Today I Give Up Trying 881-883

 Chapter 881

In their eyes.


      Divine Doctor Lin, was the anchor of the medical community of Jiang City, and just by the last time, his victory over Madman Mike's team, was enough to become the pride of the medical community of Jiang City.


      And now, how could they face this youth's contempt and humiliation of God Doctor Lin.


      Especially Elder Gao.


      He had always regarded Lin Fan as his idol, and even more so, he knew that Lin Fan was a deity in the eyes of medical practitioners around the world - the White Bone Sage.


      How could such a figure allow himself to be humiliated by such a junior.


      "Kid, you'd better keep your mouth shut! Divine Doctor Lin is not something you are qualified to comment on!" Elder Gao stared deadly at the youth, his gaze incomparably gloomy.


      Only to hear those words.


      Not only did the youth not restrain himself in the slightest, but he grew more and more arrogant:.


      "Divine Doctor? Hahahaha ...... joke!"


      "I tell you, in the entire Jiangnan Province, there is only one person who can be called a divine doctor, and that is my teacher - Zhang Tianyi!"


      Zhang Tianyi!


      Upon hearing this sentence, the atmosphere around them, instantly stalled slightly.


      Both Elder Gao, and all the doctors and passers-by around the area, all stared in awe.


      "Kid, the Zhang Tianyi you ...... are talking about is the 'Living Hua Tuo' - Zhang Divine Doctor - who lives in seclusion on Mount Tianyi and has not appeared in the world for ten years? "


      Elder Gao only felt his heart, viciously pumping, and asked out loud in disbelief.


      The living Hua Tuo - Zhang Tianyi!


      This name could be said to be unknown and unknowable in Jiangnan Province.


      Within these few decades.


      Within these few decades, no less than ten major infectious diseases had occurred in the Jiangnan area, each time killing countless people and wrecking lives.


      And Zhang Tianyi was like the protector of Jiangnan.


      After every major outbreak of infectious diseases, Zhang Tianyi would come out of the mountains with life-saving medicines.


      Saving all the people from the fire and water.


      It can be said!


      Over the years, Zhang Tianyi was definitely the number one person in Jiangnan's medical dao, and was even known as the 'Living Hua Tuo' because of the countless people he saved!


      And that was not all.


      Even China, in order to reward Zhang Tianyi for his meritorious service, named the mountain where he lived in seclusion - Tian Yi Mountain.


      It almost became his personal territory.


      Every year, there were countless dignitaries who went to Mount Tianyi, in search of Divine Doctor Zhang to cure their illnesses and save their lives.




      How could Elder Gao and the others not have expected that this youth would be the disciple of that one divine doctor.


      "That's right! I am Zhang Tianyi's closed-door disciple - Ye Tian!" The youth was full of pride and self-congratulation.


      And hearing these words.


      Elder Gao's entire face turned even more ashen:.


      "I didn't lose unjustly! No injustice ......"






      At this moment, Elder Gao was definitely more intensely struck than the last time, Madman Mike.


      After all, the Ye Tian in front of him was only in his early twenties, not much different from Lin Fan.


      Losing to such a young man left him with mixed feelings in his heart.


      "Alright! Since you know my identity, let that Lin, now get out!" Ye Tian said with a face full of arrogance.


      "This one surnamed Lin, he's been on a roll lately! My master is not in the world, yet he is being called a divine doctor?"


      "Hmph! Today, let me take care of this godly man for my master!"

Chapter 882



      In Ye Tian's tone, he didn't put Lin Fan in his eyes at all.


      And hearing these words, even if he was Zhang Tianyi's disciple, it instantly caused the surrounding crowd to become furious.


      Only, before the surrounding crowd could refute it.


      Instead, a figure stepped forward and said.


      "You are not worthy of Divine Doctor Lin's hand at all! Next, I accept your challenge!"




      Hearing these words, all the people around them froze, and only then did they see that a foreigner had stepped out from the group of doctors.


      He was none other than Madman Mike!




      Seeing Mike stand out, a boisterous cheer came from the group of doctors.


      "Dean is bullish, let this kid know what he's made of!"


      "That's right! Even if he's a disciple of a divine doctor, so what! It's just not okay to insult our Lin Dong!"


      "Kid, our Dean Mike is teaching you to be a man today!"




      Many of the hospital's doctors, as if they saw the hope of earning back their face, kept shouting.


      Even Elder Gao, after seeing Mike come out, couldn't help but let out a long breath of relief.


      "The rest, I'll leave it to you!" Elder Gao patted Mike's shoulder before walking back to the crowd of doctors and preparing to watch the battle.


      Up until this point.


      Only Ye Tian and Mike were left in the field.




      Ye Tian looked at the blonde Mike, and a thick look of contempt could not help but appear at the corner of his mouth:.


      "I have long said that this hospital is a piece of trash, to have a foreigner as the director, what a disgrace to our Chinese people!"


      "If I remember correctly, you should be Mike, the Western medical madman who ran through our Jiangnan some time ago, right?"


      Mike, he had naturally heard of this name.


      During that time, Mike had wreaked havoc on the Jiangnan medical dao community and was almost unbeatable, with thirteen consecutive victories, and had even crushed Chinese medicine into the dirt.


      "Only, I'm curious! With your skills, how could you possibly be willing to stay in a hospital in this small third-tier city?" Ye Tian looked at Mike and could not help but open his mouth to ask.


      However, hearing these words.


      Mike could not help but faintly smile.


      "Kid, you're too young, you don't understand the power of an idol at all!"


      "Divine Doctor Lin, is my idol, I stay here and work for Divine Doctor Lin willingly!"




      Hearing these words.


      Ye Tian's face couldn't help but change slightly.




      He did not expect that this Western medical madman was completely stung by that Godly Doctor Lin, and even committed himself to this Godly Doctor for the sake of this Godly Doctor, this was simply a bit unbelievable.


      "Good! Very good!"


      The sneer on the corner of Ye Tian's mouth grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Since that's the case, then let me see what you're capable of when you follow that surnamed Lin!"


      After saying that, he waved his hand to the side.


      "Let the next patient in!"




      Hearing these words, the surrounding passers-by, who were onlookers, flashed a way.


      Two paramedics were seen carrying a man and walking in quickly.


      This man was already completely unconscious and his breath was as if he was swimming.


      Not only that.


      His face, in particular, was dull, as if he was going to die at any moment, and that was not all.

Chapter 883



      Seeing this scene.


      Without any nonsense, Ye Tian and Mike walked forward and examined this patient using the examination methods of Chinese and Western medicine respectively.


      It was just surprising.


      As a little bit of time passed by.


      Both Ye Tian and Mike's faces gradually became heavy, as if they were at their wits' end about this patient's condition.


      This ......


      The surrounding crowd, at this moment a heart could not help but be lifted up.


      They did not expect that this patient's symptoms would be so complicated, even making young Ye Tian and Dean Mike, at the same time, appear tricky.


      "The patient is running a fever, suspected of having symptoms of toxaemia, his pores are bleeding, his lymph nodes are swollen, and perhaps accompanied by pneumonia!"


      Said one side.


      Everyone saw that Ye Tian seemed to have thought of something and instantly his face changed drastically and he yelled to the crowd.


      "Everyone, get out of the way! This ...... this might be the Black Death!"




      With a single word, the place instantly exploded.


      The Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague!


      It was an extremely terrifying and virulent infectious disease that had ravaged Europe back then, killing countless people, as if it was a life-threatening disease that people feared.


      No one had expected that Ye Tian would conclude that this could be the Black Death.




      Almost instantly, the many passers-by and doctors around them dodged away as if they were avoiding the plague.


      In the blink of an eye, it left only Ye Tian, Mike and the patient in the scene.


      "Damn! This, must be the Black Death! I just heard some time ago that cases of the Black Death have appeared in the southern province going within! I just didn't think that it would reach Jiang City!"


      Ye Tian's face was white as he spoke with conviction, almost completely conclusive.


      Dense, cold sweat flowed down from Ye Tian's forehead.


      Only, to his surprise.


      Mike, who was next to him, shook his head.


      "Nope! This is not the Black Death!"




      At these words, Ye Tian was slightly stunned, and then frowned and asked.


      "How do you know that this is not the Black Death! This man's symptoms almost exactly match the Black Death condition! Then what can he be if he is not the Black Death, you say?"


      "That ...... I don't know!"


      Mike spoke without a slight pause, his face hardened as he shook his head.


      "I had previously consulted Divine Doctor Lin regarding the history of infectious diseases in Europe throughout the years! According to what Divine Doctor Lin said, every generation of infectious diseases has a certain number of years to die out!"


      "And since the Black Death has passed its extinction period, the chances of this disease appearing in China are very low! Moreover, there are many other conditions that are similar to the Black Death, and you can't judge that this person has the Black Death based on that alone!"


      Mike's words were firm.




      What the divine doctor Lin said?


      Hearing the words 'God Doctor Lin', Ye Tian couldn't help but be enraged and instantly roared in anger.


      "Bullshit God Doctor Lin, he's just a godly man!"


      Speaking of this.


      Ye Tian swept a glance at Mike, as well as the many doctors around, including Elder Gao, with a face full of ridicule, and said.


      "See? Your Lord Dean, simply cannot conclude this person's condition!"


      "So, this time you have lost again! The tenth defeat!"