Today I Give Up Trying 929-930

 Chapter 929

Soon, when Lin Fan finished parking his car, he walked straight into the Bai family home with Bai Yi's family of three.


      At this moment, the Bai family was full of guests.


      A flashy table and chairs filled the courtyard, and a dense crowd of upper-class people from Jiangcheng, in groups, were chatting, and the atmosphere was fiery.




      However, when Bai Yi's family had just entered the door.


      The cacophony within the Bai family's compound was instantly silenced.


      A stream of gazes were directed towards the family of four, in unison.


      These gazes were astonished, taunting, mocking and pitying.


      They were even like a wheat mane, piercing the Bai Yi family's body, making their faces look unusually embarrassed.


      "New Bai Clan, Bai Yi has arrived!"


      Seeing this scene, the welcoming guest hurriedly shouted out.




      After hearing this voice, the many guests within the courtyard immediately let out a shocking clamour.


      "I really didn't expect that the New Bai Clan would have the guts to come too! Could it be that they also want to befriend Young Master White Dust?"


      "Hahahaha ...... They're just traitorous outcasts of the Bai family! How could Young Master Bai Dust put them in his eyes!"


      "What a disgrace! That's Lin Fan, right? Our most famous waste of a son-in-law in Jiang City!"




      Dense murmurs resounded through the air.


      Especially, when these voices reached Bai Yi's family's ears, they instantly made their faces, more and more gloomy.


      "Miss Bai Yi, come with me!"


      The welcome guest sneered, and after finishing his sentence, he led the way straight ahead.


      Seeing this scene, Bai Yi's family could only stiffen their heads and slowly follow.




      The scene that immediately followed caused them to become even more furious.


      This was because this one greeter had actually led the family to the bin storage location in the far corner.


      The messy and untidy rubbish was all over the floor.


      The stench that permeated the air was disgusting.


      This was obviously a temporary set of tables and chairs set up for the family, in order to humiliate them.


      "How can you ...... do this! Where is my grandfather? I want to see my grandfather!" Bai Yi's pretty face was iron blue.


      Just hearing these words.


      The cold smile of that welcoming guest, however, grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Sorry! The old master is currently accompanying young master Bai Dan, he doesn't have time to see you!"


      "And, there's only one table and chairs, you family can sit down or not! If you don't want to sit, get lost!"


      Finished speaking!


      This welcoming guest gave a contemptuous glance at Bai Yi's family, before shaking and leaving straight away.


      This scene also fell on the eyes of the many guests around.


      As they looked at the rubbish all over the corner and at the gloomy Bai Yi's family, the laughter and mockery in the eyes of the guests grew thicker and thicker.


      "Guess, will the family sit?"


      "Che, if it were me, I definitely wouldn't sit, this is too bullying!"




      Many guests were talking, all of them discussing whether Bai Yi's family would brush them off.


      Just at that moment.


      "Honey, let's sit down since we're here! It's a show anyway, it's the same anywhere!"




      Hearing these words, not only did Bai Yi's family freeze, even the many guests were slightly silent.


      Only then did they realise that the person who had spoken was, in fact, Lin Fan.

Chapter 930

In particular, in front of everyone's stunned eyes, Lin Fan strutted over to the table before sitting down on a chair with his buttocks, as if he didn't care about the rubbish and stench around him.




      After seeing this scene, the guests in the surrounding courtyard instantly burst out in laughter.


      "Hahahaha ...... really didn't think that this guy would actually sit down!"


      "Ugh, what a shame, in order to flatter Young Master White Dust, he was willing to sit next to a bin!"


      "Hahaha ...... Is he a waste of a son-in-law? Sitting next to the trash, what a coincidental fit!"




      The guests around them, at this moment, looked at Lin Fan with more and more contempt and disdain.


      Even the three members of Bai Yi's family looked at Lin Fan with a gaze filled with anger.


      "Lin Fan, you ......"


      Bai Yi wanted to rebuke Lin Fan.


      Only, when the words had not yet left her mouth.


      A welcoming shout came from the inner courtyard, saying.


      "Young master Bai Dan, arrive!"


      "Old Master, Eldest Master, Second Master, arrive!!!"




      The moment they heard this voice, one and all guests hurriedly stood up from their tables and chairs, before turning their gazes towards the direction of the inner courtyard.


      And it was under the gaze of the crowd.


      A young man, under the stars of a group of senior members of the Bai family, slowly arrived.


      He, was none other than Bai Chen, the young master of the Jiangnan Bai Clan!


      Seeing Bai Chen appear.


      Almost all the guests within the courtyard had a strong look of flattery and ingratiation on their faces, one by one, they hurriedly bowed and greeted Bai Chen.


      "Greetings, Young Master Bai Dust, I am Li Fengda, Chairman of the Fengda Group!"


      "Young Master Bai Dust, long time admirer, I ......"




      The words of flattery were almost incessant, and at this moment, these upper-class bigwigs of Jiang City were simply as scandalous as hobbits in front of Bai Chen.


      But in the face of all this.


      Bai Chen's face was filled with a strong sense of indifference and arrogance.


      When he walked into the courtyard, he asked directly.


      "Has the New White Clan come?"


      The New White Clan!


      Hearing those words, almost everyone's eyes, in unison, once again looked towards that one corner.


      It wasn't until after seeing Lin Fan's family of four that a thick cold smile surfaced at the corner of Bai Dan's mouth, and with Old Master Bai and the others in tow, he stepped forward.


      When a mass of people, walked in front of Lin Fan's family of four, cold sweat flowed down from Bai Yi's family of three.


      "Young master, it's this bastard, he's the one who broke our brothers' facial bones!"


      The brothers, Bai Wen and Bai Wu, immediately gnashed their teeth in hatred after seeing Lin Fan.




      Hearing those words!


      The many guests around them all froze, apparently they had just learned that Lin Fan had dared to make a move on Young Master Bai Dan's bodyguard.


      This ...... was simply seeking death.


      For a moment, the guests in the surrounding courtyard once again looked at Lin Fan with a completely changed gaze.


      Not a waste, but a madman, an idiot!


      To beat up someone's bodyguard and still strut around and come to befriend the other party, what was this if not a fool.


      "You're Lin Fan?" Bai Chen's gaze, landing on Lin Fan, was cold and piercing.


      Hearing those words.


      Lin Fan smiled faintly and nodded his head.


      "That's right! I am Lin Fan!"