Today I Give Up Trying 899-900

 Chapter 899

After saying that!


      Zhang Tianyi was thumping his head against the ground.


      With that look, it seemed that if Lin Fan didn't say yes, he would never be willing to get up for the rest of his life.


      And at this moment.


      Everyone felt like their hearts were thumping wildly.


      It was too shocking.


      A divine doctor who had been shaking the Jiangnan River for decades was now kneeling down to worship the divine doctor Lin in Jiangcheng City as if he was an idol, how could this not shock the crowd.


      Worshiping a teacher?


      At this moment, Ye Tian looked at Zhang Tianyi, who was kneeling on the ground, worshipping his master, and his whole body was completely dumbfounded.


      This was his own master.


      Zhang Tianyi, the divine doctor who had been a fixture in Jiangnan for decades!


      Now, he was actually paying obeisance to this man surnamed Lin?


      How was this ...... possible.


      Ye Tian was dumbfounded.


      The rest of the passers-by and the patients were all dumbfounded as well.


      Each and every one of them were shocked and confused.


      They simply couldn't imagine that the divine doctor who had been shaking Jiangnan for decades was now kneeling down to pay homage to his master, if this were to get out, it would definitely rock the entire Jiangnan province.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      At this moment, a single gaze looked towards Lin Fan in unison.


      Many people seemed to be unable to figure out just how magical this guy was that he had caused the divine doctor Zhang Tianyi to worship him to such an extent.


      And at this moment!


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, didn't even care about the shocked gazes of the people around him, his pair of eyes staring straight at Zhang Tianyi, who was kneeling in front of him, a touch of playfulness surfaced in his eyes:.


      "I'm curious to know how you found out about my medicinal meal?"


      Medicinal food!


      This was something he had made for Bai Yi's family some time recently.


      Normally, it should be impossible for others to discover it.


      And this Zhang Tianyi in front of him, who had revealed his medicinal meal in one breath, this eyesight made Lin Fan somewhat astonished.


      Hearing the enquiry.


      The look of admiration on Zhang Tianyi's face grew thicker and thicker as he bowed his head and said.


      "This morning, I met Mr. Bai Shan in the park, and I found that although Mr. Bai Shan was over fifty years old, his body was full of qi and blood, even reaching the level of refining bones and forging tendons, and there were signs of rejuvenation!"


      "Afterwards, under the old man's enquiry, I learned that all this was actually the result of Divine Doctor Lin's medicinal food!"




      At this moment, after hearing Zhang Tianyi's words, all the people around could not believe their ears.


      Refining bones and forging tendons!


      Returning to old age?


      This ...... how is this possible.


      Next to him, Ye Tian, as well as all the passers-by were completely dumbfounded, they simply could not understand what kind of medicinal food in this world could have such an unbelievable effect.


      This, simply unbelievable.


      Not only them!


      At this moment, even Zhang Tianyi's entire face grew thicker and thicker with admiration after recalling the scent of the pair of medicinal dishes: ''Eight Treasures forging tendons!


      "Eight Treasures forging tendons!"


      "Four Extremes of Xuan Yang!"


      "Nine Fragrance Returning Yin!"


      "Six-fold sealing of acupuncture points!"


      "In this world, perhaps only you, sir, are capable of formulating such a miraculous medicinal dish! I have the audacity to implore you today, sir, to accept me as your disciple!"


      Finished speaking!


      Amidst the shocked eyes of everyone around him, Zhang Tian repeatedly prostrated himself to Lin Fan, humbly and fervently.

Chapter 900



      At this moment, almost a pin drop could be heard in this area.


      Every single person's eyes swept continuously over the kneeling Zhang Tianyi and the straight standing Lin Fan.


      An old man and a young man!


      Both divine doctors!


      But Lin Fan, to be able to make Zhang Tianyi, a divine doctor, worship like a god, was simply unbelievable.


      "Not bad!"


      The amazement grew thicker and thicker in Lin Fan's gaze as he looked at Zhang Tianyi and said with a faint smile.


      "Your eyesight is quite extraordinary! Since that is the case, I can accept you as a disciple!"


      "However, there is one condition!"




      Hearing Lin Fan's words, Zhang Tianyi's body trembled, and then a strong look of ecstasy surfaced on that vicissitudes face.


      "Sir, please say it, no matter what the conditions are, I, Zhang Tianyi, will definitely do it even if I go through fire and soup!"


      Zhang Tianyi's body trembled with excitement.


      This was the White Bone Holy Hand!


      This deity of the medical world was actually going to agree to take him as his disciple, so how could he not be excited and exuberant?


      Sensing Zhang Tianyi's fiery gaze, Lin Fan smiled faintly before pointing at the densely packed, dozens of patients next to him, before saying.


      "Next, if you help all of these people finish healing, then you can worship me as your master!"




      Zhang Tianyi was slightly stunned, and when he swept a glance at the patients around him, he immediately smiled and said.


      "Please don't worry, Master, I will do it even if I don't eat or drink or sleep today!"


      After hearing this assurance.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but nod in satisfaction, and immediately waved his hand at Elder Gao and the others, before stepping towards the crowd, wanting to leave this place.


      Seeing this scene!




      Elder Gao, Madman Mike and the others, as well as Zhang Tianyi, bowed in unison to Lin Fan and saluted.


      "Greetings to Master!"


      "Congratulations to Divine Doctor Lin!"


      "Congratulations to Lin Dong!"


      Wild and respectful voices resounded incessantly in this area.


      And Lin Fan's slim figure, falling in the eyes of the surrounding people, was simply like a god walking on earth, making people worship and awe.


      It was only after Lin Fan had left.


      Only then did Zhang Tianyi hurry to sit before the consultation table, greeting the patients one by one and helping them with their diagnosis.


      And seeing this scene.


      The two of them, Elder Gao and Madman Mike, could not help but smile bitterly as they looked at Zhang Tianyi with envy to the extreme.


      After all, only the two of them knew, Lin Fan's true identity.


      For Zhang Tianyi to be able to worship Lin Fan as his teacher was definitely a blessing that Zhang Tianyi had cultivated in eight lifetimes.




      The surrounding passers-by left one after another, while the doctors from the hospital also returned to the hospital.


      In a short while, only Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian, who were helping people with their illnesses, and one patient remained in this place.


      Looking at his master, wiping the sweat from his forehead while helping one patient after another with a face full of excitement, Ye Tian's heart was simply full of mixed feelings.


      "Master, why on earth are you, old man?"


      "That Lin is just about the same age as me! Even if he is capable, how can he be compared to you, old man! After all, you're a godly doctor who has shocked Jiangnan!"


      Ye Tian hesitated for half a day before he finally opened his mouth to Zhang Tianyi and asked.


      He could not understand!


      It was also difficult to accept.