Today I Give Up Trying 887-888

 Chapter 887



      Opening up and talking?


      This ...... how is this possible.


      Ye Tian's whole person was struck by lightning, he looked at this patient's sober appearance, his whole person seemed to have seen a ghost:.


      "You ...... are fine? This can't be!"


      Said one side.


      Ye Tian hurriedly ran up to this patient and examined him, once again.


      Only, with the examination, Ye Tian's face, surprisingly, paled a minute after a minute:.


      "High fever, it's gone down!"


      "The lymph nodes, they seem to be smaller!"


      "Pore bleeding, has stopped!"


      "No...... how could this happen! Is it really not the Black Death?"


      Dense, cold sweat raged down from Ye Tian's forehead.


      Until after he was completely sure that the symptoms of the patient in front of him, all returned to normal.




      As if he had lost all his strength, Ye Tian fell to the ground on his buttocks, completely dumbfounded.




      At this moment, when the many passers-by around saw this scene, even if they were stupid, they understood what had happened.




      The crowd could not have imagined that this patient was clearly dying a moment ago, and when the milli-needle was pulled out, he was ...... healed as before!


      This tactic was so divine that the crowd could not believe it.


      "Now, are you convinced?"


      Madman Mike was standing in front of Ye Tian at this moment, his face was flooded with thick taunts and ridicule:.


      "I told you a long time ago that Divine Doctor Lin is my idol, you are not even qualified to even lift his shoes!"




      This sentence from Mike seemed to have stepped on Ye Tian's tail.


      It made his entire body jump up from the ground.


      "How dare you ...... say that I'm not even qualified to carry his shoes?"


      Ye Tian stared at Mike indignantly, gnashing his teeth in anger.


      Who was he?


      He was Zhang Tianyi's closed-door disciple.


      Although he was only in his early twenties, he had already received Zhang Tianyi's absolute true transmission, and his medical skills were exceptional.


      Even if it was placed in the entire Jiangnan medical world, there were only a few people who could outperform him.


      And now!




      Ye Tian only felt as if he had been subjected to a great humiliation, causing him to burn with rage.


      He stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, his teeth gritted to a cackle: "Kid, I admit it.


      "Kid, I admit that you won this round, I was the one who looked away!"


      "However, I still do not believe that you have reached my master Zhang Tianyi's realm of divine medicine!"


      "Therefore, I still have to compete with you!!!"




      As Ye Tian's words left his mouth, the surrounding passers-by were once again in an uproar.


      They hadn't expected that at this point in time, Ye Tian would still be unwilling and still want to compete with Lin Fan in the art of healing.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      At this moment, one gaze from the crowd landed on Lin Fan's body in unison.


      They were eager to know if this divine Doctor Lin, who had just created a miracle, would agree to the challenge?




      "Yes!" Lin Fan only nodded indifferently [] as if he had agreed to a trivial matter.


      Seeing this scene.


      Only then did Ye Tian nodded in satisfaction.


      "Other than that, you, have the guts!"


      After saying that!


      Ye Tian instantly said to the medical staff.


      "Let the next patient, come here!"


      The next one!


      Hearing these words, the crowd knew that a good show was coming again, and they were all excited and expectant at once.


      They were eager to know if Ye Tian would be able to save face in the next competition, and if Lin Fan would continue to perform miracles.


      Only, just as one of the medical staff, wanted to go and call the next patient.


      "Wait a minute!"


      Lin Fan exited.

Chapter 888



      Ye Tian and the crowd all froze, and one gaze, in unison, looked at Lin Fan in confusion.


      "What? You've backtracked?" A hint of anger flashed across Ye Tian's face.


      He had just finished saying that this guy at least had balls, and if the other party really did backtrack, then he would absolutely despise Lin Fan to the extreme.


      It was only to Ye Tian's surprise.


      "One is too few! I'm in a hurry, let's just call for ten!"




      As soon as Lin Fan spoke, everyone around him was completely dumbfounded.


      Calling ten at once ......?


      When these words from Lin Fan fell, all the noise in front of the entire hospital instantly came to an abrupt halt.


      Everyone around, whether it was Ye Tian, or those patients passersby, could not believe their ears.


      "Little ...... kid, what did you say? You're going to diagnose ten patients at once?" Ye Tian's gaze towards Lin Fan at this moment was simply as if he was looking at a madman.


      It wasn't just him!


      The many patients and passersby next to him instantly erupted in an uproar when they reacted.


      One by one, they looked at Lin Fan with a gaze filled with intense doubt and disbelief:.


      "Oh my god! Is this Divine Doctor Lin for real? Diagnosing ten patients at once? He's not crazy!"


      "Chinese medicine is extremely delicate and mentally exhausting, diagnosing ten people at once? What a joke!"


      "Liar! I now have some faith in Little Mr. Ye Tian's words, this guy has such a big mouth, he must be a liar!"




      The crowd around them was in complete uproar.


      Almost lopsidedly, they were heavily questioning and sneering at Lin Fan's statement.


      After all!


      A Chinese doctor diagnosing a patient was an extremely serious matter.


      Looking, smelling, asking and cutting, each of the four words contained countless details.


      This is why, many old Chinese medicine practitioners would set a rule that they would only diagnose one or ten patients a day.


      It is because it is too mentally and physically exhausting.


      Diagnosing ten people at once?


      Not to mention Lin Fan, even his master, Divine Doctor Zhang Tianyi, was simply unable to do so.


      At this moment, Ye Tian looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.


      "Godly man! Hahahaha ...... brat, and you still say you're not a godly man, to even say such idiotic words!"


      On Ye Tian's face, a thick sneer and taunt surfaced.


      And then he said to the medical staff.


      "You guys should have heard it, right? This kid wants ten patients, he's going to pretend, so why don't you guys hurry up and find them!"


      Hearing those words.


      The faces of those few medical staff members, however, could not help but have a strong look of hesitation appear.


      One by one, their gazes looked towards Lin Fan.


      It wasn't until after Lin Fan nodded his head.


      At that moment, several medical personnel went down one after another, and in a short while, they brought a full ten patients.


      Each of these patients, each one of them, had a different condition.


      Some of them were yellow and skinny, coughing constantly, as if they were about to cough their lungs out of their throats.


      Others, with pale faces, were as pale as paper, and their eyes were thickly bloodshot.


      The list goes on and on.


      Seeing these patients.


      The smile on Ye Tian's face grew thicker and thicker, and at that moment he wanted to open his mouth to ridicule Lin Fan.


      However, his words had not yet left his mouth.


      But he was stunned to see that Lin Fan made it to the table and chair, and then picked up the prescription list on the table, as well as the ball point pen.