Today I Give Up Trying 864-866

 Chapter 864

Leng Ao Tian, fully supports the new Bai's!


      Lanshan Group, list the New White Clan as the first partner!


      When the words of the two Grand Masters were heard.




      Within the entire hall, it once again exploded.


      The surrounding Gao Zhilong, Gao Shengyuan, and those suppliers, all of them only felt their scalps tingle.


      Leng Bufan, He Jiaojiao, Lin Guangyao and the others, on the other hand, were like five thunderstorms.


      Almost all of them could not believe what was happening in front of them.


      Oh my God, what had happened?


      Everyone's eyes looked in unison at Bai Yi, who was full of shock. They simply could not imagine what kind of heavenly means this woman had to make the Shengshi Group submit and make the two Grand Masters bend their backs.


      Especially thinking about it.


      The new Bai Group would not only have the Shengshi Group as its backer, but also hold the full support of one plutocrat after another, such as the Lanshan Group, the Tianlong Group and the Fei Group.


      Every one of them seemed to see a new nobleman in Jiangnan who was about to soar to great heights.


      The crowd believed that, in time, the new Bai Clan would become another behemoth in Jiangnan.




      The suppliers, led by Gao Zhilong, could no longer bear this blow at this moment, and one after another fell to the ground.


      "How could this happen! My Heavenly Sage Group actually missed out on the New Bai!"


      Gao Zhilong was completely dumbfounded.


      If it wasn't for the instigation of this father and son duo, then they would still be the partners of New White's, and by that time, they would be able to soar to great heights, just around the corner.


      But now, by breaking away from the New Bai's, they have offended the newest nobleman in Jiangnan, and their fate is imaginable.


      They are not the only ones.


      Bai Yifan and Shen Jie, who were in the crowd, had mixed feelings.


      They were relatives of Bai Yi and Lin Fan.


      But before, they had repeatedly targeted Lin Fan and his wife, hating the new Bai's and wanting them to close down and go bankrupt.


      And now ......


      "My Bai Clan, it's completely finished!" The corners of Bai Yifan's mouth were bitter.


      And Shen Jie, with his face ashen.


      "I wonder what my Shen family's reaction will be when they know this news?"


      The two couldn't help but glance at each other, and a strong sense of remorse surfaced in their hearts.


      Only, that was not all.


      Lin Fan's voice, which was full of playfulness at this moment, resounded once more.


      "Is that the end of it?"




      Hearing these words, everyone within the surrounding hall was once again dumbfounded as they all looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.


      Two Grand Masters, already bent over?


      Was this not enough?


      At that moment, the crowd within the hall looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.


      After all, in everyone's eyes, the reason why the two Grand Masters apologised was purely an apology to Bai Yi.


      What kind of a thing are you, surnamed Lin, foxes and tigers?


      At this moment, everyone thought that after Lin Fan had spoken out, the two Grand Masters would definitely be furious.


      Just immediately afterwards, a scene that stunned the crowd appeared.






      The faces of both Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan were shocked white, and dense cold sweat, as if a tap had been turned on, raged down from their foreheads.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, what else do you want, just mention it!"


      "Right ...... right! Mr. Lin, you just say it!"




      The thick fear on the faces of the two Grand Masters fell on the eyes of the surrounding crowd, causing each and every one of them to not believe their eyes.


      How, what was going on?


      Why did it seem to them that the two Grand Masters were more intensely fearful of Lin Fan than they were when facing Bai Yi?

Chapter 865

This ......


      At this moment, Lin Fan didn't even care about the mindset of the people around him as he smiled and glanced at Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao, the curvature of his mouth, growing thicker and thicker.


      And with just one glance.




      It landed in the eyes of both Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao, instantly causing them to be almost scared out of their wits.


      Iron plate!


      They then realised that they had definitely kicked the iron plate, Lin Fan or Bai Yi definitely had a terrifying identity that the two of them could hardly imagine, otherwise, how could they have made Leng Kang so afraid and grandfather so terrified.


      Thinking of this.


      Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao, hurriedly pushing their wheelchairs, hastily and wretchedly marched forward, and then said in fear.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, I, Leng Bufan, have no eyes and do not know the identity of Miss Bai, please ...... ask for your forgiveness!"


      "Mr. Lin, I ...... was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn't have wanted revenge! Please, for the sake of my grandfather, please ...... give me another chance!"


      Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao, at this moment, were simply scared to pee.


      And the voice that made the two of them even more terrified, then rang out.




      "One of you tried to snatch my wife, and the other broke my mother-in-law's leg! Now you know it's wrong?"




      Hearing Lin Fan's words, both Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan's guts were almost scared to death.


      Before, they only knew that Lin Fan had scrapped his grandson and broken his granddaughter's leg, but they simply didn't know that this was the reason.


      In an instant!


      The two Grand Masters' lungs almost exploded with anger.


      "Bastard ...... beast! Didn't you tell me that Mr. Lin broke your leg for no reason? I didn't expect that you had the audacity of a dog to try to take someone's wife! You bastard!"


      "Jiao Jiao, how dare you be so flighty and domineering as to knock off someone's old man's leg! You ...... sinner!"


      The words fell!


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan could no longer contain the anger in their hearts.




      Two fists and kicks then split their heads and swung down viciously at Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao.






      Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were instantly knocked out of their wheelchairs, and the sound of bones breaking and screams of terror resounded continuously.


      In the blink of an eye, the crowd could see that Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were covered in blood, with no idea how many bones had been broken, and they had been beaten to death.


      This scene made the crowd more and more horrified, they did not expect that the two Grand Masters would deal such a cruel blow to their own grandsons and granddaughters for the sake of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, I've already taught this little brat a lesson, please have mercy and spare his life!"


      "Yes, Mr. Lin, I, He Lan Shan, will henceforth look up to you and Miss Bai, and would like to exchange my granddaughter's life!"


      Hearing the words of the two Grand Masters, almost pleading.


      Everyone in the hall was almost scared to death.


      And seeing this scene!


      Lin Fan only nodded indifferently, two reptiles were just two reptiles, whether they lived or died, he didn't care at all.


      Even as long as he wanted to.


      Even if it was these two Grand Masters, they could be twisted to death in a minute.


      Until this moment!


      Lin Fan's gaze turned and looked at Lin Guangyao, Gao Zhilong, and Gao Shengyuan.


      "If I heard you correctly before, you three, you were screaming the hardest! Hate for me to ...... die?"




      With a single sentence, it made Lin Guangyao, Gao Zhilong and his father and son, completely piss themselves in fear.


      The three of them knew.


      Disaster was coming!

Chapter 866

The opening ceremony of the new Bai Group attracts the attention of many people.


      And of these people, basically all of them were waiting to see the joke of the new Bai's.


      After all, the fact that Lin Fan had annulled Leng Bufan and broken He Jiaojiao's leg was already well known, and almost every one of them expected that Grand Patriarch Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan would definitely kill this wasteful doorstep son-in-law with a thousand cuts.


      And that was not all.


      Another rumour was circulating in Jiang City.


      It was said!


      The young master of the Heavenly Saint Group, Gao Shengyuan, as well as the legs of thirty of his men, had been broken, and it was also related to Lin Fan.




      When this news came out, the various forces in Jiang City were even more in an uproar.


      The Tian Sheng Group was the biggest partner of the New Bai Clan.


      When Gao Shengyuan's leg was broken by Lin Fan, this hatred was formed, and the New Bai Clan had lost its biggest partner and was almost certain to die.


      The Bai family!


      Old Master Bai, Eldest Master Bai Hai, Second Master Bai Chuan, and Bai Yan were all gathered together, talking and laughing with each other.


      "Hahahaha ...... Grandpa, I really didn't expect that Lin Fan to be so idiotic! Not only has he offended the two Grand Masters, but now he's also offended the New Bai's biggest partner, I see, today's opening ceremony is going to be very exciting!" Bai Yan's face almost burst with joy.


      The rest of the crowd, too, all looked like they were gloating.


      Grand Master Bai Hai smiled and said.


      "I've just received information that Gao Zhilong has united all the material suppliers and gone to the Blue Sea Mansion! In order to break the contract with the New Bai's!"


      All the material suppliers?


      Hearing these words, the surrounding senior members of the Bai family's faces grew thicker and thicker with smiles.


      "It's over! Bai Yi is so unlucky to have that loser husband of Lin Fan's! Now it's a good thing that she has dragged her new Bai Clan, alive, to her death!"


      "Hahahaha ...... That's right! Lin Fan is simply a violent maniac, breaking people's legs twice in three days! Let's see how he dies this time!"




      A chorus of murmurs rose and fell.


      Almost in the tone of all the Bai family members, the demise of the New Bai Clan had become a nail in the coffin.


      And just at that moment!




      A rush of footsteps resounded from outside the door.


      But it was a core of the Bai family, who hurriedly walked in.


      "New news!"


      The face of this White Family core was filled with a thick exuberance, and just as he entered the door, he said to the crowd in the room.


      "Grand Master Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, have been enraged by Lin Fan and left from the hospital! The destination, is the Blue Sea Mansion!"




      Two Grand Patriarchs, going in person.


      After this news came, every single member of the Bai family nearly jumped up in joy.


      "It's over! This is a big disaster for Lin Fan, the two Grand Masters will definitely tear him alive!"


      "Hahahaha ...... That's right! That brat deserved to die a long time ago, let's see how he lives this time!"




      The faces of the crowd were exuberant to the extreme.


      And the words had just fallen.


      Another core of the Bai family, in a hurry, ran in.


      "New news!"


      "The president of the Shengshi Group, Leng Kang, has led all the top executives of Shengshi to the Blue Sea Mansion!"




      When these words fell, even Old Master Bai was taken aback.