Today I Give Up Trying 904-906

 Chapter 904

The sound was very rough, as if some person had kicked the courtyard door open viciously.


      This instantly caused Lin Fan's family's eyebrows to instantly furrow.


      And just as the family of four watched, they only saw three figures, grinning broadly, walk in.


      A woman and two men.


      The woman in the lead was none other than the daughter of the second master, Bai Chuan, Bai Yi's cousin - Bai Yan.


      Her exquisite pretty face was now filled with a strong sense of arrogance and pleasure, especially after entering the door, her nostrils pointed skyward and she was full of an air of arrogance.


      And behind her were two strong men.


      Upon seeing these two strong men, Lin Fan's pupils shrank slightly.


      He could clearly sense a terrifying aura that was constantly diffusing from the two black-clothed strong men's bodies.


      These two were clearly martial artists.


      Moreover, their strength was definitely not inferior to that of Elder Kong Sheng, the number one of the top ten national martial artists in Jiangnan.


      In other words, these two strong men were all quasi-Zongshi powerhouses.


      "Bai Yan, what brings you here?" Bai Yi's pretty face was slightly gloomy.


      She hadn't expected that Bai Yan would barge straight into her home with people without a greeting.


      Especially looking at the appearance of these three people, it was obvious that they were not good comers.


      And at this moment!


      Hearing Bai Yi's questioning, a cold smile could not help but appear on Bai Yan's pretty face as she said.


      "Yell! Cousin, you've just set up a new company and you're already treating our Bai family members with this kind of attitude?"


      "Hmph, it seems that grandfather was right, you are a white-eyed wolf!"


      A white-eyed wolf!


      Hearing Bai Yan's sneer, Bai Yi's pretty face, grew gloomier and gloomier.


      The one who had bullied their family was the Bai family!


      It was still the Bai family that had driven their family away!


      They had done so much for the Bai family, but in the end, they only ended up being expelled from the family, and now, they had become white-eyed wolves themselves, so how could Bai Yi not be angry.


      "You ......" Bai Yi was just about to retort.


      And just then, Bai Yan waved her hand.


      "Alright! I am too lazy to talk nonsense with your family! This time, I'm here on the orders of the Jiangnan Bai family to collect the debt!"




      Upon hearing the words 'Jiangnan Bai Family'.


      Both Bai Shan and Bai Yi's faces instantly went pale.


      Although they had been expelled from the Bai family, they were no strangers to the name of the Jiangnan Bai family.


      That was the original family!


      One of the four hidden giants of Jiangnan, a super terrifying behemoth.


      Even after all these years, even though the Jiang City Bai Family had grown to a certain size, it didn't even have the qualifications to be associated with the Jiangnan Bai Family.


      And now ......


      "Bai Yan, I ...... I don't understand what you mean?"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was as gloomy as water, and a strong sense of bad foreboding gradually surfaced in her heart.


      It was not only her!


      Even the couple, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, also instantly had cold sweat on their foreheads, as if just the four words 'Jiangnan Bai family' made the two of them terrified and confused.


      "Cousin Bai Yi, let me tell you the truth!"


      "Yesterday, the Jiangnan Bai family had already sent someone, the visitor's name is Bai Dust, a full-blooded young master of the Jiangnan Bai clan!"


      Saying that, Bai Yan pointed to the two strong men in black beside him.


      "And these two, are Young Master Bai Dust's two bodyguards! Bai Wen and Bai Wu!"


      White Dust's bodyguards!


      Hearing these words.


      The gaze of Bai Yi's family could not help but look towards the two black-clothed strong men.


      They could clearly sense that from the bodies of these two black-clothed strong men, a heart-stopping sense of terror emanated from them.

Chapter 905

It was as if, instead of two people, these were two ferocious beasts, chilling people to the bone.




      Seemingly sensing the gaze of Bai Yi's family, the two of them, Bai Wen and Bai Wu, all but snorted coldly.


      A terrifying fierce aura swept out from the two of them, spreading across the sky.


      It instantly caused the temperature within the entire living room to plummet to freezing point.


      "What a ...... fierce aura!"


      The Bai Shan family, in unison, shivered.


      They only felt their sweat hairs, all rooted back up.


      The family, even though they could not see the cultivation level of the two, could still feel, a strong threat of death.


      The opponent's aura was definitely not weaker than the old man Kong Sheng [58 novels] whom the family had met before.




      Tick tock!


      A cold sweat trickled down from the forehead of the family's three mouths.


      They could see at this moment, just from these two bodyguards, the terror of such a behemoth as the Jiangnan Bai family.


      Just one first line young master, Bai Chen, was equipped with two strong quasi-Zong Shi guardians who were no weaker than the strength of Elder Kong Sheng, which was simply appalling to the point of death.


      And seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan could not help but frown, and instantly his body shook.


      There was an equally terrifying aura that instantly penetrated his body and filled the hall, suppressing Bai Wen Bai Wu's aura, abruptly.




      This scene instantly caused the two of them, Bai Wen and Bai Wu, to let out a startled eek.


      Obviously, they had not expected that someone could dissolve their own fierce Qi here, which made the duo feel more or less incredible.


      "Uncle Bai Shan, Cousin Bai Yi! This letter is Young Master Bai Chen's order!"


      Bai Yan said, pulling out an envelope from her bosom.


      As she opened the envelope, she could not help but sweep a glance at Bai Yi's family, smiling more and more wickedly brightly, a smile that was full of ridicule and taunting:.


      "Next, I will read it out for you!"


      "The Jiangnan Ben Family has orders.


      In three days' time, order the president of the new Bai Group, Bai Yi, to bring the group's official seal and the contracts of all its properties to the Bai family's banquet in Jiangcheng!


      The official seal will be handed over and the properties will be owned by the Jiangnan Bai Clan!


      From now on, the new Bai Group will be incorporated into the Jiangnan Bai family!


      Jiangnan Bai Clan - Bai Dust!"




      At this moment, after Bai Yan finished the letter in his hand, the atmosphere in the hall was instantly depressed.


      Whether it was Bai Shan and his wife, or Bai Yi, the family's faces instantly turned ugly to the extreme.


      Three days later, with the official seal and the industrial contract, they went to the Bai family.


      The new Bai Group, incorporated under the Jiangnan Bai family!


      This ...... meant that the Jiangnan Bai family was going to annex their New Bai Clan in an open and honest manner.


      And in such a crude, brutal way.


      This made the family, simply hard to accept.


      "Hey ...... Cousin Bai Yi, I've finished reading, did you hear me clearly? This is Young Master Bai Chen's order, or rather, it is the Jiangnan Bai family's intention!"


      Bai Yan's face, at this moment, the smile was thick to the extreme, as if a flower, generally brilliant:.


      "What? Could it be that Cousin Bai Yi, still dares to disobey the Jiangnan Bai Family's orders?"

Chapter 906



      With a single sentence, Bai Yan had almost put a big cap on Bai Yi.


      All of them were clear about the terrifying extent of the Jiangnan Bai Clan.


      And to defy the Jiangnan Bai Clan?


      That was almost a way to die!


      When they thought of this, the faces of Bai Yi's family were even more gloomy, almost dripping with water.


      "Bai Yan! All this must be the work of your Bai family, isn't it?" Bai Yi's pretty face was red with anger, and her eyes were filled with rage: "Why did your Bai family do this?


      "Why would your Bai family do this! The New Bai Clan and I don't have any quarrel with each other, so why do you have to drive us to the brink?"


      Heart cold!


      At this moment, Bai Yi's heart was completely cold.


      She had bowed and scraped for the Bai family before, and all she got in return was shame and expulsion.


      And now!


      Having founded the New Bai Clan herself, she had never had the thought of being an enemy of the Bai Family, but how could she have imagined that the Bai Family would take the lead and draw in the Jiangnan Bai Clan to annex her New Bai Clan.


      This was simply too much bullying.


      "Humph! It was done by our Bai family, so what, who made you get the support of the Shengshi Group, as well as those Jiangnan plutocrats, posing a threat to our Bai Group!"


      Bai Yan's words were icy cold, and her eyes were filled with thick jealousy and anger.


      She used to be jealous of Bai Yi because she was the president of the Bai Group.


      And now.


      She had never thought that Bai Yi, who had left the Bai family, would rise so high to the top, not only founding the new Bai family, but also becoming the new aristocrat of business in Jiangnan.


      This made her how not to be jealous and resentful.


      But now ......


      "Hehehe ...... Unfortunately, even if the Shengshi Group supports you, so what! Jiangnan, is the world of the four hidden gentry!"


      "If the Jiangnan Bai family wants to annex you, even the Shengshi Group doesn't have the slightest recourse!"


      Saying that, the smile on Bai Yan's face, grew thicker and thicker:.


      "So, dear cousin, just resign yourself to your fate! Hahahaha ......"


      Bai Yan laughed wildly and quickly.


      Just hearing her words.


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's faces were a fierce white.


      "No! The New Bai was created by Bai Yi and Lin Fan, why should it be given away to the Jiangnan Bai family like this, I don't agree!"


      "I don't agree either, the Jiangnan Bai family has nothing to do with us, wanting to annex our New Bai Clan, dream on!"


      At this moment, the old couple's faces were resolute to the extreme.


      To them.


      The New Bai Clan was like Bai Yi and Lin Fan's child, the young couple had built it up with one hand and raised it with the other, how could they give it away for nothing.




      "Eh? You two old things, how dare you disrespect our Jiangnan Bai family?"


      The two main bodyguards, Bai Wen and Bai Wu, after hearing the words of Bai Shan and his wife, their faces instantly sank.


      "Good! Very good!"


      "Since that's the case, then let's give you two old things a little lesson first, so that you know that the Jiangnan Bai Clan is your true master!"


      Having said that!


      Swish swish!


      With barely the slightest hesitation, the two Bai Wen and Bai Wu instantly flashed their figures and stormed towards Bai Shan and Shen Yumei.


      Quick! Quickly! Quick!


      In almost an instant, the two quasi-Zong Shi bodyguards scurried in front of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, and their two large hands swung up fiercely, slapping at Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's cheeks.