Today I Give Up Trying 874-876

 Chapter 874

No need to take medication?


      Hearing these words.


      The bright light in the linen-clothed old man's eyes, however, became even more intense: "No way!




      "Sir, do you know that once a person reaches the age of fifty, the functions of the whole body will degenerate at a terrifying rate! But I have just been observing you on my journey! Not only have your body functions not deteriorated, but you are showing signs of rejuvenation!"


      "If you say you haven't taken any drugs, I won't believe you!"


      Hearing these words.


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely dumbfounded.


      Signs of rejuvenation?


      What the ...... hell kind of joke is this!


      At this moment, Bai Shan looked at the pockmarked old man as if he was looking at a godly man.


      However, he had not yet waited for him to retort.


      But the linen-clothed old man continued to say.


      "This gentleman, are you now able to fall asleep easily every night? And every morning, you wake up regularly!"


      "Apart from that, do you feel that your strength seems to be increasing and your skin seems to be tightening! Also, you now have an erection of sorts every morning!"


      nest ...... nest grass!


      Upon hearing this sentence from the sackclothed old man.


      Bai Shan's entire body was completely dumbfounded.


      Although it was a little embarrassing, what this old man said was surprisingly spot on.


      In the past, Bai Shan's back was aching daily, tossing and turning at night, and insomnia had almost become the norm.


      And now!


      It was extremely easy to fall asleep every night, wake up regularly every morning, and even show signs of a male erection.


      And that's not all.


      Bai Shan now likewise noticed that his strength seemed much stronger, even walking faster than before, and he did not feel tired at all.


      This ......


      "Old ...... old man, how did you know that?"


      Bai Shan's heart was shocked.


      He could be sure that he was meeting this old man for the first time, and the moment the other party opened his mouth, he told his body's recent condition, which was simply an incredible thing.




      Upon hearing Bai Shan's affirmative answer, this sackcloth-clad old man was immediately overwhelmed with ecstasy.


      "Sir, these few days I'm talking about are signs of rejuvenation! In the words of martial artists, this is forging tendons and bones, and if this goes on for a long time, you can even return to the bodily functions of your twenties!"




      The linen-clothed old man's words made Bai Shan jump in shock.


      He had naturally heard of some of the martial arts practitioners' tendon forging and bone forging, which were all things that could only be done after years and years of toughening up their bodies day and night.


      He, on the other hand, had never exercised, so how could he have reached the level of forging tendons and bones!


      That was not all.


      The linen-clothed old man turned his head to look at Shen Yumei, especially looking at Shen Yumei's leg that was in a plaster cast, and could not help but ask.


      "This lady, looking at the degree of recovery of your leg, it must have been broken two months ago, right?"


      Two months?


      Shen Yumei was dumbfounded, and then shook her head.


      "No! My leg was broken a week ago!"




      A week!


      This time, it was the pockmarked old man who was startled.


      He took a closer look at Shen Yumei's leg, and then a ghostly look appeared on his face.


      "Madam, is it true that you can no longer feel a trace of pain in this leg now? Normally, the leg still has a tingling sensation as if ants are crawling on it?"

Chapter 875

"Yes ...... yes! Old man, how do you know?" Shen Yumei froze and nodded her head.


      And hearing these words.


      Only then did the linen-clothed old man continue to say.


      "That's right! Normally for someone with a broken leg, the first week, when the broken bones are superimposed, will be abnormally painful! Absolutely no pain will go away!"


      "Only after two months of healing of the broken bones will the tingling sensation arise! According to your current progress, I'm afraid that you will be able to walk freely in a few days!"


      Finished speaking!


      The linen-clothed old man once again looked at Bai Shan and Shen Yumei with a gaze that grew brighter and brighter:.


      "So, I can now conclude with 100% certainty that you and your husband must be taking some kind of incredible miracle drug!"


      "Otherwise, there would definitely not be such an unbelievable effect!"




      A miracle drug?


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei both looked at each other.


      For some reason, the first thought that came to their minds was the ...... medicinal meal that Lin Fan had made!


      "Could it be that this matter is related to those medicinal meals that Xiao Fan made?" Bai Shan said incredulously.


      As for Shen Yumei, she also only felt as if she was dreaming.


      She simply could not imagine that just a simple medicinal meal could have such an unbelievable effect?


      This, how could it be possible.


      "A medicinal meal?" The linen-clothed old man's eyes narrowed, before he said with a sharp breath.


      "Can you two take me home with you! I can help you see if it is a medicinal meal or not?"


      Go home?


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei both frowned.


      They carefully observed the sackclothed old man, and only after determining that this old man, did not look like a bad person, did the couple nod their heads.


      "You can be taken back! However, at this hour, my son-in-law might have already disposed of the remaining remnants of the medicinal food, by now!"


      Bai Shan said hesitantly.


      Only when he heard this, the linen-clothed old man shook his head and smiled.


      "Don't worry, even if there are no remnants of the medicinal food, all I need to do is to see which herbs are actually there and I will be able to deduce it!"


      Looking at the sepia-clothed old man's convincing appearance.


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei could only agree helplessly.


      At that moment, the couple led the linen-clothed old man towards their home.




      When they opened the door to their room, they realized that Lin Fan was not at home, and even on the dining table, the leftovers had not even been cleaned up yet.


      "Old man, the medicinal meals we are talking about are those plates on the dining table!" Bai Shan pointed to a few plates and said straight away.


      And just as his words fell.


      The old man could not help but sniff his nose vigorously, and then a few shades of horror surfaced on his vicissitudes face.


      "This fragrance, it's thick and doesn't dissipate!"


      "With just the residual scent, I can actually feel that my bloodline seems to be fluctuating! Unbelievable! My goodness, what kind of medicinal food is this ......!"


      The linen-clothed old man's heart simply set off a shocking wave.


      He had practiced medicine all his life and saved countless people.


      He had seen and known as many as eight thousand, if not ten thousand, medicinal recipes.


      As for medicinal food!


      He knew countless more.


      But now, just the residual Qi of this medicinal food was already better than what he had seen and heard in his entire life, which made him incredulous.

Chapter 876

Stomp, stomp, stomp!


      At this moment, the sack-clothed old man couldn't wait to trot over to the table, before gathering around a few dinner plates of leftover food and beginning to carefully study it:.


      "This soup should be made from eight kinds of medicinal herbs, after simmering with lotus seeds!"


      "These eight herbs should be mother of pearl, half summer, and red peony ......"


      At this moment, the linen-clothed old man seemed to be completely caught up in the study of these leftovers.




      The Bai Shan couple were the ones who noticed.


      As the old man analyzed a variety of herbs, after one sentence of muttering, the sweat on his forehead actually began to crackle and fall continuously.


      On that vicissitudes face, a hint of red exuberance and shock kept flashing out.


      "Goodness! Of these eight herbs, three are yin, three are yang, and two harmonise yin and yang!"


      "Both the amount of each herb and the degree of reconciliation between each other need to reach an unimaginable level before it is possible!"


      The linen-clothed old man's pair of eyes were wide open.


      Looking at that one soup, it was as if he was looking at something unbelievable.


      "If I'm not wrong, this one medicinal recipe, could it be the Eight Treasures Tendon Forging among the rumours?"


      "Using three yin and three yang to harmonise the two, to achieve the effect of forging tendons and bones!"


      After the old man said this, the whole person could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!


      The Eight Treasures Tendon Forging!


      To ordinary people, these four words might not seem peculiar!


      But to the world's top healers, it was definitely like thunder in their ears.


      This was because this was the medicinal formula of the world's most awesome one, the God of Medicine, the White Bone Sage.


      According to the legend.


      This kind of prescription, no matter the ratio of the medicine used, or the matching aid, all reached an unbelievable level, even if there was a prescription, ordinary healers were unable to prepare it precisely.


      Even the old man had only heard of some rumours, but had never actually seen it.


      And now ......


      "Is that the man?"


      "Gosh, in this world, I'm afraid that only that person really knows what the Eight Treasures Forging Tendon is! If it really is him, then ......"






      Dense cold sweat, from the forehead of the linen-clothed old man, slid down in a raging torrent.


      And seeing this scene.


      The White Mountain couple looked at each other with blank faces.


      They simply didn't understand how powerful Lin Fan's medicinal meal was to make this sackcloth old man lose his composure to such an extent.


      Only, this was just the beginning.


      "Four Extremes of Xuan Yang!"


      "Nine Fragrances Returning to Yin!"


      "Six-fold sealing of acupuncture points!"




      A cry of astonishment issued from the old man's mouth.


      His entire body trembled as if he was sifting chaff, especially when he looked at the scraps once again, it was almost as if he was looking at the most precious treasure in this world.


      "It must be him! In this world, if anyone holds these few remedies, then it can only be the White Bone Saint Hands!"


      "Also, for some time recently, the miracle of a God Doctor Lin has been circulating in Jiang City! Could it be ......"


      Thinking of this!


      The linen-clothed old man hurriedly turned his head and asked the Bai Shan couple.


      "Both of you, may I ask the person who made this medicinal meal, who is he to you? Is his surname Lin?"