Today I Give Up Trying 884-886

 Chapter 884



      With a single sentence, Ye Tian caused the faces of Elder Gao and the others to instantly turn ugly.


      The tenth defeat!


      No one had expected that Dean Mike would just say that it wasn't the Black Death, but couldn't tell what the disease was.


      For a moment, every doctor around felt their faces burning hot, obviously humiliated to the extreme.


      And the many passers-by nearby.


      At this moment, they all looked at Ye Tian as if they were looking at a god, and their eyes were filled with fervour and worship.


      One man, crushing a hospital!


      This Ye Tian, was definitely the next generation of divine doctors, no doubt about it.


      "Alright! Hurry up and seal off the scene and isolate this patient! Then report the situation here, to the police!"


      "Otherwise, once the Black Death really spreads, none of you, Ivan's Central and Western Hospital, can afford to take responsibility!"


      Ye Tian glared at Mike and the others, bossing them around.


      And hearing these words.


      At that moment, there were some medical staff, who wanted to go forward and start to seal off the scene.


      However, just at that moment!


      "Wait a minute!!!"


      A clear voice came from the back of the crowd.


      And then, everyone, however, saw a doctor and a young man, walking in through the crowd, towards this place.




      "Who said wait a minute? If something goes wrong, who can be responsible?" Ye Tian was furious at this moment.


      He had not expected that he would still dare to stop himself after crushing this hospital ten times.


      "I said so!"


      As the clear voice, once again, came, a youth had arrived in front of the crowd.


      Looking at this youth.


      Ye Tian's expression, was even more furious, how could he not have expected that it was a guy about his own age who stood out to block him.


      "Kid, what kind of a thing are you? Do you have the right to speak here?"


      Ye Tian was arrogant beyond words.




      Just as his words were uttered.


      But to his dismay, he noticed that the nearby Madman Mike, Elder Gao, and one of the doctors from Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital, hailed and bowed to Lin Fan:.


      "Divine Doctor Lin!!!"


      "Lin Dong!!!"


      Jing ......


      After a frenzied and adoring voice rang out, the entire entrance of the hospital was completely quiet.


      The many passersby nearby, as well as the arrogant Ye Tian, each looked instantly frozen.


      He ...... he was the Divine Doctor Lin?


      This, how is it possible!


      So young, so juvenile!


      How could he be the one who had defeated Madman Mike and brought people back from the dead instantly, the hero of Jiang City?




      It wasn't just the surrounding passerby patients, but Ye Tian himself who was most shocked.


      As Zhang Tianyi's closed-door disciple, he had always thought that he was definitely one of the youngest masters of medical arts in China.


      But how could he have imagined that the divine doctor Lin, who was rumoured to be so divine, was not even close to his own age?


      After a short period of silence.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin divine doctor? It turns out that the so-called divine doctor Lin is just a hairy boy! Hahaha ......"


      After reacting, Ye Tian seemed to have seen the funniest thing in the world and burst into laughter.


      He looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a fraud.

Chapter 885

At this moment, Ye Tian looked at the surrounding people like Mike as if he was looking at a group of idiots: "You idiots, this guy is only in his early twenties.


      "You fools, this guy is only in his early twenties, and you call him a divine doctor? I'm laughing my ass off! Gosh, a liar and a bunch of fools, hahaha ......"


      Ye Tian burst into laughter to the extreme.


      Just hearing his words.


      The people around him, such as Mike and Elder Gao, were looking at him as if they were looking at a clown.


      "Alright ...... alright! Kid, since you are Divine Doctor Lin, then it's just the right time to come!"


      Ye Tian managed to hold back his laughter before he turned to Lin Fan and said with a face full of ridicule.


      "Your men have been defeated by me in ten battles and ten victories!"


      "You, the fellow who is the boss and is known as a divine doctor, tell me instead, what is your high opinion of this one Black Death patient?"


      Finished speaking!


      Ye Tian wrapped his arms around him and looked at Lin Fan as if he was waiting for a clown to perform.


      Only, it was as if Lin Fan did not see this youth.


      Directly ignoring it, he walked past him.


      When Lin Fan squatted down and checked over the symptoms of this patient, he said directly to Mike and the others.


      "This is poisoning!"


      "Help me get the milli-needle!"




      Lin Fan's words not only dumbfounded Ye Tian, but even the passersby around him, were all dumbfounded.


      It wasn't the Black Death?


      It was poisoning?


      This, how could it be.


      One had to know that Ye Tian's performance before could have made everyone worship the other party, who had already said that this person's symptoms were exactly the same as the Black Death.


      And now, how could Lin Fan overturn the Black Death and say it was poisoning when he had only taken a glance at it and hadn't even done some serious examination?


      This was just like a joke.


      Especially Ye Tian.


      Lin Fan's ignorance made him angry.


      Lin Fan's diagnosis drove him crazy.


      At this moment, he turned his head to stare at Lin Fan with a deadly stare and shouted angrily.


      "What a load of nonsense! I've just diagnosed this man's symptoms, and it's 100% Black Death!"


      "You're a liar, you can fool them, you can't fool me!"


      Ye Tian's voice was dripping with anger and frustration.


      However, what made him even more dumbfounded was this.


      After hearing Lin Fan's command, neither Madman Mike nor Elder Gao and the others had the slightest suspicion.


      Instead, they hurriedly took out a milli-needle box and came forward to help.


      "Seven inch milli-needles, three!"


      "Six inches, five!"


      "Four inches, two!"


      Lin Fan spoke slowly.


      And hearing his words, Elder Gao, who was next to him, hurriedly took out a single milli-needle, which was then heated and sterilised, and handed it to Lin Fan.


      At this moment, Lin Fan didn't even respond to Ye Tian with a single word.


      He was just minding his own business, the hair needles saving people.


      "Hmph! Good! You just pretend!"


      Ye Tian's face was full of taunts, and at this moment, as he watched Lin Fan start saving people in a serious manner, it was as if he was watching a clown perform.


      "Wait a moment, you liar can't pretend anymore, see how I'll break you down!"


      At this moment, it was as if Ye Tian had already seen the scene where he would dismantle Lin Fan as a liar, causing the smile on the corner of his mouth to grow thicker and thicker.

Chapter 886



      Under the watchful eyes of everyone.


      Lin Fan took off the patient's shirt, and then took a single milli-needle, aimed it at one acupuncture point, and stabbed it down.


      One after another!


      In the blink of an eye, this patient had been stabbed down with as many as ten of them, densely packed, as if he was a hedgehog.


      Time passed little by little.


      The entire entrance to the hospital was silent as everyone waited for Lin Fan's treatment.




      One minute!


      Five minutes!


      Ten minutes!


      When more than ten minutes had passed, everyone around was shocked to find that the patient's fever had slowly faded away.


      His face, however, was turning more and more blue, and even began to change from blue to purple.






      A bead of blood that had been spilling out of this patient's body gradually changed colour.


      It was dark and black.


      This ......


      Seeing this seeping scene, all the passerby patients around, all of them had stony faces.


      "Is this divine doctor Lin really capable? Why do I look at it, this person is going to be finished!"


      "Yes, this Divine Doctor Lin is afraid that he is a fake, right? I still feel that little Mr. Ye Tian is more right!"


      "That's right! If it's really the Black Death, I'm afraid it's a big problem!"




      The passers-by around them were all worried.


      At this moment, almost all of them, began to lean more and more towards Ye Tian, in the eyes of all of them, as this patient looked more and more frightening, the more they felt that Lin Fan was unreliable.


      It wasn't just them.


      The one who was happiest at the moment was Ye Tian.


      After looking at the patient's face, which turned out to be completely black, his heart was even happier.




      Immediately afterwards, Ye Tian saw that Lin Fan began to withdraw the needles one by one.


      As each milli-needle was pulled out, there was a hint of dark blood that spurted out from this patient's body.


      "It's over! This person, completely hopeless!"


      Ye Tian couldn't help but shake his head.


      He could conclude that the moment Lin Fan pulled out all the hair needles, that was when this patient's breath would be cut off.


      "Just wait! This guy has now become a murderer, and it seems that this godly man's mask has been completely pierced!"


      At the corner of Ye Tian's mouth, a sneer surfaced.






      When another strand of dark blood, spurted out from this patient's body.


      Ye Tian instantly wanted to open his mouth and accuse Lin Fan.


      However, his mouth had just opened, when a scene that made him incredulous appeared.




      That patient, who had originally been unconscious, now sat up violently from the ground after Lin Fan pulled out the last milli-needle.


      And then to the ground, he spat out blood in a wah-wah manner.


      A mouthful of dark blood spurted out wildly.


      In particular, with each mouthful of blood that spurted out, the dark colour on this patient's face would recede by one point.


      Until finally.


      The darkness on his face completely disappeared, turning into a fierce white colour.


      What made Ye Tian almost not believe his eyes was.


      After this patient had spurted out a puddle of black blood, all of it, he actually raised his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth, and then turned his head to look at the surrounding crowd, and on his fierce white face, a thick look of bewilderment surfaced:.


      "I ...... where am I?"