Today I Give Up Trying 871-873

 Chapter 871

Be it the military, politics, Shang and other major fields, they are almost covered with the sons and disciples of these four terrifying families.


      The Old Master Bai, back then, was a son of the Bai family in Jiangnan.


      Because he failed in his bid for power, he was expelled from his family and exiled to Jiangcheng, which is how he single-handedly established the Jiangcheng Bai family.




      These decades had passed, and Old Master Bai did not even have the courage to meet with the Jiangnan Bai clan, even once.


      Now, however, he was forced to turn to the Jiangnan Bai Clan.


      This ......


      "I know you guys are scared! And why am I not afraid!"


      And at the look on the crowd's faces, Old Master Bai seemed to have expected this.


      On his face, a strong complex look flickered:.


      "The Jiangnan Bai family is too frightening! Even the Shengshi Group, in front of the Bai Family, is nothing more than that!"


      "In the military world, they have three-star war general Bai Hu, leading ten thousand soldiers and stationed in the East China Sea, unbeatable!"


      "In the political realm, they have four-star greats who have their hands in the sky, and no one dares to disobey them!"


      "In the dark world, they have an organisation - the White Angels! The assassins and mercenaries in there, even if Leng Ao Tian and the others encounter them, they will only die!"


      Speaking of this.


      Old Master Bai felt even more of a chill on his scalp as he said in a trembling voice.


      "But right now, if I don't turn to the Jiangnan Bai Family, then the foundation that I have worked so hard to build will only be swallowed up alive and perish!"


      "I'm not happy! I am not willing!!!"


      Hearing the old master's words.


      All the Bai family members around them were completely silent.


      That's right!


      The current situation had already pushed their Bai family, completely, to the brink of extinction, and only by defecting to the Jiangnan Bai family could they perhaps be saved.


      Thinking about this.


      Bai Hai and all the other members of the Bai family, in unison, bowed to the old Taiji, and said.


      "We, the rest of us, listen to the order of the old master!!!"




      At this moment, it wasn't just the Bai family that was in chaos.


      After the news of the opening ceremony of the new Bai Clan came out.


      The whole of Jiang City was shocked and dumbfounded.


      Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were brutally beaten and resuscitated.


      The Heavenly Sage Group, declared bankrupt and liquidated.


      Gao Zhilong and the others, were jailed.


      This piece of news was like a thunderbolt, causing the entire Jiang City to completely explode.


      Not only that!


      Especially, when the Shengshi Group, Lanshan Group and other Jiangnan plutocrats one after another announced that they had reached a cooperation agreement with the New Bai.




      The New Bai Clan, became the new nobleman of Jiangnan that almost every Jiang City person was talking about, and almost everyone had already seen that the New Bai Clan would soar to greatness one day.


      Only for all this, Lin Fan simply did not care.


      In the days that followed, he continued to stay at home every day, washing, mopping and cooking.


      "This soup is called Eight Treasures Forging Tendons and Lotus Seed Soup!"


      "The eight herbs in this soup have the effect of fortifying the tendons and bones, and with the fragrance of lotus seeds, this soup is not only delicious, but also extremely nutritious! It has the effect of forging bones and prolonging life!"


      In the kitchen, Lin Fan had just uncovered the lid of the pot when a refreshing fragrance wafted out from the pot.


      This was a soup that he had personally developed.


      Eight kinds of medicinal herbs, after matching them with his unique secret method, began to simmer together with lotus seeds to make it.


      Back then.


      When he was in Blood Prison, Lin Fan not only taught the Blood Prison soldiers the secret fighting techniques, but also to match a variety of medicinal dishes.

Chapter 872

With the dual assistance of fighting techniques and medicinal food, every Blood Prison warrior has progressed so rapidly that they have never become a terrifying presence that would scare any power on the planet.


      And now!


      Lin Fan then planned to use this one medicinal meal to help Bai Yi, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, improve their physique and forge their muscles and bones.


      This would not only enable them to prolong their lives, but also their youth.


      At this moment!


      Apart from this Eight Treasures Tendon Forging Lotus Seed Soup.


      On the side table, there was also a beautifully fresh and fragrant dish.


      "Nine Fragrant Vegetables!"


      "Four Extremes of Stir-fried Pork!"




      One dish after another, all of which matched herbs and vegetables to the extreme, it could be said that a dish was better than a pair of medicines, without exaggeration.


      "Dinner is served!"


      With a faint smile, Lin Fan carried a plate of dishes and walked out of the kitchen.


      At this moment, Bai Yi and Bai Shan, had already finished washing up and were sitting early before the dining table, ready to start the meal.


      Shen Yumei, too, had been discharged from the hospital yesterday.


      Although her leg was still in a cast, she only needed to recuperate for another month and could walk freely.


      "It smells so good!"


      When a plate of exquisite dishes was just brought up, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes instantly shone.


      She looked at Lin Fan and said with a face full of curiosity.


      "Lin Fan, these medicinal dishes you've made recently, not only do they taste delicious, but I feel like I have so much energy every day that even if I work all day, I won't be the least bit tired! What's more, I find that my skin is a little bit whiter!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face shone with intense happiness.


      And it wasn't just her.


      Shen Yumei, who was next to her, was also smiling as she said to Lin Fan.


      "Little Fan, I also feel that the bones in my legs have been recovering unusually fast these past few days! It seems that every day, there is a great difference, the effect of this medicinal food of yours is too great!"


      "Hahahaha ...... and me! I've always felt a sore back before, but since Xiao Fan made the medicinal food, I found that my whole body has become more vigorous!" Bai Shan couldn't help but speak up as well.


      And looking at the happy appearance of this family.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but touch his nose and smiled slightly.


      "Since everyone likes it, then in the future I will customize a dish for you every day according to your health conditions!"


      With a single word, it made Bai Yi's three mouths, even happier.




      After the meal started, both Bai Yi, and Bai Shan and his wife, all started to feast on it.


      The delicious taste of this meal made them simply want to stop eating.


      Almost as if they were winding down, they had wiped out several plates of dishes, already.


      After the meal.


      Bai Yi then rushed off to the office and continued to be busy.


      And Bai Shan then pushed Shen Yumei and went out for a walk.


      Just as Lin Fan was about to clean up the leftovers, a doorbell suddenly came from the door.




      Lin Fan was stunned and instantly walked up and opened the door to the room.


      Only just as he opened the door.


      Lin Fan then saw that a doctor was sweating profusely outside the door of the room. Seeing Lin Fan, this doctor was ecstatic and hurriedly said.


      "Lin Dong, something has happened to our Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital ......!!!"



Chapter 873

When Lin Fan heard this, he couldn't help but blush.


      This doctor in front of him, he knew.


      This person was the same emergency doctor who had hit Shen Yumei earlier.


      Immediately, Lin Fan hurriedly asked.


      "What's going on?"


      "Dong Lin, today, at the entrance of our hospital, there was a young man who was mouthing off, looking for Divine Doctor Lin! But he was stopped by our security guards, after which this man spoke out and hung up a challenge, claiming that we were a fraudulent hospital! Some of the doctors were so angry that they went out to accept the challenge!" When this doctor said this, a look of having seen a ghost appeared on his face and he hurriedly continued to say.


      "But how could we not expect that young man's skill in Chinese medicine to be too powerful!"


      "First, Dr. Xu, the surgeon, lost, and after that, Director Zhang, Director Liu and others fought one after another, only to lose again and again!"


      "Our Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital, has now become a joke!"




      When Lin Fan heard these words, his face instantly changed.


      He was aware that every single life of the doctors at Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital were all people with exquisite medical skills, and for that young man to be able to defeat several doctors one after another, it was obvious that his medical skills were extremely extraordinary.


      "Where are Elder Gao and Mike?" Lin Fan asked with a gloomy face.


      "Now Elder Gao has personally taken action!" The doctor continued, but on his face, it was hard to see: "But, that young man's medical skills are extremely good.


      "But, that young man's medical skills are beyond our expectations! Elder Gao's situation is not good, I'm afraid he won't be able to hold on for long!"


      Elder Gao is no match?


      Hearing this, Lin Fan felt more and more that the young man was not simple, and immediately said.


      "Let's go! Now let's go and take a look together!"


      After saying that!


      Lin Fan then hurriedly locked the door, and together with this doctor, headed towards the direction of Ivan's Central and Western Hospital, and hurriedly headed there.




      And at the same time!


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, the couple who were out walking, were similarly stopped in their tracks.


      "Old man, what do you keep stopping us for?" Bai Shan looked at the linen-clothed old man in front of him, and a strong look of helplessness flashed on his face.


      Shortly after going out today, they had met this sepia-clothed old man.


      What made Bai Shan helpless was this.


      After seeing the couple, the old man followed them as if he had found a treasure.


      As they walked down the road, this old man still refused to leave, and even stopped directly in front of them.


      The linen-clothed old man looked to be in his eighties.


      His hair was white and his face was full of wrinkles, but those eyes were gleaming, as if they could see through everything.


      At this moment.


      His pair of eyes were on Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's bodies, constantly surveying them, until finally, only then did he say.


      "This gentleman, I would like to ask, what kind of medication do you usually take?"


      "You should be in your fifties in age, but your essence, why do you look like a strong man in his thirties?"




      When the linen-clothed old man's words came out, Bai Shan couldn't help but faintly stare.


      The essence was like that of a strong man in his thirties?


      Bai Shan frowned and said curiously.


      "Old man, I'm a little confused about the meaning of your words! I'm fifty-five this year, and I don't usually take any medication, so why are you saying that my essence looks like I'm in my thirties?"