Today I Give Up Trying 934-936

 Chapter 934



      Another sentence?


      Nima, this bastard had no end to it.


      The many guests around looked at Lin Fan at this moment as if they were completely looking at a fool, how could they not have imagined that this trash would be so unbearable in order to make a name for himself?


      As for Old Master Bai and the others, each of them had a chilly and ironic look on their faces.


      Just as they were about to angrily rebuke and drink at Lin Fan.


      A welcoming and ecstatic voice, however, suddenly came from outside the courtyard, saying.


      "Divine Doctor Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian, arrive!!!"




      The moment these words were spoken, they instantly attracted the attention of everyone within the courtyard.


      A flurry of gazes looked towards the entrance, wanting to admire the face of Divine Doctor Zhang.


      There were even some guests who jeered and generally shouted at Lin Fan:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Idiot, did you hear that? Punching your face no? You just finished saying that Divine Doctor Zhang wouldn't accept the invitation from the Jiangnan Bai family, and he turned around and came here for the banquet, what a slap in your face!"


      "Hahahaha, since Divine Doctor Zhang is willing to come to the banquet, then he will definitely accept the invitation from the Jiangnan Bai family, Lin Fan, you're really embarrassing!"




      Those guests, watching the hilarity, were now inundated with mocking words towards Lin Fan.


      And hearing this ridicule.


      Bai Yi's pretty face was even more blue and red, and her heart was simply disappointed in Lin Fan to the extreme.




      Just as everyone was watching, the sound of two footsteps rang out.


      Two figures, an old man and a young man, were seen stepping in from the doorway.


      The man in the lead was an old man in sackcloth, with an old look and an aura of vicissitude.


      And behind him, followed a handsome young man.


      It was Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian, master and disciple.


      "It's him?"


      After seeing Zhang Tianyi, both Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were as startled as they could be.


      And seeing the two's expressions, Bai Yi faintly froze and asked in confusion.


      "Mom and Dad, you guys know Divine Doctor Zhang?"




      The corners of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's mouths twitched slightly, and their eyes, involuntarily, looked towards Lin Fan:.


      "I ...... we don't know him! However, have seen him before!"


      "He's the pockmarked old man who praised Lin Fan's medicinal food last time! He was also the one who said that Lin Fan's medicinal meals were worth a million for a single dish!"




      With a single sentence, Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded.


      She had originally thought that the sack-clothed old man her parents had spoken of was probably just a godly liar, and that Lin Fan's medicinal dish, too, was certainly not worth that much.


      And she had never dreamed that the pockmarked old man would be the divine doctor Zhang Tianyi.




      When Bai Yi thought that the medicinal meal Zhang Tianyi said was worth a million, then one hundred percent, the medicinal meal Lin Fan made must be of extraordinary value.


      All of a sudden!


      The eyes of the three members of the family looked at Lin Fan in unison, that look was as if they had seen a ghost.


      "Hahahaha...... Divine Doctor Zhang, welcome welcome welcome!"


      Just then, with a clear, loud laugh, one could see that Bai Dust, with Old Master Bai and the others, had already greeted him with quick steps.


      A crowd of people were simply enthusiastic to the extreme towards Divine Doctor Zhang's master and disciple.


      Seeing this scene.


      Zhang Tian Yi nodded indifferently.


      It was as if in his eyes, these people in front of him, whether it was White Dust or Old Master White, could hardly enter his eyes at all.


      This scene made Bai Dust and the others slightly embarrassed.


      After all, before Zhang Tianyi appeared, they were the real protagonists, everyone was flattering them, and now, they were rushing to flatter people, but they were all lovingly ignoring them, which was a big blow to them.


      "Hahahaha ...... Divine Doctor Zhang, please take your seat!"


      Bai Chen forced down the unhappiness in his heart, still full of smiles, invited Divine Doctor Zhang and his disciples, to the main seat and sat down.


      It was only at this point.


      Only then did Bai Dan curiously ask.


      "By the way, Divine Doctor Zhang, I wonder if your master, Divine Doctor Lin, can be present today? Let us have a glimpse of Divine Doctor Lin's style!"

Chapter 935

Divine Doctor Lin?


      At this moment, after hearing the question about the extremely mysterious Divine Doctor Lin, almost everyone in the courtyard pricked up their ears.


      After all, in the eyes of the crowd, Divine Doctor Lin was the one who was truly a bully.


      It was just that the crowd was surprised.


      Zhang Tianyi did not reply, instead, Ye Tian, who was behind him, said with a face full of reverence.


      "A figure like my master is not something that you people, who want to meet, can just meet!"


      "Besides, maybe my master, was already here long ago! His old man's thoughts, who can feel it!"




      Maybe, it was here long ago?


      Hearing these words from Ye Tian, the crowd faintly froze, before they turned their heads to look around in all directions.


      It seemed to want to find out which one was the divine Doctor Lin.


      There were even some good people who even locked their eyes on Lin Fan's body, one laughing playfully at each other continuously:.


      "Hehehe ...... of these people present, there is basically no one with the surname Lin, only that Lin Fan, do you guys think that he could be Divine Doctor Lin?"


      "Hahahaha ...... what kind of bullshit joke are you making, if he is the God Doctor Lin, then I'm still the Chinese Lin Zuo!"




      These good people, laughing and joking around.


      But for them, it was just joking words, none of them believed that Lin Fan would be the God Doctor Lin at all.


      Even Bai Yi's family, at this moment, were constantly turning their heads and looking around, as if they wanted to see who the divine Doctor Lin really was?


      And it was at this moment.


      Bai Dan continued to ask Divine Doctor Zhang.


      "Divine Doctor Zhang, my family's main mother is suffering from a health problem, and I hope that Divine Doctor Zhang can go ahead and heal her! My Jiangnan Bai family, I will definitely reward you generously!"


      Bai Chen's heart was tense.


      He knew that Divine Doctor Zhang had always been proud and arrogant, even if it was their hermit gentry, he would not even put it in his eyes.


      Moreover, only if the Divine Doctor Zhang could be invited would the Bai family have the chance to invite the Divine Doctor Lin.


      This was almost the key to the success or failure of his mission.


      All of a sudden.


      Everyone's eyes were all locked on Divine Doctor Zhang's body, and the crowd was exceptionally curious as to whether he would really agree.


      And just as the crowd watched, Divine Doctor Zhang nodded indifferently.


      "This matter, I can consider it!"


      Can be considered?


      This was almost equivalent to a promise.




      Instantly, White Dust, Old Master Bai, and the others, all of them became excited and exuberant, their faces flickering with a thick surprise.


      Especially the eldest master, Bai Hai.


      His gaze couldn't help but sweep a glance at the corner where Lin Fan was, and the sneer and ridicule at the corner of his mouth grew thicker and thicker as he said.


      "Humph! Just now, there was another idiot who swore that Divine Doctor Zhang wouldn't say yes, and that Divine Doctor Lin wouldn't say yes either!"


      "How about now! It's just an idiot who brags about it!"


      Eldest Master Bai Hai and Second Master Bai Chuan and the others talked and laughed.


      Only, although their voices were tiny, they still fell on Divine Doctor Zhang's ears, immediately causing him to faintly stare.




      "Who just said that I wouldn't agree to it? Divine Doctor Lin wouldn't agree either?"


      Zhang Tianyi frowned and asked at Grand Master Bai Hai and the others.


      And seeing this scene.


      Grand Master Bai Hai and the others instantly thought that Zhang Tianyi was angry and mad at that nonsense guy.

Chapter 936

Thinking of this, Grand Master Bai Hai's heart fluttered with joy and he hurriedly pointed to a table in the corner and said with a quick face.


      "Divine Doctor Zhang, it was the guy at that table who said that!"


      "That kid's name is Lin Fan, and he went so far as to blurt out before that he bragged that you wouldn't say yes, and neither would Divine Doctor Lin! Borrowing the skin of your tiger, he was bragging about it!"


      Borrowing the tiger's skin and bragging about it?


      Hearing these words, the gazes of Zhang Tianyi and Master and Disciple Ye Tian could not help but turn their eyes towards the corner of the courtyard and look at it.


      When they saw the rubbish all over the ground and the messy corner, the master and disciple frowned.


      Only, after the duo's gaze landed on Lin Fan who was on that table and chair.




      Both Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian's bodies all trembled as their faces changed instantly.


      However, this change in their expressions fell on the ears of the surrounding crowd, but it was as if the master and disciple were in a rage, in a fit of anger.


      At that moment, White Dust and the others could not help but add fuel to the fire.


      "Hahahaha ...... Divine Doctor Zhang, that's just a bragging trash, a loud-mouthed bastard! There's no need to bother with this kind of trash in general!"


      "Yes, Divine Doctor Zhang, we'll just treat him like a clown!"


      Bai Chen and the Bai family, each one smiling unusually brightly.


      The gaze they looked at Lin Fan was also as if they were looking at a piece of trash, a clown, nothing more.






      "A clown?"


      Zhang Tianyi muttered to himself at the corner of his mouth, however, as his self-satisfied voice slowly turned into a sound of gnashing teeth, he turned his head violently and stared deadly at Bai Dust and the others as he said morosely.


      "Good! Very well! Since that little gentleman has said that I won't accept the invitation, then ...... I really won't accept the invitation!"


      What ...... what?


      Zhang Tianyi's words caused the smiles on everyone's faces, including Bai Dan's, to completely freeze.


      One by one, they looked at Divine Doctor Zhang, hardly believing their ears.


      Refused ...... refused?


      The Divine Doctor Zhang had actually rejected the Jiangnan Bai Clan just as that idiot Lin Fan had said?


      This, how was this possible!


      However, the thing that shocked them had just begun.




      After Zhang Tianyi had finished rejecting Bai Chen at this moment, he took his disciple Ye Tian with him and walked in the direction of the corner in an aggressive manner.


      As Zhang Tianyi, master and disciple, walked through each area, all the celebrities of Jiang City there, stood up to pay their respects.


      Especially, after they saw that Zhang Tianyi's master and disciple had actually walked all the way to Lin Fan's table.


      Swish swish!


      The master and disciple bowed in unison to Lin Fan.


      "Zhang Tianyi, pay my respects to Master ...... Mr. Lin!"


      Divine Doctor Zhang was just about to address 'Master', but he suddenly felt a chill run through his body and could only change his words instantly.




      The mere words of Divine Doctor Zhang's master and disciple, bowing and paying respects to Mr. Lin, fell on the eyes of everyone around, but the entire Bai family's compound was instantly silent.


      All eyes looked incredulously towards this place.


      Even Bai Chen and the others suspected that they were hallucinating.