Today I Give Up Trying 851-853

 Chapter 851

"You guys think that this kid has the Skull Emperor card on him! But that card is the one he ...... stole!"




      The moment this statement was made!


      Not only did Gao Shengyuan and the others, their faces changed drastically, but even the top brass of the New Bai Group, they all turned pale.


      The Skeleton Emperor Card!


      Naturally, they had heard of how prestigious that card was, and each one was held in the hands of the top bigwigs in China.


      And Lin Fan possessed this card, or had stolen it?


      This ......


      An instant!


      The top brass of the New Bai Group, as well as Gao Shengyuan and the others, all understood why Xu Tianlong and the others had come to pay their respects to Lin Fan.


      It turned out that all of them had been tricked by Lin Fan!


      Thinking about this.


      One by one, the top brass of the New Bai Group were almost scared to death.


      And in the hearts of Gao Shengyuan and the others, the ominous feeling that had just surfaced had instantly disappeared without a trace.




      Just at that moment!


      The greeters outside the door, surprisingly, once again shouted out.


      "Sheng ...... Mr. Leng Kang, President of Sheng Shi Group, with all the senior management of Sheng Shi Group, arrives!"




      After hearing the words of the welcome guest outside the door, the chatter of the crowd in the hall instantly stopped abruptly.


      Every one of them could hardly believe their ears.


      Leng ...... Leng Kang?


      The president of the Shengshi Group?


      As well as all the directors of the Shengshi Group bigwigs, actually ...... came!


      What is even more frightening is that this Leng Kang is Leng Bufan's father, and to come at this time, could it be to take revenge for Leng Bufan?


      At this moment, the crowd's faces, one by one, all changed.


      Especially after they associated it with what Leng Bufan had just said about this matter of Lin Fan stealing the Skeleton Emperor Card.


      The crowd instantly decided.


      Leng Kang and all the Shengshi directors had arrived, firstly, to help their own sons, to take revenge, and secondly, they were likely to come to Jiang City to pursue the blame, for the matter of the emperor card.


      Amidst the silence, the crowd only felt their hearts were racing madly.


      Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, was exuberant as he said to Leng Bufan [笔趣阁].


      "Young Master Bufan, have you already told your father about Lin Fan's theft of the Emperor Card?"




      Hearing those words!


      Swish swish swish.


      Everyone's gazes flashed towards Leng Bufan in unison.


      That's right!


      If Leng Bufan had really said this to Leng Kang.


      Then the purpose of Leng Kang's arrival at this moment was self-explanatory.


      "That's right! I told my father about this matter after I first learned that this kid had stolen the Emperor Card and hoodwinked Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose!"


      "I just didn't expect that my father would choose this point in time to come and pursue the blame! Hahahaha ......"


      Leng Bufan laughed with unusual pleasure.




      Leng Kang's arrival was equally unexpected.


      However, none of this mattered anymore.


      At this moment, Leng Bufan looked towards Xu Tianlong and the others with a cold smile on his face.


      "Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose! Did you guys hear that? My father is here, and you guys still dare to support this liar! Just wait until you guys are dismissed and investigated! Hahahaha ......"

Chapter 852

Leng Bufan laughed with an unusually rampant smile.


      And hearing these words, everyone looked at Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose with a surprisingly vague hint of pity.


      It was over!


      In the eyes of the surrounding crowd, at this moment not only was Lin Fan, the sweeper, completely finished, but even these two giants of Jiang City were afraid that their bad luck would follow them.




      Just as everyone imagined what would happen to Lin Fan and Blood Rose and the others, the sound of footsteps rang out.


      And then amidst the adoring eyes of the crowd.


      A middle-aged, white-faced, elegant man, with a group of successful people in suits, walked in, from the entrance of the hall.


      This middle-aged man was the powerful Jiangnan giant plutocrat, the president of the Shengshi Group - Leng Kang!


      The father of Leng Bufan!


      At the same time!


      Outside the door of an office on the first floor of the Blue Sea Building.


      Bai Shan had just assisted Bai Yi to the door when Bai Yi's pretty face suddenly turned white.


      Her entire body instantly snapped out of that muddled state of mind: "Lin Fan!


      "Lin Fan!!!"


      Bai Yi let out a shriek as she realised that she was not in the middle of the hall.


      "Dad! I ...... how did I get here, where's Lin Fan? Where is he?"


      Bai Yi seemed to have thought of something, and that dense cold sweat immediately surfaced above her forehead.


      And seeing this scene.


      Only then did Bai Shan breathe a sigh of relief and hurriedly said.


      "Xiao Yi, you were terrified just now and almost fainted, so Lin Fan asked me to help you up and take a rest!"


      "How are you doing now?"


      Hearing Bai Shan's words, Bai Yi's pretty face turned a minute paler.


      "Dad, I'm fine now! I'm going to find Lin Fan, I'm going to find him!"


      With that said!


      Bai Yi then broke away from Bai Shan's support and quickly ran towards the lift.


      And seeing this scene.


      Bai Shan was startled and hurriedly stopped her, saying.


      "Xiao Yi, you can't go down there! Lin Fan has instructed that he will take care of everything himself!"


      "Besides, that Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan are probably going to arrive soon, so if you go down there too, they might turn their anger on you as well!"


      Bai Shan's scalp tingled.


      In his eyes, Lin Fan had provoked the two Grand Masters in such a way, that miserable ending was almost doomed, even if the gods came down to earth, they wouldn't be able to save him.


      And now!


      The only thing he could do was to help Lin Fan preserve Bai Yi.




      As if Bai Yi understood Bai Shan's intentions, a hint of watery mist instantly filled her beautiful eyes:.


      "No! Dad, Lin Fan is my husband, if he is in trouble, how can I not again!"


      "Besides, I absolutely cannot let anyone kill Lin Fan, if someone wants to do him harm! Then they can only step over my dead body!"




      Tick tock!


      A crystal clear teardrop continued to drip down from Bai Yi's beautiful eyes.


      And her words caused Bai Shan's body to tremble fiercely.

Chapter 853

Bai Shan's entire body seemed to have aged several years as he said bitterly.


      "Xiao Yi, do you love Lin Fan that much? You used to hate him so much!"


      "Moreover, Lin Fan now, we can't even save him, if anything happens to you again, then your mother and I, will we still be able to live!"


      Bai Shan's voice was filled with a thick pleading.


      There was even, in his expression, some disbelief.


      After all!


      He knew most clearly that the previous Bai Yi, extremely hated Lin Fan, not to mention living and dying together, and even Bai Yi had considered divorce time and time again.


      And now!


      Hearing Bai Shan's words, Bai Yi shook his head, and that one tear continued to drip down as if it were a broken bead:.


      "Dad! I'm sorry! I love Lin Fan and live and die together!"


      "If something bad happens to me too, please, you and mum, make sure you take care of yourself!"


      Said the end!


      Bai Yi didn't delay any longer, and the entire person quickly entered the lift, before pressing the button for the ground floor.


      Seeing this scene!


      Bai Shan knew that he would no longer be able to persuade his daughter, and a hint of madness could not help but appear on his face:.


      "Wait for me! I'll go too!"




      Seeing Bai Shan get into the lift, Bai Yi's face paled even further: "Dad!


      "Dad! You're ......"


      Bai Yi knew that for the two Grand Masters, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, their methods were extremely ferocious, and after she went down, she would even get caught in the pool.


      And Bai Shan, as Lin Fan's father-in-law, naturally couldn't escape the fish in the pond.


      Looking at Bai Yi, a strong determination surfaced on Bai Shan's face.


      "If something were to happen to my son-in-law and daughter, all of them, then what's the point of living for my old bones!"


      "I will live and die with you all!"




      The moment these words were spoken, Bai Yi's nose instantly sank, and the tears flowed down as if they had broken the bank.


      Only at this moment did Bai Yi truly feel the warmth of a family.


      This feeling.


      We could live together, and we could die together!




      When the lift came to the ground floor, the father and daughter pair quickly walked out.


      Only, just as they stepped out of the lift, they heard the voice of a welcoming guest at the entrance of the building, ringing out.


      "Shengshi Group President, Leng Kang, with all the Shengshi directors, arrive!"




      These words fell on their ears and instantly caused Bai Shan's father and daughter's bodies to tremble.


      Shengshi Group!


      This was a giant plutocrat in the Jiangnan business community, especially since the other party was affiliated with the behemoth that was the Global Group, and both its status and background were so terrifying that it was unimaginable.


      And now, not only did the president of the other party personally descend, but even all the directors of the Shengshi Group had come together.


      This simply made Bai Shan and Bai Yi, almost unable to believe their ears.