Today I Give Up Trying 901-903

Chapter 901

Only, after hearing these words, Zhang Tianyi, on the other hand, smiled slightly and said to Ye Tian with a face full of deep meaning.


      "Little Tian, do you know which doctor is the most powerful in the global medical community?"




      Ye Tian was slightly stunned, and with barely the slightest thought, he said straight away.


      "Of course I know! The world's number one divine doctor is none other than the White Bone Sage!"


      "That's the true god of our medical world!"


      Ye Tian had heard countless legends about the White Bone Sage.


      And each and every one of those rumours had made Ye Tian's heart pound with admiration.


      Hearing those words.


      Zhang Tianyi could not help but nod and continued.


      "Eight Treasures Forging Tendons, Four Extremes Xuan Yang, Nine Fragrances Returning to Yin, and Six Heavy Sealing Points!"


      "Do you still remember these names?"




      Ye Tian faintly stared, he naturally remembered, these names, which his own master had just mentioned.


      It seemed to be the ...... medicinal meal that Lin Fan had made?


      Not true!


      For some reason, after hearing these names for the second time, Ye Tian suddenly found that these words were extremely familiar, as if he had heard them somewhere before.


      Especially, after he thought of the origin of these words.




      Ye Tian's entire eyes instantly glared round, and his eyes exploded with a thick flash of incredulity:.


      "Master ...... Master! Could it be that these words are from the ...... White Bone Bible?"


      The White Bone Bible!


      The highest medical book in the world.


      From the White Bone Holy Hand!


      Then Lin Fan is the ...... White Bone Saint's Hand!




      At this moment, Ye Tian was completely dumbfounded.


      The White Bone Holy Hand, that deity in the hearts of medical practitioners around the world.


      And Lin Fan, he was only in his twenties.


      How could he ...... be the White Bone Saint Hand?


      "Master, this ...... is impossible! Divine Doctor Lin's age is only comparable to that of my disciple! He, how could he be a White Bone Saint Hand at such a young age, are you old man mistaken?"


      Ye Tian only felt his head, blank.


      But subconsciously, he changed his address to Lin Fan from 'the surname Lin' to 'Divine Doctor Lin!


      And looking at Ye Tian's shocked appearance, Zhang Tianyi could not help but smile bitterly and let out a long sigh.


      "Little Tian, let me tell you, in this world, it never speaks according to age, but relies on talent, on heritage!"


      "This person, Mr. Lin, is unfathomable! Otherwise, think back carefully on why you lost so badly just now!"




      These words of Zhang Tianyi instantly reminded Ye Tian.


      Previously, Ye Tian had been immersed in a state of jealousy and resentment, and hadn't thought much about why he had lost at all.


      And at this moment, in his mind, he couldn't help but recall a scene from his previous match with Lin Fan.


      Ten people at a time!


      And Lin Fan only needed to scan these ten people and instantly wrote out ten prescription lists, a list of incomparable accuracy.


      Himself, on the other hand, had spent hours before and after, expending countless energy.


      The tenth one at the end was even more of a flop.


      At this moment, the more Ye Tian thought about it, the more scared he became.


      Dense cold sweat continued to drip down from his forehead, and only then did he truly understand just how terrifying the gap between himself and Lin Fan really was!

Chapter 902

White Bone Holy Hand!


      Ye Tian already believed eighty percent of it in his heart.


      This was more than that.


      Zhang Tianyi continued.


      "Little Tian, do you know, why I came to Jiang City?"




      Ye Tian was slightly stunned, and then said curiously.


      "Master, didn't you come to Jiang City just to test the truth of this Divine Doctor Lin? More so, to prove that you are the number one divine doctor in Jiangnan?"


      Ye Tian had previously thought that the rising reputation of God Doctor Lin had angered his master.


      And now, it seemed that things could not be that simple?


      "Hahahaha ...... Divine Doctor? That's just a false name!"


      Zhang Tianyi shook his head and laughed uproariously as he continued.


      "For a person of my age, you feel that those false names, would old man care!"


      "To tell you the truth, I came to Jiang City because I got the news that someone here has developed the Soul Restoring Pill! That is the White Bone Saint's Pill, and according to my investigation, the person who developed this Soul Restoring Pill is the ...... Lin Divine Doctor!"




      With a single sentence, it caused Ye Tian's body to tremble.


      Soul Restoring Pill!


      A miraculous elixir that shocked the world back then by the White Bone Sage, curing countless AS pneumonia patients.


      And now that he heard this news, Ye Tian's heart was already 100% convinced that Lin Fan was the White Bone Holy Hand.


      To think that he had actually competed with the White Bone Sage in the art of medicine.


      Ye Tian only felt a hot pain on his face, as if he had been slapped hard, making him so ashamed that he wanted to find a crack in the ground: "I  was surprised that I had been slapped.


      "I ...... have the audacity to want to compete with the White Bone Sage?"


      "I'm really an idiot!"


      Ye Tian's heart was bitter and complicated.


      Seeing this scene!


      Zhang Tianyi smiled faintly.


      "Little Tian, my master, Divine Doctor Lin, will also be your master in the future! Don't worry, he won't be bothered with a junior like you!"




      Hearing these two words, Ye Tian faintly froze.


      That's right!


      His own master, who was now under Divine Doctor Lin's tutelage, was then Lin Fan's disciple?


      Thinking that he had become the disciple grandson of the White Bone Sage, the gloom in Ye Tian's heart was instantly swept away, replaced by a look of exuberance and joy:.


      "Master, I finally understand your old man's painstaking heart! Don't worry, from now on I will definitely respect and obey Master Shifu properly! I won't let you or Master bother about me!"


      Ye Tian only felt a high fighting spirit at this moment.


      After all, to become the disciple of his idol, this was simply a matter of smoke rising from his ancestors for him.


      Seeing this scene!


      Zhang Tianyi also nodded in satisfaction, and at that moment, he wanted to continue helping those patients.


      And just at that moment.


      Ye Tian seemed to have thought of something and hesitated for a moment before speaking.


      "By the way! Master, someone from the Jiangnan Bai family is here!"


      The Jiangnan Bai Family?


      One of the four great hidden giants!


      "What do they want?" Zhang Tianyi didn't seem to have a problem with the Bai Family, and asked indifferently.


      "This time, a direct descendant of the Jiangnan Bai Family has come, named Bai Dust! It is said that the reason he has come to Jiang City is to look for you, Master! It should be for the condition of the Bai family's main mother, and he has come to seek your help!" Ye Tian respectfully replied.


      "In addition, this White Dust has asked you to go to the feast at the White Family in Jiang City three days later!"

Chapter 903

"Master, are you going then?"


      As Ye Tian said this, he couldn't help but carefully glance at his master's face.


      He was aware that his own master had always been arrogant in nature, and he simply ignored even the four hidden giants.


      And after listening to Ye Tian's account.


      Zhang Tianyi could not help but frown, before sighing and saying.


      "Alas! The White Family's master mother is no ordinary person! Although our master and disciple aren't afraid of her, it's better not to offend her if we can!"


      "Tell White Dust that in three days' time, the old man will go to the banquet!"




      And at the same time!


      When Lin Fan had just walked through the door of his home.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      Three hot gazes suddenly swept over, none other than Bai Shan, Bai Yi and Shen Yumei.


      The three members of the family, at this moment, had a pair of eyes staring deadly at Lin Fan, and their eyes were filled with scrutiny and questioning.


      Seeing this scene.


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly before he rubbed his head and said with a dry smile.


      "Wife, mum and dad! What are you ...... all looking at me like that for?"


      Lin Fan was at this moment under the gaze of the three members of his family, but he couldn't help but feel a little vain.


      And after hearing this, and then looking at Lin Fan's stiff expression, Bai Shan immediately spoke and said.


      "Little Fan, tell us the truth, the medicinal meals you make, are they really worth a million each and every plate?"


      A million!


      Hearing this figure, Bai Yi's family's hearts pumped fiercely.


      Three meals a day, five medicinal meals a meal.


      If they were really worth a million, wouldn't that mean that their family would have to spend fifteen million every day?


      This fucking ...... could not be so extravagant even if they were the world's top bigwigs.


      In an instant, the three members of the family looked at Lin Fan with an even more sultry gaze.


      And after hearing this question.


      Lin Fan instantly knew that this must have been said by that old boy Zhang Tianyi, and could not help but smile awkwardly.


      "Dad, what are you talking about?"


      "Are you saying that this plate of medicinal food is a million dollars? Look, these are just some of the most common herbs!"


      The most common herbs!


      Hearing Lin Fan's explanation, the three members of Bai Yi's family couldn't help but frown one after another.


      This was something that Lin Fan had indeed not lied about.


      Many of the herbs used in these medicinal meals were purchased by Bai Yi or Bai Shan out and about, and did not cost a few dollars at all.


      In fact, if it was said that this plate of medicinal meals was worth a million, Bai Yi's family of three was somewhat incredulous until now.


      "Little Fan, these herbs are ordinary though! But your recipe, it seems to be extraordinary, right?" Bai Shan asked at this moment, still staring at Lin Fan critically.


      He could remember.


      The pockmarked old man had said earlier that the subtlety of this recipe was unparalleled in the world, and that not many people could do it at all.


      Hearing those words.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but shrug his shoulders and said with a smile.


      "Dad, even if my recipe is good, do you feel that it can be worth millions?"


      "Alright, don't think too much, if it was really worth a million, then why am I still at home washing and cooking every day? I would have gone and become a boss long ago!"


      Lin Fan said extremely naturally.


      And hearing this, Bai Shan couldn't help but nod his head.


      That's right!


      If this son-in-law of his was really that kind of astonishing and miraculous person, how would he stoop to his own home and be a small son-in-law at home!


      Thinking of this.


      Only then did the three members of Bai Yi's family shake their heads one after another, throwing out of their minds the thought that Lin Fan was a miracle man of medicine.


      "Alright! Hurry up and get ready, let's ......"


      Bai Shan was just about to say something.


      But just at that moment.




      The four members of the family immediately heard a breaking sound from outside the door.