Today I Give Up Trying 889-890

 Chapter 889



      This scene not only made Ye Tian freeze, but even the many patients and passers-by around him were all dumbfounded.


      "Little ...... kid, shouldn't you ask about the condition and look at the case?" Ye Tian looked at Lin Fan, his face full of consternation.


      This was the first time he had ever seen someone scan a patient and, without saying a word, directly write a prescription order.


      Wasn't this a fucking ...... joke?


      Hearing Ye Tian's words.


      Lin Fan merely shook his head indifferently.


      "There's no need for that!"


      After saying that.


      He no longer bothered to pay any attention to Ye Tian, but continued to bore his head on the prescription sticker and began to write in a dragon's flight.




      Seeing this scene.


      The noises of the passers-by and patients around them grew stronger and stronger.


      Every single person looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.


      "He's the divine Doctor Lin? Are you kidding me, he doesn't even have the most basic Chinese medicine diagnosis process!"


      "Yes, which TCM doctor doesn't need to look, smell, question and cut, while he just needs a glance and writes a prescription slip straight away? This is a joke!"


      "Humph! What kind of bullshit Dr. Lin is right, Mr. Ye is right, he is 100% a liar!"




      At this moment, the many passers-by and patients around them looked at Lin Fan with increasingly unkind eyes.


      It wasn't just them!


      Even Old Man Gao, Madman Mike, and the others were all laughing bitterly, not understanding what exactly God Doctor Lin was trying to do?


      Determine a disease with a single glance?


      This was too unbelievable after all!


      It was just that Lin Fan turned a deaf ear to all the murmurs and questions around him.


      With the ball point pen in his hand, he kept on flying and signing one prescription slip after another.










      In the blink of an eye. When Lin Fan's biros fell, a full ten prescription sheets, all of them completed.


      That's ...... all done?


      When Lin Fan stretched out and stood up from the table and chair, everyone around him was all dumbfounded.


      "Here! This is your prescription list, your illnesses and prescriptions, all listed out! Just follow the medicine on it, it will only take three days and the illness will naturally heal!"


      Lin Fan instantly picked up the stack of prescription slips in his hand, and then handed them over to each of the ten patients.


      And after receiving these prescription sheets.


      The faces of the patients were still filled with doubt and disbelief.


      After all, the doctor in front of him was too strange.


      He didn't ask about his condition, he didn't ask about his medical history.


      Directly prescribing medicine and asking oneself to get it?


      This ...... was an international joke.


      Looking at the expressions on these patients' faces, Ye Tian could not help but smile coldly.


      "You guys will keep the prescriptions for now! Later, when I have finished helping you all to confirm the diagnosis, then I will compare my prescriptions, with his!"


      "Let's see if he's a big liar!"


      After saying that.


      Ye Tian instantly pointed at the first patient.


      "You, come here!"


      Hearing this, a glow of joy surfaced on that patient's face before he hurriedly went forward and sat opposite Ye Tian.


      It wasn't until after Ye Tian made some observations and enquiries.


      Only then did a strong, confident smile appear on his face:.


      "Your condition, it has been confirmed, is head wind! It's also called - migraine vascular neurological headache!"


      "All you need to do is to follow my prescription and get the medicine, it will only take half a month to heal!"

Chapter 890

Ye Tian's tone was smug and self-assured, obviously 100% confident in his diagnosis.




      After he had said this, he was stunned to find that the expression on this one patient's face had become extremely odd.




      Not only did Ye Tian discover this, but even the crowd next to him, also saw this scene.


      Everyone saw it.


      After listening to Ye Tian's diagnosis, that head wind patient actually put Ye Tian's prescription slip and Lin Fan's prescription slip, together, and compared them.


      And as he watched, that odd and appalled look on his face became thicker and thicker.


      "What's wrong? Is there a problem with my prescriptions?" Ye Tian's expression was one of some discontent.


      After all, how could this patient compare his own prescription, with that of Lin Fan, a fraud!


      This was simply a humiliation to himself.




      The next sentence from this patient, on the other hand, caused Ye Tian's entire body to be struck by lightning.


      "Little Mr. Ye Tian, Divine Doctor Lin's prescription list is almost identical to yours!"


      "It's the same head wind, the same medicine, only the ratio of the medicine used is different, moreover, his prescription list says that it will be cured in three days!!!"




      At this moment, after the words of this patient fell.


      Quiet ......


      Within this area, all the voices, as much as possible, disappeared.


      All eyes were filled with astonishment and disbelief as they looked towards the patient.


      The same diagnosis!


      The same prescription!


      The only difference was that the proportions of the medicines were different. Ye Tian's prescription required half a month to heal, while Lin Fan's was ...... three days to heal?


      How was this ...... possible!




      After reacting, the area exploded in all directions.


      The faces of one patient and passerby were flooded with thick horror.


      After all!


      Lin Fan had written out a prescription slip with just a sweeping glance, whereas Ye Tian had carefully checked and checked, taking twenty to thirty minutes to write out the exact same prescription slip.


      This was simply too unbelievable.


      "No ...... it can't be!!!"


      After Ye Tian heard this, his entire person was so scared that he jumped up from his chair, rubbing it.


      With one pair of eyes, he looked at the prescription in that patient's hand as if his entire person had seen a ghost:.


      "I don't believe you! I wrote the prescription only after I had carefully examined your body! How can it be exactly the same as the prescription diagnosed by this liar at a glance? This ...... can never be!"


      A bean-sized bead of sweat, from Ye Tian's forehead, flowed down.


      And seeing his expression.


      That patient could not help but let out a bitter smile, and then handed over the two prescriptions in his hand, towards Ye Tian.


      At that moment!


      Ye Tian hurriedly grabbed them with one hand, and then with one pair of eyes, he stared deadly at the two prescriptions, as if he wanted to find something fishy on them.


      These two prescriptions, one was written by himself and was visible at a glance.


      On the other hand, the other one was written in a dragon's flight font, and not only did it describe the symptoms of the disease without a hint of difference, but Ye Tian even found that the medicines used in the two prescriptions were all the same.


      The only difference was that the proportions of the medicines used in the two were very different.


      "How can this be! This liar, only took a glance at it!"


      "How did he determine the disease and the prescription!"