Today I Give Up Trying 859-860

 Chapter 859

Especially Bai Yifan.


      His face was instantly as white as paper and bloodless: "It's over!


      "It's over! The New Bai's has become a partner of Shengshi, then our Bai's Group ...... is completely finished!"


      It was as if Bai Yifan had seen the end of the Bai Group, making him almost go limp to the ground.


      As for Lin Guangyao, a pair of eyes almost fell to the ground.


      He hated Lin Fan so much that he naturally didn't want to see that the new Bai Group soared to the sky.


      "Leng Shao, you ...... quickly persuade Mr. Leng! You can't let this opportunity, go to the New Bai Clan Group!"


      Speaking of which!


      A trace of ruthlessness flashed in Lin Guangyao's eyes:.


      "Also, you mustn't forget that your grandfather, Grand Master Leng, and Miss He's grandfather, Grand Master He, will be arriving soon!"


      "They have said that they will beat this Lin Fan into a vegetable! Your father, how can you work with your grandfather's enemy?"




      It had to be said!


      Under the previous series of shocks, Leng Bufan had almost forgotten about his grandfather, and after a reminder from Lin Guangyao, he snapped to attention.


      Immediately, he shouted at Leng Kang and said.


      "Dad! You can't do this!"


      "Just now, Bai Yi's husband, Lin Fan, humiliated my grandfather as well as Grandpa He, the two old men!"


      "They're on their way here now, and the two Grand Masters have already given the word that they will definitely turn this bastard into a vegetable! How can you work with grandpa's enemies?"




      A hiss from Leng Bufan instantly caused all the senior members of Sheng Shi, including Leng Kang, to turn pale.


      Those of them, who had only arrived in Jiang City today, were not clear about the matter of Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan duo.




      Not only were those two grand masters, they were also Leng Kang's elders.


      If they really had a deep hatred for Lin Fan, then ...... would be exceptionally tricky.


      And just at that moment!






      Two sharp brakes suddenly resounded from the entrance of the building.


      And then two vicissitudes of frightened and angry voices, from outside the door, suddenly resounded.


      "Where is that little beast Lin Fan? You've ruined my grandson, and you dare to humiliate the old man, come out and suffer death!"


      "Lin Fan, you have the audacity to hurt my granddaughter, you simply seek death!"




      These two voices, containing true qi, immediately seemed like rolling thunder, echoing throughout the hall.


      At this moment, when the two rolling thunderous sounds, outside the hall, came in.


      Everyone in the hall had their faces changed.


      What a terrifying sound.


      Everyone felt as if that voice contained a terrifying magical power that almost shook one's soul out of one's flesh.


      These voices were none other than Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan.


      And at this moment.


      After a brief moment of shock, Lin Guangyao and Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were instantly ecstatic.

Chapter 860

"Here they are! The two Grand Masters have finally arrived! Lin Fan is finished!"


      Lin Guangyao's face was flooded with a thick look of malice.


      He hated Lin Fan with a passion.


      But what made him gnash his teeth was that every time this bastard, Lin Fan, faced a desperate situation, he was able to turn his peak around and make him facepalm again and again.


      And this time.


      "I don't believe it, two Grand Masters still can't get you killed!"


      Lin Guangyao looked at Lin Fan, his heart quickening to the point of pleasure.


      And Leng Bufan also shouted to his father, Leng Kang, saying.


      "Dad, did you hear that? My grandfather is here, and he definitely won't spare this little beast! I advise you to hurry up and take back your orders, otherwise, my grandfather he ......"


      Leng Bufan didn't finish, but the meaning in his words made Leng Kang's face as gloomy as water, as well as all the senior members of the Shengshi Group.


      And at the back of the crowd.


      Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and all the top brass of the New Bai Clan, all panicked.


      A Grand Master had descended!


      And there were two of them!


      This terrifying formation caused everyone's scalps to tingle.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... hurry up and leave! Hurry up and go!" Bai Yi almost cried out in his anxiety.


      What just made Bai Yi and the others incredulous was this.


      Lin Fan didn't even look a bit alarmed, instead he smiled and patted Bai Yi's shoulder, saying in a comforting manner.


      "Wife, don't be afraid! I told you, those two old guys can't hurt me!"




      It's the old guys again!


      Hearing Lin Fan's words, a thick bitterness and despair surfaced at the corners of Bai Yi's and everyone else's mouths.


      As for Lin Guangyao, Leng Bufan and the others, they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a dead man.


      "Humph! A dead duck, how dare you call my grandfather an old man, watch and see how my grandfather will get you killed later!" Leng Bufan was full of a cold smile.


      And beside him, Lin Guangyao, He Jiaojiao and the others were all smiling morosely.




      Especially at this time.


      Two heavy footsteps resounded from outside.


      Right in front of the shocked eyes of the crowd, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan stepped in.


      Their auras were cold and fierce.


      After these two entered, everyone in the hall only felt as if the temperature here had suddenly dropped to a freezing point, causing everyone to involuntarily shiver.


      "Is this ...... the aura of a Grand Master? How terrifying!"


      The crowd in the hall, at this moment, looked at Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan with a gaze filled with dense fear.


      And the two old men, having just entered the door, bellowed angrily.


      "Who is Lin Fan, get out!!!"




      With a single word, it caused everyone to shiver in fear once again.


      And seeing this scene.


      Leng Kang, the president of the Shengshi Group, instantly hurriedly stiffened his head and ran over in a flash: "Dad!






      Leng Ao Tian was slightly stunned, after seeing that his son had actually appeared here, he couldn't help but frown and ask.


      "Leng Kang, why are you here too?"


      "Dad! You can't do anything to Lin Fan!" Leng Kang's face was full of gloom.


      And with these words, it was as if he had stepped on Leng Ao Tian's tail, causing his face to instantly burst into anger: "Bullshit!




      "Leng Kang, have you got your head in the sand! That Lin Fan, not only did he waste your son, he even dared to humiliate your old man! Now, you're such an indisputable thing that you won't let me touch him?"


      Leng Ao Tian's eyes glared round and he could hardly believe his ears.


      Lin Fan, had now become the number one enemy of their Leng Family.


      How could he have ever imagined that his own son, had turned his elbow to the outside.


      However, that was not all.


      Immediately afterwards, Leng Kang's words caused almost everyone within the hall to be completely dumbfounded.


      "Dad, I am doing this for your own good! I don't want you, the old man, to lose your life!"