Today I Give Up Trying 921-923

 Chapter 921

They found that the man driving the car stiffened viciously, and the shocked look on his face froze instantly.


      A line of blood, surprisingly, slowly emerged from above his neck.


      Tick! Tick!


      A bead of blood dripped down from the blood line.


      Not only that, this blood line was getting bigger and bigger.


      In the blink of an eye, this driving man's head, unexpectedly, slowly slid down from the top of his neck.


      With a grunt!


      It rolled down to the ground.


      The headless corpse, appeared in front of Bai San and the others, the blood on that neck, gushing out in a gush, causing everyone's scalp to tingle.


      Dead ...... dead?


      Bai San, as well as all the rest of the White Angel members, could not believe their eyes.


      Killed in seconds?


      They could never have dreamed that their companion, a titled sect master expert, would be instantly killed in seconds by the Blood Wolf?


      This, how could this be possible.


      "Grand ...... Grand Master, you, you're actually a Grand Master too?"


      Bai San was dumbfounded.


      All the rest of the White Angels were equally dumbfounded.


      They had only heard before that Blood Wolf had been scrapped in Jiang City, but they didn't even know that Blood Wolf had advanced to become a Grand Master figure.


      And now ......


      A chill instantly struck everyone's heart, causing Bai Shan and the others' scalps to almost explode.


      One master and disciple, two great patriarchs!


      This was so terrifying that it was unimaginable.


      It was only when the headless corpse, with a poof, fell to the ground that Bai San and the others came to their senses from the shock they had just experienced.


      "What? Do you guys want to take revenge for him?"


      Blood Wolf looked at Bai San and the others, the corners of his mouth curving slightly as a fierce arc emerged.


      He could kill one person!


      And didn't mind killing all of them.


      Feeling the Blood Wolf's increasingly dense killing intent, Bai San only felt his back, which was already completely wet with cold sweat, hurriedly said stiffly.


      "Blood ...... Mr. Bloodwolf restrain your anger! He has already paid for his mistake, I ...... we naturally don't dare to take revenge on you!"


      Bai San didn't even have the courage to look at Blood Wolf at this moment.


      After saying this, he hurriedly turned his head to the crowd and waved.


      "Everyone get in the car and continue to depart!"


      Having said that!


      Bai San led the remaining crowd and respectfully bowed deeply to Blood Faust and Blood Wolf, before they all panicked and got into the car once more.




      The four Land Rovers continued on their way, leaving behind only the Blood Faust master and disciple, as well as a headless corpse on the ground.


      Looking at the departing four Land Rovers.


      Blood Faust's eyes narrowed slightly.


      "Little Wolf, the identities of these people, I'm afraid they are not ordinary!"


      "Thirteen Zong Shi members, tsk ...... If I'm not wrong, in the entire Jiangnan, I'm afraid that only the four hidden giants have this kind of strength!"


      Hearing these words.


      Blood Wolf couldn't help but nod, and then went up and examined the headless corpse before turning his head to Blood Fausto and saying.


      "Master, they are the White Angels under the Jiangnan White Family!"


      White Angels?


      Blood Floating Tu's eyes narrowed slightly.


      "Why would the White Angels want to go to Jiang City? And, the Jiangnan White Family?"


      Blood Faustus seemed to have thought of something, and a ghastly chill gradually emerged above his ugly face:.


      "Could it be that it has something to do with Wang?"

Chapter 922



      Blood Wolf's body immediately trembled, and a dense look of incredulity burst out from his eyes:.


      "Master, although the Jiangnan Bai Family and the White Angels are among the top forces in Jiangnan Province! But in front of the King, they are nothing more than ants and crawlers!"


      "They dare to deal with the king?"


      Blood Wolf was somewhat incredulous.


      After all, only they truly understood how terrifying and powerful Lin Fan really was.


      Blood Fudo shook his head, the morose smile on the corner of his mouth growing thicker and thicker: "That's because the King is too powerful.


      "That's because, the king is too low-profile!"


      "That's why a bunch of mole crickets and reptiles have appeared one after another!"


      He finished!


      A look of intense anticipation surfaced on his face as he smiled and waved his hand.


      "Let's go, let's return to Jiang City! This time, the King might not kick us out!"




      With a single word, the Blood Wolf's eyes instantly lit up at first.


      The last time they had met with Wang, it was Wang who had told them to leave and return to the Caribbean, it was only in the past few days that Blood Wolf had been recuperating from his injuries that he had delayed his trip.


      Until today, when his injuries had healed and he had to leave.


      And if they could stay away and be able to follow Wang's side, this was definitely something that the master and disciple had dreamed of.


      Thinking of this.


      The master and disciple looked at each other, and a strong exuberant and ecstatic smile appeared on all their faces.




      At the same time!


      The Land Rover.


      Bai San in the back row, took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, his palm trembling as he pressed the lighter and lit the cigarettes.


      Obviously, until this moment, he still hadn't snapped out of the fear he had just felt.


      "San ...... San! We have a dead brother, let's just forget about it?"


      The man driving the car, a different person, but his face was filled with a strong sense of indignation.


      After all, for so many years.


      Only the White Angels had killed people, but no one had ever dared to kill the White Angels, and today, it was simply a shame for them.


      "So what if it doesn't count!"


      A bitter smile surfaced at the corner of Bai San's mouth.


      "Those are two Grand Masters! Especially that Blood Faust, I'm afraid that among our organisation, apart from the leader, no one is a match for him!"


      "Count us out today, otherwise, our entire group would have been wiped out!"


      Bai San's heart was thankful to the core.


      Only one person had died, but it had saved everyone else.


      Otherwise, once the battle started, there was no way their group would have survived, they would have been wiped out!


      Hearing these words!


      The man driving the car, even though he had a lot of resentment in his heart, could only turn it into a long sigh: "I don't understand.


      "I really don't understand, the Blood Faust master and his disciple have already become grand masters, what are they doing here in Jiangcheng?"


      Jiang City?


      Bai San shook his head.


      "What they are doing here in Jiang City has nothing to do with us! The only thing we can be thankful for now is that that Lin Fan's men are all a bunch of drunken sacks, otherwise, we would have been extremely troubled on this mission as well!"


      Speaking of which!


      Bai San and the man driving the car breathed a sigh of relief.


      Only, if they knew that the master and disciple duo who had just nearly scared the piss out of them were also just Lin Fan's men, I wonder how they would feel.

Chapter 923



      Half an hour later, four Land Rovers had pulled up in front of the White Family's entrance.


      Bai San and twelve others, led by a senior member of the Bai family respectfully, arrived in the middle of the hall.




      When they had just entered, the White Dust inside the hall, however, faintly froze.


      He carefully swept Bai San and the others once more before saying.


      "Bai San, aren't there thirteen people in your three groups? Why is there one person missing?"


      "Also, what's wrong with your faces? Are each of you so ugly?"


      Bai Dust was full of confusion.


      And hearing this, Elder Bai and the others beside him were all puzzled as well.


      These were all Patriarch-level powerhouses.


      Especially with more than ten people together, this was simply a terrifying force that swept through Jiang City, but now, Bai San and the others were all hanging their heads as if they were defeated, what was ...... going on here?


      Hearing the question, Bai San could only let out a bitter smile and said to Bai Dust.


      "Young Master Bai Chen, something happened on our way here! We lost one of our brothers!"




      At these words, Bai Dan and the others were startled.


      The members of the White Angels were almost all Patriarch-level figures, and such people, when placed in society, were all super-lords of one side.


      Even in the Jiangnan White Family, they were precious.


      And now, to lose one person on the way, this, how is it possible.


      "What has happened? Who actually did this?"


      Bai Chen's face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it.


      He naturally could not be blamed for the loss of a White Angel, after all, the White Trio had come for him.


      "Alas ...... Young master, on our way here, we met an old man and a young man! They didn't give way to our vehicle and Bai Bin was too impulsive and in a fit of anger, he tried to drive into them!"


      "But I didn't expect that the old man and young man would be ...... Blood Faust and Blood Wolf Master and Disciple!"


      Bai San was full of ugly faces, as if he still had palpitations when he thought of the scene just now.


      And when hearing!


      Blood Faustus and Blood Wolf's names.


      Both Bai Chen and Old Master Bai and the others all shivered.


      "No wonder you guys lost one of your men! That Blood Faust master and disciple are Grand Master figures!" Old Master Bai let out a long sigh, his face full of regret.


      Grand Patriarch?


     [Pen Interest Island] Bai San faintly stared, before frowning and saying.


      "Old Man Bai, everyone knows that Blood Floating Wolf is a Grand Master! But how do you know that Blood Wolf is also a Grand Master?"


      Bai San was curious to the extreme.


      After all, those of them only knew that Blood Wolf was actually a Grand Master figure after he had killed his own men in a single move.


      And Old Master Bai had even revealed it in one breath, which was clearly something he had known about for a long time.


      Even White Dust, who was on the side, turned his eyes curiously to look over.


      "Everyone has no idea!"


      Old Master Bai hurriedly said.


      "Just a while ago, we had a Grand Master Ring Battle in Jiang City! The person who challenged him was Blood Floating Tu, and the challenged person was our Jiang City's Patriarch Lin!"


      The Grand Master's Tournament!


      Hearing these words, Bai Chen and Bai San and the others all narrowed their eyes.


      The Jiangnan Bai family that they belonged to belonged to a secluded and powerful family, and paid little attention to worldly matters.


      Likewise, they did not care, what with the Grand Master Ring Battle.