Today I Give Up Trying 854-856

 Chapter 854

"What ...... is going on? How come the Shengshi Group has come too? Could it be that that Leng Kang is only here to avenge his own son?"


      Bai Shan was completely dumbfounded.


      It was because he simply couldn't think of any reason that could alarm all the bigwigs of the Shengshi Group.


      Just at that moment!


      The father and daughter duo instantly heard, Lin Guangyao and Leng Bufan talking about the Skull Emperor Card.




      Bai Yi's pretty face was instantly as white as paper.


      The Skeleton Emperor Card!


      She naturally knew what was going on?


      It was this very card that Lin Fan had given to himself, back at the Centurion Club, and even at that time, Lin Guangyao and the others questioned that it was stolen from him.


      And Lin Fan, too, did not refute it at all.


      "It's finished ...... finished!"


      "This time, it really seems to be the doom and gloom of our new Bai Clan!"


      A thick, bitter smile surfaced at the corner of Bai Yi's mouth.


      And just at this moment!


      With a sound of footsteps, it resounded from within the hall.


      After Leng Kang, the president of the Shengshi Group, came with a group of bigwigs who were directors of the group, he stepped in.


      Once again, the entire hall was in an uproar.






      Whether it was Gao Shengyuan and the others, or Bai Yifan and the others, at this moment, they looked at Leng Kang and the group of bigwigs as if they were looking at their idols, worshipping them to the extreme.


      And Leng Bufan, too, hurriedly said.


      "Dad! Why have you come? Have you come to avenge me?"


      "That's right! That bastard, who also stole our Skeleton Emperor Card from the Shengshi Group, has even been fooling Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong with this palm card!"


      "Those two trash, to be so easily fooled by this bastard Lin Fan, you must not spare them!"


      Leng Bufan's words were filled with excitement and exuberance.


      It wasn't just him!


      Lin Guangyao, who was behind him, also hurriedly popped up and said to Leng Kang with a face full of flattery and ingratiation.


      "Mr. Leng Kang, I can testify to that! That Skeleton Emperor Card was stolen by this bastard Lin Fan!"


      "At that time, I even questioned him, and he didn't even refute it!"




      As Leng Bufan and Lin Guangyao's words escaped their lips.


      The crowd within the entire hall was once again in an uproar.


      It was over!


      All the senior members of the New Bai Group, one by one, only felt their scalps explode.


      Gao Shengyuan and the others, on the other hand, were trembling with exuberance and excitement!


      They hadn't expected that Lin Fan would be so desperate!


      To injure Leng Bufan, He Jiaojiao and Gao Shengyuan!


      Angering two Grand Masters, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan!


      And now!


      This guy was actually the thief who stole the Skeleton Emperor's Card!

Chapter 855

It's over!


      Dead for sure!


      The two of them, Bai Yifan and Shen Jie, looked at Lin Fan at this moment with pleasure, complexity, and even a little bit of pity.


      After all!


      Although they hated Lin Fan with a passion, they had to admit that this guy was their relative, and sometimes the bastard's methods were such that even as opponents, they had some admiration and worship.


      And yet!


      "All the grudges and feuds, are they going to come to an end today?" Bai Yifan gave a complicated glance at Lin Fan.


      Suddenly, he felt that this fellow wasn't as odious as he seemed before.


      There was even a moment where he didn't want anything to happen to Lin Fan.


      It wasn't just him!


      A bitter smile could not help but appear at the corner of Shen Jie's mouth as well:.


      "Brother Bai! Although Lin Fan is afraid that this time, he will not be able to escape, but why, I have some sourness in my heart for him!"


      "Whether it's this guy injuring Young Leng and Miss He! Or disdaining the two Grand Masters, it even made me admire him, somewhat!"


      "If it were me, I ...... would definitely not be able to do it!"


      Shen Jie shook his head, his face full of complexity.


      And Bai Yifan couldn't help but pat him on the shoulder.


      "It's not just you, it's me too! Although I hate Lin Fan, I admit that he is an opponent that I admire!"


      After saying that!


      The two of them, Shen Jie and Bai Yifan, looked even more complicated and inexplicable.




      And just at that moment!


      As if hearing Leng Bufan and Lin Guangyao's words, the footsteps of Leng Kang and the other group of bigwigs, gave a slight pause.


      His gaze, turning his head to look at his own son, there was surprisingly not a hint of emotional fluctuation in his eyes.


      It was as if, even if his own son was kicked in the lower body, it could not cause the slightest ripple in him.


      "The matter of the emperor's card, I know!"


      Finished speaking!


      Leng Kang no longer paid attention to Leng Bufan and the others, but led a group of Shengshi directors and stepped towards Lin Fan, slowly.




      The sound of these footsteps, as if it was a life charm, caused those top executives of the New Bai Group to turn paler and paler, and some of them had even become unsteady on their feet, falling limp to the ground.




      When Leng Kang and a group of other bigwigs, walked up to Lin Fan and the others.


      Just as they were about to open their mouths.




      A scream suddenly came out.


      Instead, the crowd was shocked to see that from the direction of the lift, a woman darted out.


      It was none other than Bai Yi.


      Her pretty face was white as she quickly ran in front of Lin Fan at this moment, before stopping him behind herself with one hand, as if she was protecting a small chicken, and said to Leng Kang and the others with a face full of fear.


      "President Leng Kang, all the directors of the Shengshi Group, how are you! I am Bai Yi!"


      "About the Skull Emperor Card, I can tell you all that this matter has not a single thing to do with my husband Lin Fan!"


      "That card, it was ...... me who stole it!"

Chapter 856



      Those words!


      The faces of everyone in the hall changed.


      Bai Yi had stolen it?


      How could this ...... be possible!


      The crowd around them were all filled with disbelief.


      Especially Lin Guangyao, he even shouted shrilly as if his tail had been stepped on.


      "Mr. Leng Kang, please don't believe this woman! That card, she didn't steal it at all! Rather, it was given to him by Lin Fan!"


      "She's clearly trying to take the blame for Lin Fan, the thief, by running out now!"


      Take the blame!


      When they heard these two words, everyone around them all physically shook.


      The gazes that each of them looked at Bai Yi were surprisingly free from ridicule and mockery, but instead, they were filled with a strong sense of complexity and admiration.


      After all!


      In this world, how many women could do that and help their husbands take the blame, especially for a crime that would probably cost them their lives.


      "I really don't know, what kind of luck did this bastard have that he was able to make Miss Bai Yi so infatuated with him?"


      The hearts of every single person laughed bitterly as much as they could.


      They were simply envious and jealous of Lin Fan's luck.




      At this moment, Bai Yi didn't even care about the thoughts of the people around her.


      She angrily glared at Lin Guangyao before continuing to say to Leng Kang and the others.


      "What I said is all true!"


      "This card, I stole it, it has nothing to do with Lin Fan, if your group wants to pursue the blame, then just pursue me alone! I'm willing to take it all on!


      Bai Yi's words were dense with determination.




      To be held responsible?


      Upon hearing these two words, both Leng Kang and the rest of the directors of the Shengshi Group, each of them turned white with fear.


      A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Leng Kang's mouth, before wiping the sweat from his forehead, before he stole a glance at Lin Fan.


      As if, waiting for Lin Fan to give him instructions.


      And seeing this scene!


      Lin Fan's expression was slightly odd, but he nodded.




      After seeing Lin Fan's indication, the hearts of President Leng Kang and all the Shengshi directors all let out a long sigh of relief.


      And then Leng Kang said straight away.


      "Good! Since that's the case, then on behalf of the Shengshi Group, I will assume that this card is related to Miss Bai Yi!"




      Hearing these words, the rest of the people within the surrounding hall were once again in an uproar.


      A successful accusation?


      They didn't expect that Leng Kang would actually decide that this emperor card was stolen by Bai Yi.


      In an instant, both Leng Bufan, Lin Guangyao and the others all looked ugly to the extreme.


      They stared viciously at Lin Fan.


      How could they not be willing to let this bastard get away with it?


      Just as Leng Bufan and the others wanted to continue to impose the charge of stealing the card on Lin Fan.


      But to their dismay, they heard the voice of the president, Leng Kang, continue to come out.


      "Today, I officially announce that from now on, Miss Bai Yi will become our Shengshi Group's 4th Skull Emperor Card owner in China!"


      "As long as she appears in our Shengshi Group's properties, she will enjoy the privileged treatment of the Supreme Emperor!"