Today I Give Up Trying 917-918

 Chapter 917

A side road to River City.


      Buzzing and buzzing!


      A full four black Range Rovers, speeding along.


      Overwhelming and furious!


      These four Range Rovers were like four ferocious beasts, roaring ferociously in the darkness of the night, giving people a sense of fear and trembling.


      In particular, the licence plates of these four cars were all from Jiang A, but they were from Jiangnan City.


      Not only that!


      If anyone knew the identities of the people in these four cars, they would be horrified to death.


      If anyone knew the identities of the people in these four cars, they would be horrified to death, because the people in these cars were members of the White Angels, a mysterious organisation of the White Family, one of the four hidden giants.


      Together, they were only thirteen people, but they were the White Angels, the three groups that had terrorised the Jiangnan area!


      The White Three Group, is the most active group of the White Angels.


      The thirteen members of the group were all strong Zong Shi practitioners.


      They have carried out 36 assassination and massacre plans for the White Family, eliminating more than a dozen rival forces in China and killing hundreds of enemies!


      Not a single defeat!


      At this moment, perhaps no one could have imagined that the Bai Family would send such an elite team on a mission to this small place in Jiangcheng.


      A black Land Rover at the front of the car.


      A strong man with a scar, sitting in the back row, was pretending to sleep.


      He, was the leader of Team 3 - Bai San!


      A peak sect master.


      "Third Brother, why did the clan send us to a small place like Jiang City? This mission, it's so boring!" The man who was driving the car said with a face full of indignation at the moment.


      Obviously, in his eyes, none of the characters in a small place like Jiang City were worthy of him at all.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai San couldn't help but slowly open his eyes, a hint of a ghostly aura, flickering in his eyes: "Don't underestimate Jiang City!


      "Don't underestimate Jiang City! According to the news coming from the clan, a Grand Master figure has emerged from Jiang City!"


      A Grand Master?


      Hearing this, the man driving the car's brow could not help but frown, and then said in confusion.


      "Third Brother, that's not right! If it's a Grand Master, our three groups are afraid that we won't be able to defeat them!"


      "After all, all thirteen of our members are just Zongshi!"


      The difference between a Zong Master and a Grand Zong Master was too wide.


      Even if the thirteen of them joined forces, they might have a chance of defeating a Grand Patriarch, but it was almost impossible to put the other side to death.


      Bai San smiled faintly, before shaking his head.


      "You guys don't need to worry, this time our target is not that Grand Patriarch! Rather, it's a ...... Patriarch!"




      The smile on the corner of Bai San's mouth gradually turned cold:.


      "This Patriarch's surname is Lin, his name is Lin Fan! He is a door-to-door son-in-law of the Bai family of Jiang City, and he has actually unknowingly taken control of the large and small forces of the black and white channels of Jiang City, becoming the uncrowned king of Jiang City!"


      "Tsk ...... is really unbelievable!"


      The uncrowned king?


      Hearing these four words, both the man driving and the man on the passenger side laughed in every way.


      Their smiles were filled with contempt and disdain.


      Obviously, a small uncrowned king of Jiang City, not even into their eyes, just need their white three groups appear, will be enough to Jiang City, large and small forces to exterminate.

Chapter 918

Thinking about it.


      The man driving the car sneered and said.


      "Hahahaha ...... Third Brother, it seems that this mission is too easy! He's just a clan master, we're thirteen clan masters, if we want to kill him, we can solve it in a minute!"


      "As for his men? As for his men? They're just a bunch of dogs and cocks, they can be destroyed in a minute!"


      The man driving the car spoke arrogantly and rampantly.




      Just as his words left his mouth!


      He suddenly saw two figures, an old man and a young man, appearing on the path in front of him, which made his face change greatly!


      "Damn, there's someone up ahead!"




      Hearing this, the man on the passenger side and Bai San did their best to freeze, and the two of them hurriedly turned their eyes to look.


      At once, they saw that, under the illumination of the Land Rover's high beam, there were two figures, an old man and a young man, on the road in front of them, slowly walking from the direction of Jiang City.


      Be aware!


      This is the quickest way to Jiangcheng, and the road is so narrow that it can only accommodate a single vehicle.


      In particular, the Land Rover's body was so wide that it almost filled up the entire road.


      The old man and the young man in front of them, as if they did not see the speeding cars, were still in the middle of the road, not moving too fast, not too slow, walking slowly, as if they were walking at ease.


      "Damn! Are these two people looking for death?"


      The man driving the car cursed angrily, and then kept honking his horn frantically.




      To his surprise, even with his frantic honking of the horn, the old man and young man walking ahead of him continued to walk slowly as if they did not hear.




      "Since you are not letting the road and seeking death yourselves, then don't blame me!"


      Said the man!


      The man, who was driving, didn't bother to slam on the brakes, instead his palm pressed hard against the accelerator.




      This Land Rover even rushed towards the old man and the young man in front of him at a terrifying speed, rushing madly.


      Quickly, quickly, quickly!


      The speed of the Land Rover instantly soared up, like a fierce beast in a frenzy, rushing towards the two figures of an old man and a young man in front of him.


      A hundred metres!


      Fifty metres!


      Thirty metres!




      In almost the blink of an eye, the Land Rover was getting closer and closer to the old man and the young man in front of them.


      But to the astonishment of the man driving the car, even though it had almost reached the front, the old man and the young man, who were walking, still seemed to be oblivious and walked slowly.


      "Hmph! Can't see? Then die!"


      A fierce arc emerged from the corner of the man driving the car's mouth.


      And under his driving, this Land Rover luxury car, in an instant, rushed in front of the old man and the young man, and rammed right into their bodies.


      Just at that moment.




      The man driving the car instantly saw that the moment the Land Rover was about to hit the old man, the old man's head lifted slightly and an ugly to the extreme face appeared in the high beam.


      Ugly and vicious!


      The old man's face was unusually frightening.


      Yet that was not all.


      When this old man saw the Land Rover rushing towards him, there was not even the slightest hint of panic on that ugly face, instead he raised his fist and gave a fierce swing at the oncoming Land Rover luxury car.




      This scene stunned the man driving the car.


      Swinging his fist and smashing the car?


      This is f*cking ...... crazy, right?