Today I Give Up Trying 931-933

 Chapter 931

"Good! Boy, you've got guts! Beating up my men and disobeying my orders, and you still have the guts to come! Very good indeed!" Bai Dan gritted his teeth, and the chill in those words caused everyone around him to shiver.


      Just immediately afterwards, White Dust's gaze turned and stared deadly at Bai Yi, asking grimly.


      "What about you?"


      "I told you to bring the official seal and asset contract of the new Bai's! Have you brought them?"


      The official seal, the asset contract!


      These were the things necessary for the annexation of the New White Clan!


      Hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face was pale, and her expression contained a strong sense of panic.


      However, before she could reply.


      Lin Fan, who was next to her, continued to say with a smirk.


      "Didn't bring it!"


      "However, have you prepared the official seal and industrial contract of the Bai Group?"




      The official seal and industrial contract of the Bai Group?


      Does this guy mean that ...... he is not here this time to have the new Bai Clan annexed, but to annex the old Bai Clan?




      After hearing Lin Fan's words, all the guests within the entire courtyard were once again in an uproar.


      One after another, they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.


      "Oh my god, this trash is too arrogant! He dares to openly try to annex the Bai Group in front of Old Master Bai and Young Master Bai Chen?"


      "Crazy! This guy is absolutely insane, only a madman could do such a thing!"


      "Just wait and see, Young Master Bai Dust definitely won't be able to spare him!"




      The guests around them were completely clamoring.


      In almost everyone's eyes, Lin Fan's current move to anger Bai Dan was simply no different from an idiot.


      Sure enough!


      After hearing Lin Fan's words, both Bai Dust, Old Master Bai, Eldest Master Bai Hai, and Second Master Bai Chuan, each of their faces were as gloomy as possible, almost dripping water.


      Especially Old Master Bai, who was practically exploding with anger.


      "Good! Lin Fan, do you want to annex my Bai Clan?"


      "Old me will make it happen!"


      Old Master Bai's gaze, gloomy and cold, stared deadly at Lin Fan and said.


      "As long as you can walk out of the Bai family alive today, I will present the official seal and the industrial contract with both hands!!!"




      Killing intent?


      Almost everyone could hear the killing intent that was so dense to the extreme within the old dowager's words.


      Especially the crowd found out.


      Old Master Bai, as well as all the Bai family members, looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a dead man.


      It wasn't just him!


      Bai Dust, who was next to him, was also staring at Lin Fan with a sinister face as he said morosely.


      "Lin Fan, you are the most ballsy door-to-door son-in-law I've ever seen, but unfortunately, do you really think that with your little strength, you can be an enemy of our Jiangnan Bai Clan?"


      "Just wait! In a moment, we will give you a big surprise that will definitely make you remember it for the rest of your life!"


      The words fell!


      With a wave of his hand, Bai Chen instantly led Old Master Bai and the others and left the place straight away, heading towards the main seat.


      Until they left.


      Dense, cold sweat had already trickled down from Bai Yi's family's forehead.


      The faces of the three members of the family were as white as paper, and the panic and fear in their expressions was difficult to conceal.

Chapter 932

"Lin Fan, why are you so impulsive! You've completely pissed off White Dust and the Old Master with those words! They're probably going to turn against you!"


      "Yes, Little Fan, you were too impulsive, what now? If they try to kill you, then the consequences ......"




      Bai Yi's family was as anxious as ants on a hot pot at the moment.


      It was over!


      They could clearly sense those people's killing intent, which meant that it was likely that Lin Fan would not be able to escape today.


      However, to the surprise of Bai Yi's family, it was as if Lin Fan didn't even know that he had caused a big trouble.


      He rubbed his nose and said with a smile.


      "Mom, Dad, wife, you don't need to worry, just wait to get the official seal and collect the estate!"




      Hearing these words, Bai Yi's family of three was filled with consternation.


      Get the official seal?


      Collecting the property?


      This guy is still dreaming, thinking that he can annex the Bai Group?


      This was unbelievable.


      In an instant, the three members of Bai Yi's family were all silent, they couldn't listen to Lin Fan's words at all, they were only thinking of ways to help Lin Fan get out of this situation with anxious faces.


      And at the side.


      Those guests in the courtyard had likewise heard Lin Fan's words.


      However, it was even more futile to add to the laughter on the crowd's lips.


      "Hahahaha ...... Did you guys hear that? This kid still doesn't know that he has caused a big trouble now, and he is still dreaming of getting the official seal and collecting the estate?"


      "Humph! A mere idiot, he really thinks he can annex the Bai Group? What a foolish dream!"


      "Yes, can't you see that the young master and the old master have all turned on him, he ...... is finished!"




      The crowd of guests was a cacophony of noise.


      Almost everyone thought that Lin Fan was completely finished this time, and there was no way he could walk out of the Bai family alive.


      And just when the crowd was talking most fervently.


      Old Master Bai, however, stood up from the main seat, and waved his hand at the crowd.




      The entire courtyard, quickly fell silent, and one gaze, as many as possible, looked towards the main seat.


      "Thank you, all of you, for coming to my Bai family's dinner party!"


      "Today, apart from welcoming Young Master Bai Chen, we also have a heavyweight guest who will be arriving soon!"


      Old Master Bai's voice was calm and strong.


      And hearing these words, the crowd below, once again, boiled over.


      A heavyweight guest?


      Everyone couldn't imagine what other guest, apart from Young Master White Dust, could be so important for Old Master White to announce in public.


      Seemingly seeing the doubts of the crowd!


      Old Master Bai continued with a smile and said.


      "This guest, who has been famous for decades in our Jiangnan province, has saved countless lives and is known as the Living Hua Tuo!"




      At these words, all the guests within the courtyard completely exploded into a frenzy.


      "The Living Hua Tuo!


      That was naturally ...... Divine Doctor Zhang Tianyi.


      Everyone had not expected that even Divine Doctor Zhang had been invited to this banquet, which was simply too exhilarating.


      Only, that was not all.


      Old Master Bai continued in excitement, saying.

      "The reason why we were able to invite Divine Doctor Zhang today is entirely because of Young Master Bai Chen, who will represent the Jiangnan Bai Family and ask Divine Doctor Zhang to come forward to help heal the Bai Family's main mother!"

      "In addition, besides Divine Doctor Zhang, the Jiangnan Bai Family also intends to invite Divine Doctor Lin, Divine Doctor Zhang's master, to go along!"

Chapter 933



      Divine Doctor Lin!


      To all the bigwigs of Jiang City here, Divine Doctor Lin was even a name that seemed like a god.


      Especially, with the news that Divine Doctor Zhang had paid homage to his master spreading out a few days ago, Divine Doctor Lin had even become an idol and a deity in the hearts of everyone in the entire Jiang City.


      "My goodness, did they even have to invite Divine Doctor Lin? I've heard that this Divine Doctor Lin is extremely mysterious and very few people have ever seen his real face!"


      "Yes, I've also heard that a few days ago, Divine Doctor Zhang actually paid homage to Divine Doctor Lin, and it's even rumored that a plate of Divine Doctor Lin's medicinal food has the divine effect of rejuvenating the old and forging the bones and tendons!"


      "Hahahaha ...... I can't wait to meet that mysterious Divine Doctor Lin now!"




      The many bigwigs of Jiang City were all exuberant to the extreme.


      Divine Doctor Zhang, plus Divine Doctor Lin!


      If these two supreme divine doctors were really invited together, it would definitely be a super event, enough to shake the entire Jiangnan Province.


      However, just when everyone was excited, a discordant voice was heard.


      A discordant voice slowly came from within the corner.


      "Tsk, that's a nice thought!"


      "Unfortunately, Divine Doctor Zhang will not accept your invitation, and Divine Doctor Lin will not accept your invitation even more!"




      These words were extremely abrupt, and immediately caused the atmosphere within the entire Bai family compound to fall slightly silent.




      Everyone turned to look at the place where the voice came from, but was shocked to find that the voice had come from the most isolated corner.


      The mouth of Lin Fan, the one everyone disdained the most!


      In an instant, the atmosphere within the courtyard was slightly awkward.


      Especially after the crowd realised that the words were actually spoken by Lin Fan.




      At once, the many celebrities in the courtyard exploded once again.


      One by one, they shouted.


      "Lin Fan, what are you interrupting! You're a punk, is there a place for you to speak here?"


      "Yes, surnamed Lin, how do you know that Divine Doctor Zhang and Divine Doctor Lin won't accept the invitation, cut! Talking as if you know those two big shots, what are you!"


      "Hmph! Claptrap idiots!"




      Many bigwigs, cursing at Lin Fan, filled every word with thick contempt and disdain.


      Even the three members of Bai Yi's family only felt their faces burning with shame and humiliation.


      Especially when they felt the contempt and disgust of the crowd, they could not wait to find a crack in the ground.


      "Lin Fan, shut up!" Bai Yi was so angry that her pretty face turned red.


      She had been thinking about how to get Lin Fan off the hook, but she had never expected that this guy would be so capable of causing trouble, and with a single word, she had once again caused the anger of the crowd.


      And Bai Shan and Shen Yumei smiled bitterly and said.


      "Little Fan, don't say anything, it's not like we know Divine Doctor Zhang and Divine Doctor Lin, so how would we know that those two big shots wouldn't accept the invitation!"


      "Yes, Little Fan, don't make a fool of yourself for us!"


      The three members of the family spoke bitterly, telling Lin Fan to hurry up and shut up.


      And hearing those words!


      Lin Fan lightly shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.


      "Mom, Dad, wife, don't worry, I said that Divine Doctor Zhang and Divine Doctor Lin wouldn't accept the invitation, then they definitely won't!"