Today I Give Up Trying 924-926

 Chapter 924

Old Master Bai continued.


      "This time in the ring battle, I was fortunate enough to observe the battle, and it really opened my eyes!"


      "The first people to challenge them were Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, two of our openly great masters in Jiangnan! Only, the person who met them was not Blood Floating Tu, but ...... Blood Wolf!"




      When this statement was made, Bai Chen and the others were startled.


      The Blood Wolf alone faced off against two Grand Masters?


      This ...... was simply a little unbelievable.


      "What's the result?" Bai Dan's heart was tense.


      He knew that Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan were the strongest martial artists in Jiangnan Province in plain sight, and as long as the four hidden giants did not come out, these two were almost hegemonic-level existences.


      And Blood Wolf picked two with one, this difficulty factor, can be imagined.


      "The result ......"


      Old Master Bai said, a bitter smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.


      "The final result is that Blood Wolf defeated He Lan Shan in one move and Leng Ao Tian in ten! The two Grand Masters ...... were completely defeated!"




      A single sentence fell on the ears of Bai Chen and Bai San and the others, instantly sending shocking waves through their hearts.


      One against two!


      Two Grand Masters hadn't even lasted ten moves?


      This, how was it possible.


      Only, what made them even more shocked was just beginning.


      "Do you think that's the end of it? The most shocking thing is that Grand Master Lin of our Jiang City!"


      It was as if Old Master Bai had thought of everything that had happened that day, and his old, vicissitudes face was still covered with a strong sense of shock and admiration as he said.


      "The Blood Wolf shook the entire arena with its might, and just then, Grand Master Lin appeared!"


      "He defeated Blood Wolf with just ...... one move!"


      Jing ......


      When these words fell from Old Master Bai, both Bai Chen and Bai San and the others all froze, and for a moment, unexpectedly failed to react.


      "Elder Bai, what ...... did you just say? Grand Master Lin defeated the Blood Wolf with just ...... one move?" Bai Chen's eyes were glazed over as he asked with a face full of astonishment.


      It wasn't until after he saw Old Master Bai nodding seriously.




      Bai Dust and Bai San and the others were almost scared to death.


      Blood Wolf, a terrifying existence that had finished off two Grand Masters within ten moves.


      This kind of character couldn't last more than a single move in Grand Master Lin's hands, it was like a nightmare from heaven.


      "What about ...... that Blood Faust?"


      White Dust viciously spat out a mouthful of spit as he continued to ask in a trembling voice.


      "Blood Floating Tu?" Old Master Bai gave a bitter laugh and shook his head.


      "He lasted ...... ten strokes in the hands of Grand Master Lin!"


      Ten strokes!


      Wow ......


      At these words, both Bai Chen and Bai San both had a shuddering feeling.


      That was the blood pontoon.


      A super lord who had been a powerful force in the northwest for several years and had killed countless people.


      I don't know how many people had tried to defeat Blood Fausto, but none of them had ever done so, and now, in this small third-tier city, Blood Fausto had failed to last more than ten moves, which was simply too incredible.


      However, the shock still did not stop there.


      "There is still the most shocking news of all!"


      Old Master Bai's expression was somewhat hesitant, as if he wanted to say something but didn't dare to, and carefully glanced at Bai Chen and the others as he admonished.


      "This piece of news is so terrifying that when I tell you, you must remember that you must not spread it outside!"


      "This is also why, after this great competition, all the spectators were as silent as possible and did not say a word!"

Chapter 925



      Looking at Elder Bai's serious expression, Bai Chen and Bai San and the others all felt that this matter would be shocking and earth-shattering.


      At that moment, the expressions of the people instantly became solemn.


      Seeing this scene.


      Only then did Old Master Bai swallow a mouthful of spittle fiercely, and his voice trembled as he said.


      "Grand Master Lin's true identity is that of the King of the Blood Floating Slaughter! It is possible that he is the legendary ...... King of the Blood Prison!"




      When the four words, King of Blood Hell, fell on the ears of the crowd.


      It was as if Bai Chen's entire body was struck by a lightning bolt, and instantly fell to the ground on his butt.


      The twelve White Angels, including Bai San, were also scared to death, and if they weren't clan masters, they were afraid that they would have been just as scared as Bai Dust and fallen to the ground.


      The King of Blood Hell!


      That legendary super-terror.


      This, how could it be.


      "The King of Blood Hell, the supreme emperor who is said to control the global darkness realm, a super existence that can make countless international giants go up in smoke with a single word!"


      "Impossible! How could that kind of global god at the pinnacle of the world appear here?"


      Bai Chen only felt that his back was completely wet with cold sweat.


      His face was flickering with thick disbelief.


      It wasn't just him!


      Old Master Bai was also smiling bitterly as he said.


      "Yes, who can believe it!"


      "But, that's the truth! So in Jiang City, you will never know who is the real master of this city!"


      "If you're not careful, even the strongest person in China may be doomed!"


      These words of Old Master Bai were so serious that they sounded like a flooding bell, causing Bai Chen and Bai San and the others to fall into deep thought.


      Only then did they truly understand that there were people outside of people, and there was a heaven outside of heaven.




      After a long time.


      Bai Dan finally settled down from the shock of the King of Blood Hell.


      He sat back down in his chair before turning his head to Bai San and the others and saying.


      "Alright! You guys just act carefully this time, as long as we don't provoke Grand Master Lin, we won't be in danger of killing ourselves!"


      With that said!


      A hint of coldness surfaced in Bai Chen's eyes:.


      "The people you are dealing with this time are Lin Fan's men!"


      "In three days, they will come to the Bai family for the banquet, and on that very day, I want you to capture four people, Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose, Master Blade, and Master Tiger!"


      "Bring them to the banquet, and kill the New Bai Clan if they don't submit to a single word!"


      With a single word, all twelve Patriarchal powerhouses, including Bai San, had their bodies shaken.


      "As ordered!!!"






      Bai Yi's family had just finished eating dinner, and Lin Fan was wearing a cooking outfit, finishing brushing up in the kitchen.


      Only, at that very moment.


      His ears twitched slightly, but he heard that there was a rush of footsteps that was coming towards his house.


      "It seems that there is news!"


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth curled slightly as he instantly took off his gloves and said to Bai Yi.


      "Wife, I'm going out to throw away the rubbish!"


      After saying that, Lin Fan carried a bag of rubbish and walked straight out of the room.


      The depth of night had gradually thickened.


      Outside the door of Bai Yi's house, the streetlights were dim.


      After walking out of the courtyard and throwing the bag of rubbish into the bin, Lin Fan did not go straight back home. Instead, he took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, took one out of it and lit it up, and slowly smoked it.


      Just as he had taken a few puffs.




      The sound of hurried footsteps, from far away to close, a man in black, ran over at a fast pace.

Chapter 926

After this man saw Lin Fan, he was slightly stunned, obviously not expecting that Lin Fan was standing outside the courtyard, and looking as if he was waiting for him.


      "Mr. Lin!"


      The man hurriedly walked forward and bowed to Lin Fan.


      "You're one of Master Tiger's men?" Lin Fan swept the man with a faint glance.


      "Speak up, what is it!"


      Hearing these words.


      The man didn't dare to talk nonsense and hurriedly said straightforwardly.


      "Mr. Lin, our men have just discovered that four Land Rover cars have headed to the Bai family, the license plates belong to Jiangnan City, and it is likely that they are from the Bai family in Jiangnan!"


      "Moreover, a total of twelve people got down from the cars, and the aura on each one of them is extremely terrifying!"


      "Master Tiger asked me to warn you to be careful with everything!"


      The Jiangnan Bai family?


      When Lin Fan heard these four words, a hint of disdain could not help but appear at the corner of his mouth.


      "It seems that the Jiangnan Bai Family still can't resist sending people to die!"


      "If what is expected is correct, tell Master Tiger that they should be the White Angels!"


      White Angels!


      These four words fell on the man's ears and instantly made his face pale, he had naturally heard of this terrifying organisation and knew, in particular, that this organisation had killed countless people and had never failed to do so.


      And now, if twelve White Angels came, this was almost a terrifying force that swept across Jiang City and was invincible.


      Thinking of this.


      The man's face was instantly white.


      However, just at that moment.


      "Come out!"




      Hearing Lin Fan's voice, the man in black froze slightly.


      There were only two people in this place, him and Lin Fan, and he simply couldn't figure out who Mr. Lin was going to ask to come out?


      Only, just as the man was stunned.


      Swish swish!


      He only felt two gusts of wind that suddenly blew up, and then the man in black was appalled to find that two old men had unexpectedly appeared beside him at some point.


      Especially, after seeing the faces of these two old men.




      The man in black almost pissed himself in fear.


      This was because these two people were Jiangnan's strongest duo in plain sight - He Lan Shan and Leng Ao Tian.


      "Greetings, Mr. Lin!!!"


      The two Grand Masters had just appeared and bowed to the ground in unison to Lin Fan, their demeanor respectful to the extreme.


      Looking at the two, Lin Fan seemed to have guessed their intentions and could not help but say with a smile.


      "You have also gotten the news?"




      The two Grand Masters nodded in unison, before saying with a face full of gravity.


      "According to the information we have received, the ones sent by the Jiangnan Bai Family this time are the White Three Group, the captain of which is named Bai San, a top-level Grandmaster, while there are also eleven veteran Grandmaster powerhouses under them!"


      "These people, before and after, have participated in 36 assassination and slaughter missions, without fail!"


      It had to be said!


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, as the two most powerful people in Jiangnan in the open, had an exceptionally elite intelligence network in their hands.


      After the White Angels had just entered Jiang City, the two of them already had a clear picture of each other's situation, under control.


      Hearing these words, Lin Fan smiled slightly, but did not care.


      It was as if in his eyes.


      A top-level Patriarch with a group of Patriarchal powerhouses was not the slightest bit different from twelve ants and bedbugs.