of the corridor was getting closer and closer.


      The aura of danger was getting stronger and stronger.


      Until that figure, appeared close to Bai San and the others, when they got a clear look at the other party's face!




      Bai San and the others, were completely dumbfounded, they could hardly believe their eyes.


      It was an ugly face.


      He was tall, and his face was pitted and terrifying.


      What was especially terrifying was that this was a face that they had seen before and would never forget for the rest of their lives.


      For he was ...... Blood Faust!


      "How ...... could that be!"


      "Blood, Blood Faust? How could it be you? How did you appear here?"


      Bai San was at this moment as if he had discovered some shocking hidden secret, that creepy feeling that almost made his scalp explode.


      How did you appear here?


      Hearing this, a seeping, morose smile surfaced on Blood Floating Tu's ugly face.


      "Because, my king's order!"




      My king?


      It was my king again!


      Bai San's heart thumped wildly, he simply couldn't imagine what kind of terrifying existence the guy who could be made my king by Blood Faustus, a super ruthless man, was.


      "Who ...... is this king you speak of?"


      "Behind you, there is actually a behind-the-scenes manipulator? This ......"


      The three Bai San only felt chills in their hearts at this moment.


      The gaze that they looked at Blood Floating Tu was as if they were looking at a god of death, causing them to tremble all over.


      Just hearing these words.


      A strong look of reverence surprisingly surfaced on Blood Faust and Blood Rose's faces at the same time.


      "My king, is the most powerful existence in this world!" Blood Faust.


      "My king, is a deity who can wipe out all of your mole clans with a wave of his hand!" Blood Rose.




      Upon hearing these reverent to the bone words of Blood Fudo and Blood Rose, the three Bai San even trembled in fear, cold sweat instantly wetting their backs completely.


      The most powerful being in the world?


      A deity that would wipe out the Bai family with a wave of his hand?


      This, how could it be.


      Bai San and the others could not imagine it, and could hardly imagine it.


      Especially, when the last words of Blood Fudo fell, it was like a thunderstorm to them.


      "He, is the King of Blood Hell!"