Today I Give Up Trying 857-858

 Chapter 857



      When they heard this sentence from Leng Kang, everyone around them were all dumbfounded.


      The 4th Skeleton Emperor Card owner in China!


      Imperial treatment!


      This ...... how is this possible.


      All the people around, whether it was the top management of the new Bai Group, Gao Shengyuan and the others, or Leng Bufan and the others, each and every one of them could not believe their ears.


      Didn't Bai Yi succeed in taking the blame?


      How come now, she was the owner of the emperor's card?


      Every single one of them felt their heads buzzing.


      However, this was just the beginning.


      "In addition to that!"


      "Today, I bring all the board members of the Shengshi Group to congratulate the new Bai Group on its grand opening!"


      "The New Bai Group, from now on, will become our number one partner of the Shengshi Group! One hundred percent of resources will be tilted!"


      "Any friend of the New White Group is our friend, and any enemy of the New White Group is our enemy!"




      With a single sentence, the whole audience was shocked!


      A friend of the New White Clan is a friend of Shengshi!


      The enemies of the New White Clan are the enemies of Shengshi!


      At this moment, after hearing Leng Kang's words, everyone in the entire hall could not believe their ears.


      How could ...... this happen?


      The whole hall was filled with people looking at each other.


      The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.


      The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who is not a person.


      How come now, Bai Yi has not only become the 4th Skull Emperor Card holder, but now even the new Bai Group has become the first partner of the Shengshi Group.


      Everyone understood the significance of the partner of the Shengshi Group.


      This was a partnership with the top plutocrat in Jiangnan.


      Especially, as the first partner, then the status of the New White Clan could be said to have soared to the sky, and I am afraid that all the plutocrats in Jiangnan would be crowding the door to want to cooperate with the New White Clan.




      At this moment, after hearing this news, whether it was Gao Zhilong, or that group of suppliers, one by one, it was as if all their strength had been drained away, and people kept falling to the ground.


      "Oh my god, how is this ...... possible! New Bai's has become a partner of Shengshi? And I'm so idiotic as to break my contract with New White's?"


      "How could this happen! If I hadn't cancelled my contract, that would have meant that I was also the equivalent of a partner of the Shengshi Group! And now ......"


      "Mal! Gao Zhilong, you bastard! You fucking screwed me!"




      It's chaos!


      At this moment, all of these suppliers were simply repenting their guts.


      All of them looked at Gao Zhilong and his son with a look that could not wait to eat them alive.


      After all!


      The new Bai's, with the backing of the Shengshi Group, was definitely the newest noble in the Jiangnan business circle.


      If they followed the New Bai's, they would definitely soar to great heights in the future, and they had even been foolish enough to break their contract, and even gloated over such a small amount of termination fee.


      Think about it!




      One by one, the suppliers, slapped themselves remorsefully, hating the thought of slapping their cheeks raw.

Chapter 858

Not only them!


      After reacting, the corners of Gao Zhilong's mouth also twitched fiercely, and he only felt his heart, which was dripping blood.


      Originally, they, the Shengyuan Group, were the number one supplier to the New Bai's.


      If the contract had not been terminated, then their company would have soared to great heights, just like the New Bai's, and become the top plutocrat in Jiangnan.


      But now!


      Thinking about it.


      Gao Zhilong's gaze towards his son was filled with hatred and ruthlessness.


      "You little son of a bitch! I'll beat you to death!"


      After saying that!


      As if he had gone mad, Gao Zhilong kicked Gao Zhiyuan's wheelchair over onto the ground, and then punched Gao Shengyuan with his head.


      "Dad ...... No, don't hit! I'm wrong, I really know I'm wrong!"


      Gao Shengyuan almost pissed himself in fear at this moment.


      He naturally understood why his old man was so angry.


      He, on the other hand, was equally repentant.


      However, there was no way to start all over again, feeling the look of his old man who hated to beat himself to death, Gao Shengyuan's body trembled, but he was completely scared and pissed.


      And contrary to them.


      After hearing Leng Kang's words.


      All the senior staff of the New Bai Group were all dumbfounded.


      Bai Yi, Bai Shan, as well as the rest of the top brass, all of them were like being struck by lightning, their eyes widened and their faces filled with shock.


      "Did I ...... I hear wrong? We became the number one partner of Shengshi?"


      "Oh my ...... God! We are going to be rich? Heaven has sent us such a generous gift?"


      "No, that's not right! I think Lin Fan said before that we will soar to great heights today! Could it be about this?"




      At this moment, Bai Shan, Bai Yi and the rest of the crowd, after a brief moment of shock, every single person's mind echoed Lin Fan's phrase as loudly as they could.


      This guy had said before that the New Bai Clan would soar to the heavens today.


      At that time, almost everyone thought he was crazy.


      And now!


      When the opportunity to soar to the heavens appeared before their eyes, each and every one of them surprisingly had a sense of creeping fear.


      A single gaze, in unison, looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a devil.


      They simply could not figure out how Lin Fan knew about it.


      Within the hall at this moment.


      It wasn't just these suppliers.


      It was Leng Bufan and the others who were most shocked.


      "No ...... it can't be! Is my dad out of his mind? That Bai Yi and Lin Fan, but they stole the emperor card, and even that bastard Lin Fan, scrapped me!"


      "It's even better that my old man didn't help me take revenge, he ...... he even listed his enemy's company, as his first partner! How can this be!"


      Leng Bufan's face was as ugly as if it was dead ashes, even if he thought his head through, he simply couldn't figure out what it was for.


      And behind his wheelchair.


      Bai Yifan, Shen Jie and Lin Guangyao, were even more stunned and dumbfounded.