Today I Give Up Trying 867-868

 Chapter 867

The Shengshi Group, a giant existence in the Jiangnan business community.


      No one had expected that the opening ceremony of the new Bai Group would have surprised such a behemoth.


      Bai Yan, exuberant and red-faced, turned to Old Master Bai and said.


      "Grandpa! President Leng Kang is Leng Bufan's father, and this time, he is definitely here to take revenge!"


      "That's right! The New Bai's will not only have to suffer the cancellation of all its suppliers, but also face the giant Shengshi, I'm afraid it's completely finished!" Bai Hai was also shaking his head repeatedly.


      And listening to this sentence after sentence.


      Old Master Bai could not help but shake his head more than once, sighing and saying.


      "Ugh! That girl, Bai Yi, is very capable! Unfortunately, in the end, she was still dragged down by that waste of a husband of hers!"


      Finished speaking!


      Old Master Bai turned to the crowd and said.


      "Let's all wait patiently! I'm sure that Yifan will soon bring news of the New Bai Clan's demise!"


      Hearing these words, the crowd nodded their heads one after another and began to wait patiently.


      There were even many senior members of the Bai family who were already thinking about how to divide the assets left behind after the destruction of the New Bai Clan.


      Time passed by little by little.


      And when an hour had just passed.


      An ecstatic voice came from outside at once.


      "Young Master Yifan has returned!"


      With a single word, the Bai family was completely startled, and with the old master Bai as the leader, he greeted all the Bai family members with faces full of exuberance as they went out.


      When a group of people, just walked out, they saw that Bai Yifan had already walked into the house.




      Everyone didn't notice that Bai Yifan seemed to have lost his soul, and in his eyes, there was a vague flicker of despair and disbelief.


      "Yifan! How's it going? I heard that Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, and even the top brass of the Sheng Shi Group had all gone!" Old Master Bai looked at this grandson of his, his face full of a lingering smile:.


      "Is the New Bai's finished?"


      Hearing the old dowager's question, everyone around held their breath, and a single gaze, in unison, fell on Bai Yifan's body.




      The corner of Bai Yifan's mouth twitched slightly, a bitter arc surfacing as he said.


      "It's over!"


      "It's all over!"


      Sure enough!


      Hearing Bai Yifan's words, the surrounding Grand Master Bai Hai, Second Master Bai Chuan and the others completely boiled up.


      "Hahahaha ...... It worked! The traitor of our Bai Clan is finally finished!"


      "Damn! That Lin Fan doesn't know if his arms and legs have been broken, it's really something to look forward to!"


      "With the new Bai's bankruptcy, then we can go and acquire the Blue Sea Mansion, as well as all the properties in Bai Yi's hands!"




      Almost every single member of the Bai family was overjoyed.


      They seemed to have already seen the wonderful scene where they had annexed all the industries in Bai Yi's hands, all of them, and the Bai Group soared to the sky.


      Even Old Master Bai was smiling broadly, his face full of relief.


      It was just when the crowd was excited to the extreme.


      Bai Yifan's next sentence caused the expression on their faces to freeze completely.


      "I mean ......"


      "Our Bai Group ...... is finished!"




      As soon as the words fell, all the cheers in the courtyard came to a screeching halt.

Chapter 868

A trail of stunned eyes turned to look at Bai Yifan, and all of them suspected that they seemed to ...... have heard wrong?


      "Yifan! What are you babbling about!" Grand Master Bai Hai's face sank as he shouted angrily at Bai Yifan.


      "Have you been scared out of your wits! It's the New Bai that's finished, how come it's us?"


      It wasn't just Grand Master Bai Hai.


      Almost everyone looked at Bai Yifan as if they were looking at a fool.


      After all!


      It was the New White Clan that had provoked the two Grand Masters!


      It was also the New Bai's who had provoked the behemoth that was Shengshi!


      It was even the New Bai Clan who had offended all their suppliers!


      This had nothing to do with the Bai family, so how could they be the ones who were finished?


      How could they be the ones to go down? Was that a fucking joke?


      Even Old Master Bai's face sank as he angrily scolded Bai Yifan, saying.


      "Yifan, do you know what you're saying?"


      "Grandpa, I ...... know!"


      On Bai Yifan's face, a bitter smile surfaced, before his gaze swept over everyone present.


      Only within this gaze, there was a strong sense of pity and helplessness:.


      "I'm not crazy, nor am I stupid!"


      "We ...... are finished!"




      After hearing Bai Yifan say these words for the second time, the atmosphere within the entire Bai family compound became silent.


      Only then did everyone realize that something was wrong.




      The crowd saw a strong sense of despair and despondency in Bai Yifan's bitter smile, as if there was truly something terrible that was about to happen.


      "A ...... Yifan! What's happening! Say! You do say it!" Old Master Bai felt his heart beating faster and faster, making him almost have a heart attack.




      A creepy sense of crisis emerged from his heart.


      And the crowd around him also just felt their breaths become shortened, a sense of crisis that surfaced in their hearts.


      And looking at the Bai family crowd.


      Bai Yifan smiled bitterly and said.


      "Grandpa, do you guys know the result of this grand ceremony?"


      "The Heavenly Sage Group, just now, declared bankruptcy, and the chairman, Gao Zhilong, as well as eight senior executives, were arrested and imprisoned for allegedly misappropriating funds! Gao Shengyuan, was arrested and imprisoned for allegedly straw-manning people!"


      What ...... what!


      The moment these words came out, all the Bai family members were shocked.


      The Sky Sage Group is finished?


      How could this be possible?


      Just a short while ago, wasn't there news that Gao Zhilong had united with all the suppliers and terminated the contract with the New Bai Clan?


      How could it be that within a short period of time, the entire Heavenly Sage Group was completely finished.


      That was not all.


      Bai Yifan's next words even made everyone's jaws drop in shock.


      "Lin Guangyao, had both his legs broken and expelled from Jiang City! For the rest of his life, he will never be able to step foot again, or he will surely die!"


      "Leng Bufan, his eight ribs were broken by Leng Ao Tian and he almost died on the spot, he was sent to hospital for resuscitation!"


      "He Jiaojiao, five bones broken by He Lanshan, fainted and was also taken to the hospital for resuscitation!"




      As these words from Bai Yifan fell, the scalps of all the surrounding Bai family members almost exploded.


      Lin Guangyao!


      Leng Bufan!


      He Jiaojiao!


      These three people, they were all Lin Fan's enemies.


      Only, weren't they there to take revenge?


      How could they have been almost killed, and the one who did it was their grandfather, the Grand Master?