Today I Give Up Trying 841-843

 Chapter 841

It was not only the crowd.


      Even Bai Shan and Bai Yi, father and daughter, were speechless for a moment.


      "Lin Fan, stop saying that!"


      Bai Yi only felt his face burning hot.


      Now, they were already embarrassed to the extreme, and this bragging by Lin Fan was even more like slapping himself in the face, making Bai Yi angry and furious.




      Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious as he smiled and said to Bai Yi


      "Wife, don't worry, I'll give you a big gift today!"


      A big gift?


      At the corner of Bai Yi's mouth, a thick bitterness surfaced.


      She was curious to know when exactly her husband would change this habit of bragging.


      Wait ......


      The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.


      When the word 'husband' came to Bai Yi's mind, she herself was startled.


      She completely, did not expect that she had unknowingly and completely taken Lin Fan as her husband.


      "Is it from after that time in the office?"


      Bai Yi thought for a moment and realised that after that day at the office, she seemed to have accepted Lin Fan wholeheartedly, completely and utterly.


      Already, she had completely taken him as her husband for life.




      Upon remembering the words office, Bai Yi's pretty face, once again, flushed slightly.


      She could hardly forget the way she had bitten Lin Fan to the point of wincing.




      Thinking of this, Bai Yi was thoroughly amused by herself.


      And at this moment!


      The crowd around them were dumbfounded.


      They saw that this cold and beautiful president of theirs actually seemed to be indulging in her fantasy.


      One moment her pretty face was all red, and the next she was amusing herself.


      This ......


      "Ugh! It's over, our CEO has been filled with ecstasy by that kid!"


      "Yes! This is totally the performance of a little woman in hot love! I didn't expect that it would appear on our CEO!"


      "Ugh! I really can't understand what kind of charm that guy has to charm our CEO like this!"




      The many senior executives around them were all looking at Lin Fan with gazes filled with jealousy and eccentricity at this moment.


      That kind of look was as if they were looking at a cow dung that was being stuck with a flower.




      However, just then!


      A sound of footsteps could be heard, coming from outside the building.


      And then a welcoming voice could be heard, resounding.


      "Chairman of the Heavenly Sage Group - Gao Zhilong, with Gao Shengyuan, has arrived!"




      Upon hearing the words Heavenly Sage Group.


      The atmosphere within the hall instantly froze for a minute.


      They knew that within the last few days, the relationship between the New Bai Clan and the Heavenly Sage Group had reached a deep and fiery level, especially when Lin Fan had abolished Gao Shengyuan, which had completely broken the relationship between the two sides.


      Now, the other party had come to the door personally, and they were definitely not good.

Chapter 842

Swish, swish, swish!


      All the people of the New Bai Clan looked towards the door in unison.


      And just as they watched, they saw a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face, pushing a wheelchair, followed by a group of men in suits behind him, stepping in.


      And on top of the wheelchair was none other than Gao Shengyuan.


      "Heh! What a buzz, there's not even a single ghostly figure!"


      Just as he entered, Gao Shengyuan, who was in a wheelchair, swept a glance at the crowd within the hall.


      After he ascertained that there was surprisingly not a single outsider within the hall, except for the crowd from the New Bai Group, the smile on Gao Shengyuan's face became more and more playful as follows.


      "Hahahaha! President Bai Yi ruler, Lin Fan, we, father and son, have come to bid you good luck!"




      Chairman Gao Zhilong, pushing his son, Gao Shengyuan, had arrived in front of the crowd.


      Upon seeing this father and son duo, as well as the group of senior figures of the Heavenly Saint Group behind them.


      The senior members of the New Bai Clan were in a panic.


      Hurrying up to welcome them, they said.


      "Director Gao! Thank you for your presence, I hope that Dong Gao will forgive you for the grudge between Lin Fan and your son, after all, business is business! I hope it won't affect our relationship and cooperation!"


      "Yes, Director Gao, if you and your son are not satisfied, we can have Lin Fan make amends to you!"




      The many senior members of the New Bai Group were clearly unwilling to offend Gao Zhilong's father and son.


      Only, after hearing their words.


      On Gao Zhilong's face, a thick cold smile surfaced:.


      "Making amends? Forget it, our father and son cannot afford to make amends from Mr. Lin!"


      As Gao Zhilong said this, his gaze turned and he couldn't help but look at Lin Fan viciously.


      In his eyes, there was a strong sense of fierceness and hatred.


      "Mr. Lin, thank you so much for helping me teach my canine son a lesson! The kindness of breaking my canine son's hands and feet and scrapping thirty-six members of my Heavenly Sage Group! We naturally want to repay you generously!"




      Hearing these resentment-filled words from Gao Zhilong.


      All the senior members of the New Bai Group instantly turned as pale as paper.




      They saw that Gao Zhilong took a point of contract from a secretary's hand and then threw it on the ground:.


      "This is the termination contract between our Heavenly Sage Group and your New White's!"


      "From now on, your New White's, don't want to get a single cent of raw materials from us!"


      Gao Zhilong's words were gloomy.


      And as soon as these words came out!




      All the senior management of the New Bai Group, all panicked.


      Is it over?


      Their own group's raw material supplier, cutting off their cooperation, this was definitely a head-on blow to the New White's.


      Just that wasn't all.


      "That's right! Today is the opening day of your New White's Group, so naturally, my gift from someone Gao will not be so simple!"


      Father and son, Gao Zhilong and Gao Shengyuan, looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi and smiled morosely.


      And then, Gao Zhilong raised his hand and gave a fierce clap!

Chapter 843

Slap, slap, slap!


      As this applause rang out.


      At once, from the entrance of the building, once again, a welcoming voice came from.


      "Suzuran Zhou, Chairman of the Suzuran Group, arriving!"


      "Song Jia, Chairman of the Jia Shi Group, arriving!"




      One voice after another rang out.


      And after hearing the names of these people who had come, the faces of all the senior management of the New Bai Group were all white as white.


      This was because these people included almost all of the material suppliers in Jiang City and several nearby cities.


      In the midst of the shocked eyes of the crowd!


      One after another, figures after figures, came in from the doorway.


      Looking at the unfriendly looking suppliers.


      Whether it was Bai Yi, Bai Shan, or all of the new Bai's senior management, each and every one of them had faces as white as paper.


      "Alright! Everyone can offer their gifts now!"


      Gao Zhilong smiled morosely.


      And as his words fell.


      At once, one supplier, stepping forward, walked up.


      "President Bai Yi, I'm sorry, but our cooperation must be terminated!"


      "President Bai Yi, from today onwards, we will stop all supplies of materials to the New Bai!"




      A line of voices resounded continuously.


      And there was no exception.


      Surprisingly, all of them were cancelling their contracts and cutting off their cooperation.


      In the blink of an eye, as the words of all the suppliers fell, the supply channel of raw materials to New White's was announced to be cut off completely.


      This scene!


      It made all the people of the New Bai Group look as ugly as if they were dead ashes.


      In particular, those senior members of the New Bai Clan looked at Lin Fan with a look of intense anger.


      A moment ago, this guy was still talking big, saying that the group would see an open door.


      And now it was a good thing!


      Instead of a red, there was a black opening!


      It could almost be announced that the New Bai's was completely finished.


      Only at this moment!


      It was as if Lin Fan didn't see the angry eyes of the many senior executives, his gaze, sweeping over one supplier after another, the smile on the corner of his mouth, however, was getting thicker and thicker: "Good!


      "Good! I will agree to all of them for President Bai Yi!"


      "Those who should cancel their contracts, cancel them all! Those who cut off their cooperation, cut off their cooperation forever!"




      With one sentence, everyone here was dumbfounded.




      One had to know that normally, partners such as the Heavenly Sage Group, who had already signed a sending contract, would definitely have to pay a substantial amount of liquidated damages if the other party wanted to cancel the contract.


      But everyone didn't expect that now Lin Fan didn't even mention a penny of liquidated damages and directly agreed to settle the matter.


      This ......




      All the senior management of the New Bai Group almost exploded in anger.




      One had to know that with this one sentence, Lin Fan had almost said that the 100 million in default money that was in hand was gone, so how could they not be angry.


      On the contrary!


      Gao Zhilong and the rest of the crowd were also slightly dumbfounded.


      And when they reacted.




      All of them roared with laughter.