Today I Give Up Trying 891-893

 Chapter 891

Ye Tian was dumbfounded.


      He only felt as if he had been struck by five thunderbolts and could hardly believe his eyes.


      That was not all.


      "Three days! What an international joke, even if my master was here, he couldn't have done it, this guy is definitely ......"




      Ye Tian's gaze, on the other hand, looked towards the proportional mix of drugs on Lin Fan's prescription list.


      Only, after he looked at it, Ye Tian's eyebrows, surprisingly, instantly furrowed.


      "This proportional mix, it seems ...... to be perfect! Each and every drug, has achieved the effect of harmonizing yin and yang! If you really take the medicine according to this ratio, perhaps it can really ...... be cured in three days?"




      Upon discovering this, Ye Tian's entire body trembled, as if his palm had been struck by electricity, he hurriedly threw Lin Fan's prescription on the ground.






      At this moment, Ye Tian's expression was as if he had truly seen something unbelievable.


      "Little Mr. Ye Tian, that prescription list of the divine doctor Lin, is it ...... true?"


      The patient next to him, hurriedly picked up Lin Fan's prescription slip from the ground, and then with a puzzled face, he looked towards Ye Tian and asked.


      Not just him!


      Even Gao Lao, Mike, and all the surrounding doctors and passersby, a gaze, also similarly focused on Ye Tian's body.


      At this moment, Ye Tian only felt a burning pain in his cheek, as if he had been slapped severely.


      Even with all the doubts and resentment in his heart, he could only nod his head stiffly.


      "No...... right! The diagnosis of the surnamed Lin is not the slightest bit wrong, and according to his prescription list, it might really ...... be cured in three days!"




      When Ye Tian's words of admission were uttered.


      The surroundings completely exploded.


      The gazes of those patients and passersby, who looked at Lin Fan, completely changed.


      All the previous doubts and anger dissipated into thin air, replaced by a look of shock and admiration:.


      "Oh my god, he ...... is really a miracle doctor! He can diagnose a disease with a single glance and write a prescription in seconds! Moreover, even his randomly written prescription list is even more useful than Mr. Ye's!"


      "Yes! This is a miracle doctor! There's no need for the traditional examination and diagnosis, he can determine your illness with just a glance, this is truly a divine technique!"




      There were dense murmurs and noises all around.


      Almost all the voices were filled with shock and disbelief at Lin Fan's ability to determine his illness with a single glance.


      Not to mention ordinary people!


      Even Elder Gao, Madman Mike, and those doctors at the hospital were all full of shock and disbelief.


      "I have to say, once again, Dr. Lin's methods have opened my eyes!"


      "Hahaha ...... This is my idol, it's so awesome!"




      Elder Gao and Madman Mike and the others looked at each other, the adoration and fervor on each of their faces growing thicker and thicker.




      And just at that moment.


      A shrill hissing sound, however, burst out from the ground.


      The crowd turned their eyes to look, only to find that the person who hissed was, in fact, Ye Tian.


      At this moment, Ye Tian's pair of eyes were completely red, and his face was flooded with thick jealousy and resentment as he stared deadly at Lin Fan and said.


      "This guy is just a blind cat who met a dead rat! I don't believe it, the rest of the prescription list, he can still be clueless about all of them!"

Chapter 892



      Hearing these words.


      The crowd instantly understood that Ye Tian still did not concede defeat, he still wanted to continue the memorization contest.


      At that moment, Ye Tian re-did back to his seat, and then said to the second patient.


      "You, come here!"


      Soon, when the second patient walked in and sat down.


      Ye Tian then continued to start diagnosing.


      After a full twenty minutes, Ye Tian wrote a prescription sheet, which had been carefully and thoroughly written.


      "Your condition is prolonged defecation, also known as chronic intestinal inflammation! Just follow my prescription for a week, and you will see the effect!"


      On Ye Tian's face, confidence was once again restored.


      After all!


      This time, he had used up all his talents and thought out of his head to come up with such a solution that could be effective in seven days.


      He didn't believe that Lin Fan's prescription list under one glance could rival his own.


      With that said.


      Ye Tian glanced provocatively at Lin Fan before turning to this second patient and said.


      "Alright! Now, you can take out the prescription list given to you by the one surnamed Lin and compare it!"


      One word!


      Almost everyone's nerves tightened up once again.


      And right in front of their expectant eyes.


      The second patient, took out the prescription slip Lin Fan had given him.


      Only with this comparison.


      The look on this patient's face became more and more odd.




      At this moment, upon seeing this second patient's odd expression.


      Ye Tian's heart, couldn't help but stutter, his face instantly changed:.


      "What ...... is wrong? Why do you have this kind of look? Don't you tell me that this guy's prescription list is still exactly the same as mine?"


      Ye Tian only felt his heart thumping wildly, as if it would pop out of his throat at any moment.


      No way!


      Absolutely not!


      In his own heart, he hissed frantically.


      This was a prescription list that he had thought his head through and come up with, and Lin Fan had only taken a glance at it, so it was definitely no match for him.


      It wasn't just Ye Tian.


      The nerves of the crowd around him were also on edge at this moment.


      They were eager to know if Divine Doctor Lin really did once again break the disease with a single glance and outsmarted Ye Tian.


      And just as everyone was tense to the point of no return.


      That second patient, on the other hand, was full of odd faces and said.


      "Mr. Ye, this time you are wrong! Mr. Lin's prescription list, and your prescription list, apart from the symptoms of the disease being the same, the treatment plan, on the other hand, is very different!"


      Hoo ......


      Hearing this, Ye Tian then took a long breath of relief, feeling his heart, once again, put back into his stomach.


      Luckily, it was only the same diagnosis, but the treatment was different.


      In Ye Tian's opinion, thinking out of his head, he could treat this patient in just seven days, definitely something that Lin Fan would not be able to do with a single glance.


      In other words.


      This round, he would win for sure!


      Thinking of this.


      The corner of Ye Tian's mouth could not help but emerge with a slight arc of smugness.


      However, before this arc could form a smile, the second patient's words caused the arc of his mouth to freeze completely.


      "Mr. Lin's treatment plan is: 5 grams of white sage, 10 grams of green sun ginseng and 20 grams of horse mulberry root ......"


      "Take them together, three times a day, one day ...... can heal!"

Chapter 893

When the second patient, read out Lin Fan's prescription single by single.


      Ye Tian's entire person was completely stunned on the spot.


      "One ...... day? How is this possible!"


      Ye Tian's eyelids, jumped wildly, and his mouth, couldn't help but silently recite the list of herbs and dosages on Lin Fan's prescription slip:.


      "5 grams of white sage, 10 grams of green sun ginseng, 20 grams of horse mulberry root ......"


      One herb after another popped out of Ye Tian's mouth.




      He seemed to think of something in general, and his eyes instantly glared round, a shimmer of incredulous horror bursting within them as he said.


      "This ...... kind of formula seems to stimulate the condition with a progressive imitation of drug dosage!"


      "That is to say, with this formula, this patient will be depressed for the first half of the day, but for the second half of the day, it is possible to be completely ...... cured under this radical stimulation method?"




      Upon thinking about this, Ye Tian only felt a blackness in front of his eyes, and as if his entire person had lost all his strength, he fell straight to the ground on his buttocks.


      Seeing this scene.


      The crowd next to him, even if they were stupid, knew that something was wrong.


      The second patient, in particular, turned to Ye Tian with a trembling heart and asked.


      "Little Mr. Ye, may I ask if this prescription slip from Divine Doctor Lin really works?"


      Does it work?


      Hearing these words.


      The corner of Ye Tian's mouth couldn't help but twitch fiercely, he was tempted to say with a clear conscience that it didn't work.


      However, when he saw an old Chinese doctor such as Elder Gao next to him, he completely gave up on this intention.


      After all!


      Even if he denied it himself, but Elder Gao and the others were not idle eaters, they were just as capable of seeing the extraordinary nature of Lin Fan's prescription.


      If they overturned themselves at that time, they would be disgracing themselves and losing face.


      Thinking about this.


      Ye Tian could only clench his fist to death, stiffen his head and nod through clenched teeth.


      "Pipe ...... pipe!"




      After Ye Tian admitted it for the second time.


      Those patients and passersby around them boiled up even more.


      How could they have imagined that Lin Fan would write down both of their diagnostic prescriptions after just a quick glance, even more than what Ye Tian, the little miracle doctor, had written in 20 to 30 minutes of seriousness.


      A divine doctor!


      At this moment, the look of admiration in each and every person's gaze towards Lin Fan grew thicker and thicker.


      In their hearts, Lin Fan was definitely a true and genuine divine doctor.


      Even, far beyond Ye Tian, as well as Ye Tian's master, Zhang Tianyi!


      "I ...... want to continue! I don't believe it!"


      Ye Tian remained, undeterred, as he stared deadly at Lin Fan and said in a cold voice.


      "There are eight more prescription lists, I don't believe you are better than me in every one of them!"


      "Kid, you wait!"


      Finished speaking!


      Ye Tian instantly sat back down once more, and then called over the third patient and began to diagnose him.


      Time flew by little by little amidst Ye Tian's diagnosis.


      Only, to the disbelief of everyone around.






      "Still correct!"




      Every time Ye Tian finished diagnosing, he would take his own prescription and compare it with Lin Fan's, yet to his horror, for every illness, the two prescriptions were completely correct.


      That was not all.


      Lin Fan's prescription list, the treatment plan for each disease, was surprisingly faster and more thorough than his.