Today I Give Up Trying 937-938

 Chapter 937

"What ...... is going on?"


      "Divine Doctor Zhang is bowing with that young son-in-law? That, how is that possible!"




      A dense shock swept through everyone's hearts, especially those guests who had previously mocked Lin Fan.


      After seeing this scene, they only felt as if they had been slapped hard across the face, leaving them ashamed, bashful and appalled.


      "Does the one surnamed Lin really know Divine Doctor Zhang? And, what exactly did he ...... do to make Divine Doctor Zhang bow with him?"


      "Oh my god, has this world gone mad? A divine doctor, bowing to a trash? How is this possible!"




      In an instant, the crowd was in an uproar.


      All of the people looked at Lin Fan with a look of shock that they had seen a ghost.


      It wasn't just them!


      At this moment, the most shocked were the three members of Bai Yi's family.


      "I ...... seem to have just heard that Divine Doctor Zhang addressed Lin Fan as ...... Master?"


      Bai Yi's beautiful eyes were glazed over.


      She was the closest and heard it most clearly, she clearly heard that Zhang Tianyi wanted to call Lin Fan a division something and turned to change his mouth, which made Bai Yi suspect that the division Zhang Tianyi was talking about might be a master.


      If it was a master, then her own husband, Lin Fan, could it be that one mysterious to the extreme ...... Lin divine doctor?




      Thinking of this, Bai Yi only felt as if her head had been hit by an explosive thunderstorm.


      This was not all.


      Within Bai Yi's mind at this moment, he recalled many, many memories.


      Starting with the Soul Restoring Pill, and then after that, the divine Doctor Lin came out of nowhere, and that live figure looked like Lin Fan.


      Then after that, she seemed to have seen the number one Chinese medicine practitioner, Elder Gao, who had ...... knelt down to Lin Fan?


      And then to the expensive medicinal meals now?


      Piece by piece, piece by piece.


      The more Bai Yi thought about it, the more the apprehension in her heart grew thicker, and the way she looked at Lin Fan changed completely.


      It was as if she was looking at a mysterious and terrifying stranger, causing her heart to be filled with mixed feelings.


      Only at this moment!


      Lin Fan didn't even notice the change in Bai Yi's expression as he said indifferently to Zhang Tianyi's master and disciple.


      "Get up and sit down!"


      "Thank you ...... Mr. Lin!"


      Zhang Tianyi's master and disciple hurriedly stood up, and then greeted the Bai Shan couple with a face full of excitement, before carefully sitting down at this table.


      Up until this point.


      The atmosphere within the entire Bai family compound had completely changed.


      No one had expected that the most honourable guest, and the most despicable guest, had sat together.


      All of a sudden!


      Whether it was Bai Dust, Old Master Bai, or the others, the gazes that they looked at Lin Fan were filled with a dense sense of shock and resentment.


      "Surnamed Lin, you ...... are ruthless enough! It's all because of you, because of you!!!"


      Bai Chen's eyes, staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, that kind of look, he could not wait to eat Lin Fan up.


      He had two missions when he came to Jiang City this time.


      One was to annex the New Bai Clan!


      The second was to invite Divine Doctor Zhang.


      Even after he knew that the terrifying medicinal food of Divine Doctor Lin, it was as if he had already seen a heavenly merit, close at hand.


      But now!


      The annexation of the New Bai Clan was ruined by Lin Fan.


      Inviting Divine Doctor Zhang, was also sabotaged by Lin Fan.


      This also meant that not only could he not invite Divine Doctor Zhang, but he would not even have the chance to meet, let alone invite, Divine Doctor Lin at all.

Chapter 938

For Bai Dan.


      This time when he came to Jiang City, he had completely failed in his endeavors because of Lin Fan, so how could he not hate it.


      "However, I still have the chance to reverse it!"


      The resentment in Bai Dan's eyes gradually turned into ferocity and viciousness:.


      "Lin Fan, just wait, when it gets dark, you will definitely regret it!"


      After saying that!


      Bai Dust took out his own mobile phone and pressed a number to dial it.


      Until the call was answered.


      While staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, a morose smile spread across the corners of his mouth as he faintly spat out two words.


      "Operation, begin!"




      The operation had begun?


      The guests in the courtyard, after seeing this scene, were all filled with confusion, they didn't know, what other actions did Bai Dan have, and from the looks of it, it seemed to be related to Lin Fan?


      Only, the Bai family members were all laughing morosely one by one.


      They naturally knew that Bai Dust's call was to Bai San.


      And the action, naturally, was to capture those few of Lin Fan's most loyal right-hand men, through and through.


      As long as those few people were captured and used to threaten Lin Fan.


      Not only could he be forced, to hand over the New Bai Clan, but he could even force him, to invite Divine Doctor Zhang and Divine Doctor Lin.


      This, too, was the last card that Bai Dust and the Bai family had.


      However, what surprised Bai Dan and the others was this.


      On Lin Fan's face, there was not the slightest bit of panic or worry, instead, he smiled and said.


      "I'll wait for you!"


      After saying that.


      He picked up the cup of tea he had just poured and drank it all in one go.




      And just after Bai Chen's call was made.


      Inside the car park of the Centurion Club, a Land Rover luxury car.


      Bai San hung up the phone in his hand, and a glint of moroseness instantly surfaced at the corner of his mouth.


      "Prepare for action!"


      As the words fell, the remaining two White Angels in the car drew out the long knives on their waists.


      This time, they needed to kidnap four people.


      Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose, Master Tiger and Master Blade!


      And Bai San divided his group, into four teams of three Patriarchs each, with the task being carried out simultaneously.


      Click, click, click!


      Bai San and the three of them stepped out of the Land Rover limousine one after another, and then walked in unison towards the inside of the Sheng Shi Club.


      "What a bore, a bunch of little molehills from Jiang City, this time I can show you the power of a clan master!"


      Bai San licked his dry lips as a fierce arc emerged on his face.


      Zong Shi!


      For a small place like Jiang City, it was an absolutely invincible existence.


      What's more, each group was three clan masters, joining forces to kidnap a mere four people, it was simply a matter of hand to hand.




      To the surprise of Bai San and the others, when they had just rushed into the Sheng Shi Club, they were shocked to find that all the security guards and club staff who had been patrolling before had all disappeared.




      "Bai Ye! What's going on? Weren't all the people inside the clubhouse just now still there?" For some reason, when Bai San saw this empty clubhouse, his heart unexpectedly had an ominous feeling.


      And hearing this.


      A white angel at the back, equally puzzled, said.


      "Third Brother, the exit here, I've been watching it! Within the clubhouse, absolutely no one has come out!"


      "In my opinion, at this point in time, perhaps it's their meeting time, so no one is around!"


      "However, I can guarantee that Blood Rose definitely hasn't left and is definitely inside the office on the third floor!"