Today I Give Up Trying 919-920

 Chapter 919

However, the next thing that happened to him was a sight to behold.




      Almost instantly, the old man's fist collided with the front cover of the Land Rover that came crashing down on him.




      A terrifying popping sound suddenly resounded out.


      Bai San, the co-driver and the man driving the car all changed their faces at the same time.


      They only felt as if the entire Land Rover had hit a concrete pillar, surprisingly the forward momentum came to a screeching halt, and the entire body was almost crumpled up under the inertia.


      Squeak ...... creak!


      In particular, with a violent rubbing sound of tyres, the entire front cover of the Land Rover sedan, completely dented scrapped.


      The vehicle, came to a screeching halt.


      A punch, stop!


      Stop ...... stopped?


      At this moment, with the first Land Rover was forced to stop raw.


      The three Land Rovers behind, also one by one, hurriedly emergency braking, have stopped.


      The first Land Rover.


      The atmosphere was dull and oppressive, and dense cold sweat was raging down from the foreheads of Bai San and the remaining two men.


      The three men, with their eyes fixed on the front of the car, found that the entire front of the Land Rover had been completely dented and scrapped.


      The parts were all over the place.


      A deep crater appeared on the front of the car.


      But in front of the Land Rover, the old man's figure was as stable as a rock, as if it were an immovable pine.




      Looking at the ugly old man in front of him, both Bai San and the two White Angel members beside him, all of them drew in a breath of cold air.


      "How ...... can this be! He ...... actually stopped our car, literally?"


      The man who was driving the car, at this moment, his eyes almost fell out, as if he had seen a ghost.


      Bai San, on the other hand, had his scalp tingling.


      "Grand Master!"


      "Only a top-level Grand Master could possibly survive such a strong ramming force without being hurt in the slightest, and perhaps even stop the vehicle!"


      "And this person in front of me is definitely a Grand Master without a doubt!"




      This statement was made.


      The man driving the car and the man on the passenger's side only felt a wave of cold air run from the soles of their feet straight to their heads.


      That was not all.


      Bai San's pair of eyes kept glancing at the ugly old man's face until after a name came to his mind, it instantly almost scared the piss out of him.


      "Blood ...... Blood Faust! He's Blood Float!"




      This single sentence was even like an explosive thunder boom, causing the two men next to him to be completely stunned.


      Blood Fudo?


      That super giant murderer who had been shaking the northwest for five years and no one dared to mess with?


      How could this be!


      "Quickly! Get out of the car!"


      Bai San was too late to explain, and after shouting out at once, he hurriedly opened the car door and stepped down.


      It wasn't just him!


      At this moment, after this sudden situation had occurred, the three cars behind them also each walked down with ten members of the White Angels.


      Their eyes were fixed on the old man and the youth, and they all looked like enemies, touching their palms to their waists, as if they would draw their weapons at any moment and start a battle.


      "Stop! All of you, stop!"


      Bai Da was appalled.


      He had just gotten out of the car when he shouted at his men.


      And only after saying that, he then hurriedly ran to the front of the Land Rover and bowed deeply to the old man.


      "Old ...... old man, I'm extremely sorry, it was our car that drove too fast! Please ...... please be magnanimous and don't take it personally with us!"

Chapter 920

Bai San's figure, almost bowed to the ground.


      His demeanour was humble to the extreme.


      Behind him, the man driving the car and the man in the passenger seat also bowed to the old man one after another.


      Looking at the trembling appearance of the three men.


      There was not the slightest fluctuation in expression on Blood Faust's ugly face, he simply said indifferently.


      "Young man, it's not good to drive too fast!"


      The words were bland to the extreme.


      Especially this kind of tone, as if nothing had happened, and just now a fist blowing up the car's head of the rampant appearance, simply like two people.


      "Yes ...... old man said yes! It's our fault! We'll definitely pay attention next time!"


      Bai San wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and answered repeatedly.


      At this moment, his heart was practically in his throat.


      After all, this person standing in front of him was a super giant murderer.


      Not to mention him!


      Even among the White Angels, those few Grand Masters might not be a match for this Blood Faust in front of him, so how could he not be terrified.


      "Alright! You guys go away!"


      Blood Fudo was obviously too lazy to bother with these people and waved his hand at this moment.


      And with a single word, for Bai San and the others, it was like a great amnesty, immediately making them wildly happy.


      "Many ...... thanks, old man, for your generosity! Thanks a lot!"


      When Bai San finished speaking, he instantly turned his head and wanted to leave.


      However, just as he turned around.


      "Wait a minute!"


      A clear voice came out, but it was the Blood Wolf next to him.


      "Little ...... Sir, is there anything else?" Bai San's face stiffened, and at this moment, he couldn't help but turn his eyes to look at Blood Wolf.


      However, after he saw Blood Wolf's somewhat boyish face, there was not much fear.


      "You guys can go!"


      Blood Wolf said indifferently, before his finger fiercely pointed at the man who was driving the car.


      "But he, he can't leave!"




      Hearing those words, Bai San and the others, as well as the ten White Angel members behind them, all changed their faces in unison.


      Only, before they could say anything.




      Blood Wolf took a fierce step forward, and then his eyes stared straight at the man driving the car, and said grimly.


      "Just now, it was you who tried to drive and hit my master, right?"




      Hearing this word, Bai San and the others instantly understood Blood Wolf's identity.


      This likewise caused their faces to freeze.


      Blood Wolf, one of the top ten assassins in East Asia!


      This likewise made them extremely scornful.


      "Yes ...... it's me!"


      The man driving the car wiped his cold sweat before saying.


      "I didn't ...... mean it just now! It's that I didn't have time to ......"


      The man driving the car was just about to argue.


      However just at that moment!


      "It's just you!" Blood Wolf smiled morosely.


      "You, thank me with death!"




      Blood Wolf's words were arrogant and rampant, especially after he finished speaking, his body flickered and suddenly disappeared.


      "Not good! Watch out!"


      This scene caused Bai San and the others' faces to change drastically, and when they noticed that the Blood Wolf's body was like lightning as he came storming towards himself and the others, they couldn't help but want to step forward to stop him.




      Their reaction was quick, but the blood wolf was even faster.


      Bai Shan only felt a fierce wind that swept past him, and then when he turned his eyes to look again.




      The Blood Wolf's figure had already scurried in front of the man driving the car, his palm unfolded like a knife and swung violently at the neck of the man driving the car!




      The sound was dull and depressing.


      Everyone was stunned at this moment.