Today I Give Up Trying 869-870

 Chapter 869

This was too unbelievable.


      At this moment, within the entire Bai family compound, a pin drop could be heard, and almost everyone could hear their own heartbeats, an oppressive feeling that made every Bai family member's scalp tingle.


      Even Old Master Bai could not help but swallow a mouthful of spittle fiercely as he asked in a trembling voice.


      "Yifan, what about Lin Fan?"


      "Hasn't he [Pencil Novel] been punished?"


      Lin Fan!


      These two words caused everyone's hearts to tremble fiercely.


      In particular, they saw Bai Yifan's face full of ghosts as he said




      "Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, and President Leng Kang, personally apologize to Lin Fan ......!"




      An apology?


      Upon hearing this sentence, both Old Master Bai and all the Bai family members around him were all dumbfounded.


      "How is that possible? Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan are grand masters, and Leng Kang is even the president of the Sheng Shi Group! How could such characters apologise to that trash Lin Fan!"


      "Yes! Yifan, did you see it wrong! Leng Ao Tian and the others are considered good enough not to get Lin Fan killed! How could they possibly apologize to that punk!"


      "Oh my god! What on earth has happened! This, how is it possible!"




      At this moment, after hearing Bai Yifan's words, the entire Bai family compound completely exploded.


      On everyone's face, a thick sense of disbelief flashed across all of them, and they couldn't even believe what they had heard.


      Even Old Master Bai, his scalp exploded as he hurriedly asked.


      "Yi ...... Yifan! Why! What exactly did that Lin Fan do? How could Leng Ao Tian and the others apologize to him?"


      At this moment, Old Master Bai was almost choked out of fear.


      And seeing this scene.


      Only then did Bai Yifan frown and say in an equally incredulous manner.


      "Grandpa! I ...... don't know exactly what it's because of! But according to Leng Ao Tian and the others, it seems to be because of Bai Yi!"


      Bai Yi?


      This one sentence caused the crowd to be even more confused.


      Bai Yi was very capable, this was recognized.


      But no matter how capable she was, she was only a small president of a newly established company, nothing more.


      What qualifications did she have to make the Grand Master bend over and make the president of Shengshi subservient.


      They did not wait for the crowd to ask.


      Bai Yifan, however, said with a frown on his face.


      "But, I feel that things are far from that simple!"


      "Because I found that whether it's Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, or Sheng Shi President Leng Kang, although they claim to think Bai Yi, they seem to ...... be more afraid of Lin Fan!"


      "As if, Lin Fan had some kind of terrifying background!"




      These words from Bai Yifan were even more like a bomb, causing the Bai family members to be completely confused.


      More afraid of Lin Fan?


      Two Grand Masters, a Sheng Shi president!


      How could such characters be afraid of a door-to-door son-in-law?


      How the ...... hell could this be possible.


      Each and every one of them only felt their hearts pounding wildly, as if they were about to pop out of their throats at any moment.


      Even Old Master Bai was sweating coldly.


      "Yifan, what is the situation now?"


      The situation!


      That's right, what everyone was most concerned about was naturally the situation of the New Bai Clan!


      And immediately afterwards, Bai Yifan's words caused one and all of the Bai family members to almost faint.

Chapter 870

"Heilan Mountain's Lanshan Group announces that it has made the New White's its first partner!"


      "Shengshi Group announced that it has listed the New White's as its first partner!"


      "Jiangnan Tian Group announced that it has listed the New White's as its first partner!"




      Bai Yifan spoke the names of one plutocrat after another.


      There were dozens of them.


      And every single one of them, surprisingly, was the topmost plutocratic power in Jiangnan.




      At this moment, after hearing the names of each and every one of those plutocrats, it was as if a bomb had dropped, leaving them completely dumbfounded.


      It was as if everyone had already seen a terrifying new nobleman in Jiangnan, rising in a frenzy.


      It shocked them and terrified them.






      Old Master Bai fell to the ground on his buttocks, and only then did the crowd come to their senses from that deep shock.






      "Old Taiji!"




      The crowd was all startled when they saw the Old Master fall, and hurriedly ran up to him one by one.


      Some helped with the back pounding, some hurriedly handed out water, and only after working for half a day did the old master take a long breath, and his whole body sobered up a little.


      "Heaven has killed my Bai family!!!"


      At this moment, it was as if Old Master Bai had aged by more than ten years.


      An aura of dying was emanating from his body.


      And the others.


      Whether it was the eldest master, Bai Hai, or the second master, Bai Chuan, each and every one of them was as white as paper.


      It was over!


      The rise of the new Bai Clan meant the demise of their old Bai Clan.


      Especially with so many plutocrats supporting the new Bai, it would be almost easy to destroy their group.


      What to do?


      The faces of each and every one of them were flooded with a thick, deadly grey.


      "Dad ......" Bai Hai, Bai Chuan and the others, all looked towards the old dowager.


      And seeing this scene.


      A thick, bitter smile emerged from the corner of Old Master Bai's mouth:.


      "It seems that driving away Bai Yi and Lin Fan was the most foolish thing I've done in my life!"


      "There's only one way for us now!"




      These words from Old Master Bai caused all the surrounding Bai family members to faintly stare.


      There was still ...... hope?


      The eyes of each and every member of the Bai family were once again lit up with anticipation as they looked towards Old Master Bai.


      "Dad! You quickly say, which other way can we go?" Bai Hai and the others, one by one, their faces flushed red with excitement.


      Old Master Bai, on the other hand, turned his head and swept a glance at his descendants before he said stiffly.


      "Contact the Bai clan in Jiangnan!"


      "Only their help can save us!"


      Jiang Nan Bai Clan!


      When they heard these four words, all the surrounding Bai Clan members' faces changed drastically, and a look of dense panic flashed on each of their faces.


      That look was as if they had heard some terrifying name.


      In Jiangnan.


      Shengshi Group, Lanshan Group, Tian Group, etc., were definitely the top group of plutocratic forces.


      However, many people did not know that.


      Above these few major plutocrats, there were the most mysterious and terrifying four major families.


      Bai, Huangfu, Sima and Ye!


      These four great families had been in the Jiangnan area for a hundred years, and were known as the 100-year old families.