Today I Give Up Trying 877-878

 Chapter 877

Was his surname Lin?


      At this moment, after hearing the pockmarked old man's question, the two of them could not help but look dumbfounded as they said.


      "That's right! These medicinal meals were brewed by my son-in-law, and my son-in-law's name is Lin Fan!"


      Bai Shan did not hide anything and said straight away.


      Lin Fan.


      When he heard this name, the pupils of that linen-clothed old man could not help but shrink.


      "Then that's right! It seems that this Lin Fan is the recently famous divine Doctor Lin of Jiang City! Moreover, this husband and wife obviously don't know his true identity yet!"


      "Because he is, in fact, the White Bone Saint!"


      A hint of shocking waves were churning in the sackcloth old man's heart.


      He did not tell the White Mountain couple about Lin Fan's identity.


      After all!


      The White Bone Holy Hand was a god in the hearts of healers around the world.


      Such a figure must have his own reasons for hiding his identity and living in a small third-tier city like Jiang City.


      The linen-clothed old man did not dare to say anything.


      "Old man, are these medicinal meals made by my son-in-law worth anything?" Bai Shan couldn't help but ask curiously at this moment.


      He was also curious to determine if his recent improvement in health was really related to Lin Fan's medicinal meals.




      Hearing this, the corners of the pockmarked old man's mouth twitched slightly before he said with a bitter smile.


      "You two, your family has definitely been blessed in a previous life! These medicinal meals are not just of value, but ...... of unbelievable value!"




      This statement from the linen-clothed old man completely stunned the Bai Shan couple.


      Of unbelievable value?


      Wasn't this ...... just a few simple medicinal meals? Even if they were valuable, how else could they be of unbelievable value.


      Before the Bai Shan couple could ask.


      The couple then saw that the linen-clothed old man pointed at the portion of lotus seed soup soup and a strong reverence surfaced on his face as he opened his mouth and said.


      "You two, do you know that eight Chinese herbs were used in this lotus seed soup! And these eight herbs are extremely delicate, divided into three yin, three yang and two blends!"


      "The selection of ingredients and the proportion of dosage must all be precise to the milligram level before the medicinal effects can be brought into play!"


      Said the man.


      The linen-clothed old man's gaze towards Bai Shan and his wife was filled with a strong sense of envy and jealousy:.


      "This lotus seed soup is worth a million dollars!"




      Worth a million?


      After hearing the words of the linen-clothed old man, both Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely dumbfounded by this figure.


      The two of them looked at the linen-clothed old man dumbfounded, even suspecting that this old man had lost his mind.


      It was just a medicinal soup.


      The herbs used were not expensive either, how could it be worth a million?


      Looking at the couple's disbelieving expressions, the bitter smile on the corners of the linen-clothed old man's mouth grew thicker and thicker: "You don't understand!


      "You don't understand! Because this medicinal dish is the only one in the world that your son-in-law can match!"


      "If it were known by the world's top leaders, people would want to buy it, not to mention millions, even if it cost millions!"




      The linen-clothed old man's words instantly turned the worldview of the White Mountain couple upside down.


      They could see that this old man was extremely serious in what he said.


      Could it be that this medicinal meal that Lin Fan had made was really this precious?


      One medicinal meal was worth a million.


      And for their family, they had three meals a day, each with four dishes and one soup!


      In other words, eating 15 million a day?


      I ...... me nima!

Chapter 878

At this moment, Bai Shan and his wife looked at each other, especially after thinking that if what this pockmarked old man said was true, their family really ate 15 million a day, they only felt their scalp, a tingling.


      But that was not all.


      Immediately afterwards, the two of them saw that a strong sense of excitement and respect surfaced on the face of the linen-clothed old man as he asked.


      "Both of you, may I ask your son-in-law, Mr. Lin Fan, where is he now?"


      The Bai Shan couple obviously also noticed the old man's attitude, which seemed to have become even more respectful, and could not help but ask curiously.


      "Old man, are you looking for my son-in-law for something?"


      Hearing these words.


      The look on the linen-clothed old man's face was clearly slightly hesitant.


      It seemed a little embarrassed.


      But in the end, he stiffened his head and said straightforwardly.


      "Truth be told! To be able to meet such a high achiever, the old man ...... wants to worship his master!"


      Worship a teacher?


      The Bai Shan couple was completely dumbfounded.


      Lin Fan was just a brat in his twenties, while this old man in front of him was probably at least eighty years old.


      An old man in his eighties paying homage to a twenty-something year old Lin Fan?


      What kind of joke is this .......


      "I'm sorry, old man, my son-in-law is obviously out on something, and we as a couple don't know where he's gone, do we?"


      Bai Shan, still looking at the sackcloth old man like he was crazy, said.


      Don't know?


      Hearing those words, a thick look of disappointment surfaced on the face of the sackcloth old man.


      And just as he wanted to stay at the Bai household and wait for Lin Fan's return, he heard a footstep coming straight from the doorway.


      Only to see the neighbour next to him, Aunt Zhang, but she came to the door and said.


      "Bai Shan, Yumei! Just now Lin Fan went out, and he explained to me that he went to Ivan's Central and Western Hospital to take care of some matters! He'll be back later! Let me tell you guys!"




      Yifan Central and Western Hospital!


      Hearing Aunt Zhang's words, the pockmarked old man's expression instantly became excited.




      And at the same time!


      The entrance to the Evan Central and Western Hospital was bustling with activity, with a crowd of passersby watching the action, surrounding this entrance, each one pointing and talking inside.


      "Ugh! That youth is so powerful, in less than an hour, he has already cured eight patients!"


     [八一中文网] "Yes, it's a pity about the doctors from Ivan's Central and Western Hospital! Their medical skills aren't bad either, but compared to this youth, they are much inferior!"


      "Eight consecutive defeats in eight battles! I wonder if this time Elder Gao will be able to save the hospital's face by stepping in!"


      "I don't think so, look at Elder Gao's forehead, it's starting to sweat, while that young man is just breezing along, it's already a close call!"


      The surrounding passers-by were chattering, and all eyes were looking towards the centre of the crowd.


      And at this moment!


      In the very centre of the crowd.


      Two tables and chairs were set up, an old man and a young man, and two doctors were attending to a patient.


      And this old man and this young man are both Chinese doctors!


      Look, smell, ask and cut!


      The four-step Chinese medicine diagnosis method was brought to the forefront by the duo.


      And when the diagnosis was completed.


      Elder Gao and the young man, each wrote out the patient's illness on the medical record in their hands.