Today I Give Up Trying 849-850

 Chapter 849

Beep beep beep!


      As these two sounds of shock and anger rang out, there was a blind beeping sound.


      But it was a video call, hanging up as far as it could go.


      It was over!


      At this moment, after seeing this scene, Bai Yi, who was within the hall, instantly felt her heart jump hard, and then her eyes went black, almost fainting.




      Lin Fan was quick-eyed and instantly wrapped Bai Yi in a hug.


      He saw that above Bai Yi's face, there was not a trace of blood, and it seemed like she would faint at any moment.


      Obviously, it was overly frightened.


      "Dad! You can help Bai Yi to rest in the office now! I'm here!" Lin Fan hurriedly said to Bai Shan.


      And hearing these words.


      On Bai Shan's face, a strong concern surfaced.


      "Little Fan, will you ...... be able to do it alone? How about, let's call the police now! The police will definitely protect you!"


      Bai Shan, at this moment, likewise felt a tingle in his scalp.


      After all, the other party was two Grand Masters, so even if his son-in-law had gone against the grain, he was afraid that he would still end up incomparably miserable.




      Lin Fan shook his head indifferently.


      "Dad, you don't need to worry, everything here, I will take care of it!"


      "Okay ...... okay!"


      Seeing Lin Fan's resolute attitude, Bai Shan could only help Bai Yi, who was almost fainting, to walk towards the office upstairs at that moment.


      It wasn't until after the two had left.




      The cacophony within the entire hall instantly boiled over.


      Gao Shengyuan, who was in the wheelchair, looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a clown and laughed wildly.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, I really didn't expect that retribution would come so quickly! You broke my limbs, and in the twinkling of an eye, two Grand Masters will waste you into a vegetable! Hahahaha, painful!"


      Gao Shengyuan's heart was rapturous to the core.


      And next to him!


      Gao Zhilong and a group of suppliers who had just severed their ties with the New Bai Group, were also all up with faces full of celebration.


      Fortunately, they had cut ties with the New Bai's once and for all.


      Otherwise, we would all have been inevitably dragged down by this sweeper Lin Fan.


      As for Leng Bufan and the others, they even looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a dead man.


      For a moment!


      Lin Fan, it was as if he had become a thorn in the side of everyone within the entire hall!


      Tick tock!


      Tick tock!


      Time slowly passed!


      At this moment, the clock in the hall seemed to be controlling everyone's emotions.


      They were waiting, waiting for the arrival of the two great masters, waiting for Lin Fan's miserable end.






      However, just then, a sound of a car braking once again came from outside the door.


      And then the crowd heard the welcoming guest outside the door, his voice resounding with.


      "Chairman of the Tian Long Group, Xu Tian Long, leading all Tian Long directors, arrive!"


      "Shengshi Club, Blood Rose, leading the members of the club, arrive!"


      "Yunhai Fei Group, Fei Lao, leading the group's senior management, arrive!"

Chapter 850



      Listening to the voices, the atmosphere within the hall, which had just fallen silent, once again clamoured.




      The crowd heard as much as they could, and every single one of these names were giants and figures from Jiang City and Yunhai City, as well as the surrounding cities.


      That was not all.


      Gao Shengyuan and the others saw that after hearing these names, the faces of Leng Bufan, Bai Yifan and the others actually sank slightly.




      A hint of an unpleasant premonition surfaced in the hearts of Gao Shengyuan, Gao Zhilong, and all the suppliers.


      Could it be that the New Bai's had a relationship with these giants?


      The expressions of the crowd were somewhat shocked and uncertain.


      And as they watched, they only saw one of the city's giants and personalities, stepping in.




      It was none other than Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose, Elder Fei and the others.


      In particular, after they entered, they didn't even look at everyone at all as they stepped towards Lin Fan.


      Until they reached the front circumference of Lin Fan's body.


      In unison, they bowed.


      "Xu Tianlong, pay my respects to Mr. Lin! Congratulations to the new Bai's, for a great opening!"


      "Blood Rose, pay respects to Mr. Lin! Congratulations to the New Bai's, for a great opening!"




      A voice rang out as one of the bigwigs bowed.


      This scene, which fell in the eyes of the surrounding crowd, instantly made those senior members of the New White Clan, surprised.


      On the contrary!


      Gao Shengyuan, Gao Zhilong, and all the suppliers, were taken aback.


      "What's going on with this ......?"


      The group of them, one by one, looked at each other in disbelief.


      They were aware that Xu Tianlong and the others, who were under the command of the Shengshi Group, were equivalent to being under Leng Bufan's command.


      And now!


      How could they bow to Lin Fan and even come to congratulate him?


      This ......


      ominous premonition filled the hearts of Gao Shengyuan and the others.


      And just at that moment!


      The crowd heard, as loudly as they could, Leng Bufan's frightened and angry shout.


      "Xu Tianlong! Blood Rose! How dare you!"


      "Do you know that this bastard is about to be finished, my grandfather will be here soon, and you bow to a dead man to congratulate him! Don't you want to hang out with the Shengshi Group anymore?"


      There were threatening words in Leng Bufan's voice.


      Only, what was shocking was this.


      Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose and the others turned a deaf ear to Leng Bufan's words.


      Especially Blood Rose.


      She turned her head to look at Leng Bufan as if she was looking at an idiot:.


      "Young Master Leng, don't forget what I said to you before! From the time you were scrapped, within three days, if you don't make amends to Mr. Lin and apologize, then you, you will be responsible for the consequences!"




      Seeing Blood Rose actually speak directly to Leng Bufan like this.


      The bad premonition in the hearts of Gao Shengyuan and the others around them grew stronger and stronger.




      Leng Bufan, on the other hand, smiled morosely.


      "Cut! Blood Rose, you don't need to threaten me! I'll tell you the truth, you and Xu Tianlong have all been tricked!"